CUCME 4.0 and Video

Dear all,
1. I want to organize SCCP 2 SCCP video call between to IP Phones:
- CUCME 4.0(0)
- IP Phone 7941 SCCP-based (load file is SCCP41.8-3-3S)
- IP Phone 7961 SCCP-based (load file is SCCP41.8-3-3S)
- All are living in the same subnet
2. I've configured:
- 'video' under each ephone (enables IP Phone video support)
- 'video > maximum bit-rate 256' under telephony-service mode
- 'service phone videoCapability 1' under telephony-service mode
- said 'create cnf-files', resetted the phones
3. 'show ephone registered'
ephone-3 Mac:0017.E041.ABCD TCP socket:[1] activeLine:0 REGISTERED in SCCP ver 12 and Server in ver 5
mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0 caps:8
IP:A.B.C.D 52840 7941 keepalive 0 max_line 2
button 1: dn 3 number 511 CH1 IDLE CH2 IDLE
Username: AAA Password: BBB
Do my phones can video ?

Your phones cannot do video without the proper VTA pieces set as well as your 7941/61s configured to do video.
You've got the 7941/61 video configuration so now all you need is to setup some VTA hardware/software at the users workstations.
Please see the following link for VTA config on CME:

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  • CUCM, VCS-Core and Edge, B2B Calling

    I have CUCM ver 9.1(2) and VCS 8.1.1 in my environment, the VCS-C and VCS-E are currently setup to do MRA which is working fine for the vpn-less Jabber.
    We also have a number of SX series Telepresence codecs dotted about which are registered to the CUCM and used for internal video conferencing, now the company is wanting the ability for outside video conferencing so need to setup the B2B capability (licencing has been sorted out already for Rich Media Sessions)
    I've been ploughing through a number of docs on this, I have not found one yet specifically for CUCM registered devices and VCS doing nothing but firewall traversal, so the guides I've been working from are for enabling CUCM registered devices to talk to VCS registered devices and just taking relevant bits such as Neighbour zones and SIP trunks from it.
    Does anyone know of a guide specifically for the direction Cisco appear to want us to go, which is Telepresence devices registered to CUCM and the VCS just doing firewall traversal.
    Or a guide on the firewall traversal part only and I can tack it on to my notes from the other adapted guides.
    My current notes have the following tasks I think I need to do to get this working
    - setup partition and CSS on the CUCM for Telepresence calls
    - setup SIP trunk on CUCM pointing to Expressway-C (have subnotes on requirments for SIP Trunk Security profile and the SIP Profile)
    - SIP route pattern(s) on the CUCM pointing to the SIP trunk
    - Enterprise parameters on the CUCM such as Cluster FQDN, Organization Top Level Domain and URI Lookup Policy
    - On the VCS-C a neighbour zone pointing to the CUCM
    - Search rule to route inbound calls to CUCM neighbour zone
    Is this looking correct so far?  If so then what else will I need to in relation to traversal zones and VCS-E call routing to get calls in and out the business?
    thanks in advance

