Direct procurement in Classic

Need your help once again.
I have implemented direct procurement in Classic scenario (SRM 7/ECC 6.0) and after reading on this forum, I realised that Direct procurement in classic, functions as extended classic because a local PO is created in SRM and this is replicated to ECC. So far this is working for me.
Now I want to make changes to this PO. It is not allowing me to edit PO in ECC which is right because PO was created in SRM and copied to ECC. But strangely, I am unable to edit PO in SRM also?
Is this correct behaviour?
Please suggest.
Best Regards,

Hi John,
For direct procurement, it will have nothing to do with CS or ECS.
SRM will create the local PO for direct material and transfer the PO into ERP.  And you could not change the PO in ERP.

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  • Manage direct procurement in classic scenario

    Hi Experts,
    We are on SRM 701
    Classic Scenario
    can anyone let me know how we can manage direct procurement in classic scenario?
    i want to kept goods in storage location and i cant do that because of account assignment tap in SC and as i know account assignment is mandatory to create a Sc

    Hello Elham,
          As suggested Account Assignment should always be used and one cannot skip it for creating the Shopping Cart. If you are having Classic Scenario then your PO would be in backend system directly which you can manage through dummy account assignment as guided you in your previous post. Just get in touch with your Finance Team and ask them to make a Dummy Profit Center/Cost Center which you can use while creating SC for your local Storage
    Gaurav Gautam

  • Direct Procurement in Classic Scenario

    Hi Experts,
    We are on SRM 7 Ehp1, ECC 6 Ehp4.
    Classic Scenario.
    1. I have read in the forums , that in Classic Scenario, direct procurement is possible but the system behaves like Extended Classic and creates a Local PO. Just want to confirm this and if yes , does this happen as a standard or do we need to implement any BADI or anything to achieve this.
    2. Also , in Classic Scenario, PDP scenario , can we transfer stock items(Direct Materials) PR's into SRM system or are there any limitations.

    Hi Aditya,
    You are right. Classic system behaves as extended classic for Direct procurement scenario. Your PO will be created in SRM itself and a copy of this will be sent to ECC. This happens as a standard and no BADIs need to be implemented for this.
    Also in your classic system, you can transfer stock PRs into SRM. These will be available as shopping carts in the sourcing cockpit.

  • Plan Driven Procurement in Classic scenario

    Dear SAP gurus,
    We are in SRM 7 EHP 1 with backend ECC 6 EHP 5. We are considering to use classic scenario, but we want to make sure that all the components are working fine. We have a scenario where MRP will be used in backend thus crearting a PR. We know that we can then push the PR to become SC in SRM then it can be processed there.
    However seein note 505030 point 15, it seems that you cannot procure direct material using classic scenario. I assume that if using classic scenario, the PR of stock materials just wont go to SRM. However in other places I read that actually stock material works for classic scenario, but the PO will automatically switch to extended classic.
    So which one is correct? Is:
    1. For PDP and in classic environment, PR stock material NOT able to go to SRM, OR
    2. For PDP and in classic environment, PR stock material can go to SRM, but when it is converted to PO it switch to extended classic.
    Best regards,

    Hi John,
    The second option works in SRM.
    Direct procurement in classic scenario works as if the system were extended classic. Thus your PO will be created in SRM and a copy of it will be replicated to ECC.

  • Direct procurement always as extended classic -- why ?

    Hi ,
    As per SAP's specification , ' SRM Server is the leading server for direct procurement. This means the system behaves according to extended classic scenario' .
    Is there any specific reason on why the scenario would always be extended classic for direct procurement ?
    And does this also imply that in a classic scenario, if a SC is created for a direct material which refers to backend material , the PO created would be in accord with the extended classic scenario ?
    Reasons/Answers --- Anyone ?

    Hi Harmeet
    Yes, even in classic scenario, if a SC is created for a direct material which refers to backend material , the PO created will be in accordance with the extended classic scenario by default i.e. a local SRM PO would be created which will be replicated to ECC. However you can alter this behaviour and force the system to create a PO in ECC (like classic scenario) by implementing BADIs.

  • Activate order as a direct procurement button

    Hi Experts,
    We are on SRM 701
    Classic Scenario
    can anyone let me know whether we can activate order as a direct procurement button in item tab of SC? is it possible to activate it in classic scenario?

