Custom Service for Startup classes in SAP Netweaver

Hi All,
Can any one please let me know for some custom service in Java which can be used in place of startup class? I want to use it to start the RoleListener which will be registered in the RoleFactory of UMFactory?

maybe a ServletContextListener could help you
see [] and google for ServletContextListener
regards franz
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    i am using SAP Netweaver Developer Studio.have created a normal java project and i want to create web service for one of the classes in this project. i used the  Web Service Creation Wizard to create a web service for this class. but it says there's no methods available for VI. all my methods in this class are public, what should i do?

    I guess there are other ways. But this is an easy way, if you find the right wizards.
    Besides this it is good practise to define interface methods so that session bean implement these interface methods, and thus seperate the interface from the implementation.
    In this approach you will need 3 projects:
    An enterprise application project (will contain EJB Module)
    An EJB Module project (will contain session bean)
    A Java project (contains code that implements the session bean methods)
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    If you have additional or direct feedback for HP about their products or services, or questions about repair, you can use the link below for contact information.
    If you have other questions and concerns about using the forum, please feel free to send me a private message.
    HP Support Forums Moderator
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  • "Step for step" configuration of SAP NetWeaver portal (2004s)

    is somewhere a plan or the proceeding - like "step for step" configuration of SAP NetWeaver portal (2004s)? I adapted now the Design of the portal. What is to be made at next - role concept, integration of transactions, or something else?
    Thank you for their assistance.

    Refer the following links for some good documents
    Tamil K

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    Hi Gurus,
    Is there any Business Package for Customer Service. I searched for business package for Service Technician (Field Service Engineer), but I was able to find only a Business Package for Maintenance Technician. Can this busi. package be used for Service Technician as well? Has anybody worked on Customer Service business packages?

    Business Package for Plant Manager 2.0 (mySAP ERP)

  • Custom ClassLoader in startup class

    Is it possible to use a custom class loader inside a startup class ?
    Thank You,

    Pls go through the jav adoc of URLConnection class.
    You can set the request method as
    Set the method for the URL request, one of:
    * GET
    * POST
    * HEAD
    * PUT
    * DELETE
    * TRACE
    Not you own choice

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    Do startup classes have to login before they can access secured
    resources in WLS 6.0? I notice that WLS 6.0 asks for a password before
    starting the server. Is the "subject" created by that login somehow
    propagated to startup class threads (and their thread offspring) or does
    this have to be done manually?
    I want to try to set up startup classes using a security style similar
    to the Unix init process. It starts up as root and then starts its
    services/daemons using something like:
    su - foo-user foo-daemon
    The foo-daemon runs as foo-user and, in Unix, so does every process
    forked by the foo-daemon. I would like to use a parallel approach in
    WLS. Can it be done?
    Tim Taylor

    That's what I think too. I guess the only way to get the credentials is to
    use a weblogic specific class that allows you to login an user from a servlet/jsp.
    It does returns the Subject instead of a principal, so you can get the credentials...
    seems like we'd need to change the J2EE api to further integrate JAAS with it.
    Welll... back to handling security on my own :\
    Leonardo Bueno
    "Utpal" <[email protected]> wrote:
    I think EJBContext.getCallerPrincipal() and
    HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() are the only method
    to get the principal. I don't think subject can be accessed in the
    EJB/Servlet using standard APIs.
    "Leonardo Bueno" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3ef74da0$[email protected]..
    I have to write a security framework for my J2EE application and ithas to
    portable between appservers. I`m thinking about using JAAS andprogrammatic security.
    I`ve written a LoginModule that does user authetication and loads alluser
    These credentials are app specific classes like WindowPermission.
    How can I have access to these credentials from a servlet/EJB? Is therea
    to get the Subject and not just the Principal from a servlet/EJB?

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