    Was checking the logs on the SX10 itself, appears to be reporting the same thing about 503 Service Unavailable, I had the logging on it set to "Extended Logging"
    (NB - the address in this case is not the SX10, it is my laptop as I was using the SX10's webgui to remotely control the device and make the call)
    Currently discussing this issue with Cisco TAC, will update as and when more info comes
    Line 1113: Sep 10 15:24:56.367 a9 appl[1529]: 6097.58 CuilApp   User admin(1001) about to execute command '/Phonebook/Search ContactType: any Limit: 100 Offset: 0 PhonebookType: local SearchString: [email protected]' from
    Line 1114: Sep 10 15:24:56.375 a9 appl[1529]: 6097.58 CuilApp   User admin(1001) about to execute command '/CallHistory/Recents DetailLevel: Full Limit: 100 Offset: 0 SearchString: [email protected]' from
    Line 1115: Sep 10 15:24:56.384 a9 appl[1529]: 6097.59 CuilApp   User admin(1001) about to execute command '/Phonebook/Search ContactType: any Limit: 100 Offset: 0 PhonebookType: corporate SearchString: [email protected]' from
    Line 1117: Sep 10 15:24:58.634 a9 appl[1529]: 6099.84 CuilApp   User admin(1001) about to execute command '/Dial callType: Video number: [email protected]' from
    Line 1125: Sep 10 15:24:59.154 a9 appl[1529]: 6100.36 MainEvents I: OutgoingCallInvoked(p=3) remoteURI='sip:[email protected]' localURI='sip:[email protected]' bookingID=''
    Line 1164: Sep 10 15:24:59.859 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.07 MC I: CallParticipant: calledUri: sip:[email protected]
    Line 1190: Sep 10 15:24:59.890 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.10 SipPacket   INVITE sip:[email protected] SIP/2.0
    Line 1196: Sep 10 15:24:59.892 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.10 SipPacket   To: <sip:[email protected]>
    Line 1295: Sep 10 15:24:59.960 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.17 SipPacket   To: <sip:[email protected]>
    Line 1306: Sep 10 15:24:59.967 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.18 SipPacket   To: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=1393374~8642d04e-70cd-49a5-b73c-5ca5fe21b218-48171693
    Line 1313: Sep 10 15:24:59.970 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.18 SipPacket   ACK sip:[email protected] SIP/2.0
    Line 1318: Sep 10 15:24:59.972 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.18 SipPacket   To: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=1393374~8642d04e-70cd-49a5-b73c-5ca5fe21b218-48171693
    Line 1328: Sep 10 15:24:59.979 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.19 MainEvents I: CallDisconnectRequested(p=3) remoteURI='sip:[email protected]' cause=[normal('') 'LocalDisconnect']
    Line 1333: Sep 10 15:24:59.986 a9 appl[1529]: 6101.19 MainEvents I: CallDisconnected(p=3) remoteURI='sip:[email protected]' causeToLocal=[disconnected('Service Unavailable') 'RemoteDisconnect'] causeToRemote=[normal('') 'LocalDisconnect']

  • [SOLVED ]SX10 TC7.3 no audio and Video when calling

    I have very wierd issue with one sx10(TC7.3.0) endpoint. When I make a call to another sx10 (TC7.1.4) then signalling works fine and call is connected but there is no audio and video.It is not working even when I call to some external different type video endpoint. I noticed that there is no receiving info about audio and video but transmit codecs and other info looks correct. 
    Hope someone can help me to troubleshoot the problem.
    More info about my solution:
    I use CUCM with VCS-c and VCS-E. All endpoints are registered to CUCM. I have 16 SX10 endpoint with TC7.1.4 and one TC7,3,0. I think upgrading all endpoint to TC7.3.0 is not the solution because there are problems also with all other types enpoints.

    Yes, Actually the problem was firewall rule! 
    The main problem was that these two endpoints didnt saw each other. ( Ping - Packet loss )
    Signalling was working fine because both of them got ping CUCM but not each other :)
    So problem is solved.

  • SX10 - calling with no audio and video

    I have problem with SX10.
    SX10 with load TC7.3.1.8a4696f. The device is registered at CUCM 10.5.2 with no problems.
    And the probblem is:
    I cant make calls from ipPhones (SCCP) to SX10 but i can call ipPhone from SX10 (!). Phone is ringing but no audio and video stream is starting.
    I also have SX20 but in this case everything is working fine.
    Where i should start toubleshooting?

    Yes, Actually the problem was firewall rule! 
    The main problem was that these two endpoints didnt saw each other. ( Ping - Packet loss )
    Signalling was working fine because both of them got ping CUCM but not each other :)
    So problem is solved.

  • Need clearification of integration of CUCM with life size video conferencing

    Dear All,
    Basically we have cisco cucm 8.5 and we are using some video phone like 9971 and 8945 and in another side we are using life size for video conferencing solution.
    It is possible that I can use my cisco base video phone(9971 and 8945) to join life size video conferencing solution or in other word can I fully integrate my CUCM to life size.

    You can register the Lifesize systems to CUCM as 3rd party SIP phones and be able to call each other. 

  • How do i share media (music and videos) between all of my devices?

    i currently have (and attempt to use as much as possible) the following devices:  macbook pro 15", ipad 4, iphone 6 plus 64 GB, and appletv 2.
    i would love it if these devices would talk to each other correctly.  first came the macbook, and i took an internal 2 tb drive cannibalized from my previous pc and transformed it into an external.  that drive is desinated as my media drive, it includes all of my video and music.  the macbook and the appletv talk to each other flawlessly.  every music and video file on that drive is accesible to me using apple tv. 
    next up is the ipad, which includes some of my videos (movies), but no tv shows.  music also does not show up, only options to buy from the store.  but i already have a music library that includes many songs downloaded from the store that dont show up, only some stupid U2 album that i never downloaded.
    finally, we get to the iphone, which i just got.  i get no shared music or videos here at all.
    by the way, all settings are set to share with each device in settings and itunes.  each device talks to one another.  i know this because there is some level of sharing on each device (ie ipad gets videos, iphone shares spreadsheets and other productivity files.  appletv shares everything.  i now want to sync these devices so that they can share the same data while on the same home network.  i should be able to do this, right?
    also, i know that i can airdrop/transfer but thats not really what im looking to do atm.
    spencer c

    im more than a little disappointed here.  can anyone recommend another forum please?

