Different currency exchange rate at time of sales order and invoicing

Hi Friends,
Actually,we are facing a crucial problem in Export where we would like to have the current currency exchange rate to be applicable both at excise and commercial invoice.

Hi Ankur,
Thanks for your reply.But our problem is sales order,exchange rates are defined with M type in OB08 as u have said.However when the periods are different for order entry and invoice generation we are facing the following problem.Orders are at old exchange rates and excise invoice is getting generated at current exchange rate.This is resulting in value difference between commercial invoice and excise invoice.
Please help.

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  • Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order

    Dear All,
    This is regarding Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order and requirement said below.
    User will created a Export Sale order in the month of November , that time Exchange rate is 50.00, this  will
    get updated in Sale order Header and Item level.
    But user will create billing in the month of December , at that time Exchange rate is 40.00. So in Billing
    document Header level exchange rate will be 40.00 (Current rate) and Item level exchange rate will be
    User requirement is like this the current exchange rate 40.00 to be updated in Sale Order Header and Item
    level automatically, because user using  Sale order Exchange rate  for Z-Report.
    As of now user manually updating Exchange rate in Sale Order.
    Let me know if there is any solution.
    S Kumar

    I dont think this is possible.  You should be aware any change in subsequent document would not have any impact in the preceding document which means, whatever exchange rate flowing in billing cannot be updated in sale order.  May you can update your zee table by considering the billing document exchange rate by way of exit.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Apply different exchange rate types in sales order and invoice

    Dear Experts,
    How to configure different  exchagnes in sales order and invoice?
    For example, use average exchange rate in sales order but current exchange rate in invoice.
    Wang Hui

    Hi all,
    I also need to apply different exchange rate between sales order and Invoice.
    condition type currency (komv-waers)          sales document currency (komk-waerk)         company currency (t001-waers)
    In my example, each of above currencies can be different:
    komv-waers = EUR
    komk-waerk = USD
    t001-waers = GBP
    I tried through VTFL transaction but it is not working in all situations cause VTFL allows me to manage situations where
    komk-waerk NE T001-waers
    But I need to convert condition types where
    komk-waerk EQ T001-waers but
    komv-waers NE komk-waerk
    Can I manage this situation through SAP standard and/or VTFL transaction?
    Is there any other solution?
    I really hope you can help me
    Thanks a lot

  • How to create Sales order and Invoice in Foreign Currency

    Dear All,
    What are the procedures I have to do to create the sale order and Invoice in Foreign currency.
    Is it enough if I maintain the currency in the Customer Master and Excahge rate OBBS.
    We have to do someting in the Sales order (Change the currency document header level)?
    Kindly explain.

    Dear Mullairaja
    Under customer master you can maintain currency eg. usd, eur etc. that will do.. (hope you have maintain diift. Dist. Channel for Export sales and maintain Recon A/c for export revenue.) This will copy to Sales order.
    Under t.code OB08 we maintain the Currency Exchange Rates which will help for copying control.
    Under Displaying Billing document - Accounting -  you can click on Display Currency Tab,  here you will understand the rate conversion  i.e from USD to INR.
    Thanks & Regards
    Hrishikesh K

  • Importing Sales orders and Invoices thru DTW

    Hi every one,
    I am facing a unique problem when using DTW to import sales orders and invoices through DTW.
    I am using the two templates- Documents and Document Lines. But the imported Invoice or the sales order(In both cases) the dicount field in the row is taking a negetive discount value. Let me elaborate....
    1. I am taking a BP which has been alloted a Particular pricelistcode in the BP Master.( say it be Purchase price).
    2. Now In the Doc_lines Template I have put the value in the price column- (eg. Rs. 500).
    3. Now the itemcode used in the template is already having a masters and the prices are also defined in SAP B1. Say the Purchase price defined for the item is Rs.400
    4.When I am importing the order/nvoice then the discount field in the row automatically takes a value of -25%, the unit price has the value Rs.400 and the Total Field shows Rs.500.
    ( this Implies that the price I have suggested to Import i.e. Rs500 is some how not taken by the system. The system takes the price defined for the BP and then adjusts it with the price suggested by the user during import) So a negetive discount is taken.
    On the other hand if the same procedure is followed for an item where the prices are not updated in the master data then there is no such problem. the unit price field reflects the price which is given in yhe template.
    please suggest a way to get out of this problem.

    Hi Debraj,
    Try the following..
    In Admin > System init > Document Settings > General Tab ..Calculate the Row total using Unit price ....... leave this  unchecked
    Also, at the Document_lines template fill the discount column with 0

  • Report to list manual changes to conditions in sales orders and invoices

    Hi experts,
    Is there a Standard Report to list the manual changes of pricing conditions in sales orders and invoices?
    Should be a selection on the field KONV-KMPRS.
    Please advice.

    Hi priya,
    In the Sales Order,Select Environment and then Changes to See all Changes made.
    Follow the Same procdure for Invoice also.
    There is no Standard report as such to see the changes.

