CreateRowFromResultSet not called for first row

Hi all,
Jdev Version:
I have an XML stored in DB as  a CLOB. I fetch this XML as a CLOB (using clobdomain) in my VO and need to populate a few other transient attributes. I attempted to achieve this by overriding (as per blog entry) method 'createRowFromResultSet'. I observe a weird behaviour where this method does not get invoked for the first row alone.
A while back, I see another member suffer from a similar issue - forum thread. Is this a bug that appears when using clob and overriding this method?
Thanks in advance,

we have the same problem. The method createRowFromResultSet() is not called for the first row. We don't have a CLOB. We have a primary key of type Raw. Maybe this is causing the problem.
We are using JDev

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  • EditCellAt() with mouseclick is not working for first row of the jtable

    Hi All,
    I have extended JTable.changeSelection() & editCellAt() methods to force the text to select when focus is brought to the cell.
    I have a page which has both editable and non-editable columns. when I do a mouse click on FIRST ROW of the editable cell and type the value, The value is not displayed in the cell. when I click on any other editable field in the page, The typed value is displayed in the cell. In the first row of the cell, only the first attempt is not working. When I remove the editCellAt() call in changeSelection(), it works as expected.
    But, If I reach the FIRST ROW editable cell using TAB key instead of Mouse click and type the value, its working fine.
    Kindly suggest me what could be the problem in my code. I think something wrong in editcellat() or mouseclicked/released or focusgained in our versions of JTable or jtextfield.
    Kindly let me know if you need any more functions of my version of implementation.
    Thanks In advance.
    My JTable Version of editCellAt:
         public boolean editCellAt(int row, int column, EventObject e) {
              try {
                   if (getCellEditor() != null && !getCellEditor().stopCellEditing()) {
                        return false;
                   if (!isCellEditable(row, column)) {
                        return false;
                   if (isShowStarRow() /*&& !starRowAdded*/) {
                        VSDataControl ds = getDataSource();
                        if (ds != null) {
                             VSResultSet rs = ds.getResultSet();
                             if (rs != null) {
                                  if (row == rs.getRowCount()) { // This is the star row
                                       // Go to the last record
                                       if (row > 0) {
                                            try {
                                                 rs.getRowAt(row + 1, true);
                                            } catch (Exception ex) {
                                                 return false;
                                       if (ds.insert() == null) {
                                            return false;
                                       currentRow = row + 1;
                                       starRowAdded = true;
                   TableCellEditor editor = getCellEditor(row, column);
                   if (editor != null && editor.isCellEditable(e)) {
                        editorComp = prepareEditor(editor, row, column);
                        if ( editorComp instanceof VSGridChoice && lastKeyEvent != null ) {
                             VSGridChoice choice = (VSGridChoice) editorComp;
                             choice.handleMissingCharEvent( lastKeyEvent );
                        if (editorComp instanceof VSChoiceBase && lastKeyEvent != null ) {
                             VSChoiceBase hack = (VSChoiceBase)editorComp;
                        lastKeyEvent = null;
                        if (editorComp == null) {
                             return false;
                        editorComp.setBounds(getCellRect(row, column, false));
                        return true;
                   return false;
              } catch (Exception ex) {
                   showValidationError(e, ex);
                   return false;
         public void changeSelection(int rowIndex, int columnIndex, boolean toggle, boolean extend)
              super.changeSelection(rowIndex, columnIndex, toggle, extend);
                    editCellAt(rowIndex, columnIndex);
                           if (getEditorComponent() != null)
                   if (getEditorComponent() instanceof CustomJTextField)

    i will suggest you to override your requetFocus()
    public void requestFocus()
            super.requestFocus(); // may be panel or container.
            textPane.setSelectionStart(0); // textpane is the editor for the cell.
        } Gud luck.

