Does Best Buy have a: Defined Mission Statement? Defined Vision? Long Term/Short term objectives?

Does best buy have, in terms of as a company: A Defined Mission Statement? A Defined Vision? A long Term and/or Short Term Objective? This is for a senior level college report. I could not find anything on your official website. Please ignore the category. It was chosen at random. Thank you

Hi Tomas,
Best Buy doesn't have an official mission statement per se, but you can learn about our Customer Promise by visiting our Community Relations site:
This site also has information on our giving partnerships, national and community grant programs, and links to both our quarterly and annual earnings reports.
I hope this helps!
Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Does Best Buy sell any Camcorders that come with wireless remotes?

    I have a Sony digital tape camcorder that I am looking to upgrade from, to a flash or hard drive camcorder. It has a wireless remote and I need that feature on any new camcorder I purchase. However, the product descriptions fail to mention whether or not a camcorder has a wireless remote.
    So, which flash or hard drive camcorders sold at Best Buy have either (a) a wireless remote, or (b) the ability to be controlled by a universal wireless remote?
    Thanks in advance for any information, as it will help determine if I should purchase a camcorder from Best Buy.

    Hi jollystomper,
    It seems like there was a time not too many years ago when every camcorder on the market had a wireless remote.  Manufacturers found that they were not widely used, however, and quit making those remotes standard.  
    I did a quick search for you, and the only camcorder I found with a remote in the box is the Toshiba Camileo X416.
    Check it out below.
    Toshiba - Camileo X416 16GB HD Flash Memory Camcorder - Black
    Model: PA3974U1C8K | SKU: 3530538
    This camcorder features electronic image stabilization for enhanced clarity and records 1080p HD video to bring images to life. The 3" LCD touch-screen display swivels for an optimal view and allows easy editing.
      Read reviews (0)
    Sale: $234.98
    Mike|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Does best buy care about their promises made on delivery date?

    i've placed an order LAST thursday, and as an elite plus member i get expedite shipping automatically (accroading to bestbuy definitaion, it's a two day delivery). plus, on the confirmation emial, it says 'get it by: tuesday, jan 13th. 
    and only until noon today (monday), i received an email containing an tracking number from bestbuy. since best buy shipped my item out one day late, i was expecting a overnight shipping so that they can delivery my item ontime, like all other online retialers would do. but it is not. it is only ups ground, by which i will be lucky to get it in another two days. 
    what is worse is, until 10:00pm, ups doesnt seem to have received the package yet.
    so best buy, why dont you use overnight to cover your mistake, instead, you are asking me to pay for your delay? i've been a long time constomer for both amazon and bestbuy. and amazon sometime do ship out items late, and honestly it happened a lot. but whenever they are behind the schedule, they use the fastest shipping to try to catch up the time. 
    best buy, you knew it was behind the schedule already when you ship it out today, why dont you use overnight shipping? were you just hoping that i wont notice? or you think it doesnt matter, your promise to your customers doesnt metter? if you dont even have the attempt to try to catch up the schedule and fullfill your promise to your clients, i can only imagine people shop less than less on, and instead, go to
    hey guys, really, if you can find something on both bestbuy and amazon, go to amazon. they dont ask you to spend thousnads of dollars before give you free two days shipping, and when they are behind the schedule, they will at least try to fulfill their promises, rather than ignoring the promise. 

    Hello garyleecn,
    Welcome to the forum, and thank you for being a My Best Buy Elite Plus member. One benefit from being such a member is receiving free expedited shipping on most items from, so I’m sorry to hear your online order isn’t arriving as quickly as you hoped. I’m sure you’re anxious to get your hands on your purchase, so I can understand why it’d be frustrating to encounter such a shipping delay.
    According to our Shipping Costs & Timing policy, any expedited shipping order may take up to two business days to ship to your home. Unfortunately, there are circumstances outside of our control that can cause unexpected delays. However, you mentioned your order was mailed via UPS Ground. Please know that expedited shipping simply outlines the timeframe that the order should arrive, not necessarily the carrier’s method of shipment. This means that if you live close enough to a UPS shipping hub, UPS could deem it was unnecessary to expedite your order, as ground shipping would have gotten it there just as fast.
    Having said this, I realize this situation is far from ideal, and I’d appreciate the opportunity to look into your order to see what exactly happened. In order to do this, please send me a private message with as much of the following information as possible.
    ·         Full name:
    ·         Phone number:
    ·         Order number:
    You may send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the button included in my signature below.
    I hope to hear from you soon,
    Alex|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • How often does Best Buy change the value of video game trade-ins?

