Create RSS FRom ArrayList

I have an arraylist which contains the tournament results, these are input via dialog boxes. How do i convert the results into an RSS feed? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have been trying for ages now! :( Please Help.
Thanks in advance.

An RSS feed is an XML document. The exact format of that XML document is specified somewhere on the Internet. I would suggest using Atom, now that it's mature and the earlier competing versions of RSS aren't getting any better.
But when you say you have been trying, I am curious to know what exactly you tried so far.

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  • Create RSS feed from HTML DB?

    I've been using a streaming RSS feed extension in Firefox for several months now and get feeds from all over including and Very cool.
    Recently I've installed HTML DB and have begun creating some basic reports - nothing very dramatic as I'm just learning. Now I'd like to begin sending out RSS feeds from my HTML DB application to my RSS extension in my Firefox browser but can't find an easy way to do it.
    I see several posts of others wishing to do the opposite (read RSS feeds into their HTML DB application) but nothing that shows how to create a feed from HTML DB.
    I looked at Tom's description of his method at but this seems very cumbersome to me - is there an easier way?
    I would think that there should be a "create RSS" feed button somewhere in the HTML DB interface when I'm defining the page's attributes.
    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

    Actually, Tom's method is not as hard as it looks.
    You can really just copy it all into your own procedure and replace the inner query.

  • Create RSS feeds from KM News

    Hi all,
    is it possible to create RSS feeds from the standard News items created with Form Based Publishing (XML Forms builders)? In other words, instead if just displaying those news items in the portal, can they be displayed in an RSS reader as well?
    Since it's all XML I would say it is possible, right?
    please advice

    Hi Marcel,
    jRSS - Simple Java RSS Feed Generator
    A simple java API to produce Really Simple Syndication (RSS) documents following the specification version 2.0
    So generate the RSS in the KM folder where your XMLForm datas are saved.
    After that create a component that accesses this RSS and shows it. You can use RSS Viewer librarys to achieve this:
    So steps are:
    1. Create RSS and save as resource in KM.
    <b>Create a Repository Service, which creates this RSS and also updates it when contents in the folder changes.</b>
    2. Read this resource using a component and create IView from this component.
    I am sure that there are lots of other approches to implement this solution.
    Praveen Gudapati
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  • How to fetch already created sessions from Informatica Repository (Informatica SDK)

    Hi guys,I'm using the Informatica SDK to create a java application that accesses the Informatica repository. I'm having a bit of an issue while trying to fetch the names of already created sessions from the Informatica Repository. I'm able to connect to the repo without any issues and have been able to add sources, targets, mappings, sessions, workflows, etc... and save them directly afterwards. However, when I try to fetch the session names from a folder in the repository, I get the following error:Mon Jul 27 15:03:01 PDT 2015 Severity:DEBUG ThreadID:14 Running the pmrep process in the working directory: [C:\Informatica\9.6.1\clients\PowerCenterClient\client\bin].Mon Jul 27 15:03:01 PDT 2015 Severity:DEBUG ThreadID:14 Running the command [listobjects -o session -f "TechOps" -s . ]. Mon Jul 27 15:03:01 PDT 2015 Severity:DEBUG ThreadID:14 Running the command [exit ].Mon Jul 27 15:03:01 PDT 2015 Severity:DEBUG ThreadID:14 Parsing the output of the ListObjects command for each folder.Mon Jul 27 15:03:01 PDT 2015 Severity:DEBUG ThreadID:14 The following errors occurred while running the ListObjects command: [Failed to read repository connection information. Please first connect to the repository using the connect command. Failed to execute listobjects.]. The following errors occurred while running the ListObjects command: [ Failed to read repository connection information. Please first connect to the repository using the connect command. Failed to execute listobjects.].com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.exception.RepoOperationException: The following errors occurred while running the ListObjects command: [ Failed to read repository connection information. Please first connect to the repository using the connect command. Failed to execute listobjects.]. atcom.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.core.Folder.fetchSessionNamesFromRepository(Unknown Source) atcom.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.core.Folder.fetchSessionNamesFromRepository(Unknown Source) at com.mars.Main.main( doesn't really make sense to me as I'm able to connect to the repo fine to add and save changes. Here's my code for fetching:// Create a list of session names and store the names
    List<String> sessionNames = null;
    try {
        sessionNames = folder.fetchSessionNamesFromRepository();
    } catch (RepoOperationException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    } catch (MapFwkReaderException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    // Print the list of session names
    for (int i = 0; i < sessionNames.size(); i++) {
        System.out.println("Session " + i + " is " + sessionNames.get(i));
    }I've confirmed that the folder object works fine as I can add and save other objects to that folder in the repo.The other odd thing is that if I go to the install path for Informatica on my machine and I run pmrep from the command prompt followed by the command to fetch session names, it works fine.Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

