Displaying title on Interactive Report

Folks, there should be an easy solution to this, but I can't find it.  I'd like to be able to display a title on my interactive reports.  I'm using the "IRR Region Template," and using another one isn't an option (b/c the other ones don't properly display wide reports).
I'm guessing the IRR Region Template doesn't include the #TITLE# substitution string, but can it?  Can #TITLE# be added?  Or can I accomplish this simple requirement via some other fashion?

Question:  Where do you want the title to appear on the page? 
I'm not familar with this IRR Region Template.  Is it borderless or does it have a title "area"?   If it has a title area, it ought to have a #TITLE# substitution string for that area?   You say "I'm guessing ..."   Can you take a look at the template and tell us what's there?   Do you know how to look at the templates? 
I added a simple title as a display-only page item on a report.  But that's pretty limited as there is only so much display room between the page tabs and the search box.  You could also concatenate an application item to the application title and set it to the report title you want when the page displays.

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  • Display VK18 in interactive report

    i want to write a interactive report to display vk18 if the customer part number is double clicked. any one tell me how to set paramete id for the field KOTABNR with paramete id 'KON'.
    bcoz it only display the firat screen or the key combination screen. it shpuld directly go to the display screen.
    please advice.

    Hello Madhu,
    We can set the parameter id just folow the below example
      SET PARAMETER ID: 'KON' Field KOTABNR          ie (Vlaue of the KOTABNR)
    Try this it will work definetly... .......................

  • Display page in Interactive Report

    Hello everyone,
    I was trying to figure out how to display a new page in the main page when a link is clicked (link is in the main page)
    To explain it better:
    I have page 900 which is an interactive report
    when we click on the first link of of the report it opens a new page say page 2
    How can I make page 2 display in page 900 when the link is clicked, rather than completely changing from page 900 to page 2
    Hope I could make this understandable, please let me know if u have question
    also, this was a part of a question answered in a previous thread: Itnteractive Report: Links
    Itnteractive Report: Links
    Thanks you for your help
    appreciate it

    I just think if you use iFrame.
    I did create sample to your app. Page 910.
    It not look nice, but you can modify it , and maybe get better solution

  • How to display data in interactive report column without colons (:)

    Dear Apex gurus,
    I'm a newbie and have just created an Apex application from a spreadsheet. I've created a named list of values and used it in a checkbox against a field in the default page 3 Create form.
    When I've selected multiple values in my check box in the form, the data in the interactive report appears as one line with colons separating the selected values like this: Dog:Cat:Bird
    What I would like is to have the data appear in the interactive report column as a multi-line list like this:
    I can work around this by modifying the SQL code in the Region Source of the Region Definition of the report (Default Page 1 interactive report) to replace the colons with <br>
    SELECT replace("PETS_CHOSEN",':','<br>') "PETS_CHOSEN", FROM "MYAPP" Note: this doesn't format properly in the posting. I replace the colon with a html br
    This works, but seems to be a hack to me. I am guessing that I've missed a simple option setting somewhere, but I can't find it.
    The other problem with this solution is that when I export the report to Excel, what is exported is Dog<br>Cat<br>Bird, which is seems worse than colons.
    - Morgan
    Edited by: mnrussel on 16-Feb-2009 04:13

    Hi Morgan,
    I think you have at least two choices:
    1 - Replace the colons with ', ' (comma and space) - sort of reasonable on screen and in an export
    2 - Create a second page that has the same report but uses the "export: csv" template. Create a manual link to this page to replace the standard Export link. When such report pages are requested, they download immediately instead of displaying. You can, therefore, use commas in this one and &lt;br&gt; tags in the on-screen report version
    ps - To display tags in a post, use &amp;lt; for &lt; and &amp;gt; for &gt;

  • XML Page cannot be displayed error on interactive reports

    Hi, I am having trouble with a user downloading an interactive report as a CSV output. When a user tries to download the interactive report (as it is displayed when the web page loads, no alterations), they are getting this error:
    The XML Page cannot be displayed.
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the refresh button, or try again later.
    A name was started with an invalid character. Error processing resource 'http.............'.
    This is only happening with a small group of users which doesn't include me, so it has been very hard to troubleshoot. I can download the report and open in Excel without any problems.
    I am using Apex version 3.2 and IE 8. The user did not have multiple windows or tabs open logged into ApEx at the same time.
    Has anyone ever had this problem before? I could not find a thread with the same issue.

    i'm pretty sure that error comes up when your browser (ie, specifically, i believe) can't render the xml data it's received. i'm also pretty sure, as the full message implies, it's because it doesn't know what style sheet to use when you go to that page. in short, it's a browser config issue. one way to bypass it (to at least prove that it's a browser issue) would be to create a link to your page, right click the link, and do a "Save Target As...". the resulting file will be your valid XML one. fwiw, i've had better luck controlling the manner in which my xml data is received when i use mozilla or netscape (but i'd imagine there's just some setting you'd toggle in IE to avoid your issue).
    hope this helps,