    Hello Elham,
    There are 4 ways of adding an item to the SC
    1. Selecting from the catalogs
    2. From Old SC and Templates
    3. Description of the Requirement as Free Text
    4. Product.
    From my understanding i think the checkbox 'Order as Direct Material" will be available for selection only incase when you select "Product". So i think it will be visible only for the materials which are replicated from ECC to SRM system.
    Can you check by trying to create a SC and then see whether it is available for selection.

  • Direct and in direct procurement

    Hi experts,
    What is the Diff between Direct and In-direct procurement in SRM and i want to to config for Classic sceanrio.
    basis team has given me the servers now please let me know basic Config settings to Implement SAP SRM classic scenario,integrate with ECC.

    Hi Smriti,
    Indirect Procurement = The procurement what you do is not used in the end product of the manufacturing compay. Like Office peripherals,Computers, Stationary. What ever you have procured is not used in your end product
    The business scenario is Self Service procurement. Configuration part you can get from master guide from service market place
    Direct Procurement: The procurement what you do is used in your end product of the manufacturing compay. Example: If a mobile manufacturer company procures the keypads,battery,dispay screen...all these material is used in the end product. So these kind of procurement you called as direct procurement.
    Configuration for Direct Procuremtn will be as follows
    In R/3
    1. You need to configure two views i,e V_T160PR,V_T160EX and you need to schedule report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER
    In SRM.
    1. Do the Technical settings like RFC Connections,Workflow Activations,Publish Templates
    2.(Imp Config)Dedine an entry channel for this (Create a new Org unit which acts as )
    3. Create a RFC user, so that communcation goes between R/3 and SRM
    4.In Org structure you have to define values for an attribute DP_PROC_TY .
    These are the config required for a PDP.
    Hope this explanation resolved your query

  • Question to those who do Direct Procurement in EBP

    I just have a simple question to those who have confgured and process Direct Procurement in EBP....
        If you click the 'Order as Direct' button, can you click it again to revert back? If
        not, what is your process to revert back? If you can, have you have any
        problems or dumps that an OSS note cured?
    Thank you in advance and points award accordingly.
    Regards, Dean.

    To disable this button, you need to create an Active Implementation of  'BBP_DP_PROD_CHK_BADI' using SE18 transaction. (Read SAP documentation first)
    yes, this can be deactivated via BADI BBP_DP_PROD_CHK_BADI.
    In method PRODUCT_CHECK, just clear EV_DP_FLAG.
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    - Atul

  • Purchase order directly procured

    Hello all, I am working in SRM 7.0
    I know that when I create a purchase requisition with direct procurement shopping cart, default account assignment is U. But for example if shopping cart has all data complete and generate a purchase order, which account assignment put as default?
    Thanks in advance
    Rosa Rodríguez

    Hello Muthu, yes, I know that. But I am refering to purchase order that is created when you create a shopping cart as direct.
    If you create a shopping cart as direct and it generates a purchase requisition in SRM, then purchase requisition has as account assignment category U.
    In this case, I want to create a shopping cart as direct, but it generates a purchase order in SRM. Which account assignment category put?
    Thanks in advance
    Rosa Rodríguez

  • Which movement type to show Directly Procured material in stock?

    Hi All
    Is there another movement type that I can use to reverse from a network, Directly Procured material in to stock?
    Our issue is that we plan and have delivered directly procured material to out production plant (Plant A) and the PO has an account assignment of 'N'. The production team then decide (due to unforseen issues) that they do not need it anymore for that network/WBS and want to send it to our central warehouse (Plant B)
    In order to recover the cost from the network, we process MB1A mvt 222 with reference to the WBS in Plant A and then stock transfer to our central warehouse, Plant B
    My question is....can we use another movement type to remove the cost from the project/network/WBS and return the material in to stock?
    I don't want to reverse the PO but can i use that as a reference?
    Your help is appreciated

    MB1A transaction is a goods issue
    goods issues are valuated with the material master valuation price.
    in goods issues you cannot reference purchase orders (this is only possible in receipts)
    there is no goods receipt transaction for material which was already received against a PO.
    You credit the network with the leading price from material master, there is no value flow in the opposite direction. But you can control the valuation if you allow external value entry in the movement, which is usually not liked by auditors, especially as such movements are executed by warehouse personnel

