Coverflow shows pixelated image

Some photos and images appear pixelated in coverflow, especially when the file has been opened and then saved in PSCS3.

iTunes & the iPod may have inconsistent behaviour when it comes to empty values. If you want all tracks with an unknown album value to group together as if one album then the best thing would be to select them all, set the Album field to "Unknown Album" and on the Options tab set Compilation to Yes.
See my previous post on Grouping Tracks Into Albums for more on organising your library and working around some of the quirks of iTunes/iPod.

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  • Images in Finder/Coverflow SERIOUSLY pixelated

    Has anyone had issues with coverflow in Finder seriously pixelating images?
    I'm having it in random folders (but not all) and I cannot find any rhyme or reason for it.
    Is Leopard generating previews and just not done yet maybe?
    Here's an example of what I'm seeing:
    As I said, some folders show images sharp and clear, others show them this way ... there seems to be no logic to it.

    I have the same problem with images on the internal disk, although they were copied there from a external after my erase and install. Raw files look fine and so do smaller jpegs. I also see the issue with psd files but not pngs.
    I think this has to do with the new higher resolution leopard icons. This is what I think is happening.
    Those jpegs were saved on a tiger system. When the file was written there was a icon thumbnail generated at a 128x128 pixels. This was the largest size supported by OS X up until leopard. New leopard icons can be up to 512x512 pixes, W00t!
    So as a result your icon preview stored with the file is 128x128 but is being scaled to whatever size your cover flow window is sized to. Hence, causing pixelization (sp?).
    To test this I opened one of the problem images in preview, did a "save as" to a new file and voila! beautiful coverflow icons. However, my photoshop CS3 is still unaware that it should be writing higher rez thumbnails. Perhaps I should run adobe updater...
    I'm looking for a command line or apple script way to update these thumbnails without changing the modified or created dates so the process can be scripted.
    Ideally you should point the script to a directory, find all image files with less than 512x512 icons, regenerate the thumbnail and preserve any modified or created dates.
    The sips command line tool doesn't seem to do the trick. Any ideas?

  • Coverflow stopped showing the image....

    Hello All:
    It used to be when I opened a folder in coverflow, it would show the images or part of the document. I would hit the space bar and it would come in larger for me to look at the document/image more closely.
    So I changed/touched/did something that all I get now is an ICON of what that file is and not the preview. For Example, if it is an Adobe Illustrator file, I get an orange sheet with the letter ai on the sheet.
    What do I need to do to change this back,
    any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Hrmmm.... well I kind of figured that coverflow does not show all contents on all items.
    It seems to show photos and certain files but not ai files or psd files.
    Any other thoughts or suggestions welcome,

  • Muse, pixelated image after trying to fill a box

    Ok so I am trying to fill a box of 1003 px x 577 px with an jpg of 1100px by 4000px. I am trying to make a scroll image in a box with motion. I am having the problem that for it to show the image in good quality it has to be in "original" or "tile". In both cases it's not filling the box that I created with the same width of the jpg. I am having always the same problem. The only way I always fix this is making the image tremendously small in height. This should not be happening. The only way I can get it to be the width that I am creating the box and jpg image is to Fill-"scale to fit"... and it's pixelated.
    Could someone help me with this unbearable problem please. I will really appreciate the gesture.
    Thank you.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH BARBARA! I really appreciate you taking  the time to reply to my simple problem(eventhough at the time it was so frustrating). Thanks again. Leanne

  • Pixelated images in safari, please help.

    Hi everyone,
    Hoping someone can help me with a issue i have with my new macbook pro.
    When browsing the net, safari and firefox show really pixelated images. I thought it might be my internet connection compressing data or something, but i have tried other computers on the same internet connection and the images show perfect...
    So this makes me think its the macbook. I have upgraded snow leopard from 10.6 to 10.6.2 and updated safari, but unfortunately this didnt help my problem. So now i have ended up here, asking you people, coz im out of ideas.
    I will include some screen shots so you can see exactly what i mean.
    Notice the bad quality images and even on google's banner it is pixelated heaps...
    Please help if you can. Its very annoying. Cheers.
    screenshots 00814PM.png 00814PM.png