  • How do I use my web cam to record audio and video? I can get the video to work but no sound.

    I want to record both audio and video at the same time. The video works fine but not the audio. I do use Skype without any problems using both.

    This made me smile, because things like this do make me smile...  I never make videos on YouCam, but I did this time, so I could test this one out.
    You did not say what webcam software you are using...
     Video and audio recording works on YouCam V3.5.1.4606
    Make sure you have turned on a working microphone in Settings:
    YouCam > Right-Side   Settings >
    Right-Side, Lower-Right, Select a working Microphone from the Drop down list
    CHECK "Capture with audio"
    You can also buy (for $38 US) YouCam 5.0 from the website and it has audio/video and all sorts of other goodies, too.  (They have 3.x as well, but why buy what HP already gives you?)
    I hope this helps!                                 
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  • Please HELP!  My kid wiped my iPhone5 and I need to get my photos and videos off it!  I have no backup with iTunes :((  Is there a way to scan the device manually?

    New to this, so go easy on me.  I recently got my first iDevice - an iPhone 5.  I've used it for a month now and I have to say I love it. 
    But, I gave it to my kid this morning to look at.  It was locked, so I assumed it was safe.  WRONG.  5 mins later, I returned to him and my lovely iPhone5 was at the setup /pick your language screen!  Looks like he entered the password incorrectly too many times and wiped it.
    Now - I thought it would be fairly easy to recover the data and the apps - but it turns out this is not the case.   I was never prompted to install iTunes and sync the device - not in the manual, not on the device when setting it up - so how was I to know that that would be my backup.  I checked iCloud at a suggestion of an IT pal - nothing there, despite knowing that I had a Photo stream enabled.  I may have disabled it only recently, but not sure if I can manually turn it on again?
    Anyway - is there a way to manually scan my device and grab my all important photos and videos?
    Cheers for any suggestions!

    Hi Michela27,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you have content on your iPhone that isn't on your computer, the best thing is to use the advice in this article to transfer it to your new computer before setting up sync:
    iTunes: Transferring media from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iPod

  • I really need emergency iphone help- please- it has gone into restoration mode and wont come out unless i click restore- if i do will i loose all my photos and videos etc? please help!!!

    i recently plugged my iphone4 into my laptop to sync, when i plugged it in, itunes told me that i needed to update my software, so i clicked up date and walked awayfrom my computer leaving it to do the rest, but by the time i came back to my laptop 2-3 hours later i had realized that it has run out of charge and because of it my phone had gone into retoration mode- and the only way to fix it was to press restore. what do i do? do i click restore or will that take my phone back to factory settings as i have a tonne of photos and videos etc that i have not backed up yet?
    what should i do anny coments or ideas please let me know!

    The first step in the upgrade process is a backup.
    Did iTunes not create a new backup when you first connected it?
    You really should be syncing your device and copying pictures off of it on a regular basis.
    Starting an upgrade without first syncing and copying the pictures off is not a bright idea.
    At this point, you only option is to restore.
    Also, in the future, ensure your laptop is plugged into external power before starting upgrades.

  • Thanks for responding.  Since I upgraded ITUNES to IOS 6, my IPOD Touch no longer works at all.  I had numerous apps, music and videos on this touch.  It made me restore to factory reset and it still does not work!!! Nothing I do will work on this touch n

    Thanks for responding. Since I upgraded ITUNES to IOS 6, my IPOD Touch no longer works at all. I had numerous apps, music and videos on this touch. It made me restore to factory reset and it still does not work!!! Nothing I do will work on this touch now. I have so much data on this, I don't want to loose or have to restore!
    Can you help me?

    If you restored to factory settings/new iPod and still have the problem that indicates a hardware problem.
    Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store..
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • I would like to set up my email on the apple tv as well as have my husband's email on there so we can view both sets of photos and videos - it is already set up in his name - how do i add my name so as to view my photo library from all of my devices?

    I would like to set up my email on the apple tv as well as have my husband's email on there so we can view both sets of photos and videos - it is already set up in his name - how do i add my name so as to view my photo library and songs from MY phone ?

    this is not a reply - i asked the question - still trying to learn how all this works - someone please HELP ME

  • I tried to sync my iPod touch to a new laptop and it deleted all of my music and videos. I called tech support and they told me to email iTunes and they would give it back to me. How do I do this??