  • Decode not called for all UIComponents in tree

    Many of the faces .jsp pages I have been working with in EA2 have not been updating their models properly.
    The symptom I have observed is that the decode method is not called for all of the UIComponents on the page.
    I think I have tracked this down to a bug in the class com.sun.faces.tree.TreeNavigatorImpl. This class appears to be used internally by some of the .jsf code to navigate the component tree.
    Studying various stack traces, it looks like the method TreeNavigatorImpl.getNextStart() is supposed to provide a preorder traversal of the component tree. Starting from the root of the tree, each call is expected to return the next node. Experimental evidence suggests that it is not doing that properly, and it fails to visit all the nodes in the tree.
    For example, if my component tree looks like this (this is a representation of the tree; not an example of a .jsp page):
    <node id = "/">
       <node id = "page">
          <node id = "carStoreForm">
             <node id = "ba0">
                 <node id = "ba1">
                     <node id = "ba3"/>
                     <node id = "br4"/>
             <node id = "bold1"/>
             <node id = "more1"/>
    </node>A preorder traversal of these nodes should visit nodes:
    However, when I write test code that calls TreeNavigatorImpl.getNextStart() directly, only the following nodes are returned:
    It looks to me like the method loses track of the state of the traversal, and prematurely returns null before all the nodes are visited. (It is failing to return the "bold1" and "more1" nodes.)
    This is all extremely speculative. Without jsf source or doc for any of the tree classes, it is difficult to know what is supposed to be going on. And, of course, I may just have a bug in my code.

    Okay, rather than wait for Max to respond, I decompiled the TreeNavigatorImpl class myself and studied the source code. The
    problem arises in the getNextStart() method. If the method returns
    a null value, then presumably the class has successfully traversed
    the entire tree in preorder. Unfortunately, there was a slight
    logic error that would halt traversal after you got to the last node
    of the last subtree at the beginning of your travels.
    The following code should correct this situation (let me know if I've
    introduced any new problems into the mix...). I tested this out using the simple example that Max describes above. The test code appears at the end of my revised method:
    public UIComponent getNextStart() {
    UIComponent cur = null;
    if (startTraversalDone) {
    return cur;
    if (startStack.empty()) {
    cur = root;
    Iterator iter = cur.getChildren();
    if (iter.hasNext()) {
    else {
    while (!startStack.empty()) {
         Iterator iter = (Iterator) startStack.peek();
         if (iter != null && iter.hasNext()) {
         cur = (UIComponent);
         Iterator childIter = cur.getChildren();
         if (childIter != null && childIter.hasNext()) {
         else {
         if (!iter.hasNext()) {
    else {
    if (startStack.empty()) {
    startTraversalDone = true;
    if (cur != null) {
    return cur;
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              MyComp root = new MyComp("root");
              // build tree....
              MyComp page = new MyComp("page");
              MyComp csf = new MyComp("csf");
              MyComp ba0 = new MyComp("ba0");
              csf.addChild(new MyComp("bold1"));
              csf.addChild(new MyComp("more1"));
              MyComp ba1 = new MyComp("ba1");
              ba1.addChild(new MyComp("ba3"));
              ba1.addChild(new MyComp("ba4"));
              MyTreeNavigator nav = new MyTreeNavigator(root);
              MyComp comp = null;
              while ((comp = (MyComp) nav.getNextStart()) != null) {
    public class MyComp extends UIComponentBase {
         public MyComp(String id) {
         public String getComponentType() {
              return "MyComp";

  • After Update Trigger not triggering for first update

    Hi All,
    I have written a Trigger on AP_SUPPLIERS table to update AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL when payment priority gets updated on AP_SUPPLIERS table. Trigger calls a pragma autonomous procedure after update happens, and updates sites table. We are on R12 (12.1.3) with  DB
    Somehow this is not working for the first update, after that for every update it is working. Any idea why this might be happening?
    Trigger Code: 
    l_vendor_id     NUMBER;
    l_paym_priority NUMBER;
    Procedure Code:
      ex_custom EXCEPTION;
      PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT( ex_custom, -20001 ); 
      SET PAYMENT_PRIORITY =p_payment_priority
      WHERE VENDOR_ID = p_vendor_id;
        raise_application_error( -20001, 'Error while updating payment priority on Site '||SQLERRM );