    Yes, I see the big ugly squares. They are what appears whenever extremely heavy JPEG compression is applied to a low-resolution image tht has relatively large areas of similar colors. Something somewhere is applying such compression to the pages, or portions of them, that you are viewing in your browser(s). Your MBP is not doing that: it can't. Either the page images (or parts of them) are being compressed by the website owners or, if every web page is affected, they are being compressed by your ISP in the process of being transmitted to you, as Gordito suggests. That would greatly increase the speed of page loading, but at the expense of image quality. You wouldn't see the image degradation on an iPhone or cell phone — the screen is too small — but on the MBP's high-resolution display it would be much more apparent, IF the MBP were receiving the signal in the same highly compressed form as the phone. If the MBP receives the same web pages through an ISP that doesn't over-compress them, they'll look the way they ought to look. So if you are receiving these web pages through a cellular ISP rather than through a broadband connection, take the MBP to a wifi hotspot and connect through wifi instead. I bet things will look different then.
    Compressing images is something a web browser can't do: a browser just displays the signal that comes to it.

  • HT2531 Spotlight lists items and shows preview images.  BUT what about showing the location address of an item in my computer. Especially important if I've put the item in the wrong folder and what to locate it without multi-steps. iMac OS 10.5 was more u

    Spotlight lists items and shows preview images.  BUT what about showing the path/location address of an item in my computer.
    Especially important if I've put the item in the wrong folder and what to locate it without multi-steps. iMac OS X 10.5 was more useful.
    Old OSX Spotlight function automatically displayed path/location within the machine:  e.g. desktop/folder/sub-folder/item.
    Can I make Spotlight show the path?

    Press option-command and the path is displayed at the bottom of the little preview window.  Press command-return and the enclosing folder opens. 

  • After connecting a late 2008 MacBook to an external monitor can I show different images on them?

    After connecting an external monitor to my MacBook(late 2008) is it possible to show different images on the two screens at the same time?

    Yes. Open System Preference (under the Apple menu) and select Displays. See the instructions in this Apple article for how to continue.
    Best of luck.

  • How to show an image(jpg/gif) on a JTabbedPanel

    I tried to show an image on a JPanel of a JTabbedPanel.
    I the only way to show it for some time was this:
    in the StateChangedListener I use drawImage when the selected panel is teh one I want to draw the image at.
    Tracing code makes the panel show, burt when I step
    all the way up, the panel will be repainted without my image.
    I use mediatracker to get the image loaded.
    Any Idea

    JTabbedPane has components as its tabs. Using a JPanel is not mandatory. Try using a JLabel instead with an Icon (use ImageIcon) in it.
    JTabbedPane tabbed = new JTabbedPane();
        "my image panel",
        new JLabel( new ImageIcon( "images/MyIcon.gif" ) )
    );if your were referring to the image of the little tabs, use this:
    JTabbedPane tabbed = new JTabbedPane();
        "my tab",
        new ImageIcon( "images/MyImage.gif" ),
        myPanel // instance of Component, can be a JPanel or any JComponent you want.

  • Browser should show ALL images, in all formats.

    I recently opened an image for editing from Lightroom to Photoshop, corrected some perspective distortion, and saved the result as a PNG.  Lightroom then failed to show the new image, even after I synchronized the folder.  A respondent in the Lightroom forum said that Lightroom doesn't support PNG, to which I ask, WTF?
    Lightroom should support any format supported by Photoshop.  It displays JPEGs, which aren't a raw format.  Exactly how many products should we have to run concurrently to simply manage images?  Lightroom is supposed to be the product that does it, but if it fails to show all images in each directory, it fails at its purpose.

