Customer clearing logic

   Why we need to clear customer in F-32 after when we have booked a collection in F-28. We have been using this process since a long. What are implications if we remove this process and apply payment as soon as its booked. Guide please

               You maintain settings for customer clearing in FBKP...Clearing procedures. A distinguished document type like AB will be assigned for clearing procedure through F-32. The clearing procedure through F-32 has been designed for various reasons. First while booking payment through F-28 the against checks the check may get dishonored afterward. The result of clearing through F-32 is  a document with no line items. It just "links" the invoice with the payment. Normally collections booked through F-28 remains Unapplied unless not cleared through F-32 (becomes applied). If you remove this procedure then your all customized reports for customers will become unstable  and you will have get them developed right from the scarcth. This is for your information.

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  • General Ledger Account Custom Clearing - Implement Custom Algorithm

    We have a situation where we have a lot of entries that fall into a clearing account within the balance sheet.  These entries are currently being cleared manually, because to the best of my knowledge the Automatic Clearing Program F.13, cannot cater for the logic performed by the users manually clearing the account.
    The Entries in the clearing account do not simply conform to the criteria as defined in OB74.  I was wondering if anyone else has got any ideas no how we can implement a custom clearing routine with far more complex logic than F.13.  Will this likely be a custom ABAP program that i will need to write?

    ps has different tables and have different calculations done on them to extract the data, your best bet is to search for oco_om_nwa_1, nwa_2 extractor and go through the list on which extractor is brining in what. then create a cube or multiprivder to satisfy your need.

  • Custom clearing agent payment issue

    Dear experts
    Purchase  order  was created  and  the  material was  received  on   port (imports).
    custom clearing  agent has  cleared  the goods.
    now   custom   clearing  agent needs  his  charges.
    the  inv  from vendor with reference to PO is not received.
    any  solution  to  settle  the  custom  clearing  agent  payments.
    till  the  inv. from  vendor  not  received custom agent payment  is is pending.
    what  should  be  done  to  resolve  this  issue.

    Copy one of your freight condition types and create a new condition type as custom clearing charges, please ensure that condition category is Delivery charges (B). In calculation schema enter this condition type at the appropriate position. Now when creating the PO, enter this condition type put the value, then select this condition type and go to details, here you will have a field to enter the vendor code, there key in the vendor code of custom clearing agent.
    Now in MIRO enter PO no. and choose layout for Planned delivery cost, you can now enter the value for your agent and pay him.
    Note: Please use this to pay only for service charge for the agent, for payment of custom duty you should use the condition type for custom duty and key in the vendor code for the customs clearing office there so that its easy to differentiate between custom duty and the service charges charged by clearing agent.
    Chandra Shekhar

  • F110 - Automatic payment Program    Vendor /Customer Clearing

    I have entered all the settings related to the Vendor/Customer clearing.
    1.Entering the Vendor and Customer account numbers in the relevant master records.
    2.Activating the clearing with Vendor/Customer in both master records.
    But when F110 is executed,the customer line items are thrown in the exception list.The line items are all due on both the sides.When i reallocate the customer line item,it is giving the option of deducting it from the Vendor line item.
    It has to do autmotically and pay the balance amount to the Vendor,instead of doing it manually.
    Request to contribute your ideas for solving this issue.

    Hii Neeraj,
                   The error says it consists of the debit balance.But the settings are already made in both the vendor and customer records.But if we click the execption item and reallocate ,it is accepted to deduct it from the vendor line item.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Difference in Stock account , Custom clearing account

    Hi All.
    I found the amount difference issue when GR document is reversed. The background is as follows.
    1. Material is procured from import vendor for which PO order currency is CNY.
    2. The conditions maintained in PO are indian standard customes conditions.
    3. After GR was made , user realised error and reversed the material document.
    4. Upon reversal it is found that
                      a. Stock Account adjusted with amount greater than GR account docuement.
                      b. GR/ IR account is perfectly adjusted as in GR account document.
                      c. Custom clearing account adjusted with amount greater than GR account docuement.
    5. Exchange rate is maintained properly for CNY to USD
    Thanks in advance.
    Deepak Dalvi

    Thanks for the reply.
    POSTING date for GR and reversal document is same i.e today.  As I said in previous mail, the GR/ IR account is properly adjusted. Stock account and CENVAT account shows difference.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • MR11 docuemnt for custom clearing

    Hi All,
    we are unable to do MR11  for customer clearing of  the co.code aginist the purchase order.
    Please let us know your views and thoughts above issue.
    Kind Regards,
    Edited by: Ramanjaneyulu.B on Jul 27, 2011 12:35 PM

    Hi Naresh,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    We are getting error message'No documents found'

  • Assigning custom,stamp duty,custom clearing agent conditions by all Vendor

    well i have create above condition i want to assing all this with the all vendor. ie custom duty must go to commissioner vendor, custom clearing charges must go to C & F agent.
    particular            condition type vendor
    basic duty           xxxx                 123
    2%                      xxx1                 123
    1%                      xxx2                 123
    C & F                  vvvv                 324

    You can assign this in PO, when u give the condition type say customs, there you can mention the vendor to which charges refer to.
    Path: Me21ncondition-condition detail---vendor in changeable mode, keep the customs vendor thre...
    Abdul Raheem

  • CHA Charges and Custom clearing

    In Import PO i am getting the error
    For CHA Charges, CUS Custom clearing charges..
    Provision account key missing for condition type ZCHA in schema ZJICIM
    Message no. ME172

    Assign FR2  to condition type ZCHA in schema ZJICIM.
    Actaully FR1 is used for the clearing account & FR2 is used for the provisions in which both G/L accounts assigned to FR1 & FR2 are balance sheet accounts.
    Biu K

