Does FCP 7 still works under Mountain Lion?

It's very important, before I update my MackBook Pro to know if Final Cut 7 still works under this new Operating System, since I'm in the middle of a Project that's in that FCP version.

Works for me:

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  • Does anybody know if iWeb still works in Mountain Lion

    Does anybody know if iWeb still works in Mountain Lion

    petermac87 wrote:
    AnaMusic wrote:
    This is June 2012... Mountain Lion is not due for released until July 2012...
    It is July 2012 over here Ana.
    So it is... Thanks Pete...
    Chronometer reset...

  • Firewire, Virtual software and Chrome don't work under Mountain Lion.  Why?

    I upgraded two machines to Mountain Lion:  A Core i7 iMac and a Core2Duo Mac Mini running OS X Server.
    The first thing I noticed was that any virtual machine software icons - Fusion, Parallels and Virtual Box - show up with the circle crossed out, even though each version was the latest installed (came as part of a couple of MacUpdate bundles). 
    Then I noticed on the iMac, all firewire devices were not being seen.  I have a Lacie 4big Quadra hooked up via firewire 800, an LG DVD+R drive on firewire 400 (800 to 400 cable coming out of the Lacie) and an EyeTV 200, which all were working just fine under Lion.  System Profiler shows a "Maximum Speed:  up to 800 Mb/sec", but no devices listed as available.  I did dupe the original Lion installation to an external USB disk but haven't resorted to that yet.  Tried identifying all connected devices at the command line, but haven't had success finding the firewire devices.
    Finally, although the latest Safari is nice and fast, I have been accustomed to working with Google Chrome.  On the iMac, every time I attempt to run Chrome, it comes up crashing and asking if I wanted to report it, which I do.  I even went as far as to delete and reinstall Chrome and I get the same result.  What's up with that?

    Since posting, I found out there were some updates available from VMWare, Parallels and Oracle (VirtualBox) which now allow them to run properly under Mountain Lion.
    I still have the problem with Firewire and Chrome though...  For Chrome, I have deleted and reinstalled but get the same result.  As for Firewire, I'm almost ready to "reorganize" my wiring from adding another powered hub and hooking some of the devices via USB, or just follow the lines and plugging and unplugging, although moments before the reboot from Lion to Mountain Lion, all firewire devices worked in the configuration described and nothing had since changed...

  • Why does snaps pro not work with mountain lion?

    I spent a lot money purchasing the pro addition only to be told that it won't work with mountain lion due to Apple's written something into the code that does not permit me to make videos with it. I even tried ot make a video of Indesign acting up so i could send it to Adobe support and it wouldn't allow me to. Is this the resaon it suddenly doesn't work anymore? Are there plans to fix mountian lion to allow me to use my software? Alternatively,, does Apple have something that does screen captures of videos?

    this is the repsonse form Ambrosia: (Not sure I understand it)
    As far as Snapz Pro X 2 functionality, some major backend Digital Rights Management changes enacted by Apple may be what is preventing you from recording movies you were previously able to record using our software. Basically, our program can no longer access videos before the DRM protections are enabled, unfortunately we have no control over these changes. Please see the following FAQ: /Why-does-the-content-of-my-capture-display-as-a-checkerboard
    BTW I am current on the latgest version.
    Does anybody know how to work around my problem? I need to be able to record videos on my computer.

  • Does microsoft office 2011 work with mountain lion?

    Was wondering if Microsoft Office 2011 works with Mountain Lion since the 1997 version does not.

    Okay, I will try that.  It looks like I have installed it twice already.  An obvious novice. I will do it again though.

  • FCP 7 not working with Mountain Lion!!

    FCP 7 is not working!!
    Once I install FCP in Mountain Lion (10.8) My FCP 7 won't let me open or create new projects shot with a Sony Z5 using Sony HVR-MRC1 to ingest media.
    Prior to this I never had any problems with Snow Leopard.
    When I try to ingest media FCP freezes and received the message that the application is not responding. For older works I am receiving this message:
    Appreciate your help!!

    That error is well known and documented. Even if you are on The latest FCP 7.0.3 version, it can still appear.
    Moving to FCP X won't help either. FCP 7 projects are not readable in X without third party conversion software.
    FCP 7 should work fine in Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) I have it running in Mac OS X 10.10.2.
    Use this free tool to trash FCP Preferences: Doing so will return FCP to standard settings.
    This tool is not free, but it has a trial period: It includes the ability to repair corrupt project files.

  • Smartcard reader not working under Mountain Lion

    I have an SCM SCR3500 smartcard reader. It was working under Lion, using the Mac OS Forge smartcard driver. After upgrading my MacBook Air to Mountain Lion, the reader is no longer recognized. To make matters worse (!!!), Mountain Lion only allows installations via the App Store. Is there a driver for 10.8 that can be used with this reader? Where? How?

