Cost center planned values to profit center

Hi All,
Can anyone help to know the customization setting where the cost center planned values are automatically moved to profit center...

Can you please check:
IMG => Controlling => General Controlling => Organization => Maintain Versions
Select your version and click on
"Settings for Profit Center Accounting"
See whether "Online transfer" has been check for each year.
In 0KE5, check whether year and activity indicator has been ticked.
Also check in GB02 whether document numbers are maintained for local documents.

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  • Cost center plan values and Profit center plan values are not matching

    When user drill down the costcenter plan costs by partner in production system getting difference between P center values for a perticular functional area.
    But this number should match with Cost center and P center functional are values but there under functional are showing lower amunts.
    Pls let me know where exactly i have to check because i am fresher for controlling.
    Please help me out.

    Hi Anil,
    If I understand your requirement then you want to plan both in USD and INR at the same time.
    Say you maintain rate as 1 USD = 50 INR
    Do you want to plan for 100 USD and 480 INR against one combination (Cost Center / Cost Element) and 100 USD and 520 INR against another combination of Cost Center / Cost Element?
    SAP allows you to plan for a Cost Center / Cost Element combination only once. And that you can plan in any currency. Either in CO Area Currency or Object Currency (in this example Cost Center Currency) or in Transaction Currency (any other currency that you may choose). And the other currencies gets derived from the Exchange Rate maintained in the system using OB08 tcode. The exchange rate will be derived using the Planning Version "Exchange Rate Type" and "Value Date" (See Fiscal Year settings for Planning Version).
    So, if you plan in INR it gets translated to USD and vice versa. For planning in different currencies (only one is allowed) you need to change the planning layout to include the Amount Currency field.
    So for a single version say V1 you can plan in INR which gets translated to USD using OB08 exchange tare. Again you can plan in version V2 in USD which will get translated in INR using the same OB08 settings but you need to use a different Exchange Rate Type for V1 & V2.
    I am not sure what the business requirements are. If the requirements are only to display different currencies in a report then that can be achieved by creating a Report Painter report.
    Hope this helps.

  • FM/ BApi to change Plan data of profit center

    My requirement is to clear  the planned amount of particular profit center . for that I am using 'PCA_PLANDATA_POST' and passing the amoutn values = 0. This is mot working, as this FM
    adds up the amount to the previous one that I pass though it.
    Please suggest me some bapi/Fm to clear the Plan values of   Profit center and also the way to use it .
    Thanks in advance

    Try Using

  • Cost center plan value table ?

    Hello All,
      can any one tell me, which table and field can we use to retreive cost center plan value.
    Thanks in advance

    try tables CSSK & CSSL

  • Cost component split transfer for Profit center valuation in ke27

    Dear All,
    We have activated multiple valuation/transfer prices. Material ledger is also activated.
    We want to transfer cost component split to CO-PA by ke27.
    We have defined separate costing keys for access to actual cost estimate for legal and profit center valuations.
    But cost component split transfer to COPA works only for legal valution. Even we have defined type of valution for profit center  costing key -transfer cost component split and total costs.
    What should be else customized to transfer cost components splitting in profit center valuation to CO-PA from actual cost estimates?
    With best regards,

    I have assigned the same value fields used for legal valuation to column 2, which was pointed in message.
    But now I got following message in ke27:
    For actual data, value fields that were already populated before CO-PA valuation cannot be changed in valuation.
    1. As a rule, value fields that were filled before CO-PA valuation - be it from SD or by a manual entry of a line item - can only be changed by means of user exits.
    (Note that for plan data, CO-PA valuation always has priority over the values planned manually.)
    2. The valuation steps in a CO-PA valuation strategy are numbered sequentially. These numbers determine the order in which the steps are carried out within that strategy. As a rule, value fields populated in one step can be used as a basis for calculating values for other value fields in a subsequent step.
    Value fields that were populated in a previous step are generally not overwritten by subsequent steps.
    The exception to this are steps that use a CO-PA user exit. User exits let you change individual value fields.
    3. If you valuate using multiple material cost estimates simultaneously, this means that the values of different cost components within the same cost estimate are aggregated and then entered in one CO-PA value field. However, value fields that already contain data from a previous cost estimate are not overwritten by a later cost estimate. Consequently, you should assign value fields in Customizing so that the values of different cost estimates are entered in different sets of value fields.
    4. When condition values are transferred to CO-PA value fields, note that condition types that are assigned to the same value field are added together. This is also the case when the condition types come from different costing sheets within the valuation strategy.
    So does it mean we should define separate value fields for PC valuation?
    With best regards,