    Hi neel007,
    Just use a List instead of a Vector, it's more performant :
    List<Folder> rep_FetchedFolders = new ArrayList<Folder>();If you need to synchronize your list, then
    List<Folder> rep_FetchedFolders = Collections.synchronizedList(new ArrayList<Folder>());Also, if you're using Java 5 or higher and if you're sure listOfTargets contains only Target objects, instead of this
    for(int b=0; b<listOfTargets.size();b++){
       Target trg = ((Target)listOfTargets.get(b));
    }you may do this :
    for (Target trg : listOfTargets) {
    }Edited by: Chicon on May 18, 2009 7:29 AM
    Edited by: Chicon on May 18, 2009 7:35 AM

  • Error while creating subsite from site template

    I am getting below error while creating subsite from existing site template .
    Sachin Bhosale

    There must be a duplicate Email field created in any list/library. The cause can be identified by renaming the site template to > extact the cab file > open the manifest file search for email and see where it is associated. Refer
    to the following blog post for more information

  • Cannot create iView from PAR file

    I am trying to create an iView from PAR file. But when I select the option,
    "Portal component - create an iView from a portal component contained in a deployed portal archive (PAR) file"
    and click next, I get the following error.
    Step 1:  Portal Archive Selection
    No templates to display. You are not assigned to any existing templates.
    I have portal_configurator and developer roles assignmed to myself. Which other role do I need? I cannot get admin role.
    Note: Other users with admin roles can create iViews.

    What is your portal version details ?
    In EP 7.0 you do not have the option -- New From PAR.
    So to create IView from Par, you should select the option New --> IView and then there will be an option to select par file.
    1.Check if your par file is deployed on server.
    2. Check the portalapp.xml, if you have configured your components properly.
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  • How do I use "Trim Paths" after "Create Shapes from Vector Layer" on a strokes only layer?

    Adobe After Effects CC
    I have imported an illustrator file that was created in Illustrator CC 18.0.0. The file contains the outline of a logo. It is the logo with the fill set to none and the stroke set to 1px.
    I drag the file onto the composition, right click, and click Create Shapes from Vector Layer.
    A new layer is created and in the Contents "drop down", a Fill 1 layer is created.
    When I select the Contents "drop down" and click Add / Trim Paths, a Trim Paths 1 layer is created.
    When I animate Trim Paths 1, it appears to animate the Fill layer, not the stroke.
    How do I get it to animate just the stroke, and not show a fill at all?
    Thank you.

    I am reading and watching tutorials. Still stuck on that one point.
    Here are the images of the After Effects layers. The illustrator layer is the top layer.

  • Error creating document from using list using Document Template

    Hi All,
    I am trying to create a document from sharepoint list and upload it to a document library using item added and item updated event receiver methods. I can create metadata from list update in document library but unable to open the document. The error message
    I get is "we're sorry. we can't open "Filename" because we found a problem with its contents. no error detail available". Please see the below code.
                           string TemplateUrl = string.Empty;
                           SPWeb web = properties.OpenWeb();
                           web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
                           SPDocumentLibrary olist = web.Lists["NewLibList"] as SPDocumentLibrary;
                           String url = olist.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl.ToString();
                           SPFile file = null;
                           file = web.GetFile(olist.DocumentTemplateUrl);
                           if (file != null)
                               SPListItem oItems = properties.ListItem;
                               web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
                               byte[] readStream = file.OpenBinary();
                               SPFile uploadedFile = olist.RootFolder.Files.Add("http://site/subsite/Libraryname/" + properties.ListItemId.ToString() + ".docx", readStream,
                               SPListItem listitem = uploadedFile.Item;
                               listitem["Firstname"] = oItems["Firstname"];
                               listitem["Lastname"] = oItems["Lastname"];
                               if (uploadedFile.CheckOutType != SPFile.SPCheckOutType.None)
                               web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;
                       catch (Exception ex)
                           EventLog.WriteEntry(EventLogName, ex.Message, EventLogEntryType.Error);