    Last week, I decided I was going to trade in Batman: The Arkham Knight for the XB1, so I went on the Best Buy website to see how much I was going to get for it and it said $35. Cool. So, I checked the website today and it said it was valued at $32. Can anyone explain how values change so frequently? Just trying get an understanding how Best Buy fluctuates trade-in values.

    supply and demand.
    Next week it will probably be lower.
    And say by chance they get 2000 used Arkham Knight games in it will go down to $5 on a trade in or so.
    Best Buy has to try and then resell it.
    Right now used copies are going on certain Auction web sites for $39 and less.
    The trade in values of games tends to go down pretty fast.  Especially those that were huge sellers.  Lots of them out there.  And lots of people have finished and are looking to unload.

  • IPod Touch 5g out of stock since last Friday (21th) when will Best Buy have a restock?

    I live in South Texas, and I keep on checking online and they say it's unavailable. 

    Hello omayraps12,
    I'm sorry that you're having trouble tracking down an iPod Touch. We get new shipments in to stores all the time, but I can't make any specific promises about when it might be in stock at a store near you. My best advice is to keep checking back to or calling ahead to your regular Best Buy store for updates.
    Happy Shopping!
    Douglas|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Does Best Buy donate items or gift cards to non-profit groups?

    I am from a PTA group we are looking to purchase a portable speaker system for our physical education teacher.

    Hi Lisa,
    If you'd like information on Best Buy's ongoing community partnerships and charitable programs, then I'd encourage you to visit and click on the "Community Relations” link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, simply click here. Both links should direct you to our corporate news site, where you can find the latest press releases, FAQs, and grant applications.
    I hope this helps.
    Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Redemption code from Photoshop Elements 12 purchased from Best Buy does not work 'Oops! This code doesn't seem to be active. Please contact the retailer you purchased the card from, or use a different code.'   I have an invoice and the pickup notice from

    Redemption code from Photoshop Elements 12 purchased from Best Buy does not work 'Oops! This code doesn't seem to be active. Please contact the retailer you purchased the card from, or use a different code.'   I have an invoice and the pickup notice from Best Buy.   What other information does Best Buy need?   What will they do?   Will I get a new box?   What happened to the days of just typing in a simple s/n?   

    Redemption Code Help

  • Best Buy and Sprint have no sense of morals- I do not recommend either

    I would just like to take the time to post about how Sprint and Best Buy have done a really wonderful job of screwing my monthly budget and account. My ex and I still share the same phone plan and he needed to upgrade his phone. He went into a Best Buy Mobile store to complete this upgrade and the sales associate at Best Buy needed me to provide my "Security Code" to open the account and complete the transaction. Well while the associate had my account opened they allowed my ex to open NEW SERVICES ON MY ACCOUNT. When I found out the new services had been open the 14 day return window had passed AND not to mention that the only way I was made aware of such services was by receiving my bill AFTER THE 14 DAY RETURN WINDOW. Completely absurd and a violation in contractual law. I contacted Sprint on several occasions- was left on hold for 45 minutes, hung up on, transferred from one dept to the next, promised return calls- you name the worst customer experience and Sprint has matched it. Apparently Sprint's take on the whole incident was that once you provide your "Security Code" to the representative you are giving access to do anything and everything on your account- it baffles me bc that is almost saying if someone walks into a bank and has my social security number that they should be able to borrow money in my name. I would not recommend Sprint services to anyone. After speaking on the phone with the Asst. Manager of the Best Buy location that allowed such NEW services to be opened under my account they were unwilling to assist me in rectifying this problem. I was told that I could sit on the phone with Sprint while the associate ate his dinner in the back. I sat there for 45 minutes and they were unable to offer me any resolution for their error. I have purchased thousands of dollars in goods at Best Buy but at the end of the day I will NOT be returning to the store with my business. I will be placing a complaint with the NY Attorney General's office against both Sprint and Best Buy for their lack of care when handling accounts on behalf of customers.