  • Substituting Cost of Goods Sold Account Profit Center

    I am using Sales Order substitution to change the Profit Center according to Sales Org + Product Hierarchy + Customer Group + Acct Asst Grp.  This perfectly replace the Profit Center in Sales Order.  The Profit Center from Sales Order is perfectly flowing to Outbound Delivery.
    While doing PGI, in accounting document, Cost of Goods Sold line item is not getting the profit center from outbound delivery.  It post COGS line item with Material Master profit center.  We want profit center of Cost of Goods Sold line item is same as Sales order / Outbound Delivery.
    I checked SCN, everyone provided the solution of using FI Substitution to change the Profit Center of COGS line item.
    Is it any other way it can be achieved?  if FI Substitution is only the way, can anyone provide the sample code, so that it can be developed fast.
    Venkat Ramachandran

    For those who may need an answer to this, our solution was the following: 
    1)       Created new types for SO, SO Item, Sched. Line, Delivery, Delivery Item, Billing type  
    2)       Created new Pricing procedure
    3)       Created new movement type Y61/Y62 modeled after 601/602
    4)       Mapped Y61/Y62 to account modifier ZAX.
    5)       Mapped GBB/ZAX to the new account.
    Benefits, they now have better view of the orders going inter-company.  It is flexible enough to adjusting prices for intercompany separate from standard orders, even though for now it is a straight copy of cost.  They are able to remove the sales/use tax, from the calculations. They are able to plan with these orders separated out.  Plus, this will standardize their process for inter-company. 
    Hope this helps someone. 

  • Manual Reposting of Costs (KB11N) does not update Profit Center

    When I do Manual Reposting of Costs on KB11N, the system does not update the Profit center with the value but it does update the Cost center.
    Please Help

    Please check whether sender as well as receiver cost object is assigned to profit center. If this is done PCA document gets generated and update is made in respective Profit center.

  • How to set default value in Profit Center field of Tcode F-02.

    Is it possible to set a default value for 'Profit Center' field in t.code F-02? Is there a way wherein the value will be copied in reference to the entered Business Area?
    For example, if during parking/posting of document, user input a value of 300 in the Business Area field, the system will automatically put 300 in the Profit Center field. Is there a way to do this?
    Hoping for your feedback.

    Using the substitution this can be achieved.
    Step-1: Prerequiste select the Company code for which this requirement is needed
    Step-2: In Substitution field, select the the "Profit center" field on selection of the field - system'll asks you -  How would you like to substfield BSEG-PRCTR ? with the 3 options
      i.constant value
      iii.Field-Field assignment
    Select the 3rd option on selecting 3rd option before going to save that substitution it'll ask you to input which field should input the field BSEG-GSBER:Business area
    Step-3: activate the above substitution in TC:OBBH
    With the above settings whenever any value inputs in Business are field then the same value will be substituted in the Profit center field.
    Note: Make sure in all FSG - business area & profit center having the field status optional
    Can you tell me onething why this requirement has came ? Is business area and profit center are same in number and prupose
    Edited by: Ramana on Jan 8, 2008 9:33 AM

  • Cost center line items by profit center

    We have an issue, where user has processed a document in FI with profit center "X" however the cost center of the document has profit center "Y" in the master data.
    In FI, accounting document showed against the profit center "X" with which user has processed.
    In CO document profit center was coming with "Y whcih is in cost center master data.
    There is a variance between FI and CO for profit centers.
    However profit center account is not completly configured, it is configured minimally. So GLPCA, GLPCT do not fetch data for the given profit centers, I do not have profit center appearing in CO line item reports. We are using ECC 6.0 version.
    Please help me to reconcile the difference.

    I think your case for SAP is not normal process. Normally, if user assign separate profit center which is different to profit center in the Cost Object, lets say the cost center, during the posting the system will issue message that the profit center is changed the profit center assigned in the Cost object. System would not accept two different profit center on one posting process.
    For example:
    Posting material using assigment cost center X  that contain profit center 1000, then also assign own profit center 1402.
    During posting, the system will issue message " the profit center is changed to 1000". This is what happen when there is discrepancy in profit center during posting.
    So, by having one profit center in a document,  the data that flow from FI will follow the assignment in the Cost Object.
    For this problem, I think you need to raise this issue to OSS.

  • Setup Cost Center hiearachy first, then Profit Center hierachy later?

    Dear Experts,
    Should I setup the cost center hierarchy first, then the profit center hierarchy later? 

    I see.  but if I setup profit center hierachy first, then I got to redo the same for Cost Center.  I thought I could do the Cost center first, then copy them to profit center since there's a "copy cost center group" function in profit center accounting. 
    Can I deactivate the profit center accounting since each time I skip the profit center entry during cost center creation, the following message pop up?
    "Profit Center Accounting active but no profit center specified (CCtr 1110)"

  • How to find the profit center group for a profit center?

