Does fcp support 1080 25p capture at all?

does fcp support 1080 25p capture at all?  not some workaround.

Try making a custom setting. One thing that annoys me about Decklink is that they have a SHORT list of Presets. When I had the Extreme 3D installed, I had ProRes LT and ProRes ProRes 422, no ProRes Proxy.  BMD's suggestion was to duplicate a preset and customize it to fit my needs.  They wanted a short list, because they felt people would be daunted by the HUGE list.  AJA gives the FULL list...they know we aren't daunted.
Duplicate a preset and modify it to suit your needs...see if it works.

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  • Does FCP allow you to capture to 15:1, 2:1, 1:1 like Avid?

    When I capture on Avid I can choose to capture at 15:1, 2:1, 1:1, etc. in order to save HD space.
    Does FCP allow a similar capture choice?
    If not - does it capture everything at 1:1?

    I suppose I'm gonna' get trashed for asking this but here goes anyway.
    With One Terrabyte drives going for less than $300. why would anyone choose to go through capturing at low rez then having to take the time and effort to recapture/up-rez after a project is finished?
    I know, that's the way we did it when all we had was $80,000. Avids with 9 GB drives... but surely I am not the only one who has changed his workflow?

  • Which HDV does FCP support?

    I'm interested in shooting in HDV and cut it on FCP. But there seems to be 2 different types of HDV from Sony, and JVC. I'm quite confused:
    1) Which one can be cut on FCP.
    2) Can it be output to any deck such as Digibetacam?
    3) Can it be input or output to a deck by component, S-video or composit? Will it lose quality?
    4) does FCP support the new Panasinic P2 camera?
    5) Fianlly, is there any different between the Sony & JVC HDV's, both in cameras and in Decks (if there's any)?
    I'm leaning towards the JVC HDV. But if FCP does not support it, I'll have a problem.
    Thanks for anyone with any insight.

    1) FCP mainly supports the Sony format, but also supports the JVC format, although ONLY the 720p30 setting, not 24p. You can also use HDVxDV to convert the footage to "I" frames, which I hear is a decent way to cut HDV.
    2) Yes, but only if you have a capture card. Outputting to digibeta will always require a capture card. And you will have to render your HDV footage in an SD Digibeta is an SD format.
    3) Yes, it can. This is probably the better way to import HDV footage, IMHO. With the use of an HD capture card, you can import HDV in a different HD format which is easier to work with. Lose quality, yes, some quality will be lost, but nothing you'd notice.
    4) It supports the DVCPRO HD format, but as of yet there isn't a card reader for the P2 cards designed for the Mac yet. That will be remedied soon. But hey, the camera isn't even OUT yet, so patience man!
    5) Yes, there is a difference. They record different flavors of HDV. Sony and Canon record using a long GOP (group of pictures) and JVC uses a short GOP.
    If you lean towards the JVC, only shoot 720p30 if you intend on editing with FCP, or get an HD capture card and plenty of high speed storage if you want to capture it in a different HD format.

  • Does FCP support the new Panasonic AVC Intra codec?

    Does FCP support the new Panasonic AVC Intra codec?
    NOT AVCHD but AVC Intra?
    Will it require more rendering or converting before I can use it?
    I am looking at buying the HPX-2000 with the new AVC Intra board, recording to P2. AVC Intra is H.264 codec.

    I don't think this is supported yet.. but the camera's ability to shoot DVCPROHD certainly is.
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  • Premiere Pro Does Not Support Audio-Only Capture For Some Formats, Such As HDV?

    In the PPro CS 5.5 Help file  under, "Recording audio", it says:
    "Note: To capture an audio-only file from a digital video source, choose Audio from the Capture menu in the Logging pane of the Capture panel.
    "Premiere Pro does not support audio-only capture for some formats, such as HDV."
    I'm shooting in HDV and if I want to capture audio only, would I just need to switch my setting to DV?
    The only thing is my Canon HV20's HDV audio is MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2, 16 bit, 48 kHz.
    My DV setting is PCM audio, which I think is a better quality format, right?
    Would there be any noticeable difference?

    Capture your HDV material in the normal way and just drag audio only from the source monitor to the timeline.

  • Does FCP support 1080i open GOP HDV files?