  • Changing the default number of rows displayed in a interactive report

    I have a sql query based interactive report but i cant change the default number of pages i.e 15.
    is there any way to change the number of rows displayed.
    Thank you,

    That was very useful document that you shared, yes that is correct we can so it this way but there is another way doing it where in if you go to the report attribute section and in that there is Layout and Pagination and under
    that you can fix the number of rows, and over there we can also accept values from page item such as if the page item value changes the number of rows displayed in the report changes dynamically.
    In my report i get only pagination but not a option for layout.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    And also where i can get the links to the similar document that you have shared ?
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  • Conditionally displayed columns of interactive report not displayed

    We have an interactive report in which few of the columns have been defined with conditions for display.
    But on the interactive report page, when the conditions are satisfied these columns do not display in the report by default.
    These columns are found in the 'Select Columns' -> 'do not display' pane. Everytime the report is run, these columns need to be selected using the select column.
    Is there anyway to make the columns appear in the report by default, when conditions are true.

    Thanks Jari for your help.
    For this issue, we finally came up with a work around.
    we removed the conditions from all the columns then ran the application report page.
    Clicked on Select Columns and moved the columns from the do not display pane to the right pane.
    Ordered them as needed. Then saved the report as primary.
    Then again went to the edit page-> interactive report and applied the conditions to the necessary columns.
    and it worked.
    When I went to the report these columns are displayed by default.

  • Dynamic Title for Interactive Report?

    I have an interactive report where I am passing in interative report filters. This is great becase it allows me to reuse a single interactive report in different ways. However, one drawback I am running into is the report title. I'd really like to be able to change the report title based on the filters that I pass in. Is this possible? Can the report title be dynamic?
    Andrew Watson

    It,s possible.
    I'm using item references to alter the report title.
    Set the item value to the title that you want for your report and the region name as the example.
    Example: Report &P1_ITEM. &P1_ITEM1. &P1_ITEM2. and so far.

  • Integer Data Type not displayed correctly in Interactive Report

    When creating a report using BI Publisher it appears that any of my fields that contain Integer values (regardless of the order in which the field is displayed) do not correctly display - instead they are displayed as NULLs with the occasional value in a field.
    This is only apparent when displaying the report using the Interactive viewer - when selecting another method (i.e. HTML, Excel etc) they appear correctly.
    Has anyone come across this before?

    Hi Craig
    Did you find a solution for this issue? we have same exact issue. Please let me know

  • Interactive report column filters to display differently than column values

    We use images a lot in our interactive reports to provide a visual representation to a status, or something locked for update, or what-have-you. By default, when a user clicks the column heading of a column which contains images, the drop-down list that shows up displays the actual images, which is nice for the user to identify exactly which thing they want to filter on. The problem is when the user selects on of the options in the filtering drop-down, the resulting condition that is displayed under the interactive report search bar is the HTML code of the image. I'd like something else to display there because showing the user the HTML code is atrocious.
    I didn't think what I want is possible, but then I came across the Page Locks page within ApEx (page 4000:291 in ApEx 4.0.1) which displays a list of all the pages of an application and whether they are locked or not. It also allows you to bulk lock or bulk unlock a bunch of pages. That page uses an interactive report with a column called "Status" which contains images that represent whether the page is locked or not. When you click the "Status" column heading to filter, instead of seeing the images of an open and closed lock, you see the words "Page Locked" and "Page Unlocked." And even better... when you select on of them, the condition that is displayed to the user is very user-friendly.
    Can someone tell me how this is done so I can replicate it in my own apps?

    Why not create the IR using the text you require e.g. 'Lock', 'Unlock' and then use JQuery to replace the text in the report with the image you want. All the filters should then show the plain text and the report will display the image. e.g.
    Here's what I did:
    Firstly make sure the IR has a region template.
    Then create a Dynamic Action with the following attributes:
    1. Advanced
    2. Event: After Refresh
    3. Selection Type: Region
    4. Region: [select the IR Region]
    5. Action: Execute JS Code
    6. Fire on page load: [checked]
    7. Code:
    $('td [headers="TEST"]').each(function(index) {
      if ($(this).text() == 'Lock') {
        $(this).empty().html('<img src="/i/htmldb/icons/locked_small.gif" alt="Lock" />');
      else {
        $(this).empty().html('<img src="/i/htmldb/icons/unlocked_small.gif" alt="Unlock" />');
    });Where TEST is the column name.
    That's it, this may also be of interest:
    I hope it helps

  • Number of rows displayed per page in an interactive report

    I'd like to know if it's possible to change the values of the select list called 'Rows' in an interactive report (which is displayed in the search bar).
    Indeed, I want to display 16 rows per page and I can only choose among the values 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 200...
    Thank you for your reply.

