Different View for same document library on a Wiki Page

I am developing a Provided hosted app which have a functionality to create a document library with two Views. Also we need to show this document library in a wiki page with two different views.
I am using CSOM (C#). I am able to create the document library and the two views programmatically. But when I add the document library in the wiki page the default view (All Documents) is shown for both the web parts. There is an hidden view created with
the WebPartDefinition from the xml provided through code. 
Through CSOM we are able make a View as default with the link below.
In my case both the webparts will get the same view, where I need different view for same document library in a wiki page.
Also I tried to update the web parts with the following code.
string viewString = @"<View Name='{0}' MobileView='TRUE' Type='HTML' Url='/SitePages/Home.aspx' Level='1' BaseViewID='1' ContentTypeID='0x' ImageUrl='/_layouts/15/images/dlicon.png?rev=23' >
<Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='KeyDocument'/><Value Type='Boolean'>1</Value></Eq></Where></Query>
<ViewFields><FieldRef Name='FileLeafRef'/><FieldRef Name='DocumentOwner'/><FieldRef Name='Modified'/>
<FieldRef Name='_UIVersionString'/><FieldRef Name='Editor'/></ViewFields>
<RowLimit Paged='TRUE'>30</RowLimit><JSLink>clienttemplates.js</JSLink><XslLink Default='TRUE'>main.xsl</XslLink>
<Toolbar Type='Standard'/></View>";
WebPartDefinition wpd = wpfound.FirstOrDefault();
string formattedstring = String.Format(viewString, wpd.Id);
wpd.WebPart.Properties["XmlDefinition"] = formattedstring;
I created two views (viewString) as shown above.
The above code did not throw error, but it did not update the web part.
Please advise how to move forward.

Hi Samir,
When we click outside of the list view webpart on a webpart page (or allitems.aspx page) with containing multiple webparts, the list view webpart will lose the focus, and the selected items will be deselected, this is by design.
You can look at the following article with using the approach/workaround of Javascript to prevent the specified list view webpart from losing focus.
//Set focus on our list web part
var webPart = document.getElementById('WebPartWPQ1');
WpClick({target: webPart});
//Prevent it from losing focus
SP.Ribbon.WebPartComponent.$3_1.deselectWebPartAndZone = function() { };
Daniel Yang
TechNet Community Support

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  • Enable Merge Documents and Relink documents views for a document library

    Hi All,
    I would like to have Merge Documents and Relink documents views for a document library (not a form library). I was able to see Combine.aspx and Repair.aspx in the document library open with explorer -> Forms folder. How do I enable these two views?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    Merge Documents -> /Forms/Combine.aspx
    Relink Documents -> /Forms/repair.aspx

    These two views is actually hidden in SharePoint library, you can enable it by set hidden property to false.
    download SharePoint manager, then find the site, root to the specified library, click views, find the Merge documents view, you will see that the Hidden propery is by default set to true.
    Qiao Wei &lt;br/&gt; My blog:<a href="http://blog.goobol.com">http://blog.goobol.com</a>

  • Show the last published documents in a view for a document library.

    At our company we have a document library with many documents. These documents are evolving and are therefore going from major versions to minor versions to major versions again. To be able to get a good overview of the last "official" versions
    we would need to have a view that shows the last "Approved" versions of each document (if any approved versions exist). This is basically the same as watching the document library from a user that only own reading access and therefore only sees the
    "published" versions.
    In our case this view should be used by people that own editing rights as well to the documents. 
    Is it possible to accomplish this?
    I tried to use the tip from the following site: link 
    The "?IncludeVersions=TRUE"
    did not work though. 

    Hi AndersObserve,
    I understand that you have a document library that you have enabled content approval(if not, enable it) and versioning, then
    you want to create a view to filter major(approved) documents, then you can filter on the ApprovalStatus field. Try to create a new standard view, filter the view when the ApprovalStatus is equal to Approved, then the view will display the published version
    Best Regards.
    Kelly Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to Restrict printing the document using IRM for a Single Document?Allow printing for some documents and restrict the printing for particular documents in same document library?

