Customer line item report with GL account display

Please guide some customer reports for the following
Client need a Customer Line item reports with Customer number and repective gl account for each line items.
for ex: Product A/c xxxxxx
          To Sales A/c xxxxxx(recon A/c)
Thanks in advance

1.FBL5N -  Customer Line item Display (Customer Line item reports with Customer number )
2.FBL1N - Vendor Line item Display
3.FBL3N - General Ledger Line item Display
The sales entry will be
     DR  Customer - to view this entry FBL5N
           CR Sales - to view this entry FBL3N
Hope this will be usefull

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  • Business Area wise Vendor & Customer Line item report

    We are on SAP ECC 6. Can I get Business Area wise Vendor & Customer Line item report (as like FBL1N)

    In FBL1N in dynamic selections you can give the business area as the selection parameter otherwise after execution of report with the help of layout you can set filters for business area.
    Go to FAGLB03 give the vendor or customer reconciliation account along with business area. So after you execute the report you can choose vendor code and business area.
    Check once it may help you

  • Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report

    We are on SAP ECC 6. Can I get Profit Center wise Vendor & Customer  Line item report (as like FBL1N)

    Please Try using "S_ALR_87013343 - Profit Center: Receivables " and "S_ALR_87013344 - Profit Center: Payables"
    Best Regards,
    Ravi Reddy

  • Adding fileds to customer line items report  (RFITEMAR)

    Hi all,
             I am modifying a customer line items report<b>(RFITEMAR).</b> I have to add two fields to a structure <b>(rfposxext).</b> I have completed this task. But the problem is how to populate these two fields. I am not able to find the select statements in this report to add these two fields. Any one can help me in this issue.....Thanks in advance

    Hi Kalyan
    In the include "RFITEM_INC",
    Routine "reate_performance_tables" exists where they are assigning "fposxext" to a field-symbol.
    Add you fields after:
            gd_pos_reduced-bukrs = <lfs_pos>-bukrs.
            gd_pos_reduced-belnr = <lfs_pos>-belnr.
            gd_pos_reduced-gjahr = <lfs_pos>-gjahr.
            gd_pos_reduced-buzei = <lfs_pos>-buzei.
            gd_pos_reduced-budat = <lfs_pos>-budat.
            gd_pos_reduced-xxx = <lfs_pos>-xxx.

  • Noted Items in customer line item report

    Hi Friends,
    What is noted items? what is this use ?
    i have seen in fbl5n screen ( customer line item report) in type selection.
    please give u r reply on this i will assign points to you.

    Noted items are single line items and basically payments due from the customer/vendors. These transactions  do not affect the balances of the company.
    Example of noted items are post dated cheques from customers/vendors.
    Hope this helps.

  • Grant number in customer line item report

    Is it possible to bring in the grant number in the customer line item report, fbl5n? I tried expanding the fields in the report, but grant does not seem to be one of them.
    Please help!!!

    Hi, check this Add new field in output of FBL1N

  • RE: COPA report and customer line item report not matching

    Hi All,
    COPA report and customer line item reports (fd10n) are not matching please let me know the reason.


  • Line item report with Customer number

    Hi all,
    I am facing the following issue:
    I need a line item report to analyze an accrual account by customer.
    Since the customer is not captured on the accrual account itself, but on the recon. account (which is not defined as line item display), I did not find a way to present the customer and the accrual  on the same line.
    I can always go to BSEG and vlookup and match by document number the accrual account and the customers from the customer recon. account, but I thought maybe someone has a better idea.

    If the recon account line items have al lthe info needed I'd suggest using a query (SQ01).
    1. Create an Infoset in SQ02 with logical database "BRM". Choose the fields from BSEG that you need
    2. Create the Query in SQ01 using that Infoset.
    If you want to see individual line items, include the fields you want in the "basic list" of the query. If you want totals by customer, don't include anything in the basic list, but make a "statistics" with customer and amount.
    Selections would habe to be made for account no and period.

  • Tax Column on the Customer Line Item Report

    Hi All
    We need a report for AR that has the fields : Business Area, Customer, Document Type, Document Number, Clearing Document(if any), Currency, Posting date, Amount, tax amount, payment amount, due date, payment date..
    I tried the standard report (FBL5n) but it doesnt have the fields 'tax amount' and 'cleared amounts' - so I tried to join the BSID
    and BSAD table in a query - which again times out...
    Is there another table I can map and or when using table(s) BSID and BSAD - what should be my join conditions..?
    Thank you

    Please search the forum before posting your question.  This question has been asked several times.
    BSET does not maintain the values with respect to the Line Items.  So it is not possible to combine the values from BSET with line item reports.  You'll have to write a custom (Z-Report) report to cater your needs.