    A FCP pre-purchase customer question:
    Will FCP support 1080i open GOP HDV for seamless editing ? My capturing device requires it.
    My previous NLE has frame errors/stutters that occur when placing two or more .m2t or .mov clips side by side that were captured consecutively on a Firestore Recorder (FS-4 Pro HD).
    The Firestore FS-4 ProHD captures 1080i HDV into 9 minute clips ( approx 2GB, but not always the exact same byte size ), which then can be dropped into an NLE timeline and played back seamlessly, one after another. This feature is essential to my multi-cam editing of 2 hour live music performances.
    I've gotten approval from Firestore to use FCP, Canopus Edius, or Avid, and I'm willing to give FCP a try if Apple can absolutely confirm before purchasing.
    Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    FCS2 doesn't support .m2t files, you will need to use Streamclip to convert if your Firestore device doesn't make .mov files.
    FCS2 supports long Gop HDV editing,
    Good Luck

  • Does FCP support the JVC SR-DVM700 deck yet?

    I know there have been past complaints by people who have not had any luck getting FCP to recognize the JVC SR-DVM700 deck. I am in the same boat. Does anybody know if this situation is any better?

    I'm having a similar issue with the JVC SR-DVM700U deck. I tried with the same resolve. I also tried the capture now feature while playing the tape, but as I stopped the capture it came up with an error saying unrecognizable video or file type. I have also clip and batch captured only for it to return a no video error as well. I can only assume maybe the HDD might be slowing the deck down some how, even though it is not on. It works fine with my PC and matrox/Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 . I alsotried messing with firewire/ firewire basic settings in Final Cut as well as dropframe and non. I hope I can some how use this deck with the this new MAC and Final Cut. Thanks for any help.

  • We have mac os X 10.5.8 we tried to upgrade with the new firefox 4. it removed our old firefox and replaced it with firefox 4. Now we get a message that our system does not support the new firefox. All our bookmarks settings are gone. Please advise.

    When we tried to open firefox 4, all previous settings and bookmarks were gone. Firefox 4 gives message that it is not supported by our system. IMAC G5 power PC with 2 gigs of Ram. Is there any way to restore the old firefox?

    Hi everyone,
    Many of you have had problems with Spotify for Mac OS X 10.5. We no longer support Spotify on this operating system which we announced back in November here as a "heads up".
    However, we've noticed that many folks have been updating regardless which should not be the case. Our intention was to let anyone using Mac OS X10.5 continue using a "legacy" version of Spotify. In any case, the folks who were using 10.5 were updated, and in many cases these customers have experienced crashes with the newest version of the application (Spotify version 0.8.8. at the time of writing).
    To make a long story short, we messed up in updating folks who should not have been updated and we're sorry. We plan on fixing the problem of Spotify updating to the latest version for Mac OSX 10.5 users and we're working on it as I write this. If you're a person who has already upgraded and the application is crashing, we're looking into a solution and we hope to have an update shortly.
    Warm regards from your humble community manager,

  • Does hp support a HP psc 1500 all in one printer

    I can not print in black.  I've re uninstalled and re installed my printer at least 6 times,  can not find my printer which is a HP  psc 1500 all in one listed therefore I used software for 1510 all in one.  It prints all text in light blue.  I've tried changing my printing preferences many different ways.  Nothing seems to correct this problem.  I've run a test page and it printed  two lines in black( black print read HP PSC 1500 series and my serial number on the second line)  and 3 color blocks and the rest was small squares and small lines in 3 columns. My frustration level is at an all time high.  I've literally spent an entire day trying to fix this problem.  Please help before I do something RASH.  Thank You, Greta2