    Another piece of information; I checked my system logs and found this entry repeating once I tried to connect my external display:
    16.09.12 18:26:45,972 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetNumberOfDisplayModes: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:45,973 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetCurrentDisplayMode: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:45,973 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetNumberOfDisplayModes: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:45,973 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetCurrentDisplayMode: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:45,979 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetNumberOfDisplayModes: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:45,980 System Preferences[14205]: CGSGetCurrentDisplayMode: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:46,003 System Preferences[14205]: CGSServiceForDisplayNumber: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:46,003 System Preferences[14205]: CGSServiceForDisplayNumber: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    16.09.12 18:26:46,009 System Preferences[14205]: CGSServiceForDisplayNumber: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00
    I really do hope that 10.8.2 is going to adress this issue. Up to that point Mountain Lion has rendered my external display completely useless...

  • Does Logic Pro 9 work with Mountain Lion?

    I was wondering...
    My computer has Snow Leopard installed and i would really like to get Mountain Lion. BUT there is a problem... I don't know if Logic Pro 9 will with Mountain Lion. Can anybody help me with it? And also does Logic Pro 8 and the microsoft pack (word, powerpoint, excel etc. 2011) work too? Please help me if you know it
    - Kufax

    Since I'm not in the middle of anything critical and have multiple backups, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade. I've only been running for an hour or so, but here's where I am:
    2008 MacPro, 8x2.8Ghz, 16Gb RAM. SSL MADI PCIe card for I/O. Logic 9.1.7
    Tested with a couple of recent, decent size projects (40+ tracks, VIs and plugins). Not seeing any perormance differences.
    - Euphonix MC Mix
    - UAD2 Duo
    - Spectrasonics Omnisphere
    - NI Komplete 8
    - Waves 9
    - Soundtoys 4
    - Wallander Instruments
    - EW Play
    - Melodyne
    NOT Working:
    - Access Virus TI. Plugin opens but cannot connect to Virus. I am running the latest stable v4 release - I will try installing the v5 public Beta and report back. This is a deal breaker so if I cannot get it working I will roll back to Lion
    - SSL Duende Native. Authorization is failing. Possibly a CodeMeter issue or just authorizations lost during upgrade - will look at this next.
    Make sure you are running the latest iLok driver - there was one released a few days ago.
    More as it develops.

  • Does Final Cut 7 work in Mountain Lion?

    I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion for iCloud and being able to sync files with my iPhone.  However, I am a video editor using Final Cut Pro 7.  Will the program function properly in Mountain Lion?

    First of all, backup your system before you do anything.
    I had no problems with Final Cut Studio when I upgraded to Mountain Lion.
    Mavericks causes the Qmaster preference pane to stop working. Supposedly you can still use the Terminal to set it up. I went ahead and got Compressor 4 and all was well.
    I don't think it's no longer necessary to install FCP7 and FCPX on separate partitions. I had FCP7 on my 2008 iMac and installed FCPX without any partitioning. When FCPX is installed it creates a folder called "Final Cut Studio" in the Application folder that houses all the final cut Studio apps.   

  • Does Lego Digital Designer work in Mountain Lion

    I am considering upgrading my 2011 iMac to Mountain Lion and have been checking the applications I have installed, on the Roaring Apps website.
    My kids use Lego Digital Designer quite a lot and Roaring Apps has a note saying that there are some problems under 10.8.
    Has anyone tried using LDD under 10.8 yet. I'd be grateful for any feedback/advice, before I take the plunge.

    Great! So what does that mean? All of us using mountain lion are stuck in limbo between two large cooperations? Seems like the LEGO group is finger pointing to apple, and APPLE points to LEGO? I understand that you "cbs20" dont represent APPLE. What did you base your answer on? @CT did you read a public agreemend of such? Do you have a link?

  • Clamshell mode does not appear to work with Mountain Lion installed

    Installed Mountain Lion on an 11" MacBook Air last Friday night.  Now the MBA does not work in clamshell mode at work with an external monitor.  It does not appear to wake or connect to the monitor.

    sjrlexlibris wrote:
    I was having the same problem.  Then I happened to plug in my external power supply and the problem went away.  In other words, I only have the problem if I am running my Macbook Pro on battery power.
    Mac notebooks: How to use your computer in closed clamshell (display closed) mode with an external display
    Requirements for closed display mode:
    Power adapter
    External keyboard, mouse, or trackpad
    External display
    Use these steps to enable closed clamshell (display closed) mode:
    Make sure the computer is plugged in to an outlet using the AC power adapter.

  • Will FCP Studio 3 work with Mountain Lion?

    Will I beable to open my projects and work on them if I upgrade to Mountain Lion?

    Yes, no and maybe...
    By starting from your install DVD, you can copy the entire hard drive back from a TM backup. Takes ages though.
    Retrieving documents is just a couple of clicks, as you probably know. Same goes for simple self contained apps.
    FCS is a bit more complicated as it also puts lots of files into the Library and System folders -- some are even invisible. If you remove it or are starting with a brand new Mac, I doubt that you will get everything needed back by just clicking the half dozen icons in the Applications folder of a TM backup.
    A cloned drive is a 1:1 copy. You can use the Restore function in Disk Utility. There are also apps such as SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner that can be used to make and retrieve your clone.