    Hello User834811-
    It was definite nice of you to allow your ex-boyfriend to remain on your phone plan.  I’m sorry to hear that he may have taken advantage of that generosity by opening some new services which have added to your bill.
    Regrettably, by providing that security code to our sales associate and allowing your ex-boyfriend to be on the account, we cannot be responsible for any extra services that he started.  While it is painful to hear, this sounds like something that you need to discuss with him, especially if it’s financially impacting you.  I can also only recommend working with Sprint to see what assistance they can provide to either cancel or refund those services.
    I absolutely apologize that you were treated this way by the store.  It’s one thing to advise a customer that the manager is currently unavailable and another to phrase it the way the store did.  I will be documenting this for the store as it sounds like the associate your spoke with could use some additional training on how to handle these situations.
    Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Does Apple cover imac's purchased at Best Buy?

    Also, can I extend the warrenty through Apple?

    And yes, iMacs purchased through Best Buy have full warranty coverage. Best Buy is even an authorized Apple service center that can perform warranty repairs, though I've heard spotty reports as to their service quality.
    As to AppleCare, you can purchase it through any Apple dealer including Amazon. Shop around; prices vary for the same package, and it doesn't matter where you purchase as long as you get the appropriate package for the iMac.

  • Best Buy restrictions are ridiculous

    I recently ordered a Gateway computer online.  It was to be delivered by UPS. Tracked my order, saw it would be delivered 2/10/14.  I work 8-5, went home on my lunch break to see if package had been delivered. Had a note from UPS stating they attempted delivery and I was not home. Would try again the following day between 10:30 and 2. Did not have any indication on the note as to WHY they could not deliver (i.e. signature required, payment requested, etc) Obviously, since I work, I was again not going to be home to receive my package. So I called the UPS customer service number to see if I could arrange to pick up my computer at their Customer Care location. The gentlemen politely informed me that no, I could not do that, as the seller (Best Buy) had restrictions on delivery.  Basically, UPS could not change anything about the delivery.  What does Best Buy expect those of us who have 8-5 jobs, and therefore are unable to wait at home for delivery of our purchase?? No where in my tracking info or order description does it say anything about me having to be home to receive delivery. I can understand that Best Buy may require a signature for delivery. That is perfectly fine. But why can I not physically go to the UPS location and sign for my purchase? This is ridiculous, and if this policy is not changed I will not be a repeat customer. As it is, I was able to get an "estimated" time of delivery, so I will take off in the hopes of catching the UPS man. If not, I do not know what I am going to do.

    Hello arbefort,
    Welcome to the forum. As a person who works outside the home, I can completely understand your frustration at not being able to make arrangements with UPS to pick up your computer. While I wouldn’t want a big investment like that left at my doorstep, I also can’t leave my work at any time to go home to wait for UPS to arrive, so I’m very sorry you had such a hard time getting your order.  
    Using the e-mail you registered on the forum, I was able to locate the order, and was glad to see that you did finally did receive it.  I am unaware of any restriction that does not allow you to pick up your package at a UPS Customer Care location, but I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and I assure you I will be documenting your comments to forward to our internal teams to look into this further.
    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and I hope you are enjoying your new computer!
    Thank you, 
    Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Best Buy is a mess, or worse.

