Creating/Triggering Output Type from program

When I am creating Inbound Delivery using VL31N tcode, an Output type associated with it triggers automatically.  But my problem is that I have stopped the triggering of Output type automatically while saving Inbound delivery. and want to create mannually through program.
Is there any FM or any other way to do through program.
best regards

Below link is for your reference
[create output type reference|]
hope it will help you.
Natasha Garg
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  • Triggering output type from VL02N

    I need to attach some kind of routine to VL02n.
    The requirement is that in VL02N, on goods issue, an output type is supposed to be triggered.
    Please suggest me as to how to trigger this output type on goods issue.
    The functionality is like this.......on triggering the output type, idocs are generated. SO i need to write a routine sort of from where i can trigger and then write the idoc related code

    just follow this might be useful...
    [Automatic Output Type from VL01|]

  • Triggering Output Type

           I have a report program which displays all the delivery. If select a delivery and press a print button (customized one), then the delivery has to be printed.
    I am using BAPI_LIKP_PROCESS_MSG_DIRECT to print the delivery.
    Now the problem is, only when i goto the delivery (VL02N) ->Extras--> delivery output->header and press save, I am able to print the delivery. Else i am getting Error message <b>'No messages for initial processing exist'</b>. I think i need to trigger the output type from the report and then print the delivery using BAPI.
    Can any one tell me how to trigger the output type from the report? Is any FM or BAPI available ?

    Hi Niyaz...
    For this req:
    You have to
    1. Maintain the Condition records in NACE.
    2. call the Standard report RSNAST00 from ur Report with all the Required selection criteria.
    Eg: Submit RSNAST00 with ...............
    <b>reward if Helpful.</b>

  • 'Send Aplication with Own transaction ' for triggering Output Type

    Hi All,
    Can anyone let me  know how the option 'Send Applicaion with own transaction'  for triggering output type works?
    Thanks in Advance,

    just F1 on the Dropdown list box, you get some help from there.

  • Problem in creating New output types - Urgent

    hi all,
    Issue is that we had created a new plant(NSC) and for that plant, we had created new scripts for Indent and Sales Order. Means I have to create new output types for NSC Orders and Indents.
    What i did that I went to SPRO- IMG- Basic Functions- Output Control- Output Determination- Output Det using Cond Tech- Output Det for Sales Documents , created new output types ANSC and BNSC for AN00 and BA00 respectively.
    Then Output Types assigned to Partner Functions. Then I went to 'Maintain output determination procedure' and copied V06000 (Quotation Output)  and V10000 (Order Output) to ZV0000(NSC Quotation Output)  and ZV0001(NSC Order Output) respectively.
    Then I went to ZV0000(NSC Quotation Output)  and ZV0001(NSC Order Output) determination procedures and changed outputtypes to ANSC and BNSC instead of AN00 and BN00.
    Now what should i do next?? I went to 'Assign Output determination procedures' but here no new entries can be added and I cant find procedures which I created.
    Any ideas please??
    Aisha Ishrat
    ICI Pakistan Ltd.

    follow this steps:
    1. In assignment u have to assign ur new output to respective documents
    eg: Assign ZV0000(NSC Quotation Output) to QT sale doc type
    2. After doing this u have to maintain condition record
    goto tcode: VV11-> here enter ur condition type which u have defined-> inside fill in the details--> now click the <b>communication</b>  ikon in top--> fill in the details
    this is solve ur purpose
    Arun prasad

  • Creating a output type for service PO

    Dear All,
               I want to create a Output type for Service PO, Can any one tell me step by step process.
    Thanuskodi T.

    Hi Antony,
    I have maintained the same access sequence i.e. 0001 and also the combination for condition control in MN04 is maintained same i.e. Document type as maintained in NEU and same for ZNEU.
    Still I am not getting automatically, though while putting manually in Message in PO, it's picking perfectly and doing fine for rest of the cycle.
    Pl help.
    Jyoti Bhusha Sharma

  • Deleting completed output type from a PO

    How do you delete a completed output type from a PO?

    Cannot be done.  You have archive the PO itself.

  • Copy output type from client 000?

    How can I copy output types from client 000?

    Hello Ketan
    What do you mean with output types??, is it a data element?, a parameter? Im lost!!
    Hope I can help you with any ideas....
    Gabriel P-

  • Create IDOC by output type from delivery

    I have an output type that comes out by a delivery, what I create this delivery from any plant
    beside a new one, the output is created and sent as it should be to the XI as an IDOC,
    But when I'm trying to do so from a new plant that was created here, this output is not created.
    Do anyone know if there is any link between an output type and a plant (werks) ?
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,
    Amit Berku

    >>>Do anyone know if there is any link between an output type and a plant (werks) ?
    I don't think so - as plant it always on line level in the delivery
    and access sequence usually works only on header fields
    but there might be a custom made requirement attached to your output type
    which checks the plant - this is for sure possible
    but it's pretty easy to check in TCODE NACE and access sequence can be checked
    from the delivery - header output tab
    Michal Krawczyk

  • Blocking Output types from Triggering.

