Custom "Draggable" progress bar in Flash

I have created a custom skin for a Flash video that I wish to use. I currently have a shape tween within an MC that acts as the progress bar for the Flash video. Is there code that will allow me to click and drag that shape tween and control the movie? My movie is embedded within my flash not streamed. Is this possible, or if anyone knows of any good tutorials that would help me achieve this that would be great.

you can use any scrollbar tutorial.  instead of scrolling the _x or _y property of a movieclip, you'll be scrolling through the frame numbers that span the timeline that contains your video.
to look for a tutorial specific to your situation, try using google to search for "flash scrollbar timeline"

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  • Draggable Progress Bar for swf - as2

    Hi there,
    I need to add a progress bar/playback controls for a presentation built in AS 2.0 which has such length voice over in it we've decided we need to give the user the ability to see where they are in the timeline and scrub through sections of the presentation. I'm familiar with stop and pause button code in situations like this, but it's the first time I've needed this kind of functionality. Presently, the first part of my project is set up with several scenes and is completely linear. The second section is interactive with swfs loaded into empty movieclips.
    I've found a number of references to progress bars online, but they're all for loading content, not for navigating once content is downloaded.
    Thanks so much in advance,

    determine the two extremes of your progress bar, say xLow and xHigh, though you could use a vertical scrollbar, too and use y values.  you can then use:
    var tl:MovieClip=this;
    delete this.onEnterFrame;
    function scrollF():Void{
    function parameterF(mc:MovieClip,x1:Number,y1:Number,x2:Number,y2:Number):Void{
    mc.m = (y1-y2)/(x1-x2);

  • Youtube progress bar keeps flashing

    I don't think this is a FF problem because it also happens when I use IE 10 but I always get better help here than Youtube or IE.
    When I am watching a video at Youtube the progress bar keeps appearing and disappearing every few seconds as if you moved the mouse. I tried moving the mouse to an area off the screen and turning it off (the mouse, it's a Microsoft 3500 wireless) but that made no difference, it just keeps appearing and disappearing every few seconds.
    It does exactly the same thing if I use IE10 so I don't think it's a FF add-on or app. I never use IE10 so I don't have a bunch of apps loaded on it.
    Other video sites don't do this so I believe it is a Yotube problem. It just started happening two days ago. Anybody else have this problem? Or a solution?

    Reload the webpage while bypassing the cache using '''one''' of the following steps:
    *Hold down the ''Shift'' key and click the ''Reload'' button with a left click.
    *Press ''Ctrl'' + ''F5'' or ''Ctrl'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Windows and Linux)
    *Press ''Command'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Mac)
    Let us know if this solves the issues you are having.

  • Custom made progress bar didn't work

    Take a look at
    Why is it not behaving like it supposedly should? The
    progress bar didn't really show exact progression, the File size
    didn't show the correct filesize that is being loaded, even the
    image loader sometimes didn't show the pics. Why is it so difficult
    for me?
    Oh..below is the code snippet. Thanks for helping/trying to

    Thanks Uwe.
    Anyone who has a Mac and a spare moment, may I invite you to download
    the demo of the "Create Character Styles" script on my website:, under the "Scripting" tab.
    It has a progress bar and enableRedraw = false (hence my interest in
    this subject), and it never occurred to me to test it on a Mac.
    If someone could test it on their Mac and tell me what happens, that
    would be much appreciated.*
    Free license for the first person who lets me know!

  • Custom Video Progress Bar

    I'm creating a simple little progress bar in AS3 to indicate
    the progress of a video loading. I have a rectangle on the stage
    called "bar_mc". I have this code, but it doesn't seem to work. As
    near as I can tell the function "progressHandler" is never even
    being called. What am I doing wrong? Any insight would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks!

    Thank You! Your info and code provided the missing link for
    me. I really appreciate the help.
    I thought once I figured out how to control the "loading
    progress bar" I would be able to figure out the "playhead knob",
    but unfortunately, I seem to be missing something there as well. I
    think the code must be close, but it isn't working. I think the
    problem is finding the "current position" of the .flv. Help says
    that NetStream.time will show "The position of the playhead, in
    seconds." So I'm using this to find the curPos. But it always seem
    to return 0.038 and so the playhead knob never moves. Here's the
    code. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Progress Bars in Flash

    Hi, I'm pretty much a novice at this- so am completely
    baffled by what to do...
    Basically, I have a seies of pictures and captions that I
    want to make a flash progress loading bar to go before.
    I've looked at the demo and online files- and, have managed
    to get a bar working. However, when I implement my existing swf
    file as the contentPath, it loads, but only shows the final image,
    and wil not navigate through the others.
    I have used the template for a photo slideshow in Flash 8,
    which I have edited with my own graphics, and exported this to the
    swf file that I have been trying to use.
    Any ideas- this is driving me mad- especially as I don't
    completely "get" flash yet...