  • F-32 customer clearing prroblem

    Kindly tell me while I am going to clear throguh F-32(customer clearing), Partial payment tab then Assigned  value and Non Assigned value become 0 after seleting individual all records under Net Amount. And shows error message :"Enter line item first of all and choose open items"
    With regards,

    There is no cash discount and withholding tax here. In f_32 while I go through partial paymnt double click all the amount under Net Amount column and corresponding value under payment column tab become 0. Atlast Not Assigned and Assigned field become 0 because I am knocking off and Amount entered field also 0. Now while I am going to save then I got the messge "Enter the line item first of all or choose open item". Why it is asking for open item here. ? While it become 0 both not assigned and assigned then it shoul allow to save .
    Kindly give me urgent solution.
    With Regards,

  • GR for import Vendor before Invoice verification of Customs clearing agent

    Dear MM Gurus,
    I have a client requirement as follows,
    Its a Import purchase with Batch management
    The Import PO is created without taxes because the client does not know the exact taxes applicable.
    The client gets invoice from the vendor only after 7 days after he receives the material.
    But they want to do GR for the material as they need the material urgently for their production before doing Invoice verification for the customs clearing agent.
    In such a scenario how to go about with invoicing for the clearing agent and subsequent posting of taxes .
    Is there any standard procedure available or any round about solutions or user exits. Your suggestions and solutions will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can do GR and then do the MIRO for planned delivery costs i,e all the taxes to be paid to customs and then do MIRO for the cost of materials

  • Custom Clearing Charges

    I have few Custom Clearing charges i.e. once shipment reaches the port, there will be few custom clearing charges like:
    Shifting charges,Demurrage charges...
    My question is these custom clearing charges will be copied from which condition types???
    I don't think these conditions will come into freight....
    Please adivse...

    Thanks Sanjoo,
    Please also let me know If the price quoted is in CIF that is cost insurance and freight..
    Like Basic price      = 100 Usd
            Freight to port  = 50 usd
            Insurance        = 2 USD
    After that there will be all Custom clearing charges like
    Custom duty, Counter vailing duty and Education Cess....
    So as per your reply i will copy all custom clearing charges by  Freight cahrges...
    What about
            Basic price      = 100 Usd
            Freight to port  = 50 usd
            Insurance        = 2 USD
    Do these charges will be trreated as a Gross Price or taxes.....
    Pl advise..

  • Custom clearing MIRO

    All Experts,
    In Purchase order i have maintained total 20 conditions out of which 7 are custom conditions.
    Now while doing custom clearing miro, only those 7 conditions ( JCDB,JCV1,JECV,J1CV,JEDB,JADC,JSDB ) are displayed ?
    Why and How ?
    And every time while creating miro system asks for company code, Why ?
    Thanks & Regards,

    In Purchase order i have maintained total 20 conditions out of which 7 are custom conditions.
    > Now while doing custom clearing miro, only those 7 conditions ( JCDB,JCV1,JECV,J1CV,JEDB,JADC,JSDB ) are displayed ?
    > Why and How ?
    > And every time while creating miro system asks for company code, Why ?
    Hi Sandeep,
    What exactly is your query?
    For these 7 condition types (JCDB,JCV1,JECV,J1CV,JEDB,JADC,JSDB) which are payable to a particular party (customs dept) you are entering the MIRO with Planned Delivery Costs and system will list all those condition type records maintained in the PO.
    Now you have a main supplier (ABC Ltd) whom you are paying base price value, packing, etc.
    You are paying various custom duties to customs dept which you maintain in JCDB,JCV1,JECV,J1CV,JEDB,JADC,JSDB  etc and in the PO You will be assigning the Vendor to each of the condition type to enable system to post payments to other vendors (such as customs dept)
    If other charges/costs such as Freight, Insurance, labor charges, Demmurhage, Port charges etc are to be paid to another vendor/vendors the same you assign in the PO per condition type.
    Thus in MIRO with the option Planned Delivery Costs system will display all the vendors you have assigned in PO per condition type.
    If you select Goods/service+Planned Del Costs then its implied that all the costs are going to a single vendor. In your case, of 20 condition types, you have 7 conditions relevant for Customs Dept and other will go to main vendor. If they belong to some other vendor then assign the vendor accordingly.
    If you have more than one Co.Cd in your client it will ask fo Co.Cd for each MIRO trxn since MIRO postings are ar Co.Cd level.
    Hope its clear
    Revert if needed

  • Enable customer clearing in vendor master

    Dear All
    I have assinged customer code in my vendor master, but I also want to enable this vendor for customer clearing.Where in vendor master I can do this to enable customer clearing for this vendor.

    Go to XK02 - for the vendor choose option "Payment ransactions" at Company Code data and here TICK option "Clrg With Cust."
    Also in customer master - Commpany code data - Payment transactions - TICK - "Clearing With Vendor" and at General Data  - Control data tab maintain the Vendor code.

  • Profit Center wise Customer Clearing

    Dear Sir,
    There is our client requirement to have profit center wise customer clearing. Kindly suggest.
    With Regards,

    Update the customer master sort kye field with PROFIT CENTER.
    So that it wiill update the assignment field in line item.
    If you are cclearing manually select assignment field and give your profit center details then system will pick line items relevent to that profit center
    If you are clearing using automatic clearing functionality configure OB74 with zuonr(assignment) and vbund(trading partner) criterias for your customer master records.
    Krishna Kishore

  • BAPI for Customer Clearing(f-32)

    Hi all,
    I want to clear the customer clearing transaction by Residual Method  will be clearing the Credit Memo  .
    Can anybody help me any BAPI is there for this.

    I want to clear the customer clearing transaction by Residual Method will be clearing the Credit Memo .
    If i understand you (some punctuation could make you more understandable), you may execute a
    SUBMIT sapf124 WITH ...

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