    Client has a requirement that if overall credit status of delivery is 'B' ( Blocked ) then all output types Automatic or Manual associated with the delivery should be blocked.
    I added following lines of code in requirements for all output types associated with deliveries
      IF   KOMKBV2-CMGST CA 'B'.
        SY-SUBRC = 4.
    But we are still able to attach output types to deliveries with credit status blocked, any pointers ?

    hi Saket,
    This can be the issue you are facing.
    you are exiting from the current event with the 'EXIT' statment, but the validation is not applicable in the subsequent event.
    in the subsequent event, may be 'END-OF-SELECTION',
    insert the following statement, as the first statement:
    hope this helps

  • Triggering output type when sales order is saved

    Hello all,
                I have a small question. Whenever I create a drop ship sales order it triggers a custom output type and prints the form by default even though this output type hasnt been saved in the sales order messages. Similarly from a drop ship PO when it is created with reference to the drop ship order and a requisition it tries to call this cusotm output type and prints the form.
    Please advice how to find the settings and make it not print this form.
    Thanks in advance.

             There are few other custom output types configured for a sales order. I wonder why it picks this particular output type and prints the form.
             If I uncheck 'Print Immediately' then would it stop from just printing or even calling the form too.
              Please advice if there might be any other config which tells to call this particular form whenever a drop ship sales order is created.

  • Calling output types from BAPI

    Dear All,
    I am creating PO using IDOC.
    A function module is used for creating PO from IDOC.
    The moment PO is created SO should also get created.For that i have used OUTPUT type and connected output type to
    application EF.
    can anybody guide me if routine for SO creation ie output type for SO will get triggered from BAPI/Function module for postiing PO application?

    The PDF Files of the Output are stored onto the spool. To retrieve these documents you will need some custom development both on the Java and ABAP stack.
    ABAP : Refer to this link:
    1. Put up a link on a JSP where you want to show the download option for the output type.
    2. Develop custom action, bo, backend objects
    3. Call a custom RFC in the SAP system from backend class which retrieves the PDF document based on the above link.
    4. Return PDF doc back to Java as a byte stream.
    5. Provide option to save/open  on the client.
    Hope this helps.

  • Output type and program for ARE1 & ARE3

    Dear Friends,
    Kindly explain somebody what are the standard output types & Program for printing   ARE1 & ARE3?
    What is the process for getting print of these document?
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Friend,
    Thanks for your useful inputs, however I am sorry that even after changing processing routine we are getting same error and system is showing dump message.
    Runtime Errors         LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND
    Except.                CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND
    IF i_trntyp = 'ARE1' OR i_trntyp = 'ARE3'.
          INTO ls_areattrb
          FROM j_1iare_attrb
          WHERE sergrp = ls_exchdr-srgrp
            AND trntyp = i_trntyp.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        l_output_typ = ls_areattrb-outtyp.
        MESSAGE s000(8i) WITH 'Output Determination not possible'.
                                                               "#EC NOTEXT
    SELECT SINGLE * FROM tnapr INTO wa_tnapr
          WHERE kschl = l_output_typ.
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      MESSAGE i621(8i) WITH l_output_typ.
    IF i_trntyp = 'ARE1'.
      l_form  = wa_tnapr-fonam.
    ELSEIF i_trntyp = 'ARE3'.
      l_form  = wa_tnapr-fonam2.
    PERFORM (wa_tnapr-ronam) IN PROGRAM (wa_tnapr-pgnam)
              TABLES it_excdtl
              USING i_trntyp l_form i_copies ls_exchdr.

  • IMG settings after creating new output type for a purchase order smartform

    Hi all,
    Do I need to make changes in IMG after creating a new output type in NACE for a purchase order smartform?
    I have customized a purchase order smartform according to the requirements and copied an existing output type and assigned the custom form name.
    When I am trying to create a purchase order to test it, I am going to the message tab for assigning the output type and if I press F4 on the output type field or if I give the copied output type there, it says output type is not defined.
    Do I need to make any changes in SPRO?

    Yes. You have to add the new output type to the proper message determination schema.
    Go to the IMG and select Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Messages -> Output control -> Message determination schemas -> Define message schema for purchase order -> Maintain Message Determination Schema: Purchase Order.
    Select the proper schema, then Control Data and insert your new output type into the schema (eventually with any requirement that may be necessary... you probably want to use 101 like in case of the regular NEU message).
    This should do it.

  • Output type determination program or fuction module.

    HI Gurus,
    I'm looking for the standard program or function mudule that the SAP ERP are using for the determination of invoice output type.
    I want to debug why is not accepting some fields.
    Know anyone wich one is it?
    Thank you in advance.

    Dear Abel,
    o        Program: RSNASTED
    o        Form routine: EDI_PROCESSING
    o        Procedure: V10000
    For Complete Information, refer:
    [Invoice Message Control Configuration|]
    I hope, this would be really helpful, to you.
    Best Regards,

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