Does final cut pro work on Macbook air.

Does final cut pro work on Macbook air.
I know it works fine on my Macbook Pro, but considering getting an Air for travelling, and like to import and do some basic editing while away.
Used to have a Macbook, and FCP wouldn't load on that.
Understand the Air's limitations on disk size, but only wanting it as a travelling editor.

"Traveling editor" could imply dedicated offlining. Shane, do you think that could work with a low rez ProRes codec?
I don't think anyone has tried to use an AirBook for FCP. Anyone bother to search?

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    just wondering whether can i install final cut pro in my macbook air wth intel corei5 64bit

    yes, you can. Its on mine.
    If however you plan on anything other THAN simple cuts and simple edits, youre barking up the wrong tree.
    Heavy layer and graphics additions or any serious vid. edits is not the forte' or platform for the macbook Air.
    see here for the details: acbook-air-and-final-cut-pro-x

  • SD Card not showing up in Final Cut Pro on the MacBook Air

    I have been using Final Cut Pro X on a Macbook Air (1.7ghz Intel i5, 256gb ssd, 4gb RAM) and when I insert an SD Card, it shows up but immediately disappears. It continues to be displayed on my friends MacBook Pro, but does not on my Air. 

    Apologies! All sorted. My mac was just taking so long to render the audio lol
    Still having issues with syncing audio (zoom h4n) video clips (multicam clip or sync clips). Normally works like a dream even on difficult material, but for some reason now randomly sync's clips way off the mark.

  • Final Cut Pro (FCP) on MacBook Air. Possible?

    Is it possible to run Final Cut Pro (NOT FCP X) on a MacBook Air?
    I would like to be able to do basic editing, but mainly use it to dump footage on location to external harddrives.

    "Traveling editor" could imply dedicated offlining. Shane, do you think that could work with a low rez ProRes codec?
    I don't think anyone has tried to use an AirBook for FCP. Anyone bother to search?

  • HT1531 does final cut pro works for my mac book pro 4 gb ram i5 processors

    why am not able to support power pc applications in mac     

    Babowa: Here is a recent post I made on this subject (responding to the oft mentioned claim on this forum that "installing Rosetta into Lion" would allow FCPS to be installed). 
    I would love it, if the OP (or you, perhaps, if you do not mind goting through the process again) could confirm the "Terminal Instruction"installation method:
    It never made sense to me that (a) one could install Rosetta into Lion and get any results at all, let alone get an installer written in PPC code to run; or (b) if installing Rosetta into Lion worked for an installer written in PPC code, then why wouldn't an application written in PPC code work also?
    And the answer is...
    Anytime an operating system is updated, there is a chance that some of your software will no longer function 100% correctly, until the publisher releases an update of that software for the newly updated operating system.  And that is what is going on here...
    The Final Cut Pro installer is NOT written in PowerPC code!  There is some minor instruction in the installer that makes a call to the operating system in Lion, that Lion is incorrectly interpreting as being PPC code and hence giving the Dialog Box that says that it cannot run a PowerPC program.
    This minor instruction is attempting to execute the following instruction in Terminal:
    $ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /
    If you execute this instruction in Terminal sans Rosetta, the program will install perfectly!
    Somehow, the "installation of Rosetta" into Lion, and perhaps Mountain Lion interferes just enough between the program and the operating system, to allow the program to make this call to Terminal and install the program.  Since this instruction will work in Terminal without Rosetta installed, it obviously has nothing to do with PowerPC code or Rosetta.
    So the best advice would appear to be to use this instruction in Terminal and wait while the installation program completes all of its tasks with the concluding statement:
    installer: The install was successful.
    This method avoids any pitfalls that may occur by installing Rosetta, which has no place in Lion or Mountain Lion and may be the cause of future problems!
    Since I do not have Final Cut Pro, I cannot confirm this, but maybe I can borrow a copy somewhere soon...

  • Final Cut Pro on a MacBook Air mid 2012

    I'm thinking about getting a new laptop with a 512 GB flash SSD. I would like to have FCP running for personal purposes (I'm starting to shoot interviews) and store more than 100 GB of pictures. Do you guys think that a MacBook Air with 8 GB of RAM is enough? I already have last year's Air and I'm really happy with it. I'm also considering the Retina but it's 1000 euro more expensive.
    Thanks for your answers

    I use FCP 5.1 on a white macbook with no problem.
    Although you'll seriously want to use an external firewire hard drive.
    It seems like the fact that doesn't support something doesn't mean it won't work. It just seems like it may work, but don't call them with issues.

