Does ipod nano work with ipod photo dock, s-video out?

Does the ipod nano work with the ipod photo dock, with an s-video out? Will apple make one for the nano specifically?

The iPod nano cannot show photos on an external device, I suspect Apple have not built this feature into the hardware. The options for showing to a TV are not in the photo menus either.

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  • Does the Ipod nano work with microsoft XP?

    Does the ipod nano work with MS windows XP? itunes will recognize my Nano 7G, therefor I cannot sync,

    Have you try putting your ipod into disk mode if you need help putting it in disk mode here's a page from apple
    of how to put your ipod nano into disk mode:

  • Does the new IPOD Nano connect with the bose docking stations?

    Does the new IPOD NANO connect with the Bose docking stations?

    Yes it does. just bought a Bose. But make sure you have no cover on your Nano as it will not connect!

  • Ipod Nano Compatibility with Ipod Universal Dock and Remote

    I have an 8GB Black 2nd Gen iPod Nano. I want to connect it to my stereo. I was told that the Apple Ipod Universal Dock would be a good solution. 4E07A&nplm=MA045G/C
    The website says that it is compatible with my nano, so no big deal right? I just wanted to make sure it would work fine with my iPod nano before I went and bought one. Does it come with the AV cable to connect the dock to my stereo / tv? DOes the dock have a graphical menu interface like some of the third party docks/remotes have?
    Also, will the Apple Ipod Remote work with the universal dock? E48CD&nplm=MA128G/A
    The apple store website says that everything will be compatible, but I wanted confirmation from someone who has actually owned this or knows about this.
    Can you offer any better docks/remotes ideas?
    Acer Aspire AMD Sempron , 512MB, 60GB,15.4" Widescreen, XP Home Edition Notebook, AS3004WLCi - LX.A5505.A74   Windows XP  

    I was looking at the review CNET had for that Kensington dock. /4505-6519_7-31631868.html?tag=uolst
    I had a question about part of the review though, I am not sure I am understanding it correctly.
    "We were impressed by the remote's ability to take control of our iPod; most of the third-party iPod-dock remotes we've seen only pause the music or video, skip tracks, and adjust the volume, not browse the menus. That said, the Entertainment Dock still isn't perfect. When you navigate the menus, your TV screen will be blank, so you must rely on the iPod's screen for your visual cues. Our other gripe is that the remote seems cheaply designed: The buttons on our review model looked misaligned (if usable), while the battery cover was annoyingly difficult to pry open. We got about 30 feet of range from the remote, which is more than adequate for most living rooms."
    So this means that even though the remote can navigate the menus on the iPod, you wont be able to see what you are doing unless you go to the screen of your iPod?

  • HT1386 I just reinstalled my windows operating system and decided to put on windows 8.  After loading all of my music back into a freshly installed itunes, my 4th gen ipod is not recognized by itunes.  My 1st gen ipod nano works with no problem.  Help!

    reinstalled my windows operating system and decided to put on windows 8.  After loading all of my music back into a freshly installed itunes, my 4th gen ipod is not recognized by itunes.  My 1st gen ipod nano works with no problem.  I can eliminate any problems with the cable and connection.
    I've stopped and started the service, and also have performed cold reboots.
    Nothing seems to have helped the situation.

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    I would start with
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    Have you tried on another computer to help determine if you have a computer or iPod problem?
    The iPod Classic uses different drivers than the Nano

  • Does FM tuner work with apple universal dock, with ipod nano 6g

    Does anyone know if the FM tuner in the ipod nano 6G works with the universal dock to give audio output?

    I have the Classic 80gb also...same probem. I retuned the Apple Universal Dock and purchased one that was half the price. Pluged it in and it works perfectly! So my advice would be to save some money and get products that work.

  • Does the new Ipod Nano work with AUDI Music Interface

    Getting a new Audi A4 with music interface and wanted to know if this will work with Ipod Nano or do I need Ipod Classic or Touch?

    Yes it does. just bought a Bose. But make sure you have no cover on your Nano as it will not connect!

  • IPod nano works with USB 1.1 but not USB 2.0

    Anyone using an iPod nano that works with USB 1.1 but not with USB 2.0? I am using Windows XP and when installing the iPod software from CD it recognizes the iPod and am able to transfer songs using iTunes but when installing SP1 or SP2 to enable USB 2.0 transfers, Windows XP only recognizes the iPod nano as a USB Mass Storage Device. This is the same with iPod Updater.