    Best Buy is a mess, or worse.  I just signed up for Amazon Prime.  Here’s why:
    I purchased a laptop that arrived with a non-functioning touchpad.  I simply wanted to exchange this broken computer for a working model.  Best Buy could not accomplish this, and showed some abysmal customer service in the process.  I thought somebody at Best Buy should know.  Below are the details.
    I ordered an HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook with a 1TB HD and 8GB memory (SKU 9268057) on 1 January 2014 through The computer's specs were good and the price was great ($399), so I pulled the trigger on the purchase.
    The computer arrived quickly and as promised, but after a 10-15 minutes of use, the touchpad “click” would stick down and the computer would be remain constantly left-clicking.  In other words, the computer was not useable.
    I visited the Best Buy store in Reston, VA (store 297) and showed the problem to the Geek Squad.  They said the computer could be sent for repair (approximately 3 weeks), or I could exchange it for a new one.  Opting for the exchange, I took the computer to the customer service counter.  I was then told that the computer was an online only item and I would have to call 1-888-Best-Buy to exchange it.
    Issue #1 – I bought the computer from Best Buy and wanted to exchange the computer at Best Buy.  As a customer, I simply do not care if your internal inventory systems list an item as online only.  If visiting Best Buy to exchange a Best Buy item, I expect my very basic request to be honored.
    But fair enough, I understand.  I called the number, navigated a horribly designed IVR, then waited on hold for 30 minutes.  Apparently, I was transferred to Tech Support in error.  Tech Support said I'd have to be transferred again and wait on hold again.  I said that waiting another 30 minutes was unacceptable and asked that I be transferred directly to a person who could help.  At this point, the person in Tech Support hung up on me.
    Issue #2 – Despite my being courteous and polite on the phone, the inconvenience of my request caused this person in tech support to commit an indefensible disservice to a paying customer.  I can think of few things in this world that surpass the rudeness, gall, and unprofessionalism of hanging up on a customer. How little training are these people receiving that they would hang up on anybody, much less a customer?
    I called 1-888-Best-Buy again, waiting on hold for 30 minutes a second time. This person was more helpful. A shipping label was promptly emailed to me and I sent back the computer.  A few days later, I noticed that my credit card was refunded for the computer, but this was extremely odd given that I wanted an exchange for the exact same computer.
    Issue #4 – The Best Buy return forms need to be vastly clearer.  A customer needs to be able to indicate that the product is being exchanged, not returned.  I placed a handwritten note on the form, but apparently nobody at the return center bothered to read the note.
    I called 1-888-Best-Buy a third time.  This time, I spoke with a very nice lady who was (frankly and unfortunately) clueless.  She said that since the money was back on my credit card, I could simply buy the computer again.  I explained to her approximately a dozen times that I wanted an exchange and that if I repurchased the computer again, I would not receive the sale price because the computer was no longer on sale (I believe that the price was then $699).  In other words, the failure of Best Buy to correctly process the exchange would cost me an extra $300 if I was to repurchase the computer.  The customer service agent could not resolve the problem and then transferred me to a new person.
    Issue #5 – From my first phone conversation with a customer service agent, I was given an RA number.  Subsequently, I was told by everybody with whom I spoke that they could not look up my order or exchange via the RA number.  Why does Best Buy give an RA number if it is subsequently useless?  This is a giant waste of your customers’ time.
    I explained the situation a second time to the new customer service representative.  He understood the issue and was very helpful in resolving the issue.  After a few minutes of investigating, he came back on the line and said that the computer was no longer available, but that he would complete the exchange with a like product (HP Envy with 1TB HD and 8GB memory).  This resolution was exceptionally fair and met my expectations (the new computer had a price of $999, after all).
    When this new computer arrived, I realized that it was similar but had some substantial and material differences.  The keyboard is not backlit, the screen has very poor resolution (I’ve spent hours trying to resolve this issue to no avail), the touchpad is difficult to use and unresponsive, the monitor does not open beyond 90 degrees (Okay, maybe 95 degrees…but this makes the computer impossible to use on a desk, or more importantly, on a lap.  Seriously, why would HP design a computer like this??  You have to stoop down to see the monitor because it simply does not open wide enough), and the laptop body is horribly designed with all of the weight on the back, leaving the computer constantly unbalanced and the touchscreen 50% useless).  As I discovered, these differences all boiled down to a very small detail:  The original HP I purchased was a Sleekbook, while the new laptop is not.  One small word, one big difference.