    Thanks for your replies Saubhik/VT,
    now my trigger is compiled. but is not triggering. pl help me to resolve .....
    create or replace
    OSUSER varchar2(30);
         MACHINE varchar2(30);
         logon_time date;
    db_user varchar2(30);
    select     username,osuser,machine,logon_time into db_user,osuser,machine,logon_time from v$session where sid=(select sid from v$mystat where rownum=1);
    09:59:06 [email protected]>UPDATE AUDIT_DEV.AUDIT_PERSONS SET EMP_STATUS='TEST' WHERE EMP_ID='4234';
    1 row selected.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.01
    10:00:03 [email protected]>commit;
    Commit complete.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.01
    10:00:17 [email protected]>select * from AUDIT_persons_log;
    no rows selected
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    10:00:17 [email protected]>
    Edited by: Abk on Nov 4, 2010 10:42 AM

  • ADF VO Row Fetch Range Issue: Action is not called after 10th row

    Hi People!
    I am working with an Application here in which one page has a table based on a view object. This table has range navigation, and the VO configuration for Tuning is to fetch rows in batches of 1000, all in one fetch. Now, i have a single selection configured in this table, and also a button on the <tableActions> facet which calls a method on the backing bean.
    The problem is, for the first 10 rows of this table, the method is called (seen through the debugger), but when we move the selection to the 11th row or further, the page only refreshes but does not call the method.
    This is not a problem with the data, because we tried two other approaches:
    1) removed the range navigation and shown all the records in the same page: the error persists for the 11th row ahead
    2) changed the VO query to return only the 11th row from the previous test using its ID: the action is called, now that the row is the first on the rowset.
    Have you experienced similar behavior? Why the Action is not executed when the selected row comes after the tenth row?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Thiago Souza

    Hi Frank, thanks for the reply.
    I have assembled a step-by-step based on the HR schema. For this example, i have created an EmployeesVO based on the EMPLOYEES table, and an App Module to provide a data control. From then on:
    1) Create a JSF JSP to list the Employees VO
    1.1) Bind the JSF Page to a Backing bean
    1.2) Create an af:page element on the page
    2) Drag the EmployeesVO from the Data Control Palette to the af:page
    2.1) Read-Only Table, Selection Enabled
    2.2) Do not include table navigation.
    3) Double-Click the automatically created submit button on the TableSelectOne section
    3.1) Bind it to a method on the Backing Bean
    3.2) Add some code to it, in my case i tested:
         FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, new FacesMessage("Teste"));
    4) Run the example and try two approaches:
    4.1) select one of the first ten rows and click on the button: The action is fired.
    4.2) select the eleventh row and click on the button: The action is not fired.
    4.3) select one of the first ten rows again and click on the button: The action is fired.
    This example didn't even include range navigation, but if you want to test you will see the result is the same.
    Please let me know if you want further info.
    Thanks a lot!
    Thiago Souza

  • Results not updating for every row in BIpublisher

    Hi all I have a Bi publisher report that is updating the results for the first row and in the second row to update the results it is picking the values from the first column itself and using the same values for all the other rows.
    Here is my report format
    Month saves Total, for 30,60,90,120
    Total are the enrolls by each month and days shows after 30,60,90,120 how many are still active. Following eg should give an idea of exactly whats happening
    Total 30days 60days 90days 120days 150days 180days 210days
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jan saves 330 287 274 270 263 262 259 257
    Feb saves 298 255 242 238 231 230 227 225
    Mar saves 291 248 235 231 224 223 220 218
    So what is happening is lets say for example there are a total of 330 enrolls in january and after 30days 287 are still active and after 60days 274 are still active after 90 270...... etc
    Am getting the January active values correctly.
    BUt going forward when I see the values for february The total enrolls for february is 298 and after 30 days which are active is not giving me the correct.
    It is substracting the same amount as jan. looking at the numbers it is substracting
    -43, -13,-4,-7,-1,-3,-2 for Jan which are the cancels after the consecutive days
    It is substracting the same amount for feb also but my actual cancels for feb are different it should be 45,12,8,9,2,2,
    It is doing the same for all the months.
    There should be a change in the code. Following is the XSL code am using in
    <?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'v_SavesCanceled', SAVES_CANCELED_COUNT)?>
    <?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'v_RtSaves', xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'v_RtSaves') - xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'v_SavesCanceled'))?>
    <?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'v_RtSaves')?>
    Actually the cancels should be updated for each row but its picking the same cancels for every month.
    Hope it is clear let me know if you need any further info
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you very much for your help. The rtf file sent worked and updating results as required.Thank you