    Can we able to Configure the IRM in Document Level in SharePoint Document libraries?
    The document library contains multiple document sets , Can we restrict the printing according to document sets? Allow printing for some documents and restrict the printing for particular documents in same document library
     Is this possible?Please suggest.

    Yes, that can be done. But note that all administrators will have the same right to print, so you need to make sure the users are not administrators. You can include a macro to disable printing, but if the users disable macro, they can print the documents.
    Hence, there is no foolproof way to prevent printing documents. If you still need a foolproof security, PDF format provides password based security (viewing doesn't require a password) that can be implemented to prevent the document from printing,
    which doesn't require any special scripts and is tough.
    You can have a look at the following links:
    The following link explains about the security features in PDF. This is for information purpose only and not for promotion of any products:
    Balaji Kundalam

  • Different query for same view showing on different page as list view web part

    Hi all,
    If you have three pages and want to add Documents library as list view web part to these three pages with different query (Programmatically), Do you need to create three different views for Documents library or it is possible to have different query when
    I add the list view web part to the page?
    thanks and appreciate all kind of advice.

    When you add a List View Web Part to a page, SharePoint actually copies the selected view query into the Web Part itself. For example:
    You create a custom view on a list called "Mede71's View" and you configure it only show the Title column
    You add a List View Web Part to a page and update the settings to use the "Mede71's View"
    You go back to your list and change "Mede71's View" and add the "Modified Date" column
    Your List View Web Part will not reflect this change because in step 2 the Query from the view was copied into the List View Web Part
    When you programmatically add the List View Web Part, you can either assign it to an existing view or supply the query directly. If you want to instruct users to be able to add their own web parts pointing to those views in the future, I would recommend
    creating the views first.
    Dimitri Ayrapetov (MCSE: SharePoint)

  • "No connectivity with the server" error for one document but not the other, in the same document library

    We have a number of users all of a sudden getting "No connectivity with the server.  The file 'xxx' can't be opened because the server couldn't be contacted." errors trying to open MS Office docs (Word, Excel, etc.) in SharePoint with IE,
    just by clicking the link and selecting the "Read Only" option.  If they select the "Check Out and Edit" option, they can open the document no problem.  One of my customers gets the error on one document but not the other, in
    the same document library!  The older document (a weekly report) was copied and renamed as per standard procedure.  She can read the older document, but not the new one.
    It is definitely a profile issue, as other people have logged onto the machines of the users with problems and do not get the error.  We have also renamed people's c:\user profile folders and the corresponding Profilelist registry entry and the newly
    created profile does not experience the error for these people.  Renaming the profile back restores all their personal settings but the error reappears.  When we copied the old profile's folder structure into the new profile, many of the user settings
    were restored (but not all, like Dreamweaver settings) but the error did not appear.  We think that the system folders files (like AppData) weren't totally copied over so we're going to run another test using xcopy.  We are rebooting between
    logons to make sure all files are unlocked.
    The laptops and computers are mainly 32bit, Win7 Enterprise running IE9 and Office 2010 Professional Plus, but there's a few 64bit machines as well. The SharePoint farm has 1 WFE, 1 App Server running search and CA, and a shared database server running SQL
    2005 SP4.  SharePoint is 64bit MOSS 2007 with the latest CU.
    We've checked the logs on the client as well as on the server and there aren't any helpful entries.  We've also run Process Monitor, also with no helpful entries.  We're planning to run something like Fiddler next.
    It's not everyone, because there are many people are accessing the SharePoint system and the same files.  It is also not a permission thing, as we've tested by giving the users elevated permissions with no changes.  One person experiencing
    the errors is a Site Collection Admin.  That same person ran a test where I coped a simple Excel file into a Document Library which contained a problem file.  They were able to open it Read Only no problems that day, but the next day, the same
    file gave them an error.   In their case, they usually get a "xxx is not checked out" error and only occasionally get the "No connectivity with the server" error.
    We've tried lots of things including:
    Deleting IE cache
    Deleting SharePoint Drafts and webcache folder contents
    Running IE without add-ons
    Upgrading and Downgrading IE
    Uninstalling and re-installing IE
    Reinstalling our SSL certs
    Repairing Office
    Removing and then adding back in the Microsoft Office "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support" Office Tool 
    Deleting all HKLM and HKLU Office registry settings
    Toggling IE Compatibility Settings
    Toggling the IE Automatic Logon option
    Toggling the location of checked out files
    Adding the site in the trusted sites list
    Adding the site to the WebClient\Parameters registry locations
    Making sure the WebClient service is started
    Rebooting the machine (lol :)
    This is becoming a serious issue, not just because of the inconvenience for the users having to check out every document they want to read, but we have some files with macros that open up other documents to run which are now failing.  There aren't
    "check out" workarounds for some of those macros.
    We're planning to open a ticket with Microsoft, but I'm throwing it out here first in case someone has run into this before, or may have some suggestions on what to try next.  Thanks!
    PS  I think this needs to be in the "General" forum instead?