    I think you are saying you are using the Flash 8 Photo
    SlideShows template and trying to customize it with a preloader.
    I took a look at the code inside of it and here are some
    comments to consider.
    The problem with that is you would likely need to use the
    first frame or first three frames depending on the preloader
    solution. Preloaders need to be lightweight and before the heavy
    This would mean all the picture layer frames would need to
    move right. The Actionscript in the template uses a function called
    _currentframe for the image number in the controller. So that
    Actionscript would need changing to handle the frame number offset
    for example if you move everything to start at frame 4 all the
    scripts need to add 4 to where _currentframe is used.
    So if you are comfortable with dealing with the Actionscript
    updates and getting the movie to work starting on a frame greater
    than 1, then you can pursue a preloader.
    A preloader would be necessary if you think the time it takes
    for the first frame to show is too long and that the user would be
    quick to click the forward button to go to additional frames before
    the bitmaps are downloaded. Otherwise the preloader need may be
    unnecessary because all the remaining frames will be progressively
    downloaded while the visitor is looking at the first image.

  • How to display test progress in customized OI progress bar??

    Hi all
    From the deaf silence of group for my previous  question should i assume it is not possible to store/process the user configuration deatails in database instead of .ini file??
    also please clarify me the following questions.
    1. Is it possible to display the test progress in customized OI (like shown in the figure)
    i used the method to get the number of steps.
    axExecutionViewMgr.GetCaptionText(CaptionSources.CaptionSource_NumberOfSteps,true,""); ( but it returns null  i used it in precommand event of appln. mgr.)
    but the teststand  should provide a event so that i can update the progressbar value according to number of steps/ steps completed in UI right??
    2. The functionality of ABORT will abort the current execution. but when i say restart it should restart from step that is being aborted. but the current  restart functonality provided in test stand restart from very first step of sequence. is there any way to achieve this?.
    3. I try to run sequence file programmatically using the following code
    NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.Engine eg= axApplicationMgr.GetEngine ();
    NationalInstruments.TestStand.Interop.API.SequenceFile s =eg.NewSequenceFile ();
    s.Path ="D:\\Program Files\\National Instruments\\TestStand 3.1\\Examples\\Demo\\CreateDeleteUsers\\CreateDeleteUsers.seq";
    eg.NewExecution (s,"CreateDeleteUsers.seq",null,true,0,null,null,null);
    but it show the following error
    An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred in TestExec.exe
    Additional information: Unknown function or sequence name 'CreateDeleteUsers.seq'.
    have i anything missed in the code??
    Thanks in Advance
    exec.jpg ‏43 KB

    Re 2. Restarting from the middle is not a feature that currently exists. To implement it yourself, you would have to create a step or callback that reads a persisted version of the results, variables, current step group/index, and anything else you need to restore and applies it to newly started execution. You would have to arrange to persist all these items when you terminate, either with a special step/callback or with special code in a OI application that you write. 
    This is probably not a feature that can be implemented in just a few of lines of code. It could be a simple or difficult project, depending on how much state you need to restore, whether you support restarting from within subsequence, whether you try to restore the system state by rerunning setup and cleanup groups, etc.
    Re 3. Your code does not work because although you change the path of the new empty file, it is still a new empty file.  To load a file, call ApplicationMgr.OpenSequenceFile.  You can then execute it with a command object. Example:
    // run the current sequence
    // run an execution entry point (Test UUTs is typically at index 0 and Single Pass is typically at index 1)
    this.axSequenceFileViewMgr.GetCommand(CommandKinds.CommandKind_ExecutionEntryPoints_Set, 1).Execute(true);
    Alternatively, you could create an execution with ApplicationMgr.GetEngine().NewExecution, passing in the SequenceFile that the OpenSequenceFile method returns.  If you are modifying/creating an OI application, I recommend reading Chapter 9 of the TestStand Reference manual if you haven't already.