  • Decode function not called for a custom component

    I know this problem happened in the past - in the EA2, EA4 and I believe the beta version as well, but does anyone know if it has been solved for the release ?
    In short - I'm working with the release, created a menuBar component and the decode method in the renderer is not called after I submit the page. In the past, there were rumors that this happened due to relative paths in the JSP (for js files, images, etc.).
    Does anyone else have this problem ? or better , know how to solve it ?

    It's not that simple - The component is getting rendered, all the encode methods are called and the decode is called also , but only the first time the form is submitted.
    I added this custom component to the guessNumber application, and I have a menuBar in the greeting.jsp that leads to the response.jsp and vice versa. it looks like this in the greeting.jsp page -
    <!-- Start Menu -->
    <t:MenuBar id="bar1" styleClass="myClass" >
    <t:Menu id="menu1" name="menu1">
    <t:Menu id="menu2" name="menu2">
    <t:MenuItem id="item2_1" name="item2_1" action="/mytest/guess/response.jsp"/>
    <t:MenuItem id="item2_2" name="item2_2" action=""/>
    <t:Menu id="menu3" name="menu3">
    <t:MenuItem id="item3_1" name="item3_1x" action=""/>
    <t:MenuItem id="item3" name="item3" action=""/>
    <!-- End Menu -->
    In the response it looks like this -
    <!-- Start Menu -->
    <t:MenuBar id="bar2" styleClass="myClass" >
    <t:MenuItem id="item3" name="item3" action="/mytest/guess/greeting.jsp"/>
    <!-- End Menu -->
    and every time a menuItem is clicked on, the JS calls submit form.
    Since the menus are rendered, I assume there's nothing wrong with the rendererType and any other renderer problem. Since the decode is called only once, I assume the right form is being submitted.
    So, what can cause it to stop calling the decode ???
    Could it be that becase I go directly to the page and not through the navigation rules ( I call directly from the JS), it creates a problem ??
    Please help, I've been wasting so much time on this !

  • Asp code does not render for first record in looped recordset

    I have posted this question on a javascript forum as it
    contains javascript code however it was believed to be an asp
    The following head section javascript code contains the
    function showBigImage( isource,bigImage,header ) function call of
    var currentImage;
    function showBigImage( isource,bigImage,header ) {
    var theImage = document.getElementById( 'largeimage' );
    theImage.src = isource;
    currentImage = bigImage;
    document.getElementById( 'photoHeader' ).innerHTML=header;
    document.getElementById( 'largeimage' ).alt=header;
    The following rendered looped recordset code illustrates how
    the "header" parameter of this showBigImage(
    isource,bigImage,header ) function call does not render ONLY FOR
    <a href= "javascript:;" > <td height=36
    valign="middle" class="small_img" onmouseover="showBigImage(
    )"> <img
    border="0" alt="" /> </td> </a>
    <a href= "javascript:;" > <td height=36
    valign="middle" class="small_img" onmouseover="showBigImage(
    'imagescript.asp?path=images/seated_riserset.jpg&width=250','images/seated_riserset.jpg', 'Portable
    stage configuration using 9 units of the 3 ft x 8 ft platforms in 3
    different heights' )"> <img
    border="0" alt="" /> </td> </a>
    <a href= "javascript:;" > <td height=36
    valign="middle" class="small_img" onmouseover="showBigImage(
    stage configuration using 16 units of the 4 ft x 8 ft platforms'
    )"> <img
    border="0" alt="" /> </td> </a>
    <a href= "javascript:;" > <td height=36
    valign="middle" class="small_img" onmouseover="showBigImage(
    stage runset configuration' )"> <img
    border="0" alt="" /> </td> </a>
    Because of this problem, the caption text does not display
    for this first image record once the thumbnail images are moused
    over. You can view this page example at milySub=10

    Please help with this issue!!!