    Please try to use the code below:
    string TemplateUrl = string.Empty;
    SPWeb web = properties.OpenWeb();
    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
    SPDocumentLibrary olist = web.Lists["NewLibList"] as SPDocumentLibrary;
    String url = olist.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl.ToString();
    SPFile file = null;
    file = web.GetFile(olist.DocumentTemplateUrl);
    if (file != null)
    SPListItem oItems = properties.ListItem;
    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
    Stream readStream = file.OpenBinaryStream(); //file is SPFile type
    SPFile uploadedFile = olist.RootFolder.Files.Add("http://site/subsite/Libraryname/" + properties.ListItemId.ToString() + ".docx", readStream, true);
    SPListItem listitem = uploadedFile.Item;
    listitem["Firstname"] = oItems["Firstname"];
    listitem["Lastname"] = oItems["Lastname"];
    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;
    catch (Exception ex)
    EventLog.WriteEntry(EventLogName, ex.Message, EventLogEntryType.Error);
    If the issue still exists, I suggest you dubug your code and check whether line of code error.
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Dennis Guo
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  • PS: WBS is not flowing for a Material, while creating delivery from Project

    While creating delivery from Project thro CNS0, WBS is not flowing for a Material in delivery, in turn WBS is not flowing in Billing document for same material, in turn not allowing to Post the Billing document to Accounting.
    Error while releasing Billing to the Accounting: Accounting Entry is not generated. Error Message:Assign Condition type
    YMRG in COPA.
    Pls let me know, what can be the reason ?

    Hi Kuldeep,
    Check this note,
    Note 159387 - Message BP603: incorrect line item is displayed
    Its valid only till 4.6. Might give you some idea but.

  • How to create webservice from function module

    I'm trying to create webservice from function module from. I choose Utilities/More Utilities/Create Webservice/..From function Module. What data should I enter in section "Enter Package/Request" ?
    When I check "Local object" checkbox I get a message "Test objects cannot be created in foreign namespaces"
    Is there any doc about this procedure (web service creation) with description of all sections ?
    thanks for any reply,
    Lukasz Ferenc

    Which SAP product of wich release of which SP are you using ?
    The procedure is documented in and in blogs and SDN forum messages.
    It means that the use of the SEARCH button should give plenty of answers...
    >When I check "Local object" checkbox I get a message "Test objects cannot be created in foreign >namespaces"
    As usual, begin your choosen name with an "Z".