  • Progress Bar On Page Process

    I have a page process in APEX that takes a while to finish. When I click a button, I want a progress loading widget to appear.
    There is a lot of processing that takes place on this page; however, I only want the progress bar to show when a particular button is pressed for one particular process. I am having trouble getting the progress bar and the process to fire at the same time.
    Process name: P3_REFRESH_AS_TABLE
    /* calls a pl/sql procedure*/
    END;Button Name: P3_REFRESH_TABLE
    I have the Ext JS Library 2.2.1 uploaded to the server.
    This is the progress bar code I am trying to use:
    //==== Progress bar 4 ====
    var pbar4 = new Ext.ProgressBar({
    text:'Waiting on you...',
    var btn4 = Ext.get('btn4');
    btn4.on('click', function(){, btn4, 19, function(){
    pbar4.updateText('All finished!');
    });This is the CSS code:
    .status {
    .x-progress-wrap.left-align .x-progress-text {
    .x-progress-wrap.custom {
    border:1px solid #686868;
    padding:0 2px;
    .ext-ie .x-progress-wrap.custom {
    .custom .x-progress-inner {
    background: #fff;
    .custom .x-progress-bar {
    background:transparent url(images/custom-bar.gif) repeat-x 0 0;
    border-top:1px solid #BEBEBE;
    border-bottom:1px solid #EFEFEF;
    }Any help on this is appreciated

    Thank you Luis and Chris for your response.
    I have been able to successfully use Carl's logic only when the page process is not set to go off when the button associated with the processing bar is clicked. However, there are a few buttons on the page so each time the page gets submitted the page process fires off if it is not associated to a button. Is there a condition I can use that will prevent the process from firing until the button associated to the processing bar is clicked?

  • Progress bar gets stuck at the end

    I’m having problems with Flash Player and Microsoft
    E-Learning Offline Player. The progress bar goes all the way to the
    end but then nothing happends. It just gets stuck there.
    Has anybody had this problem?
    What does the progress bar show, Flash Player loading,
    content loading or something else?

    I've not heard of anyone else experiencing this problem (and I'm not). I've just done a quick search of Google and there's nothing coming up that I can see either. Your best bet would be to either try re-installing (which I know is a bit of a pain) or submitting a bug report to Apple. If you live near an Apple Store you could also try making an appointment at the Genius Bar and getting them to try.
    Force quitting shouldn't be doing any more damage.

  • Adding a download progress bar to a flash output

    I have the CS4 production premium package. I made a flash based web page to function like my DVD project by "building" the project in Encore which creates the page along with the referenced flash video files without having to know action script. I was wondering if there is an easy way to include a download progress bar in the flash output? If it is not possible to add a download progress bar directly by changing some option before I "build"/export the project from Encore, is there a snippet of code I could insert in one of the files after it has been created so a progress bar is added to the video? Here is a link to the page I created. If you click the "TQ4" button you will notice that there is no download progress bar that is visible when the controls are showing.

    There's no easy way, no.
    It may be possible to do this in Flash if you built your own custom player, but you'd essentially have to reverse engineer your Encore Flash output (no small task).
    If you have access to a Flash Media Server, you might want to consider the streaming output option, which avoids downloading issues entirely.

  • How to create/set progress bar for loading flash intro

    I am having a falsh intro for my website.
    But its taking time to download and play the intro when we try to access it.
    I have seen many sites with progress bar indicating the status on the downloading of flash items.
    Can anybody please tell me how should I go about this?

    You can make a simple loader, it's a visual cue so your users wait for a moment.
    Try this, get a GIF from one of these site: arch
    download it and name it as loader.gif
    add it to you page, and add the following to the page using HTML Snippet:
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    var timerCount = 0;
    var delayTimer = 5; // change this for the duration to show the loader.gif
    var loaderName = 'loader.gif';
    function stopLoader() {
    _imgs = parent.document.getElementsByTagName('img');
    for (ji = 0; ji< _imgs.length; ji++) {
    if (_imgs[ji].src.indexOf(loaderName) != -1) {
    loaderElement = _imgs[ji];
    if (timerCount == delayTimer) { = 'hidden';
    _stopLoader = setInterval('stopLoader()', 1000);
    BTW, here is an example:

  • Customizing OI to add step progress bar

    Hello custom RTOI experts!  I am attempting to make a customization to the full-featured LabVIEW RTOI (for TestStand 3.0) in order to provide the seemingly simple feature of a step completion progress bar on the execution page of the tab control.  Let me explain a little behind the concept I'm going for.  There are some steps in my sequences that take a relatively long time (15 minutes or so).  During this period, a requirement of mine is to have a progress bar that gets updates every so often such that by the time the step would ordinary complete, the progress bar is at 100%.  Initial attempts involved a separate VI that managed the progress bars, but having yet another window is not the ideal UI design...  Instead, I was hoping to integrate this functionality into the RTOI so that each time a new step begins executing, additional custom data (the expected step duration) is (optionally) sent to the RTOI providing the progress update portion of the RTOI code the necessary data.
    Is there any sample code out there that performs some similar task so that I can get a better feel for how the pieces fit together?  In particular, there are a few things that are befuddling me:
    1) What is a good way to store this custom information (step duration) in the sequence file?  Should I modify the basic step types to add a new duration field which can be optionally set to something greater than the default, 0?
    2) How should the step duration get passed to the RTOI?  My current thought is to override the PreStep engine callback to send the custom duration field in a custom UIMessage, but that may be partly because I'm not familiar enough with the structure of the data is that is that is accessible via the sequence context...
    3) How do I link the progress bar data to the actual execution page that is currently being viewed.  Up to 4 executions can be running using the parallel model or the batch model in my sequences, so something would clearly need to be done so that when execution 1 is visible, the associated progress bar is shown, etc...  I'm assuming I can trap on some event when the user clicks on an execution in the list bar, but there is no similar code in the out-of-box RTOI - all that appears to be managed automatically by linking the controls to the execution manager.
    Thanks for any pointers or code samples (or even suggested reading) that anyone can give.

    Thanks for the response.
    I may indeed want to use the ProgressPercent message, but I'm not so sure just yet.  I did not want to leave the responsibility of sending UIMessages up to the VIs and other code modules called by the sequence - I was hoping for a simple solution to provide a new field (ExpectedDuration) that can be set for any given step.  In this way, the RTOI can manage updating the progress simply by counting seconds.  Perhaps there is some timer callback that can be leveraged to perform this function?
    What I have so far is as follows: I have a new step type called PassFailTestWithDuration.  It is a copy of the PassFailTest step type with the addition of a ExpectedDuration property and a new PreStep which calls the PostUIMessageEx with a custom event (10001).  The expected duration and the RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex both get passed as parameters.  Inside the RTOI, I have added a UserMessage callback VI which stores the data in the appropriate slot of a global (indexed by socket index).  (The global array is implemented as what I've heard called an action engine - there are init, read, and write actions that it can perform on data stored in the VI, and it is set as non-reentrant so that race conditions cannot occur).  Each entry in the global array has 2 fields - the expected duration, and the current elapsed time.  My idea was to continually update the current elapsed time for all active executions and simply show a progress bar for the "active" execution by displaying its elapsed time/expected duration in each necessary event...
    I think my main question now is - how do you determine the RunState.TestSocket.MyIndex of the active execution in the execution manager (or application manager)?  It seems like such an obvious thing to want to know, but I don't see it anywhere.
    Thanks again for any hints you can provide!

  • Unable to install flash player. After downloading the Adobe FLash Player Installer and running it, a grey pop up window opens up but nothing is displayed in it. There is no progress bar or anything.

    Unable to install flash player. After downloading the Adobe FLash Player Installer and running it, a grey pop up window opens up but nothing is displayed in it. There is no progress bar or anything and even after keeping it running for a long time there is no progress. Please help with this issue.

    Hi Prat,
    We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.  In the mean time, please use the offline installer, posted at the bottom of the help page corresponding with your OS and browser:
    Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 
    Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac
    The installers are at the bottom of the page, in the 'Still having problems' section.

  • Any alternative to Flash progress bar?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to the
    Flash Player progress bar (javascript would be acceptable)? Or
    would I have to import a project into Flash to have this feature.
    What I envision would be text to the effect of "slide x of
    xx" or something like that. A method of telling the student that
    they are a specific number of slides into a lesson that has a total
    number of slides in the lesson.
    I seem to remember that quiz slides have something like this.
    This is probably something for my wish list.

    Go to:
    AdobeCommunityExpert (isn't that stupid looking as a single
    camel-backed word?) Paul Dewhurst owns "Raising Aimee" and has a
    variety of neat tools and toys available to help us out.
    Use the link to find Captivate topics on the site, and be
    patient because some idiot hacked Paul's site recently and he is
    still rebuilding.
    Paul has some SWFs available that will do what you are
    suggesting - listing the current slide number as you progress
    through the movie. Paul is constantly helping out, so if you'd like
    to help him, look for a link to PayPal and drop a few bucks in the
    "keep us going" pot - not mandatory but it's there and Paul
    constantly offers free stuff that saves the rest of us time.
    Have a nice day!

  • What to do? Flash installer progress bar reaches 95% and freezes (at least 40 minutes).

    !Flash installer progress bar reaches 95% and freezes (at least 40 minutes). Mac OSX 10.6.8, Firefox 36.0.4, Safari 5.1.10, Flash Player 17.0

    Same question, same answer: use the offline installer
    [topic moved to Flash Player forum]

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