  • Default value for first row in table after row has rendered

    I have a master-detail type page where the first row in the detail table appears with no values when the page first renders. After the user enters some data in the master area, the default value is available. I then use something like this to set the default in one column of the first row:
    MyVOImpl vo = (MyVOImpl)am.getMyVO1();
    MyRowImpl voRow = (MyRowImpl)vo.first();
    voRow.setMyAttribute("some value");
    When I do this and run the code in the debugger, I can see that the default value is stored somewhere in the row object. However, the value is not displayed in the screen.
    What must I do to get the default value to display after the user has tabbed out of the master data area, and before the user attempts to enter data in the row?

    Hi. Thanks again.
    Here is more detail of the code:
    if (pageContext.isLovEvent())
    * Form was submitted because the user selected
    * a value from the LOV modal window,
    * or because the user tabbed out of the LOV input.
    * This code executes when the event is either
    String lovInputSourceId = pageContext.getParameter(SOURCE_PARAM)
    // Find out the result values of the LOV.
    Hashtable lovResults =
    // Find out which LOV input triggered the event.
    if (lovInputSourceId.equals("myLovItemId"))
    String myDefaultVar = null;
    if (lovResults != null)
    myDefaultVar = "some stuff " + (String)lovResults.get("myResultItemId")
    if (myDefaultVar != null && myDefaultVar != "") // yes, this is always true in this case
    // now set the default for the first line.
    // Added lines will be defaulted by the
    // EO.create() method.
    MyVOImpl myVo = (MyVOImpl)am.getMyVO1();
    MyVORowImpl myVoRow = (MyVORowImpl)myVo.first();
    myVoRow.setAttribute("myRowItemId", myDefaultVar); // THIS LINE DOES NOT CAUSE DISPLAY TO CHANGE
    The problem, as noted in the code, is that setAtrribute() does not cause the default value to display in the field.
    What can cause this, and what can fix it?
    Edited by: user522137 on Nov 9, 2010 12:06 PM

  • Why is VO getter not called for custom VO attributes?

    The requirement is to add couple of fields on a OAF page. Here is what I did:
    - Created custom VO by extending the standard VO
    - Added fields to the page via personalization.
    The issue is that the values for the custom fields on the page were not showing up. On investigation, I found the VORowImpl getter getAttrInvokeAccessor was not being called for my custom attribute. I tried to check the difference between the attributes for which the getter was called and for which it was not called. I couldn't find any and I'm totally left clueless as to what determines the getter to be called.
    Really appreciate your help to move ahead.
    Edited by: AnilMenta on Mar 5, 2013 10:40 AM

    Hi Anil,
    First of all, Could you please make sure that Extended VO is being picked up during the execution of the page . Ensure that extended VO is substituted
    If the VO is substituted then try Steps below
    1. Enable the diagnostics .. show log on page statements
    2. Search for your custom VO name .
    If you can find your extended VO here, then substitution is right and page is picking up the extended VO.

  • Ajax:callback function not called for every readystatechange of the request

    Author: khk Posts: 2 Registered: 2/17/06
    Feb 17, 2006 11:04 PM
    I am working with an ajax program.
    In that i have defined a callback funtion
    but that function is not being called for every readystatechange of the request object for the first request .
    but it is working fine from the second request.
    function find(start,number){
    var nameField=document.getElementById("text1").value;
    var starting=start;
    var total=number;
    if(form1.criteria[0].checked) {"GET", url + escape(nameField)+"&param2="+escape("exact")+"&param4="+escape(starting)+"&param5="+escape(number));
    else if(form1.criteria[2].checked) {"GET", url + escape(nameField)+"&param2="+escape("prefix")+"&param4="+escape(starting)+"&param5="+escape(number));
    http.onreadystatechange = callback2;
    function callback2(){
    if (http.readyState == 4) {//request state
    var message=http.responseXML;
    alert("response is not completed");
    alert("request state is :-"+http.readyState);

    Triple post.
    You have been answered here:

  • SelectBooleanCheckbox not working for mult rows, Attn: Shay, Simon, Frank

    I converted some input texts my detail table to selectBooleanCheckBox. Input texts have "y" or "n". However, my selectCheckBox showed no checkboxes for either "y" or "n". Anything special about this?