  • Illustrator script to create symbols from images in folder

    Time to give back to the community...
    Here is a script I recently devised to bulk create symbols from images in a folder. Tested with Illustrator CC 2014.
    // Import Folder's Files as Symbols - Illustrator CC script
    // Description: Creates symbols from images in the designated folder into current document
    // Author     : Oscar Rines (oscarrines (at)
    // Version    : 1.0.0 on 2014-09-21
    // Reused code from "Import Folder's Files as Layers - Illustrator CS3 script"
    // by Nathaniel V. KELSO ([email protected])
    #target illustrator
    function getFolder() {
      return Folder.selectDialog('Please select the folder to be imported:', Folder('~'));
    function symbolExists(seekInDoc, seekSymbol) {
        for (var j=0; j < seekInDoc.symbols.length; j++) {
            if (seekInDoc.symbols[j].name == seekSymbol) {
                return true;
        return false;
    function importFolderContents(selectedFolder) {
        var activeDoc = app.activeDocument;     //Active object reference
      // if a folder was selected continue with action, otherwise quit
      if (selectedFolder) {
            var newsymbol;              //Symbol object reference
            var placedart;              //PlacedItem object reference
            var fname;                  //File name
            var sname;                  //Symbol name
            var symbolcount = 0;        //Number of symbols added
            var templayer = activeDoc.layers.add(); //Create a new temporary layer
   = "Temporary layer"
            var imageList = selectedFolder.getFiles(); //retrieve files in the folder
            // Create a palette-type window (a modeless or floating dialog),
            var win = new Window("palette", "SnpCreateProgressBar", {x:100, y:100, width:750, height:310});
            win.pnl = win.add("panel", [10, 10, 740, 255], "Progress"); //add a panel to contain the components
            win.pnl.currentTaskLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [10, 18, 620, 33], "Examining: -"); //label indicating current file being examined
            win.pnl.progBarLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [620, 18, 720, 33], "0/0"); //progress bar label
            win.pnl.progBarLabel.justify = 'right';
            win.pnl.progBar = win.pnl.add("progressbar", [10, 35, 720, 60], 0, imageList.length-1); //progress bar
            win.pnl.symbolCount = win.pnl.add("statictext", [10, 70, 710, 85], "Symbols added: 0"); //label indicating number of symbols created
            win.pnl.symbolLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [10, 85, 710, 100], "Last added symbol: -"); //label indicating name of the symbol created
            win.pnl.errorListLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [10, 110, 720, 125], "Error log:"); //progress bar label
            win.pnl.errorList = win.pnl.add ("edittext", [10, 125, 720, 225], "", {multiline: true, scrolling: true}); //errorlist
            // = ScriptUI.newFont ("Arial", "REGULAR", 7);
            // =, [1, 0, 0, 1], 1);
            win.doneButton = win.add("button", [640, 265, 740, 295], "OK"); //button to dispose the panel
            win.doneButton.onClick = function () //define behavior for the "Done" button
            //Iterate images
            for (var i = 0; i < imageList.length; i++) {
                win.pnl.currentTaskLabel.text = 'Examining: ' + imageList[i].name; //update current file indicator
                win.pnl.progBarLabel.text = i+1 + '/' + imageList.length; //update file count
                win.pnl.progBar.value = i+1; //update progress bar
                if (imageList[i] instanceof File) {         
                    fname = imageList[i].name.toLowerCase(); //convert file name to lowercase to check for supported formats
                    if( (fname.indexOf('.eps') == -1) &&
                        (fname.indexOf('.png') == -1)) {
                        win.pnl.errorList.text += 'Skipping ' + imageList[i].name + '. Not a supported type.\r'; //log error
                        continue; // skip unsupported formats
                    else {
                        sname = imageList[i].name.substring(0, imageList[i].name.lastIndexOf(".") ); //discard file extension
                        // Check for duplicate symbol name;
                        if (symbolExists(activeDoc, sname)) {
                            win.pnl.errorList.text += 'Skipping ' + imageList[i].name + '. Duplicate symbol for name: ' + sname + '\r'; //log error
                        else {
                            placedart = activeDoc.placedItems.add(); //get a reference to a new placedItem object
                            placedart.file = imageList[i]; //link the object to the image on disk
                   =  sname; //give the placed item a name
                            placedart.embed();   //make this a RasterItem
                            placedart = activeDoc.rasterItems.getByName(sname); //get a reference to the newly created raster item
                            newsymbol = activeDoc.symbols.add(placedart); //add the raster item to the symbols                 
                   = sname; //name the symbol
                            symbolcount++; //update the count of symbols created
                            placedart.remove(); //remove the raster item from the canvas
                            win.pnl.symbolCount.text = 'Symbols added: ' + symbolcount; //update created number of symbols indicator
                            win.pnl.symbolLabel.text = 'Last added symbol: ' + sname; //update created symbol indicator
                else {
                    win.pnl.errorList.text += 'Skipping ' + imageList[i].name + '. Not a regular file.\r'; //log error
                win.update(); //required so pop-up window content updates are shown
            win.pnl.currentTaskLabel.text = ''; //clear current file indicator
            // Final verdict
            if (symbolcount >0) {
                win.pnl.symbolLabel.text = 'Symbol library changed. Do not forget to save your work';
            else {
                win.pnl.symbolLabel.text = 'No new symbols added to the library';
            win.update(); //update window contents
            templayer.remove(); //remove the temporary layer
        else {
            alert("Action cancelled by user");
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {
        importFolderContents( getFolder() );
        Window.alert("You must open at least one document.");

    Thank you, nice job & I am looking forward to trying it out!