  • I can no longer attach a PDF to Outlook email in Mavericks OSX even though I have Mac Outlook selected as my email client. (It worked under Mountain Lion)

    I used to have a problem with Acrobat Pro X not recognizing Mac Outlook as my email client when using the 'SHARE' function under Acrobat Pro X . Then it was fixed and worked most of the time, although I occasionally had to go back and select Outlook as my default email in Preferences. However, I recently upgraded from Mac OSX Mtn Lion to Mavericks, and now it does't work AGAIN. It hangs up my Acrobat, Causing a Force Quit every time I try this! Very frustrating. I know I can just attach it to an email from my desktop, but it would be nice if the "Attach to Email" function in Acrobat actually worked. BTW, I am using Acrobat Pro X 10.1.10.

    I, too am wondering if it's the download site. I am not aware of any way to download Outlook Mac 2011 alone from any site including Microsoft's.
    It is common for unscrupulous sites to offer desirable but pirated software for a modest price, but serve it up with a dose malware. They get you money, possible a credit card number, your e-mail, your IP address, and all you get is pain.
    There was an "Outlook Express" for Mac that was freely distrubuted but I'll pretty sure that it never ran natively under OSX. The first OSX native version fo Office:Mac was Office X, and it introduced Entourage as the Mac mail client.
    IF Fast Hosts is your ISP, I'd certainly talk to them to figure out what you downloaded.

  • HT4889 Am I wrong or does Migration Assistant not work in Mountain Lion (10.8.2) when migrating from a PowerPC running Tiger (10.4.11)? Apple really needs to get on the ball or face losing people buying their new desktop products.

    The title alone speaks to my frustration about this issue.
    Used the process that was recommended by Apple to migrate from my "Lampshade" iMac (PPC running 10.4.11) to the new iMac (Intel running 10.8.2) and I got bupkiss...
    Just a spinning wheel (not beachball) and no drive recognized using Migration Assistant for both nor when using Target Mode on the iMac running 10.4.11 and Migration Assistant on the iMac running 10.8.2. Which is ironic, or more accurately oxymoronic, since the iMac in Target Mode (10.4.11) is recognized on the desktop of the iMac running 10.8.2 but not in the Migration Assistant. And before you can is not the Thunderbolt connection since I have the Apple recommended Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter and also used the Firewire 400 to 800 cable to expedite the transfer.
    On a personal note...
    I'm not bashing Apple for this...they are "head and shoulders" above the competition in what they do but I've been burned a few times so I feel I can share a small bit of loyal customer advice...I understand your iOS and mobile products hold huge sway in company focus and market-share but I find it a tad unwise to slack on the desktop applications. I don't recall any app for the iPhone/iPad family being made on the iPhone/iPad...only from desktop applications if I recall correctly. And how can I clearly "Move my Mac even further ahead"  as your marketing states when I can't even migrate my files from my old Mac to my new one in a simple fashion as per your instructions?
    I thank anyone in advance with an answer or even a workaround for this issue and please have a great day.
    Migration from Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger to OS X Lion
    Migration from Mac OS X v10.4 computers to OS X Lion over your Wi-Fi or a wired network is not supported. However, if both Macs are equipped with a FireWire port, you can use Target Disk Mode to transfer your data:
    Verify that both Macs are equipped with a FireWire port. Note that different model Macs may have different FireWire connectors, which will require an appropriate cable, such as FireWire 400 to FireWire 800.
    On the Mac you want to transfer data from, Restart, and immediately hold the T key.
    Wait for the FireWire logo to appear on the screen.  If it does not, restart and try again.
    Connect both Macs via the FireWire cable.
    On the Mac you want to transfer data to, Open the Migration Assistant application.
    Select the option "From another Mac, PC, Time Machine backup, or other disk" and click Continue.
    Select the option "From a Time Machine backup or other disk" and click Continue.
    Select your other Mac's volume, such as "Macintosh HD", from the list, and click Cont
    EDIT: Actually I realize you did follow these directions and if your drive is seen on the new Mac it should work. You're entitled to free Apple support with the new purchase, I'd give them a call.

  • Does fcpx uses the gdp under Mountain Lion?

    We are using fcpx 10.0.6 on a MBP2011 and an iMAC27-2009 under 10.7. It is running smoothly, using all cores but seemingly not the gdp.
    Will that change with an upgrade to 10.8?

    I assume you are talking about the gpu. AFAICT there is no way to actually see how much of the gpu an application or process is using (as opposed to the use of the cpu, as you can see in Activity Monitor).
    It appears that 10.0.6 does make more use of the gpu than previous versions, which results in much faster rendering, for instance. This does not seem to be OS related, but rather from the way the application is coded to target the gpu (presumably via OpenCL, but I can only speculate, of course).

Maybe you are looking for