    I have a similar problem with the following configuration:
    - Dell Dimension 4100 Desktop with 2 integrated USB 1.1 ports, Windows 2000 SP 4
    - PCI 6-Ports USB 2.0 Card ("Mentor" resp., Model USB20-PCI/6P
    What works well?
    - All my USB add-ons (1.1 and 2.0) on the internal 1.1 ports as well as on the USB2.0 PCI card
    - iPod Nano 4GB on internal 1.1 ports (external drive in windows 2000 as well as iPod in iTunes)
    - iPod Nano works as well as on the USB 2.0 card ONLY WHEN my old 4-port USB1.1 hub is connected between Nano and USB card
    What doesn't works?
    My iPod Nano directly connected to the USB 2.0 card. Symptoms when connecting:
    - Windows is very slow, process "scvhost.exe" or "system.exe" using 99% of CPU for some minutes
    - iPod is recognised as external drive, but when I click on it, it is empty and copying files to it results in "I/O error"
    - iTunes doesn't recognise the iPod (of course, if even windows itself cannot read from it...)
    I removed all USB drivers, reinstalled iTunes, iPod (by the way, I still don't understand what "iPod update" is good for, except for updating the iPod's firmware), deactivate the internal USB1.1 ports, no result.

  • Will ipod nano work with itunes and windows 8?

    I am having trouble putting audiobooks from itunes on my ipod nano.  I have the 7th generation ipod and windows 8.  I have managed to put music and a couple movies on it but no luck with the audio books.  Please help!  Thank you, Lori

    Yes.  All model iPods should work with the newest version of iTunes.

  • Does Apple TV work with iPod Classic?

    I was told by an Apple Store person on the phone that Apple TV will allow me to get my iPOd to work on the Tv I purchased the next day.  Then I come to this website and it does not mention iPod Classic.  DOes iPod Classic work with Apple TV?  From my understanding Apple TV allows access to a person iTunes library and actually uses iTunes rather than the ipod.  So I am not sure why it would not work with an iPod classic.  Please advise.

    So what does this mean?  You never stated weather or not IPOD Classic will work with Apple TV.  It insinuates that Classic doesn't run with iOS, but doesn't state it.  Why can't Steve's question have a yes or no answer?  Do you work for Apple?  Apple has a terrible reputation for not fulfilling implied functions.  If it requires a lot of headache to make it work with Classic, then call it out clearly on the box.
    To anyone who knows;
    Is the answer "yes"......"no".......or "not without installing ?? application found ???"

  • Will ipod Nano Work With SP2?

    Hi everone! I want to buy a nano but all these negative discussions are giving me doubts. I have Windows XP SP2, all patches, and a USB 2.0 port. Will my iPod Nano work properly on this machinge if I buy one?

    Can you tell me more?
    No, not really. I'm a Mac user and I avoid Windows like the plague.
    I would imagine that any installation problems that you read about on these forums probably do not represent the majority of Windows iPod users. People post here when they have problems... so you never hear about the millions of users who are running smoothly without any issues.
    Chances are, you'll have no issues at all.

  • Ipod nano compatibility with ipod accessories

    Is the ipod nano compatible with other ipod accessories? Will it work with my Bose speaker system built for the ipod? Will the car charger and battery backups that I have purchased for my ipods work with the nano? thanks

    I want to get an ipod nano, but i have the earbud headphones that i bought separately from the ipod. you know, the ones with the 3 different rubber sizes or your ears? well i was wondering if it would work with the ipod nano. i saw that the nano had different headphones.

  • Does iPod nano work with Stereo Connection Kit?

    Does anyone know if the iPod nano will work with the Stereo Connection Kit w/ monster cables? Someone bought both for me but the connection kit doesn't say it works with the nano anywhere on the box or in the instructions. Thanks for your help

    The dock should work if you line it up right but everything else will work just fine. Realise you need USB to sync with a computer but Firewire is fine for charging.

  • Does the Ipod Nano work with Windows XP SP1???

    I studied the system requirements for the ipod nano and there was written, that I need a WinXP with SP2 for it.
    Because I use Sound-Software that only works with Windows XP SP1 I have to keep this system, and I now would like to know if that works. Could anyone answer this question??

    Have you try putting your ipod into disk mode if you need help putting it in disk mode here's a page from apple
    of how to put your ipod nano into disk mode:

  • Does iPod Nano work with Camera Connector?

    Is the iPod Nano able to work with the Camera Connector? How about the Belkin Camera Connector or Belkin Media Reader?

    6GB nano we might see in a year, a 20 GB nano is presently only a fantasy and while eventually possible, we won't be seeing it anytime soon. To my understanding the belkin media reader uses firewire to communicate among other things so no it wont work with the Nano. And of course the Nano is windows preformatted windows compatible.

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