  • Directly procured materials in stock help

    To All
    We currently have a problem when dealing with directly procured materials.
    Following a completed build of our product we have a surplus of directly proceured materials that have been ordered in error or are a result of specification changes.
    We want to re-use them for future demand. Therefore, we return them from a network and put into our warehouse and in a bin. The problem arises when the planners create a new demand because the material master data will order the part as a directly procured part and will 'not see' the one we are showing in stock.
    Therefore, my questions is, can a part be set up to look for stock initially and if no stock then order part as a directly procured part?
    Thanks in advance

    The material IS in stock showing in the same Plant, Sloc and Warehouse that the planners use to plan the completed product.
    The material is in stock as it has been returned from the network (MB1A mvt 222) However, the material is planned in a BoM as a directly procured part as per the material master settings. When a new demand is loaded in the system, according to the material master settings it will order a directly procured part and not utilise the stock in the warehouse.
    I am looking for help that when a demand is loaded, SAP will reserve the stock of a directly procured part and not order externally.
    Movement 561 is an initial stock load movement type and is not recommended at any other time due to the lack of financial documents albeit a very easy way to load inventory. We use LICC/LX16 to adjust inventory in accordance with auditing rules.
    Thanks you for your response

  • Rounding value for direct procurement

    I an sourcing the same material from another plant within the same client. The materiale is some times purchased as a standard material using rounding value and going to stock. But, in some cases the material is procured as direct procurement. When purchasing for direct procurement will it then be possible not to use the rounding value but just order the exact quantity?

    Hi Andres,
    I think, you do not need to take any action on this requirement.  SAP works the way you wanted, by standard.  For example, you have a setup with a vendor (may be via info record or material master itself may have rounding qty etc)...not a problem.  The parameters you use in material master will control for procurement process either triggered from planning (or production ) or manual purchases.  When you create a SO# and if it triggers a purchase requisition, it sends exact quantity required only, into the preqs.  By standard SAP config, the message about rounding rules is just warning.  I don't think you will be stuck with this message when you try to convert the 3rd party Preq to PO.  Even if there is a message, it must just warning. 
    Let me know with these inputs, if you test both types of PO#s, how it goes.

  • PO Error in Transfer for Direct Procurment

    Hi All,
    we are running SRM 550 and are at SP15.
    We need to get SRM to order Direct Materials for a storage location in our ECC system.
    So far all the config has been done,  materials transferred, storage locations defined in Org structure extended attributes.
    Problem is when I create a PO from a SC for direct materials I get an Error in Transfer and the error in RZ20 says that the account assignment is not valid for the ECC PO doc type.
    This all used to work in 2008 when we went live wih SRM but direct procurment was switched off because the business did not need it.
    In PPB_PD for the PO there is no account assignment data so I think this is where I have a problem.
    I must be missing some small piece of config somewhere that provides the account assignment GL for direct procurment but I can't find it.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Allen,
    Please create wildcard entries for AccAssCat in IMG  table               
    V_BBP_DET_ACCT, details see encl. file V_BBP_DET_ACCT.DOC                                                
    The issue is that even for subtype DP Direct Procurement Account         
    Assignment Category must exist, otherwise PO cannot be transferred       
    Accounting is going to be eliminiated one step later after ordering,     
    in background task, not visible to the user. Please realize!
    I have uploaded V_BBP_DET_ACCT.DOC to SAPMATS, click on the following link.                                               
    Link: []
    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards,

  • Self service procurement and plan driven procurement in classic scenario

    hai friends,
    i have configured self service procurement and now i am configuring plan driven procurement in classic doubt is suppose  a shopping cart is created and placed in a sourcing application of the professional buyer.And assume he accomplished sourcing activity and created purchase order .Now purchase order is created locally or in the backed.i am using classic scenario ,now can u tell where the purchase order is located? if i want to place that particular purchase order in SRM  it self what will i do? thanks in advance.

    Hi Chandra
    before going to select Business scenario (self service, plan driven..etc), you must freeze the technical scenario. Depends upon your technical scenario, your PO will be created .
    Where PO is created it is called leading system. It is SAP standard.
    If you were selected  Classic- Po created in R/3.- R/3 is a leading system .
    if you were select ECS- > PO will created in SRM and Copy also will be created in R/3 system. In EBP only you can edit the PO not in r/3. here SRM is a Leading system.

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