  • Profit centre needs to be updated in Vendor and Customer line item reports

    We are using ECC 6. 
    Profit centre is updating for vendor and customer line items in document level.  But the same is to be reflected/updated in profit centre field in FBL1N and Reports.

    Use this T codes you will get Profit center wise  S_AC0_52000888 Paybles (vendor balances )
    Tcode for Profit center wise receviables S_AC0_52000887  (customer balances )

  • FBL5N --customer line item report

    Dear all,
    our clients want to see "customer name" in FBL5N report, vendor name in FBL1N by each line items when selecting  all customers or vendors .
    I wonder how you guys could make it possible to meet this requests?

    Dear Jimmy,
                                                                                    the Customer Name may be displayed in the Header Data via the following              
    Menu path in FBL5N : Settings > Display Variant > Current Header Rows.               
    The attached OSS note 181592 and 181697 explain more in detail how to                
    set up the headers.                                                                               
    Should you require the same to be on line item basis, I am sorry to                  
    tell you that the same is not possible as per the standard, as                       
    customer name is not saved on document line item tables. It can only                 
    be visible in the header lines of FBL5N as explained.                                
    For the line items, you can only see values of tables: BSIK, BSEG, BKPF,             
    BSED, PAYR, BSEGC and BSEC (the last one is only for one time vendors).   
    The table KNA1 is not a permitted table.
    I hope this helps.

  • CO/PS Line item reporting with additional fields (vendor number/name)

    how i can post PS,cost center and orders commitment line items for below reports
    The SAP standard reports are:
    CJI5 PS Commitment Line items
    KSB2 Cost Centre Commitment Line Items
    KOB1 Orders Actual Line Items
    KOB2 Orders Commitment Line Items.
    give me suggestion for above tr. codes

    I want post line commitment line items for PS,Coscenter and orders for testing reports

  • Sales order doc and item fields in customer line item report(FBL5N)

    Hi All,
    We have some billing documents and the accounting docs are created as well. However, in the FBL5N report, we are not able to display the sales order doc and item info even though the columns are avaliable in the layout.
    Anyone can help?

    You said you had the Order/Sales Doc field on the layout already.
    Have you ever been able to view the Order? All I can view is the Billing Doc, and I would think that is logical, since the Order is not the immediately prceeding document for the Accounting Doc. The Accounting Doc is created off the Billing Doc and that is what is updated in BSEG. The Sales Order is not updated in BSEG (I haven't seen that happen).
    In the event of a GR into stock posting, the Product Cost Collector or PO is the immediately preceeding document and hence updated in BSEG.

  • AR/AP Customer line item report.

    Hi Gurus,
    how can i add the reference 3 field to the dynamic display of the FBL5N report .
    Please advice
    many thanks

    Hi Ekove,
    I have just added this field in FBL5N, Dynamic selection:
    1. so please just go to SE36
    3. Extra menu to select Selection View, Click on copy and copy it from SAP standard to CUS
    4. After copying SAP  to Customer view, save it to your local package, then please click on next page to get the Table BSID, then double click on the table BSID,
    Double Click on BSID
    5. Then you can see the Table Fields/Nodes Fields of BSID table, Scroll down the pages to XREF3 field
    6. Please inter 05, as shown above, against row XREF3, and select this field and press save button and save it, and exit,
    7. Go to FBL5N and you can see the Reference 3 Field in Dynamic Selection  of FLB5N.
    I hope this will help you.

  • GL Line Item Report - With Opening Balance c/f

    Dear Expert,
    There is a requirement from my client to have GL line report which should give opening balance c/f for balance sheet GL.
    Account: Bank GL Account.
    Period: 15.09.2011 to 18.09.2011
    Expected output:
    Balance C/F XXXXXX
    15.9.2011 .......
    Closing balance XXXXXX
    I checked SAP standard reports but could not able to find.
    Is there anyway we can developed these kind of reports from SE71 (Form)?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Rane

        To develop an ABAPED report you will have to make use of the combined balances from BSIS & BSAS. BAPI_GL_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES can be used to generate the previous date balance and then carry forward to next date.

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