    I  tried to sync my iPod touch to a new MacPro laptop and it deleted all of my music and videos. I called tech support and they told me to email iTunes and they would give it back to me. How do I do this??

    Correct. When you update via iTunes all synced media that is not in your iTunes library will be lost.
    As IO said before:
    You can redownload most iTunes pruchases by:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    I do not think it included audio books.

  • I need to know how to download all photos AND videos from 2 "libraries" within Adobe Revel. Please help.

    I was quite angered last night when I posted the first time, so lets try this again:
    Here is my setup:  I have adobe Revel on my Mac and iOS devices and it has worked quite well to be honest until I recently realized my photos and videos are basically trapped within the software. There is no way (that I am aware) to export all photos/videos or any kind of tool to pull the raw data out of the app and put it into say iPhoto or Lightroom.
    Since I am not a fan of this sort of lock-in, (something I despise and encourage companies never to do), I am sadly going to cancel my Revel account once I get this sorted and store my photos elsewhere. This is a huge missed opportunity for Adobe, as the money is not an issue - its simply that the quality of service I need just doesn't seem to be there for this product.
    So here is what I am trying to achieve:  I simply want every one of my photos and videos to store on my hard drive like the old days.  I don't care about folders or hirarcy or any kind of organization - I can do that with the metadata later. I simply want all of my things. 
    My hang up is in that I have already tried methods like "Show package contents" in the photos/adobe revel route and that works to an extent, but is incredibly cumbersome as I have to sift through all of the many folders.  If that were the worst of it, I might be ok.  But what is truly alarming and making this difficult is that I don't know where on earth the videos in Revel are actually stored.  They show up in the application and I could export them one by one but I literally have hundreds.  I can't find the actual files on my Mac anywhere.
    Is there anyone at all who can help with this?  The goal is to make this transition fairly easy and I feel that Adobe has very intentionally made it very difficult to consider leaving. I spend >$50/month on Adobe services and I am a little in shock this application seems so poorly designed for anything other than just dropping your photos into it.  Please, please help if you can.  I would be so grateful as Adobe customer service doesn't seem to know or care much about supporting this product.

    Hi KDT
    Yeah. I agree, if you are used to a situation where "it's on the cloud AND synced down to your hard disk where you can get it" Revel is not exactly that. There were legacy decisions behind that - most not as sinister as you might think but I won't bore you with those details.  AND yes you are correct. We currently don't have any way for you to wholesale download everything at once. So you aren't missing anything. Until we provide that mechanism I can provide some guidance.
    I'm going to assume you have the current version of Revel on your Mac which is 2.0.
    The easiest thing for you to do will be to export your files manually. You can actually select a range of files and export. So it's not a one by one thing.
    You'll have to decide how best to perform the selection based on your photography habits. If you tend to take batches of files surrounding specific dates. You could do it by date. In the date view (In the applications upper right "Showing: Dates"). If you look at the end of a date row you'll see a small grid. If you click that grid you are taking into a grid view of just that date. If you select all and file>export you'll export the contents of that date.
    The other option is remaining in Grid view (In the applications upper right "Showing:Grid") and perform a shift+selection where you select your first file, move down the desired range and while holding shift you select a second file (standard multi-select stuff).
    One thing to keep in mind as you do this. You'll notice when you export you can export original or 'current version'. Export original does just that. Exports unedited original versions of your images as they were uploaded to us. When you export the current version of an image we'll export a rendition of the edited image. This "current version" image is not the original and in most cases will be a rendition that is not the same size as the original. So keep that in mind as you proceed.
    Not ideal, I fully realize, but I do hope it gets you closer to having your images back on your hard disk as you desire.
    As for your subscription. Assure you have checked your iOS Appstore subscription settings and set Revel to not auto-renew. Unfortunately for a pro-rated refund on the subscription balance you no longer desire you'll need to work with Apple as they hold the purse strings for Appstore purchases. Refunds haven't been a problem in the past so you should have no issue.
    Hope this helps.