    It took three days of dedicated troubleshooting, but I have found the cause of the errors, and a couple of fixes.  It helped tremendously that my own machine was throwing the error.  I have scheduled a couple of users to work with me to test the
    various fixes, to see which one works best, so the story isn't over yet.
    I had backed up my c:\users profile folder and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList registry key so I could restore my profile after I was done.  I made a copy of the profile folder and was using that for awhile,
    but then made another copy where I had deleted a lot of content out of it so that the copies would go faster.  Since a newly created profile did not have errors, I was trying to copy back as much of the profile as possible to make it easier for our users
    to get back to work.  Instead of blowing away their profile and starting from scratch (which we know worked) I wanted to narrow down what was causing the error and just skip that from the restore.  The concept was to keep as much as the users profile
    in tact (application settings, etc.) not just restoring their desktop and My Documents folders.
    When we first tested a few weeks ago, simply copying the folder contents didn't reproduce the error.  I then tried xcopy, but got the "can't read file" error.  Then I tried robocopy, and ran into the "junction" problem. 
    I went back to xcopy, and found that placing the excludes.txt file in the windows/system32 folder eliminated the error.
    So the process went as follows: 
    Reboot and log into the machine as another user
    Delete the profile and associated registry key
    Reboot and log into the machine as the affected user, creating a new profile, and there is no error
    Reboot and log in as the other user
    xcopy the contents of the skinned-down backed-up profile to the newly created profile
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, and the error occurs
    Repeat the above, but add items in the excludes.txt file to see what, when eliminated, causes the error not to appear in the last step
    I eventually found that skipping the c:\users\<profile folder>\appdata\local\Microsoft\office\14.0 folder allowed the entire profile to be copied over without the error occurring.  That was strange, because we've cleaned out the cache folders
    before which didn't fix the issue. 
    So I went about it the opposite way, and tried to delete the 14.0 folder from the restored profile, and after reboot, the error still occurred.
    What eventually worked was deleting the 14.0 folder and copying over a 14.0 folder from a newly created profile!
    One way to do this was to:
    Reboot and log in as another user
    Rename the c:\users profile folder
    Rename the appropriate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList] registry key
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, confirm that there is no error
    Reboot and log in as the other user
    Copy the C:\Users\<profile folder>\AppData\Local\microsoft\Office\14.0 folder to the other user's desktop
    Delete new profile folder, and rename the backup to be the production folder
    Delete the C:\Users\<profile folder>\AppData\Local\microsoft\Office\14.0 folder and then paste the 14.0 copy from the desktop
    Reboot and log in as the affected user, confirm that there is no error
    We've tried this on a couple machines and it works.  I had to run Windows Explorer as Administrator to access the other profile's folders.
    We've also successfully copied a 14.0 folder created by one profile on one affected computer over another profile's folder on another computer, eliminating the error, so we're trying that first, as that is fewer steps.
    We may attempt to script this, but the self-help instructions are only 5 lines long:
    Reboot and log into the affected computer with another account
    Go to <link to location of 14.0 folder on network> and copy the 14.0 folder
    Run Windows Explorer as Administrator
    Go to c:\users\<profile folder>\appdata\local\microsoft\office and delete the 14.0 folder, and paste the copied 14.0 folder (trying to overwrite it makes Win7 want to merge the folders)
    Reboot and log into your normal account, and confirm the error is gone
    I'll come back and report after we go into the field with this fix, but after the few tests, I am cautiously optimistic that this is it.