  • Creation of u201CHeader Textu201D in sales Order and Invoice

    Dear friends,
            Can any one guide me the complete configuration settings that are required for creation of u201CHeader Textu201D in sales Order and Invoice. Please help me to overcome this issue.

    Hello Bhanu...
    Hope you are aware of the configurations you need to maintain for the Text determination.Anyway, herewith are the steps that may help you to accomplish your requirement.
    Text Determination procedure for sales document header:
    Text can be determined at sales document header level or it can be imported from customer master. The process is...
    Define Text types:Path: Imgsales and distributionbasic functionstext controldefine text types
    Select sales document header. Click on text types go to new entries and define text types. For Eg:Z1
    Define Access sequence:
    Select sales document header
    Click on change icon
    Click on access sequence control button under dialog structure
    Go to new entries and define access sequence number with description.Ex: 55
    Save it and exit
    Define text determination procedure:
    Go to new entries
    Define text determination procedure.Ex: ZX save it and exit
    Assign text id's to text determination procedure:
    Select your text determination procedure(ZX)
    click on text id's in text procedure control button under dialog structure
    go to new entries and maintain entries. Text id:assign text id (Z1) that we defined in the previous step
    Specify sequence No-10
    Check Reference: this indicator specify that the text is reference or copies from preceding object
    Text in obligatory: text will be displayed during copying. the value of this field specifies whether text is obligatory or not and if it is obligatory the how it is to be displayed
    Apart from this... you also have to maintain the text in the Customer master as mentioned in the previous mail..
    For this you have to maintain the customer text.Do the following steps.
    1. Go to Customer master, Choose from the Menu Extras --> Text and mention the text
    2. Then in a sales order automatically wehn you are entering that sold to party..the header message will be appearing..
    In a nutshell i would request you to check weather you have maintained the Sales-Customer text KNVV and also that you have maintained all the required customizing settings for the text procedure, access sequence etc were completed....?
    Also make sure that the text type is also inclueded in the text determination procedure of the sales document header...
    Note: If all the settings of text determination exists and still if the text is not appearing then In sales document Header Text procedure, select sales header procedure, then select Texts in procedure. Check for the Header note, No. box is checked. This check mark ensures text is to be displayed when it is copied..
    Its should be working if all the requried setting are made....
    Reward if this helps..
    Safeer Rahman

  • Hide the cost and margin fields on Sales Orders and Invoices

    Hi all,
    I need to hide the cost and margin fields in Sales Orders and Invoices. We sell our products to our employees sometimes, hence we don't want them to know cost and margin information.
    Can this be done?

    Go to VOV7 & as per the Item category ,de - select the Check Box Determine Cost.
    Else remove the Condition Type VPRS & Margin Condition type from the Pricing Procedure
    Best Regards,

  • Max.cond.base value - wrong line totals in Sales Order and Invoice

    Dear Experts,
        In my pricing procedure, I have set the field Max.cond.base value as 1 in VK12 (in additional data) for one of my condition type ZR16 . If Max.cond.base value is set as 1 for ZR16 condition type, the value for ZR16 will be considered only for the 1st quantity for that item. All subsequent quantities for that item will not be considered. This works fine in Sales Order and when I enter the same material in 2 line items with qty 1 each, only the first line item considers ZR16 value in total net value and the second line item does not consider the value of ZR16 in the total, which is correct.
        Problem arises when I create individual deliveries and individual invoices for each line item. Although the ZR16 value is not considered in the total for the second line item in the sales order the value is being considered in the invoice which is wrong. I tried various scenarios and found this issue arises only with domestic customer and not with overseas customer. Issue is that the line total value value calculated correctly in sales order is reflecting wrongly in Invoice when I use Max.cond.base value. I am confused if this is a pricing procedure related issue or copy control related. Please share your valuable inputs.

    I tried various scenarios and found this issue arises only with domestic customer and not with overseas customer
    Compare the access sequence combination and condition record in both the above cases and check which one is differing and creating issue.
    the line total value value calculated correctly in sales order is reflecting wrongly in Invoice
    Again here also, compare the Analysis tab which should be self explanatory to find out the root cause of the issue.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Missing Weight in Sales Order and Invoice

    Hi  My Friends,
    We create first Sales Order then PR created automatically, then we create PO. Only at this time we know the net/gross weight, so we update the PO.
    We want this weight appear on the Sales Order and then on the billing document.
    Is it possible?