    MikeLeone wrote: So you think LR should support BMP? PCX? How many cameras store their
    photos in these formats? PS supports them, but why should LR?
    I'll agree with support for PNG, at least as far as exporting, as some
    web sites like using this format rather than JPEG (although the
    reasons for using PNG aren't technical, but legal, AFAIK - licensing
    for using the JPG format - rather than something technical, like
    smaller file size, etc).
    Very true, though I am more arguing that LR should be able to leverage formats available to other Adobe products installed on the same machine more than anything.
    BMP and PCX, no most cameras don't use those formats *anymore*. But I remember having an old camera that took photos in BMP format (it may have been a webcam, but still a camera) which I have in my library from a long time ago. In my day job we still actually use applications that suprisingly enough can only display PCX images; though I never would intentionally keep anything in PCX.
    I think anything it is able to import it should be able to export; but again if you have it natively supported in the Adobe product or universally supported by the OS without additional codec installation it should be supported, even if it is something obscure as PCX.
    MikeLeone wrote:
    That should be a feature request for the camera manufacturers, then,
    shouldn't it? Ask them to share their non-published, proprietary
    drivers with Adobe? Or at the very least, publish an API so LR (and
    presumably, other programs) can call the code (presuming that the code
    is modular enough to be called by other programs, of course).
    Yeah, I understand that neither Canon nor Nikon are supporting DNG files straight out of the camera yet and both still maintain a propreitary formated RAW file, but I would suspect that generally a Canon .CR2 file doesn't change all that much if at all other than the camera identifier from a 20D to a 5D Mk II to the 7D for example.
    Why do current Lightroom users need to wait until Adobe releases 2.6 or 3.0 to be able to use Lightroom with their 7D?
    Why if Adobe releases a Camera RAW update for PS that includes the 7D does it still not work in LR?
    Yes the mfg. need to be more open or pick a standard and run with it, but it just seems excessive for Adobe not to play nice too.
    It is in Canon/Nikon/Adobe's best interest to play nice and share this information with Adobe. So I am betting they are not withholding it. I was getting Canon SDK notifications for the longest time and sometimes months before a Camera was available, and sometimes it was even annouced this information was made available to developers on new camera models. I am sure Nikon does the same thing and Adobe is getting this information from all mfg.

  • I forgot my admin password for my macbook and my macbook doesnt allowme to go on single user or boot up in safe mode or boot up with the option key all it does is show a image of a globe blinking everytime i try to do something

    please people help me i brought this macbook from a friend and now its ****** up its a macbook late 2006 and it dosesnt allow me to do anything everytime i click on a key to go on single user terminal or boot up cd or run on safe mode it shows a image of a globe(earth)

    Somehow the HDD is screwed up. Data saving issue is not directly Toshiba related issue and before you spend time here discussing about such things I recommend you to ask someone with good PC knowledge what can be done about data saving.
    When the HDD is in the notebook again start notebook as first step set BIOS to default settings.
    After doing this install recovery image. After doing this you will have clean preinstalled OS and everything should work properly again.
    I hope you will be able to do this using HDD recovery option.
    How to do this you can find on
    Have you maybe created recovery discs?

  • How to show an image in JSP given the bytes[] of the photo?

    Hi all,
    I stored a user's picture in the db as text. For this I simply converted the JPG to bytes[] and from bytes to string: Base64.encode(bytes)
    Now I wish to do the reverse - to 'output' the image on the screen. So given the bytes[] of the image with
              byte[] bytesDB = Base64.decode(userPhotoStr); //userPhotoStr is something like this: /9j/4AAQSkZJRgA...Question: How can I show the image in the JSP page embedded in the page not as download?
    I'm using struts with JSP pages.
    Thank you!!!!

    Images in HTML are to be displayed using <img> element. All what an <img> element can take as image is an URL pointing to the image in question.
    If the image is dynamic, then you can just let that URL point to some Servlet which takes some request parameter or reads the path info, reads/gets the image as byte array or (much more efficient) as inputstream and writes it to the outputstream of the response.
    You may get some ideas out of this: [].
    By the way, massaging the byte array from/to a String is a terribly bad idea. Just store bytes as computer readable bytes, not as human readable characters, this makes completely no sense. Characters on its turn have to be converted to bytes again after all, but now you've let the DB do the work. All with all a performance pain. Bytes > Chars > Bytes > Chars > Bytes instead of just Byes > Bytes. In database you normally use BLOB, BINARY or equivalent for this in combination with JDBC's PreparedStatement#setBinaryStream() and ResultSet#getBinaryStream().