    I then went back to the Best Buy store in Reston, VA and explained the situation.  My request was to exchange the HP Envy that I now possessed for the same model that I originally purchased (the HP Envy Sleekbook).  The lady at the customer service desk said that she could not perform the exchange.  Her rationale was that the exchange could not be made if the new computer would cost more than the original computer that I purchased.  I explained that I was now in possession of a $999 computer and was wanting to leave the store with a $699 computer.  This would net Bet Buy $200.  Regardless of that fact, however, my request to her was very basic:  I purchased an HP Envy Sleekbook, the first exchange did not work, and I still expected to receive an HP Envy Sleekbook.  She then went to find her supervisor.
    Issue #6 – Why can Best Buy employees not make a decision?  Can Best Buy please empower somebody?  Waiting around at the counter while employees search for a supervisor is unacceptable in 2014.  If you need an example, visiting an Apple store would be hugely beneficial.
    The supervisor, James {Removed per Forum Guidelines}, then arrived.  I explained the situation a second time.  James verified that the computer I originally purchased was indeed available at a nearby store.  But, he would have to charge me an extra $300 for the exchange.  Thinking that this was preposterous, I asked him to explain.  He said that he could not verify the price that I originally paid on January 1st.  Conveniently, I had a smartphone in my pocket and offered to show him the receipt from my purchase.
    As I did with the first employee, I explained again my very simple request to exchange the HP Envy Sleekbook that I originally purchased for a functional version of the same.  He said that this was impossible because I was shipped an HP Envy Sleekbook as an exchange.  I explained that this like-item exchange was the decision of Best Buy and that I had no control over what I was shipped by Best Buy when they were choosing an equivalent product.  Nonetheless, all of those facts notwithstanding, I was now in possession of a $999 product and wanted to exchange it for a $699 product.  THIS WOULD NET BEST BUY $200!  James {Remvoed per Forum Guidelines} was unwilling to hear any of this, said I would either have to either keep the HP Envy Sleekbook or pay $300 extra to leave the store with the computer that I originally purchased for $399.  These were the options, take it or leave it.
    Here’s the bottom line:  Best Buy won mightily.  Best Buy got its way.  I did not.  I admit it, Best Buy is the victor.  Congratulations.
    I could continue to fight for an exchange, but in Best Buy’s victory, the archaic process and automaton employees have worn me down.  I’ve now given up.  I’ll keep this sub-par, hardly useable computer.  I’ll also hate it.  I’ll also scorn Best Buy when I log on every morning and every evening.
    I’m not without options, though.  As a matter of fact, I’ve now joined Amazon Prime.  The Amazon service is amazing and I encourage every Best Buy customer to do the same.  You order heavily discounted products, you have the help of many customer reviews, and the products arrive at your door the next day.  I’ve already spoken to Amazon’s customer service team, and the experience was first class.  Since my Best Buy experience, I’ve already ordered an iPad and Nikon D3200 for my wife’s Valentine’s Day present.
    Best Buy could have had these sales.  James {Removed per Forum Guidelines} and the Reston store won the battle, though.  The price of losing the battle is that I have to keep a $999 laptop.  The price of the victory for Best Buy, though, is that a lifetime of sales will now be channeled through Amazon Prime.
    I expect Best Buy to do nothing after receiving this note.  But, my ideal resolution:  Please have the manager of your Reston store, along with James {Removed per Forum Guidelines}, write me a letter of apology.  It would be wonderful, and go a long way towards resolving the situation, if both the manager and James {Removed per Forum Guidelines} would acknowledge that when given the opportunity to do the right thing, they instead chose to hide behind inflexible and inappropriate company policy.  When given the opportunity to surprise and delight a customer, they instead chose to not lift a finger to make things right.  When given the opportunity to win a loyal customer, they instead chose the easy path that resulted in alienating a customer.
    All customers have a choice.  My choice is now Amazon Prime.