    Weight information should come from material master. If you update the PO it wont reflect in SO.
    maintain the weight info in Material Master, Delete the line item created already & check.
    Otherwise maintain it manually in sales order

  • Tax date in sales orders and invoices (Billing)

    Hello Experts,
    I have an issue related to Tax date in sales orders and Billing documents.
    In our environment we calculate taxes at the time of sales order creation and billing document (invoice) creation.
    Currently we modified 'ZXFYTU03' exit to pass tax date which is system date. Our business processes are such that, there is a gap of 3-5 days between sales order creation and billing creation. So for some orders we see tax discrepancies between order and billing.
    Through forums I understand that we can use 'service rendered date' at sales order item level. Solution would be passing date in 'service rendered date', we can pass date in 'service rendered date' field in sales order.
    The problem is to copy same date in billing document 'service rendered date'
    Does anyone have any idea how we can copy the sales order service rendered date to invoice service rendered date?
    Through forum i understand that we can use copy controls, data transfer routines etc...Appreciate if someone can guide me on how i can use these...
    Thanks in advance

    Tried 2 options...
    1. Modify program RV60AFZC (FORM USEREXIT_FILL_VBRK_VBRP) to pass VBRP-FBUDA = VBKD-FBUDA. But in later part of the process, in SAPLV60A-LV60AA21 (perform fakturadaten_lieferbezogen), VBRP-FBUDA is overwritten by LIKP-WADAT_IST which is goods movement date. So this is not solving my problem.
    2. Modify program ZXVVFU08, to get service rendered date from VBKD-FBUDA based on CVBRK-XBLNR (Sales order) and populate CVBRP-FBUDA. But unfortunately this user exit is being called after user exit 'ZXFYTU03' where tax related data including tax date which is being passed. Somehow tax date in this user exit 'ZXFYTU03' is document creation date which is system date.
    With 2nd option, service rendered date from sales order is copied to invoice doc, but the tax is calculated based on document creation date since the tax user exit 'ZXFYTU03' is being called first...
    Per this, coustom routine did not work...
    Refer: Service Rendered Date (VBRP-FBUDA) for SD Invoice

  • Inconsistent updation of sales group in Sales order and invoice

    Dear all,
        The sales office and sales group is properly updated in the specific sales area master data of the customer but not flowing in the sales order and subsquently in the invoice. For some documents it gets updated and for others the filed is blank.
    I have checked the master data and also the documents and found no errors. Please help in how to solve the issue. I need 100% updation of sales office and sales group in the order and invoice. Please advice how to solve the issue.

    Dear Parthasarathy,
    Request You to post the same query in SD Forum
    You will get quick response there
    this is PP forum
    Hope You Understand

  • Text copy from customer master to Sales order and invoice

    Dear friends,
    when i maintain the text in the customer master ther needs to copy to sales order and from sales order to invoice.
    Can you please guide me how to do this config

    Dear Raju,
    First you need to do the Text determination for all areas(i.e Customer Sales and distribution,Sales order header,delivery header and billing header) through VOTXN transaction.
    -->Create the Customer text ID under Object KNVV
    Maintain the text for Text ID in the customer master >sales area data>Extras-> Text
    To copy the customer text to the sales order you need to keep KNVV table as Text object in the sales order text access sequence for the text ID.
    If you want to copy the sales order header text to the invoice header first you need to copy the sales order header text to the delivery header from delivery you can copy to invoice.
    When you want to copy the Text from Sales order to delivery the Access sequence will place a role
    If you want to copy the sales order text to the delivery document The Text Object should be VBBK in the delivery Header Text determination access sequence for that Text ID
    Again you can copy the text from delivery to Billing document through checking the Delivery Text field in the billing document detail screen (Top most bottom of the screen).
    Go to VOFA transaction select your billing document type then go in to the details here you can find the Delivery Text field you just check that check box.
    Now system will copy the sales order header text to the delivery header then it will copy to the invoice header.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Dump after creating new header text on sales order and invoice.

    We have created one header text on sales order and the same text for invoices, on VOTXN customizing.
    Testing the new text, system let us save the text fine, but later, if we display the text, system give us dump error.
    My question is, after transport the customizing to the next environment, is necessary run a standard program. Since VOTXN, we have generated the new access created, but dump appear displaying text header tab.
    Any help on this?
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Customer master table man
    1) Did you review the dump analysis- ST22?  Do that because the dump amy or may not be related to the Text config changes.
    2) You are also mentioning about transporting?  Did you already transport and are facing this issue in the target client or is it happening in the source client and you want to avoid it in the target? OSS note 1117467 throws light on transporting issues.
    Review the following OSS notes:
    548615 - FAQ: Text determination in SD II
    548517 - FAQ: Text determination in SD I
    1117467 - Text Customizing change not transferred in target system II
    970153 - Change to Customizing text not transferred to target system
    Hope this helps.

  • Exchange Rate calculation mismatch in Sales Order Invoice and Cancelled Invoice

    In Sales Invoice, Exchange Rate is maintained as 7.75132
    Invoice Amount is 72000 USD. So the Amount calculated should be 558095.04.
    But in Accounting Document the Amount is posted as 558095.15 for the GL Sales Account.
    In Cancelled Sales Invoice, Amount posted is  558095.04 in GL Sales Account which is correct.
    Please help me understand why there is difference in both the Amount even when the Exchange Rate is same.
    Debashri Dutta

    Hi Ankur,
    Thanks for your reply.But our problem is sales order,exchange rates are defined with M type in OB08 as u have said.However when the periods are different for order entry and invoice generation we are facing the following problem.Orders are at old exchange rates and excise invoice is getting generated at current exchange rate.This is resulting in value difference between commercial invoice and excise invoice.
    Please help.

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