  • Does final cut 5 work on 10.7 lion as it was but i bought a new macbook air and it won't install now ?

    does final cut 5 work on 10.7 lion as it was but i bought a new macbook air and it won't install now ?
    i had it work on my second gen mba but now it wont work

    Hi David
    I meant to say 5.1 the problem I've got is it's saying it does support ppc software but I have got the intel version but for some reason won't install from disc but if I transfer from time-machine backup it works
    But then it won't read my project it's so strange just don't get it 

  • Will Final Cut Pro work on the 2014 macbook air?

    I recently purchased an early-2014 13-inch 128 GB Macbook Air. I have done my research about video-editing software and would like to use Final Cut Pro. Would my air be able to handle it or is my only option using iMovie?

    WWhat graphics processor? How much RAM?
    MInimum specs are here

  • Does Final Cut Pro import 24 fps video?

    I've been working with Final Cut Express for about a year, and am thinking about upgrading. I know that Final Cut Express does not import true 24 fps video, but am wondering if Final Cut Pro does. Also, does Final Cut Pro require more hardware power than FCE? (I currently have a dual core MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram. Will that suffice for FCP?)

    Yes, FCP can handle 24 (or, more commonly, 23.98), and no, it doesn't require additional hardware (though certain apps inside the suite will certainly benefit from it).

  • How does final cut pro x export a file if it has not finished rendering?

    How does final cut pro x export a file if it has not finished rendering?
    So today I finished a project: Share >Export > as a pro res 422 and I'm now burning with iDVD as we speak. FCPX is still doing background rendering! I hope my DVD turns out ok....

    You don't need to render before export.
    Rendering is for playback.
    If your project plays OK from the storyline, you can safely turn off rendering in preferences.

  • Does Final Cut Pro X Utilize Multiple GPUs if more than one is installed?

    For example, does Final Cut Pro X utltize both GPU's to help in rendering if you went with the two ATI Radeon 5770 option in a Mac Pro? Thanks for any help!

    - NO - kind of but not really - take a class - watch some basic videos on you tube...
    - YES - multicam is excellent
    - YES - you can switch it off - but you probably won't when you get used to it - after about 5 days
    - YES - very much so in the browser where it counts
    - YES... I think.
    Really go watch some basic entry level FCP X vids - the answers are all there. I recommend watching the latest from 2014 on YouTube. There are plenty.

  • I transfered my Final Cut Pro from a macbook to a new macbook pro and i cant get the program to open.

    I transfered my Final Cut Pro from a macbook to a new macbook pro and i cant get the program to open. I have already uninstalled a reinstalled 4 times. What should I do?

    How did you transfer it?
    As a first step you should trash the preferences with

  • Does Final Cut Pro X support RAW Cinema DNG files?

    I'm looking at a pro/broadcast project that I'll be shooting in RAW Cinema DNG.  Does Final Cut Pro X support this format?  I can shoot in ProRes, but I don't want to for this particular project.

  • Does final cut pro x support avchd files from sony HDR-cx260

    Does Final Cut Pro X support the AVCHD files from a Sony HDR-CX260 Handycam?

  • Does final cut pro x work on mac mini i5 2.3GHz

    Hey everyone I'm a Mac newbie and i just bought this mac mini of course the cheapest one and now im wondering if i would be able to run final cut pro x on it        if i install 16gb of ram someone please help me out if not i may just return it thanks in advance

    short answer: it will
    long answer; FCPX does perform well (for my needs), on my less-powerful MacMini C2D/2.26 with 8GB. so, the i5 plus its newer graphic card plus your 16GBs will 'fly'. you can improve performance even more with additional, external harddrives, to keep projects, events and system/app on physical diff. drives.
    It's a kind of 'religious war' here on this board btw, the real professionals ("…only and just only  fw800 RAIDS work!"), and hobbyists like Ian and me ("my ol' usb drives support 6-angle-multicam too!") what kind of drives you should use ... finally, size-of-wallet decides

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