    Hi Tobias,
    Thank you for your help.
    I had already tried this but it's not what I want. What your are saying only limits the values in the select list (for example, if I set to 16, I can't choose values higher than 16 in the select list 'Rows' of the search bar).
    I want to limit the number of rows displayed in the interactive report to 16 per page.
    Any other idea?
    Hi Emilie,
    Go: Home>Application Builder>Application 301>Page 51>Interactive Report Attributes>Search Bar>Maximum Rows Per Page
    Set to = 16
    Oracle help description: Defines the maximum number to display in Rows Per Page Selector in the search bar.

  • Displaying an interactive report differently depending on user connected

    I have an interactive report on a table which holds server information. This table has a column which is called "Restricted". It has only two possible values (Y or N). It determines whether or not a user has the privileges to view the server password of that server.
    We are using database authentication for our APEX 3.2.1 application. We have 2 predefined roles, one with full privileges (Select, Update, Insert, Delete), and one with only Select privileges. When creating a database user account to access our APEX application, one of these 2 predefined roles is assigned to the user.
    What i want to accomplish is to display the Server Interactive Report as follows:
    If the user has full privileges, then they see the contents of the Password field regardless of the contents of the "Restricted" column (Y or N).
    However, if the user only has select privileges, they will not see anything in the Password field if the "Restricted" column is set to Y. Either i will display a Null or a bunch of stars (****). Note: I cannot hide the Password column because i still want to display the password column for those records that have a 'N' in the restricted column.
    I know how to create a condition which determines which level of privileges the user has and make the report display stars in the password field (I used a decode statement in the SQL statement generating the report which sets the Password field to **** if Restricted is set to Y). This only takes into account the role assigned to the user. The complicated part is factoring in the condition of wether or not the Restricted column is Y or N so that users with the right privileges will see everything whereas users without the privileges will see null or stars.
    This is a major issue we are facing right now.
    Thanks for any suggestions, advice.

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you very much, I just had not structured my case statement correctly and ommitted that second condition about the user.
    I did this: CASE WHEN "RESTRICTED" = 'Y' and :APP_USER = 'NO_PRIV' THEN '****'
    The report works fine now! :-)

  • Control which Interactive Report is initially displayed.

    I have a page with an Interactive Report which has a default page and a saved public page called 'My Cases'. The interactive report is accessed from several different pages and I want to be able to display either the default page or the public page depending on where the user calls the page from.
    For example, if the user accesses the page from Page 1, it displays the default interactive report, and if they access it from Page 2, it displays the saved public report.
    I can see that the interactive report as an onchange="gReport.pull(this.value,'REPORT_CHANGED')" which is called when you change the Reports selection which is refreshing the report and displaying the relevant report. So I have tried to change the value when the page loads to the report I want by adding this
    $('#apexir_SAVED_REPORTS').val('23219303448909609'); I realise the report id will change by session, but have hardcoded it just to see if I can get it to work.
    I also tried adding apex.event.trigger('#report_id','apexrefresh') aswell but it doesn't seem to work
    Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

    Hi ProfessorFudger,
    According to your description, you want to create a report that the end user could enter the comment, then the comment could be sent to the report creator, right?
    Reporting Services is used for rendering the report with data retrieved from datasource. In Reporting Services, we can retrieve data from the datasource then design a report, after the report processed, data is fixed on the report. So it’s not supported
    to have the end users enter comment and fed back to report creator. For your requirement, it can’t be achieved currently.
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu
    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Enable email field on Interactive report

    I have a column that contains the contact email as well an other column that contains the website of the company both displayed on an interactive report .
    Does anyone knows what I need to do to be able to:
    1. Click on the email (on the report) and open the local email client to send an email
    2. Click on the URL field (on the report) and open the default browser to visit that site
    Thank you

    for the mail question, you would create a tag like this as a report column:
    <a href="mailto:youremailaddress">Email Me</a> 
    or with a subject
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=DAMIFINOY">
    Send Email</a> Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX
    On the road of life...There are 'windshields', and there are 'bugs'
    "Squeegees Wanted"
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  • Pagination on interactive report - how to move it on my layout

    okay, I am working with the basic interactive report, no tweaks. My end user doesn't seem to worry about much horizontal scrolling, although it goes against my personal web dev standards to do that without significant necessity. But with the templates as they are, the pagination for the next/prev set of records is WAAAY over to the right. I find this bothersome, and for the benefit of my user, I would like to left-align this. I've looked on Google, done a search in this forum, and checked the APEX docs, not much leaping out at me. I suspect I can tweak a div class on some template, not having an easy time finding that.
    helpful thoughts on this? TYIA, and points for a working idea.

    Have you try change "Pagination Display Position" from Interactive Report Attributes?
    My Blog: http://dbswh.webhop.net/htmldb/f?p=BLOG:HOME:0
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jariolai

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