    How to find the profit center group for a profit center?

    try this also
    In order to pass the setid parameter of the FM, you have to concatenate the following things
    Setid + KOKRS (Controlling area) + Profit Center Group into one variable.
    In my example below, I have declared as constants and concatenating to gv_setid.
    gc_01016 is the set id for profit centers
    gc_kokrs is the controlling area
    gp_pprct is the Profit Center group entered in the selection screen.
    You will get KOKRS value from the cepc-kokrs.
    data :   gc_0106(4)   TYPE c VALUE '0106',
               gc_kokrs      LIKE cepc-kokrs VALUE 'ABCD'.
               gv_setid          LIKE sethier-setid,
               gt_set_values_1   LIKE setvalues OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
      CONCATENATE gc_0106  gc_kokrs gp_pprct INTO gv_setid.
      CONDENSE gv_setid.
          client                    = sy-mandt
          fieldname                 = 'RPRCTR'
          langu                     = sy-langu
          setid                     = gv_setid
          tabname                   = 'GLPCT'
          no_table_buffering        = 'X'
          set_values                = gt_set_values_1
          set_not_found             = 1
          illegal_field_replacement = 2
          illegal_table_replacement = 3
          OTHERS                    = 4.
    By using the above FM you will get the values into gt_set_values1 once sys-subrc value eq 0, it is internal table which consists of all the profit centers for the proft center group.

  • Report Painter: Cash Flow Actual/Plan Report on Profit Center

    I must create a Cash Flow report Actual/Plan/Variance Figures per Profit Center by using a report painter.
    It will be created in monthly basis format, and year-to-date format (two different formats).
    The format is in GL accounts instead of standard Cash In and Cash Out format.
    I need to extract the Plan figures. However, we don't have planning on PCA. We are only doing plan on cost center, either revenue or cost (revenue is created as cost element category costs/reducing tax).
    Should I extract it from the Cost Center Plan & add up all plan amounts of the cost centers that attached to the specific profit center? How can I do that?
    What do you suggest as the best solution? Please explain briefly and using what t-code, tables and fields to extract from.

    Hi John,
    Go to Menu - > Edit -> Variation
    You can set the order of the Selection Screen fields there.
    Hope this helps you

  • Help needed for Restricting roles by maintaining values at Profit center

    My client uses the restriction at Company Code and Cost Center but we were using a * for full authorization to maintain the Profit Center. Now the situation has arisen where we need to maintain a particular Role at Profit Center level. We are creating a new role and maintaining the value of it. But there are a few other Roles where the Profit Center was not maintained and a * (which is already there) will give access to the Profit Center which is actually meant for the new Role.
    The Profit Center has values of around 2500 which is going to be difficult to be maintained. Is there any other method where in we can restrict the Roles at Profit Center level by giving some ranges and if it is please let me know the format?

    There are two methods that you can maintain:
    1. Using the Company Code
    2. Using the Company Code simultaneously with Profit Center
    The approach that we are following is like that: We have created a excel file which contains the segegrated list of Profit Centers according to Company Code.
    Now if you provide the range of Company code ( that can be achieved in authorization fields) the profit center related will automaically be associated by giving *.
    We can give the range of profit center at two at the Organizational Level which would give acess to all the authorization objects present in the Role.
    Other is give the range at the Authorization Object Level...that would give access to that particular Authorization Object or the Tcodes related to that.
    Check out this thread also
    How to assign profit center or cost center authorizations ?

  • Avoiding DUMMY value for profit center while posting COPA document

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where I post a document using BAPI_COPAACTUALS_POSTCOSTDATA using a Z Program.
    Everything works fine , but if we do not mention the profit center explicitly, it takes the value as "DUMMY". Same happens with KE21N.
    I want to find a user exit where I can change this dummy value to blank again. I do not want posts with DUMMY profit center values.
    Can you please suggest where can add my custom code. I think this should happen just before the document is posted.
    Kindly suggest where should I add my code.

    Hi Gangadhar,
    Thanks for the input.
    But for now our requirement is still the same.
    So what can be the other way round for this?
    Anyone, any more inputs pls.

  • Costs assigned to a cc/profit center

    I need to pick up the costs that are assigned to the cost center / profit center (non project).  Which table do i use. 
    Currently, i get project costs from Covp.  can I get also these(Non project) costs also from Covp?  How do I know if they are for particular cost center? 

    cost centres are CO objects post this in the relevant forum

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