    Hey @greta2,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forum.  I understand you're having a print quality issue with your HP PSC 1500 All-in-One Printer.  I would like to assist you in resolving this and have some steps that may improve your print quality.  You were correct in using the 1510 All-in-One drivers as they are compatible with your printer.  Additionally, you were very diligent in approaching the problem from a software perspective - this rules out printer settings as being the most likely cause of the absence of black ink in your printouts.  
    From what you're describing with the test-page printout, I would recommend that you troubleshoot the issue at the hardware level.  For starters, click on the following article heading and work your way through Steps 2 through 6 to better diagnose the issue:
    Missing, Faded, or Dull Colors
    As I suspect your print diagnostic page (Steps 3-6) will be lacking black ink in some parts as before, proceed with the following steps:
    Run the clean print cartridges utility
    Open the Printer Toolbox. There are two ways to do this:
    Open HP Director (or HP Solution Center), select the Settings menu, then the Print Settings submenu, and finally the Printer Toolbox.
    Open Printers and Faxes in the Windows Control Panel, then right-click your printer icon and choose Properties. Click on Printing Preferences. Click the Services tab, then the Service This Device icon.
    The Printer Toolbox opens. On the Device Services tab, click Clean the Print Cartridges , then follow the on-screen instructions. Up to three levels of cleaning are available. Discard or recycle the page that prints.
    Clean the contacts
    Gather the following items to clean the cartridge and carriage:
    Clean distilled water. Use bottled or filtered water if distilled water is not available. Tap water can contain contaminants that damage the cartridge.
    Clean cotton swabs or any soft, lint-free material that will not stick to the cartridges (coffee filters work well).
    Sheets of paper or a paper towel to rest the cartridge on during cleaning.
    Open the cartridge access door and wait until the carriage is idle and silent.
    Disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer.
    Remove the cartridge and place it on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up.
     NOTE:Do not leave the cartridges outside of the printer for more than 30 minutes. If the cartridge is outside of the printer for too long, the ink can dry and clog the nozzles.
    Dip a clean foam-rubber swab or lint-free cloth into distilled water, and then squeeze any excess water from it.
    Clean only the copper-colored contacts
    Figure : Clean the contacts
    Copper-colored contacts
    Ink nozzles (do not clean)
    Repeat these steps for the other cartridge.
    Lightly moisten another cotton swab with distilled water, and then squeeze any excess water from the swab.
    Use the swab to clean the electrical contacts in the carriage, located inside the printer on the carriage slots.
    Figure : The electrical contacts in the cartridge slots
    Wait 10 minutes to allow the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts to dry.
    Reinstall the cartridges.
    Close the cartridge access door.
    Reconnect the power cord to the back of the printer.
    Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
    Try to print a page.
    If you are still unable to print, repeat these steps to clean and reseat the cartridges. Multiple cleanings might be necessary to restore printing.
    Black cartridges only: remove and rest for two hours
     NOTE:The procedure below will not fix missing lines or streaked bars printed by the tri-color, photo, or gray photo cartridges, or other color printing problems. Only perform the steps below if the black print cartridge has printed defective patterns, or if you notice non-uniform black text darkness.
    In the black print cartridge, this problem may be caused by sediments collecting in the nozzle area. Follow the steps below to solve this problem:
    Remove the black print cartridge.
    If the carriage has a latch, relatch it and then close the printer - this is important. If the printer is not closed, it cannot adequately protect the remaining tri-color cartridge.
    Place the cartridge on a level surface with the nozzles up (label down).
    Figure : Cartridge with the nozzles up
    Allow the cartridge to sit undisturbed for two hours.
    Reinstall the cartridge and print another self test page.
    Click the Windows Start button, then click Control Panel.
    Double-click the Printer and Faxes folder.
    Right-click the icon for your printer and choose Preferences.
    Choose the Services tab and click Service this Device. The printer Toolbox opens.
    On the Devices Services tab, click Print a Diagnostic Page.
    Look for defects on the page.
    If the self test page shows no defects for the black cartridge, and if the cartridge was new, align the cartridge. To align the cartridge, follow the steps below:
    Load fresh, white paper.
    Click the Windows Start button, then click Control Panel.
    Double-click the Printer and Faxes folder.
    Right-click the icon for your printer and choose Preferences.
    Choose the Services tab and click Service this Device. The printer Toolbox opens.
    On the Device Services tab, click Align the Printer.
    If the cartridge was not new, there is no reason to align the printer.
    If the page still shows defects, go to the next step.
    Replace the problem cartridge
    If a cartridge replacement was not tried previously to solve this problem, replace the problem cartridge now. Click here (c00206040) (in English) to see if the cartridge is covered under warranty.
    Let me know the result of your troubleshooting by responding to this post.  Best of luck! 
    I work on behalf of HP.
    Please click Accept as Solution if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
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  • I have an Airport Extreme as my wifi hub and an Airport Express to beam music. All of a sudden the Express stopped working and I get the error message "this version of Airport Utility does not support this base station".  All my software is up to date and

    I have a WiFi system in the house that uses the Airport Extreme for a hub and an older Express for sending music from my Mac to my sound system. Everything worked great till yesterday. When I go to Networks I see the Extreme and I see the Express but the Express is no longer connected and I get an error message "this version of AirPort Utility doesn't support this base station".  Any ideas?