  • Same colors appearing different in the same document

    I have a document where I have filled different table cells with the same RGB color. However, they sometimes appear as two different shades, one darker than the other. I checked to be sure it was the same RGB color and it was, but it appears quite different both in InDesign and when I export it to pdf. Any idea why the same color is appearing differently in the same document?

    It doesn't appear to be a monitor problem, as the colors are different both on my laptop screen and on my external monitor. As I do not have the ability to print a hard copy before the file gets sent to the printer to make a proof, I need to know which is the "right" color (or at least the once closest to how it will print). Even if the colors are showing up differently on screen, if the swatch for both is exactly the same, will it show up as the same color once the actual hard copy is printed?

  • ITunes 9: Can I have different views for different libraries?

    In iTunes 8 I was able to have different views for viewing different libraries. For example, I had my music library in Grid view and my podcast library in list view. When I change between the two libraries in iTunes 9 the view does not automatically change. It stays how the previous library was viewed. Is there a setting I am missing to allow me to keep a grid view for music and a list view for podcasts? Thank you.

    Thats really odd. I've used iTunes 9 on two different systems and both act like iTunes 8 did as far as maintaining library specific view settings.
    Is this also happening with playlists?

  • Creating a folder for a document library in SharePoint online

    Hello I am looking for a good place to get started on creating a folder for a document library using a powershell script. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Here is a guide to creating folders and items in a document library for SharePoint Server/Foundation: Creating SharePoint Folders
    and Items with PowerShell. You will need to tailor it to your needs as it's a demo for creating 50,000 items.
    That's step 1 and contains the bulk of what you would need to do. Here's an example of connecting to a library in SharePoint Online using CSOM: Office
    365 - PowerShell Script to Upload Files to a Document Library using CSOM. You won't be uploading files, but the parts where you connect and get a list are what you're interested in.
    Now you'll combine bits from both of these scripts:
    1. Connect to SPO
    2. Get your list (looks like you need to first get the site collection and then the site)
    3. Create a folder
    I figure it would look something like this (note I haven't tested this at all):
    #Specify tenant admin and site URL
    $User = "[email protected]"
    $SiteURL = "https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/site"
    $DocLibName = "DocLib"$FolderTitle = "Example Folder"
    #Add references to SharePoint client assemblies and authenticate to Office 365 site - required for CSOM
    Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\ISAPI\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll"
    Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\ISAPI\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll"
    $Password = Read-Host -Prompt "Please enter your password" -AsSecureString
    #Bind to site collection
    $Context = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($SiteURL)
    $Creds = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($User,$Password)
    $Context.Credentials = $Creds
    #Retrieve list
    $List = $Context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle($DocLibName)
    $folder = $list.AddItem("", [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFileSystemObjectType]::Folder)
    $folder["Title"] = $FolderTitle
    Jason Warren

  • How to Maintain two different prices for same material in different qty?

    Dear all,
    How to maintain two different prices for same material in different batch quantities in purchase order(ie.,info record)?
    (Vendor is supplying quantities in 2 different batches & also in different prices)
    Expecting valuable reply.