    Hello cathacker,
    Buying a new computer should be fun and exciting and not fraught with problems after the fact. I deeply regret the numerous obstacles to receiving a successful exchange for your defective machine and for any resulting inconvenience.
    The problems that you encountered are not helpful or endearing in the remotest measure. Having to cope with an unprofessional telephone representative is not the least of the unfortunate circumstances you describe, and for that above all I offer you my own personal apology. There is never a circumstance where behavior of that kind is appropriate and you shouldn't have had to cope with it.
    I was gratified to read that your subsequent call to arrange an exchange through was successful and netted a comparable computer for the same financial outlay. I was disheartened to hear that, while the offer met your expectations, the hardware did not.  I know that your objective was to exchange the substituted device when you revisited the Reston store, but were you offered a refund during your conversation?
    In any case, it's clear that the Reston store and created a disappointing situation for you with this purchase. Certainly, this was not our goal. While I understand your decision to pursue a relationship with one of our competitors, it remains my hope that you will one day give Best Buy another chance to win you over.
    Please know that i'm grateful for your eloquent remarks and for taking the time to compose and present them, both here and on our Facebook page.
    John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Considering upgrading through Best Buy instead of AT&T.

    So here it is again- the end of my 2 year contract. I have had many versions of the iPhone since they launched in 2007 and instead of upgrading from my iPhone 4 to the lackluster iPhone 4S, I am deciding to shake it up. I am going to go the route of android. 
    More specifically the Galaxy Note. It was meant to be. It even comes out on my birthday. It's a Phablet. Just like I always wanted.
    But I digress. 
    A friend told me about the awesome promotions going on through bestbuy. The $50 gift card (already signed up for it.) and the free case that comes with the galaxy note if you preorder it. 
    It is clearly the better deal to go through best buy, but I guess I have a few questions: 
    1. Can I preorder the phone at the store or do I have to do it online? I would like to be able to use the $50 gift card towards the phone (As it says I can in the fine print) rather than waiting for the gift card to arrive. 
    2. I am not the account holder (my mother is.) but I am an authorized on the account. Should I have her come with me or do I just need her info? 
    3. Does best buy typically get the phones in stock on the Release date (In this case the 19th) or later than that? 
    Thanks for reading. 

    'manufacturer warranty = from manufactr so is same no matter seller of item. buy item, it comes w manufacturer warranty, whatever it is. period.
    protection plans are a best buy (or competitor store) warranty. if you like terms, fine, if not, dont add it to order. stores will still take yr $ -- and you can still buy items at sale prices advertised. salesperson earns lower commission is all. 
    cell  carriers also offer own protection plans, fwiw.  your call to add to your plan -- or not.
    any or all of above may be considered a ripoff or added value, your call. but are addititonal to sale of item poster is considering. 
    prices on phones on bestbuy generally are NOT a ripoff, when we purchased ours was handled well, from moving address books etc to new phones to setup email accts, to not messing up the plan we wanted...
    also, bestbuy will take the Sprint upgrade discount right off the purchase price, so you walk out the door spending less/ get taxed on a lower price. most other places make you mail in a Sprint rebate form and wait for weeks/months to get a check in the mail.   

  • Purchasing Apple TV at Best Buy?

    I want to buy an Apple TV unit. There's a Best Buy that carries Apple products much closer to me than the Apple store. Is there any disadvantage to buying from Best Buy over the Apple Store? I think the price is the same. However, I am not sure whether the new Apple TVs at the Apple Store have the new update pre-installed, and if so, would the ones at Best Buy have it pre-installed also? Do they refresh inventory when something is upgraded (even if it's just software) as the Apple Store does?
    Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

    shouldn't matter where you buy it as the hardware is all the same.
    if it doesn't have v2 pre-installed then it is a simple download once you have the ATV connected to the internet.

  • Why I refuse to buy anything from Best Buy, ever again.