  • Help needed for a new Mac user with his photo and video librarys

    after swopping my Ericson for an iphone a year ago. then taking delivery of an iPad on launch day. I have finally taken the plunge and swopped my windows pc for a lovely 27" iMac... what have I been doing all these years using windows? using the Mac is a joy.
    As I get more involved with their products I am constantly fascinated (and frustrated) by Apples way of doing things. this situation is no exception and I need Apple people with Apple experience to help me make a decision. 
    I am looking at software to organise my photos and videos. I have approximately 7000 photos residing on a windows home server. in addition to that there are some 200 or so HD videos taken with either my Sanyo Xacti camcorder or Sony DSC W300 camera. both cameras I think produce MPEG format
    my first experience was iPhoto. great for the `price' but not very flexible. single libraries, poor editing facilities. and because I have files referenced and not copied to my iPhoto library, if I deleted from the library its not deleted from the server (and vice versa). this leads to images being displayed in the library that don't exist etc.
    then I downloaded the Aperture 3 trial. great until I came across the `Unsupported file format' situation with the MPEG videos that strangely enough, iPhoto will recognise and play (the Apple way of doing things).
    1. should I put the photos on the Mac instead of the server?
    2. Is there a better way of managing the images for deletions etc
    3. should I stick with Aperture because of the editing
    4. is there a better software or way of managing the videos
    sorry for the ramble but its all new to me

    had a good session on all three of the recommended programs and now have a better understanding of the excellent advice I have been given.
    great `free' program that is easy to use but somewhat limited on features. think I would always be looking to upgrade from here (feels a bit boring)
    really enjoyed using this but at £170! a hefty price tag considering its limited file support. fortunately its only my camera video clips (MPEG) that it wont view. my camcorder files (MP4) are fine so this is looking better as a one stop solution.
    much more than just a image touch up. considering what it can do.. very good value at around £60. teamed with iPhoto it becomes even more attractive.
    My issue still remains with the masters file location.
    I would prefer to keep all my media on the external server to ensure I have a fail safe recovery option. its a 4TB 5 disk affair which contains all the family music, video images and DVD's etc (likely to change to a Mac server in the future!)
    one feature that I cant find, (even in Aperture which surprises me), is the ability to automatically manage deletions from referenced locations? i.e. delete a file from the server and when aperture opens up the thumbnails are updated. or, delete a referenced master in Aperture and an option comes up to delete the referenced file on the external drive.
    how would a professional photographer or studio using Aperture manage this process (or would they use something else?)
    forgot to mention that through our student facilities i can get a discounted copy of Photoshop CS5 for around £175 which is close to Aperture. is this a worthwhile option or overkill
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  • Music and Video won't sync to iOS 6 devices

    Hey guys, just updated both my iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd Gen to iOS 6 yesterday and I've been having a fun time with all the features (albiet buggy obviously), but I've come across a very frustrating issue. Late last night while trying to prepare all my devices so that they are clean and ready for today without issue, my iPad and iPhone's memory free space was quite vast. A lot larger than usual, yet iTunes was saying that everything was on both devices.
    Well I checked and my iPad had NONE of my music on there. Well I searched around to find that the iPad actually had only NON-DRM labled songs in the library. Same with my iPhone. Well I was confused because of all things you'd think it to be the opposite. Well regardless, I wiped all music from the iPad and tried a clean install of all music, well that didn't work. I then tried manually dragging songs in and that didn't work. I then tried checking the manually manage stuff box and THEN tried moving music in. Still, squat. Nothing was working for some reason. Even directly moving stuff in there wasn't working. All of my Apps went in fine and my ringtones went in fine (yes, on both devices), but my music and videos would not.
    Really odd predicament and it's quite annoying considering I use my iPad for part time mixing and DJ'ing for electro/house, dubstep and trance. I have quite a library I need on there but I can't seem to get any of it on there.
    Though I did manage to make it worse. After wiping my music from my iPad, NOTHING will go on there. No videos, no music, not even the NON-DRM encrypted songs or movies. It's crazy. At least my phone has some of the music. It SAYS that all of the songs I chose to load on my iPhone are there, yet when I click to play them, my iPhone just instantly skips them. Don't know what the heck is going on and I could totally use some help.
    On phone with dev support now and the lady I talked to wasn't even aware that the dev forums in the dev center were down and just checked around to see when they were going to be back up and I was told "in a few hours hopefully, or in the next 24 hours at the latest".
    So yeah, any help guize?

    hey there i jus recently discovered, all you have to do is highlight the music u want and drag it to ur iphone or ipad tab, ios 6 is just a beta, and it comes with common little flaws like this, but i just kept trying and i noticed it didnt have a option at the bottom of summary to manually manage music; it was changed to manually manage music videos, then i remember when the ipod frst came out we had to drag and drop files so i tried that and it worked, so lemem kno huw it turns out for u

Maybe you are looking for