    In a PO you can create 2 items, and each item can be maintained with a different price in the conditions.
    In info record it is not possible to have different prices for the same period, except for scales.
    so if you have a price of e.g. 2 USD for 1000 kg and 1,90 USD for 2000 kg then you can maintain this in scales, but you still have to have 2 items in the PO so that each one can individually find its price.
    Alternative you can create contracts (as well with more than one item) to reflect the different prices and batches.

  • Detect what the default edit form is for a document library and list using jquery

    So what I have done is with some jquery made it that when a files are dragged and dropped into a document library and there is a required field such as "Metadata" the EditForm.aspx opens up for the user to fill in the required column. I am building
    the url up from what I have found in SharePoints DragDrop.js file. This is all working perfectly I just need to find a way to dynamically find what the default edit form is for that document library as I have just hardcoded like this...
    g_currentControl.strSiteUrl + "/" + this.ListName + "/Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=" + id
    So I need a way to figure out what the default edit form is instead of hard coding like this in case someone creates a custom_editform.aspx or something for one of the lists.

    You can get it by hitting this REST end point via JQuery:
    Chris Givens CEO, Architecting Connected Systems
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  • How to make Different Price for same product in one Sale Order

    How can i customizing my system?
    I need to sale for different price same product A in one sale order. And price condition type cant be manually. i can separate them by position. for ex. in first position: product A is one price and in 2nd product A with discount. i tried to do it by changing a price group for 2nd position to determinate a discount condition but it generates invoice split.
    Someone have any suggestions?

    you can have it automatically determined after some custo and using userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp in MV45AFZZ and RV60AFZZ.
    The idea is to use ítem category field (PSTYV) as a part of pricing data to determine different prices for same material by changing manually ítem category when creating a sales order
    - you'll need to create a new ítem category copied from the one you´re using and do all assignments
    - add field PSTYV, if not there, to pricing field catalog. This thread has an example on how to and coding required for userexits
    - Adjust your pricing sequence as per new table
    - Maintain specific prices in new table for materials with this new ítem category
    Finally, when creating a sales order change, when required, default ítem category by new one to get specific price for material.

  • How to disable drag and drop feature for a document library?

    How can I disable drag and drop feature for a document library? Do I have an option to disable it from the SharePoint's feature set?
    Or can I disable it using a script? If so, how?

    According to your post, my understanding is that you want to disable drag and drop feature for a document library.
    Drag and drop in SharePoint 2013 is a feature that depends on HTML5, which requires version of browser, SharePoint by default doesn’t has feature to disable or enable this.
    You can try disabling the drag and drop feature by disabling an add-on in Internet Explorer, or
    using Internet Explorer 9 or lower.
    Here is a similar thread for your reference:
    More information:
    The Solution to SharePoint 2013 Drop and Drag Not Working
    SharePoint 2013 Drag and Drop Upload Not Working
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Folder is empty on second computer. I have installed adobe CC on two different computers for same account so I can work at two different places. I uploaded files to it yesterday and I can't find it on the CC folder on second computer. What can I do?

    I have installed adobe CC on two different computers for same account so I can work at two different places. I uploaded files to it yesterday and I can't find it on the CC folder on second computer. What can I do?

    Hi DeafScientist,
    Please try the below mentioned links.
    Creative Cloud Help | Browse, sync, and manage assets
    Error: "Unable to sync files"
    Creative Cloud File Sync | Known issues
    Kindly revert if you are unable to sync files.
    Atul Saini

  • Engineering and Manufacturing Org has different name for same item

    Dear All,
    I have an Engineering department generally Create items and configure bills, routings then, transfer all to Manufacturing org.
    My client has typical requirement as follows...
    Engineering and manufacturing department has different name for same item.
    Eg: Item A in Manufacturing org may be called as Item AA in Engg org. I have to maintain 2 names for same item. How to map this requirement in R12.

    Can oyu not make it an organization level item and specify the proce there instead of keeping it a master level item?

Maybe you are looking for

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