    Let me just preface this by saying that I have always defended brick & mortar stores.  I enjoy being able to go into a store and compare the look and feel of items.  I enjoy being able to talk to someone at the store regarding the items and their experiences.  I used to shop at Best Buy for this; however, due to a recent experience I can say I will never set foot into a Best Buy again.  This post is more of a warning to people who may consider purchasing from Best Buy, what they can expect to receive in terms of salesmanship, customer service and general experience if they encounter issues.
    We were purchasing a new refrigerator and decided to make our first stop Best Buy.  There was an open box Samsung refrigerator which we liked.  After exploring various refrigerators, we spoke to a sales rep about it.  We asked questions about why the item had been returned, if it would be cleaned prior to sale (it was very dirty inside) and how long it had been used before it was returned.  We were told it was returned simply because it was too large for the space, that it would be cleaned and it was only used for a week or 2. After debating, we decided to purchase the item.  I previously had a Best Buy credit card, so they were able to look up the account info since I no longer have the card.
    Fast forward 3 weeks (we were moving and scheduled the delivery out a bit) and the refrigerator comes.  The item comes just as dirty, if not worse, on the inside.  Also, it arrives with 2 broken shelves and a broken kickplate.  Since we needed some form of a refrigerator for our daughter's formula, we plugged it in and planned to use it.  I immediately called Best Buy 800 number to schedule a return and the purchase of another refrigerator.  We worked through the 800 number and a supervisor at the store to schedule the return and a new purchase.  We were informed that it would take 7-10 days for the item to be delivered.  They stated that we could use the current one until the new one was delivered... which was great, until later that night we found out that the fridge was not cooling at all.  I contacted the 800 number again to see if, due to the circumstances, we could bumped up on the priority of the delivery.  I was greeted by a very rude woman who said no.
    Needless to say, we purchased a new fridge later that night from Lowe's who delivered it the very next day.  I called Best Buy (again) to cancel the order and have the old fridge returned - so the story should end here.  
    But it gets better!! (Or worse?)  The warehouse people screwed up and the return/refund was not done properly.  This has led to the credit card company now stating that we owe them money for an item which was returned.  I have no receipt since all of this was done over the phone.  Citibank (another terrible company) refuses to contact Best Buy to confirm that the item has been returned.  Best Buy refuses to contact Citibank to let them know that the item has been returned.  Both companies (but this for is for Best Buy) have absymal customer service and refuse to put the customer first and take it upon themselves to resolve the issue.  For 2 months I have attempted to get the money refunded and wasted at least 10 hours on the phone.  
    As I started this post off this is more of a warning than anything.  The issue will be resolved soon, I've had to get a new card issued from the bank and the local store will refund my money (they have to have an actual card to refund the money, but they don't need one to purchase the item?  Uh, seriously?)  We are going to be looking for other appliances soon (as well as other electronics) and I will never purchase from Best Buy again.  Amazon and Lowe's is where I will purchase all appliances from in the future.  Their customer service blows Best Buy out of the water, their prices are better and they have more knowledgeable staff.

    Hello kmschmehl-
    I cannot truly express how sorry I am to hear about your total experience with the delivery and subsequent return of this fridge.  It certainly sounds as though Best Buy has put you through the ringer and I can absolutely understand your disappointment and anger with us.
    While it sounds like some aspects of the purchase and delivery were at least adequate, any opportunity that we had to show you why you should purchase from Best Buy went by the wayside.  However, Best Buy is not in the business to provide merely adequate experiences and I am saddened that this is the best we could summon for your purchase.  We are capable of better than what we showed you.
    I’m glad to hear that you have finally been able to get the assistance you needed to get this refund resolved and make you whole again.  In addition, I do hope that you are enjoying the fridge you purchased at Lowe’s.  I certainly wish that it had been a Best Buy fridge in your kitchen instead, but I can understand why you chose to go with another retailer.
    It sounds like the store has you in good hands once your card arrives and I believe that the reason they need the physical card is that the credit card company requires it to be physically scanned for returns.  Hopefully you will not run into any further issues with this refund and it’s my hope that sometime in the future, you might grant us another chance at your business.  I will be sending you a Private Message with some additional details as well.  To check your Private Messages, please log into the forum and click on the envelope in the upper right hand corner.
    Please let us know if you run into any further concerns.
    Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

  • Best Buy Pre-Order

    For those that pre-ordered from Best Buy, have you heard from them yet to setup an appointment to pick up your phone tomorrow (Thursday)?
    I keep getting the run around from them... They keep saying they're going to call real soon, however, I still haven't heard from them. They're also claiming that Apple has reneged on the amount of phones initially promised, and that they might not get any at all, which would be a huge bummer b/c they promised I would get one when I agreed to the pre-order... oh well, I'll live...
    Anyhow, just wondering...

    Okay, I'm REALLY mad at Best Buy right now! I was told yesterday not to worry, that they were getting enough phones for the pre-orders. I never did get a call today so I called and was told that they're only getting "a few" phones, whatever that means, and they don't have enough for all their pre-orders. They also don't know when they're getting their next shipment. My problem is that my 30 day return window for the original purchase ends Monday, so if they don't get phones by Monday I don't get an iPhone 4. If they didn't know how many they were getting, why did they tell me yesterday not to worry? I'm going to go down there after work today to try to get the real story, hopefully being there in person I might be able to get a straight answer.

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    Hey guys I'm new here from Turkey. So I was using siri on my iphone and it accidently thought that I said "restaurant" so it started searching for one. As we all know siri doesn't work outside the US and it gave me this response: "Sorry, I can't look