  • Oracle lite application not showing blob images in BI reports

    We have an application running in Oracle lite, we integrated the BI publisher reports (PDF reports are generated Using Data template and RTF file with Java API for BI publisher) with the application. Its been working fine for a long time.
    Now we are showing some images on the pdf report, the images are stored in the Oracle lite database as blobs. My application fails when translating the Data template to xml data. I am not getting any exception other than out of memory error after a while.
    anybody had the same problem? Let me know if you need more information on this problem.
    Any help will be great!!
    Parthiban Kumar
    Edited by: Parthiban Kumar on Nov 12, 2009 10:45 AM

    Hi Carsten
    That was exactly* I was looking for. Maybe I should Google more in German ;-)
    The main problem was that I defined my image outside the first repeating group (that doesn't repeat, it's always just one object) - the first group is followed by 7 more.
    Just like the "Name" (that's positioned outside the group in the document header), I positioned the image above the table representing the group.
    Doing that, the "Name" is filled correctly, the Image only when the Output Format is Excel or HTML - not Word or PDF ... makes no sense but that's tje way it is.
    After moving the image inside the works great!
    (One more thing...the image size is fixed to the image you use as "dummy". Is there any way to make that more flexible, because now some scaling happens...)???
    @Trent: That was the way we initially did it, but when the size of the row exceeds know what happens.. And even with a small image the 32K limit is hit easily
    The way I use it now (very similar to Carsten's description) there is no limit....
    Thank you all!

  • Photos 1.0 not showing all images from Photos Library.photoslibrary folder/file after update install

    I installed the update that changed my iPhoto to Photos 1.0, and the new Photos program is not showing all images from Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder (not sure to call it file or folder since it is actually a folder with all my pics but it acts more like a file) after update install.  The Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder shows to be 55 gb in size, and it shows to be loaded into the photos program, but there are maybe a few weeks of pictures showing instead of a few years.  Lots of pictures in the 55 gb are not showing for some reason. 

    No - iPhotos has not replaced anything - it is new and an addition - iPhoto is still on your system in the applications folder and still works just fine
    Outlook is not supported by Photos - not sure if the support must come form Apple or MS as Photos uses a different interface to external packages than iphoto did

  • Mail not showing embedded images

    This problem has been bugging me for a while.
    I am getting some emails (from my company communications) that are incorrectly formatted by Mail. I see big boxes labeled "Missing Plug-in". The rest of the text is there, but those big boxes make the mail hard to read.
    So today I decided to look a bit deeper into the problem. I brought it down to the presence of image tags that call for embedded images (included as attachments) using the "cid:" protocol. For example:
    <img src="cid:[email protected]" alt="Find" border="0">
    Is this a restriction in mail (I am running mail 6.1 on Mountain Lion). Or is there some config parameter I need to tweek to enable support for embedded images ?
    Thunderbird has no problem. I also did a quick check with Google Mail and Yahoo Mail, and neither show the images. But they just show nothing, so the resulting email is still readable. Mac OSX Mail shows big boxes with the "Missing Plug-in" note. I would be happy if Mail just ignored the images.
    I should point out that mail on iPhone and iPad work fine (they display the images).

    Try this - worked for me...
    If that doesn't link properly, here's the original solution, cut and pasted:
    From the Code2K:Labs site:
    From MacUpdate:
    Just download the fix and double-click it - next time you open mail, you'll see your attachments.

  • How do I show an image in a DataGrid column?

    I'm not sure that this is possible. I would like to show an
    image in a datagrid column based on the data that the grid is bound
    to. Is there any way to do this? I'm using Beta 3.

    Yes, you need a custom itemRenderer. This can be inline or a
    custom class.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Size limits for embedding video in Dreamweaver?

    I have a .wmv file. I need to make it viewable in a website. Can someone tell me what the target size should be for the file? The 11-minute .wmv file handed me is almost 700 MB. Something tells me that is too large. Is there a size I should get it do

  • How to copy Report from another company (using PLD)

    Hi.. i create a new company, with empty data. Because i stop the training company and now start with live company. In training company, i created so many report, and now i must copy the reports to live company. I try to open two SAP window, and i ope

  • Jsp plugin for eclipse3.2

    Hi , can anyone ll give the link for jsp plugin for eclipse3.2 as i used with the 3.0 plugin it's not working. thank u in advance

  • TS4006 If my ipod is out of battery will it still play the sound?

    If my ipod is out of battery will it still play the sound?

  • 9220 call disconnected automatically

    Dear Sir,  For the last two weeks, I am struggling with disconnecting of calls received or dialled from my BB 9220 model within 1 mintue of call.  I had purchased this model in November 2012.  Pls send the suggestion to remove the defect. Thank you