  • How to create Analysis from two different subject areas with diff models

    I have problem with create analysis from two different areas with two different models (Model Star and Snowflakes) build in BI Admin tools.
    First Model A = Subject Area A have one fact tables (with measures) and three dimensions tables (Model Star)
    Second Model B = Subject Area B have one fact table (no measures) and five dimensions tables (Model Snowflakes).
    I'm looking solutions how I can give good results. In this case I can't use UNION, INTERSECT etc., because this models haven't the same number column and data type?
    whether it is possible to do in OBIEE?
    Please help me
    Kind regard

    One thing to understand is that if your are imagining having two Subject Areas (SAs) displayed and then dragging columns from each into your Request without any preparation, then no, that can't be done. You would need to do a join in the BMM layer and expose the column from the second Subject Area in the presentation layer.
    But if you indeed interested in UNION (or intersect) queries, then do this:
    Build your first query in the first SA in the usual manner. Note the number of columns and the data types of each column.
    Now at the bottom of the Criteria workspace, there is a button called "Combine with similar request." Click it.
    Select your second SA. You will note that the outlines of the columns in your first query appear. This is to remind you that the number of columns in this second query must be the same as in the first. It also shows the data type of each column for the same reason.
    Once you select your columns and your filters, click on result. (Oh, you will also need to decide what kind of combination you want -- click on the dropdown.) The result will be a new Request that has data from both SAs in the query and combined in the manner you select (union, intersect, etc.)
    That should give you a start. -- Read this link this is good one to understand with screen shots. -- OBIEE 10g -- OBIEE 11g
    Award Points it is useful.

  • Is there a way to create DVDs from movies made in iMovie on the iPad?

    Is there a way to create DVDs from movies made in iMovie on the iPad?  I have a PC.  Thanks

    King_Penguin wrote:
    There are third-party browser apps that have settings within them to identify themselves as full browsers e.g. Atomic Web, and I believe the iCab Mobile browser also does (I don't have it so i can't check)
    iCab indeed does allow for that

  • Cannot create mysites from powershell: Original XSLT List View Web Part not found