    Here is a snippet of my code. Actually, it works as long as I have a single row. It starts failing on multiple rows.
    Let us say, I have two fields "Create" and "Read" (values "y" or "n" in the database table).
    When I have one row, I have the checkboxes checked fine (A "y" is shown as a checked field). If, however, I have two rows, the selection for the first row shown on the page seems to be propagating to all rows. It is almost like it dioes not understand there are two rows. However, all the inputtexts corresponding to the rows have correct values. I made sure I selected the correct field from Data Controls and drooped them in the details column area. If I replace the selectBooleanCheckBox with "inputText", the values are shown fine on the page even if there are multiple rows.
    <af:table value="#{bindings.SecPagePermissionView1.collectionModel}"
    <af:panelHorizontal binding="# {backing_PagePermissions.panelHorizontal1}"
    <af:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{bindings.SecPagePermissionView1Cr.inputValue}"
    <af:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{bindings.SecPagePermissionView1Read.inputValue}"
    <af:panelHorizontal binding="#{backing_PagePermissions.panelHorizontal3}"

  • Bapi call returns first row?? Please help

    After an "execute()" call is made on the model , the return structure shows only first row.
    The context picks it up and shows the first row.
    Have you faced this issue before.
    Can you give some pointer(s)?
    Thanks a bunch.

    1. Try executing BAPI in R/3 with the same parameters that you provide from your web application and see how many rows it return. Also check the size of the output node in WD to confirm that it returns exactly the same number of rows for same parameters using wdContext.node<outputnode>().size();
    2. Also invalidate the node after executing the BAPI using wdContext.node<outputnode>().invalidate();

  • Transport request for table changes is asked only for first row changed

    We have created a maintenance dialog connected to a custom table.
    In the Table Maintenance Diagog, the <i>Dialog Data Transport Details</i> is set to <i>Standard Recording Routine</i>.
    In the "Maintenance Objects" screen, the transport is set to "Automatic transport".
    Two questions:
    1. Now can I only change the table's entry through SM30? I do not see the "pencil" icon in SM11 or SM16 anymore. Is there a way to change the table's rows in both ways?
    2. When I change a row in my table through SM30, the system only asks for the CR number the FIRST time that I savea changed row. When I change other rows and save them, it does not ask for any CR that I want to use for transport. Does it mean that the system automatically knows where to put the transported rows? or that the configuration is wrong and the other changed rows will not be taken into consideration? What if I want to change the CR for only some of the changed rows?
    Thank you very much every expert here

    The table should be Customizeed table, i mean in the Attributes of the tabl eput it as C,
    1) We can change/Insert the records from SM30, we can not ahve the pencil icon in SE11 or SM16
    2) If you put the table type C, then for every entry it should ask the CR, if not then it is moving to the same request automatically

  • GET_V Method is not called for custom field

    We are using CRM 7.0
    I have enhanced component BT120H_CPL and added custom fields into view Details with AET. I am trying to implement search help which depends on another field. I have created V-GETTER for my field and tried to implement search help in this method. However, this method is not called in the program scope.
    I have debugged the application and result is :
    V_GETTER method GET_V_ZZAFLD00000D is created in class ZL_BT120H_C_DETAILS_CN00. It should be called from GET_V_S_EXT method but this method is called in class CL_BT120H_C_DETAILS_CN00 and exception occurs since GET_V_ZZAFLD00000D doesnu2019t exist in class CL_BT120H_C_DETAILS_CN00.
    I tried similar scenario : add search help to existing field of another component. However I couldnu2019t able to run GET_V method again.
    ( It works when I write search help id in the AET but in this way I cannot pass import parameter to it )
    Is there anything I am missing ? Thanks in advance for helps.

        Then, the next possible thing is checking the "enhancement set". Press F2 keeping the cursor on any field and check if the view is showing up as enhanced. Find this information under "Active Enhancement set" in the popup details. If this does not happen, then your enhanced view is not being used. You may want to check the COMPONENT_LOADING BADI if you are using more than one assignment set. You may also want to look at this WIKI.
    Arun Prakash

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