    This sounds as if you have an older AirPort Express that is no longer supported by the newer Mavericks operating system.
    To check and see if  that might be the case, locate the model number on the side of the AirPort Express. It will start with an "A" followed by four numbers. Hard to see in the faint you may need reading glasses or a magnifying class to see the model number clearly.
    Model numbers A1084 and A1088 of the AirPort Express are no longer supported by AirPort Utility in Mavericks.
    You will need to use a Mac running Leopard, Snow Leopard, or a PC to be able to administer the older AirPort Express.

  • Is Cisco ever going to address the fact the E1200 does not support Wireless-N speeds at all!

    When is Cisco ever going to address despite the touted speeds on their product packaging and what they claim wherever they sell the product that the E1200 with latest or earlier firmwares do not support Wireless-N speeds and usually gets under 1Mbps which is ridiculous?
    Why is Cisco still selling this inferior product if they know it doesn't work and they have not patched it?

    Extremely high volumes of connections can affect the speed of your own Internet connection. Did you already verify the connection straight to the modem? If that is working fine, then I firmly believed router is the issue here. Well there is lot of factors affecting slow speed with the router, that maybe cause by a corrupted firmware. BTW, what’s the version number of this router? If it’s already on the latest firmware, what I can suggest is to reset and reconfigure this device. You might as well disable WMM (it’s recommended for version 2 having this issue). My friend and I fix her problem with version when we disable WMM.

  • Does FCP support the new iFrame format?

    I know the update was just released for iMovie, and I was thinking of nabbing one of these new Sanyo cams. Sometimes I use FCP for editing though.

    Your welcome Nick. I may be wrong, they may add it to FCP, who am I to second guess Apple, but you would of thought they would of put a camera in the new iPod touch too, but they didn't. So... you just never know. I'll certainly let you know if it's in the next update though.

  • Does FCP support Canon 30F mode?

    If so...what are the proper settings for importing footage and also timeline settings for editing?

    Forgot to say what camera I am talking about....the Canon XH-A1 in HD 30f mode.

  • FCP Support

    Does FCP support the Canon XHA1 camera and what are the suggested settings.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    You can find the answer here -

  • Does FCP X has multi cam option? and it support VOB video file ?

    Does FCP X has multi cam option? and it support VOB video file ?

    Jeaux wrote:
    Premier is a bloated Windows app first, ported to Mac. I seriously suggest you download the trial version of Premier before you drop $800. for it (or $1699. for the suite.), and see for yourself if it's all that.
    Is Adobe software overpriced? Opinions vary.
    And FCPX is a bloated inefficient Apple app not ready for prime time, but will function nicely as a hardware upgrade requirement, it's already started. Why do you think it's so cheap.
    Apple makes their money via hardware.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Problems Installing CS2 via Photoshop 6....

    Hi,  yup I know these are old versions, but Ive had an hardware failure and need help !!  Not having the best of days... My PC has crashed, requiring me to reintsall VISTA and photoshop. My last full version of Photoshop was 6, I installed that, ever

  • Should i buy another soundca

    hey there I have posted a few days ago and i still had no answer from a mod or admin.. the problem is.. Do i buy a M-Audio Delta 00 or i can keep my audigy? I really need an answer on the next question so if you CAN'T answer or if my question is not

  • Add danish as an input language?

    Hello I'm thinking of buying an unlocked BB8320 in UK and use it in Denmark. Is it possible to add danish as an input language to the phone? My wireless service provider is not on the "BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites"  list, in

  • Bring my JFrame to the front

    Hi, I have a JFrame that I would like to have in front of a jsp page. For the moment it just lay in the background. The code I have written is: JFrame frame1 = new JFrame(); frame1.toFront(); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(frame1, "Person added to dat

  • I don't receive mail with instructions to verify iCloud account

    I changed my AppleID and now my iCloud was blocked. I recieve an iCloud message informing that a mail with "instructions to verify" my account was send, but this e-mail never come!! Now I am without access to all my Number files, worksheets very very