    I have a bizarre problem in my SharePoint 2013 farm. This does not occur in my test farm, only in the farm we were going to go live with.
    I'm on windows Server 2012, SQLServer 2012 SP1, SharePoint 2013 April CU. 1 appserver/centraladmin server, 2 web servers.
    When I log into our mysitehost and click newsfeed, it will create a mysite (even though first it displays "we are sorry there was a problem creating your site")
    But from powershell, whether I use $UserProfile.CreatePersonalSite() or New-SPSite, I get the following error:
    Original XSLT List View Web Part not found
    So far I've only found one other person with this:
    This is a brand new farm, created with the same scripts I created my test farm with, and same version of SharePoint. Only the service accounts are different. (Farm account has admin on the servers right now since I was setting up profile service).
    Some other errors from the same correlation ID that look related:
    It can't seem to find the listemplate 101
    And something looks wrong with the MySiteDocumentLibrary feature
    I have tried the following:
    1. run psconfig.exe on each server
    2. install-spfeature -AllExistingFeatures
    3. looped through the directory under Features and for each called Install-SPFeature $dirname -Force
    4. uninstalled and reinstalled MySiteDocumentLibrary feature
    5. blew away the whole farm (removed all servers from farm, deleted all databases) and recreated it.
    6. tried creating the UPA from the CentralAdmin gui.
    The only real difference I can think of between the working farm and non working farm is, I installed the working farm using RTM, then as they came out added the March PU and April CU. For this farm I installed RTM and March and April, and then ran my build
    farm script.
    I am at a loss. What do I need to do, re-install the binaries? That's all I can think of. What I love is that our test / POC system worked fine, and now 2 weeks before go-live I'm seeing errors on the production servers I've never seen before. Using the
    same scripts no less.
    Feature Activation: Feature 'Fields' (ID: 'ca7bd552-10b1-4563-85b9-5ed1d39c962a') was activated
    Feature Activation: Feature 'CTypes' (ID: '695b6570-a48b-4a8e-8ea5-26ea7fc1d162') was activated
    No document templates uploaded for list "$Resources:core,global_onet_solutiongallery_list;" -- none found for list template "100"
    Failed to find <ListTemplate> tag corresponding to ID "101", tried both onet.xml for site definition ID "0" language "1033" and global site definition. Operation failed.
    No document templates uploaded for list "$Resources:core,stylelibraryList;" -- none found for list template "121".
    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: A user may not remove his or her own account from a site collection.<nativehr>0x81020051</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>, StackTrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.UpdateMembers
    Feature Activation: Feature 'MySitePersonalSite' (ID: 'f661430e-c155-438e-a7c6-c68648f1b119') was activated
    Feature Activation: Activating Feature 'MySiteDocumentLibrary'
    Calling 'FeatureActivated' method of SPFeatureReceiver for Feature 'MySiteDocumentLibrary'
    SharePoint Foundation Upgrade MySiteDocumentLibraryFeatureReceiveraj08n INFO Creating new My Documents library
    Unknown SPRequest error occurred. More information: 0x80070002
    SPRequest.GetMetadataForUrl: UserPrincipalName=, AppPrincipalName= ,bstrUrl=http://contoso/personal/cbuchholz/DOCUMENTS ,METADATAFLAGS=59
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: <nativehr>0x80070002</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>, StackTrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.GetObjectForUrl at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles.MySiteDocumentLibraryUtil.GetSPObjectFromUrl ...
    <nativehr>0x80070002</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>There is no Web named "/personal/cbuchholz/DOCUMENTS"
    Possible mismatch between the reported error with code = 0x81070504 and message: "There is no Web named "/personal/cbuchholz/DOCUMENTS"." and the returned error with code 0x80070002.
    Attemping to add webpart id 0F6072F2-E804-4CFD-837E-BB37332B9D1C to web http://contoso/personal/cbuchholz
    Adding XsltListViewWebPart calling SPRequest::CreateListViewPart. Web part id 0F6072F2-E804-4CFD-837E-BB37332B9D1C, web http://contoso/personal/cbuchholz
    Feature receiver assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c', class 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles.MySiteDocumentLibraryFeatureReceiver', method 'FeatureActivated' for feature 'e9c0ff81-d821-4771-8b4c-246aa7e5e9eb' threw an exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Original XSLT List View Web Part not found at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles.MySiteDocumentLibraryUtil.ReplaceListViewWebPart
    Feature Activation: Threw an exception, attempting to roll back. Feature 'MySiteDocumentLibrary'
    Exception in EnsureFeaturesActivatedAtSite: System.InvalidOperationException: Original XSLT List View Web Part not found
    Failed to activate site-collection-scoped features for template 'SPSPERS#2' in site collection 'http://contoso/personal/cbuchholz'
    Failed to apply template "SPSPERS#2" to web at URL "http://contoso/personal/cbuchholz
    I've had other problems in this farm: the bug where when you add Administrators to a Search Service via the Manage Service Applications page, it removes the SPSearchDBAdmin role from the search service process account. That one did not happen in the other farm.
    At least other people have that one and I could just use the farm admin instead (still troublng of course).

    Here is the problem:
    When creating a mysite from powershell or script, apparently you can ONLY do this from a wfe (or a server running Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application in services on server).
    You CANNOT create mysites from script on your appserver if it is not also a Web Application Server. I confirmed the same is true in my test farm. I guess I was always running most of these scripts on the webserver.
    I searched all over and cannot find this documented anywhere.
    Who do I contact to have Microsoft document this?
    It's Thursday morning, I've been working non stop since Saturday morning so you don't have to :)

  • How to remove 'Outlines' default text when creating shapes from vector layers?

    Hello everyone!
    You know the text it adds to the name layer when you create shapes from a vector layer that says Outlines? Well, anyone know if it's possible to change it or remove it?
    It sucks to have to remove it manually, especially when it's a lot of layers and you've taken the time to do the prepping in illustrator.

    if I have an illustrator layer that is named icon and I convert it to outlines I get a layer that is named icon Outlines. Are you trying to remove the word Outlines or are you getting just a layer that says Outlines? Personally I would not remove the word Outlines from shape layer because this would differentiate it from the original and let me know at a glance what's going on with the layer and the project. This would be valuable information if I were to return to the project a year later for modifications.

Maybe you are looking for

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