Doubt in CRM sales order Cube and ODS

Hell Friends,
We have a standard cube '0CSAL_C03' and ODS '0CRM_SALO' for CRM sales order.
ODS is attached with infosurce(datasource) -0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I and 80CRM_SAL2(this is update rules-another sales order items(lean extraction) ODS - 0CRM_SAL2).
we have another ods(lean extraction)- 0CRM_SAL2 and again it is attached with 0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I.
Could anybody explain me why two ods ar coming for sales order- crm.
Can we use two ods or only one ods-0CRM_SALO?
Could you pls. check it the system under- crm  application component and let me know what is the best way for going impls.

actually they definatly use Bdocs because messages bdocs are the main communication elements in CRM.  you will definatly find them in SBDM.  Bdoc are simmilar idoc's  they used to send information between CRM transactions and ERP systems, mobile clients or to BW.  there are 2 types of Bdocs message bdocs(M Bdocs) and synchronization Bdocs (S Bdocs). Sbdocs are used for sycronizing between moblie clients and  CRM online. M bdocs are used for communication within CRM and also for exachange information between R/3 and CRM as well.
  So for sales we normally configure our standard Bdocs or we can modell our own bdocs.  lean Bdocs are message bdocs but have only subset of all the fields in a transaction and used for updating only those fields. usage of them can be verified only CRM specialists. it depends on how your organizational sales process is configured in CRM.
in SALES we normally use bdoc  BUS_TRANSACTION_MESSAGE this is used for most of the transactions in CRM. so you got to confirm from your team if they are using any other bdocs for slaes additional to the above mentioned.
with regards

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  • CRM sales order and data base field in R/3

    Where can I see in R/3 that the replicated CRM sales order is created in CRM?
    Is there a field e. g. in the data base table VBAK or VBAP?

    you can find the information in VBAK table in field LOGSYSB, which is the logical system with which document was created.
    Enter the CRM logical system name in this field, and you will find all the orders created in CRM system.

  • CRM sales order and APO transaction /n/SAPAPO/AC03

    Which sales order is seen in /SAPAPO/AC03 or /SAPAPO/RRP3 when you create an CRM sales order (ATP check is done in APO) and the order is replicated in ECC?
    Is the CRM sales order or the ECC sales order item displayed in the APO product availability overview?

    Hi Marc,
    The ECC sales order display depends on the availability of integration
    model and active ATP fields maintained in ECC material master
    In APO, the product view display is controlled in Order view
    customisation at APO under PPDS
    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

  • CRM sales order and rules-based ATP

    CRM sales order calls SCM APO for an ATP check.
    Rules-based ATP is triggered.
    CRM sales order is saved and replicated in R/3.
    Is it possible that the ATP check (wie rules-based) is triggered in CRM again?
    Or must the CRM sales order item be cancelled?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Find answers below for each of your question.
      which steps are done when an ATP check ist triggered in APO by a CRM sales order item?
    - are temporary quantity assignments created in APO?   YES.
    - are these delta records deleted when the sales order is saved? YES. As normal behaviour.
    - are these sales order items transferred via the middle ware to APO? Sales orders are flown from CRM to ERP (Middle ware) and from there we used to CIF to SCM. No idea abt sales order transfer from CRM to SCM.
    Best Regards,

  • CRM sales order and APO ATP check

    which steps are done when an ATP check ist triggered in APO by a CRM sales order item?
    - are temporary quantity assignments created in APO?
    - are these delta records deleted when the sales order is saved?
    - are these sales order items transferred via the middle ware to APO?

    Find answers below for each of your question.
      which steps are done when an ATP check ist triggered in APO by a CRM sales order item?
    - are temporary quantity assignments created in APO?   YES.
    - are these delta records deleted when the sales order is saved? YES. As normal behaviour.
    - are these sales order items transferred via the middle ware to APO? Sales orders are flown from CRM to ERP (Middle ware) and from there we used to CIF to SCM. No idea abt sales order transfer from CRM to SCM.
    Best Regards,

  • Multiprovider on Open Sales Order Cube & Delivery Analysis Cube

    Hi All,
    I have requirement to create a new report, for this report fields are getting from two cubes (Open Sales Order & Delivery Analysis). Open Sales Order cube is under Sales in S&D, Delivery Analysis Cube is under Distribution in S&D. Both cubes have there own multiproviders.
    Now I would like to create new multiprovider by using this two cubes. When I went through all fileds I found few common fields in both cubes.
    Sales Document,
    Ship to Party,
    Sold to Party,
    Customer Group,
    Customer Group1,
    Customer Group2,
    Customer Group3,
    Customer Group4,
    Customer Group5,
    Material Group,
    Sales Document item category.
    I have two options to proceed
    1) Create a multiprovider with these two cubes and create report on it.
    2) Create two workbooks side by side on each individual multiproviders and combine in the workbook.
    Please let me know what is the best option and how to proceed with that.

    I gather from your thread that the question is not to build a report on a MP yes/no but more on which MP.
    Depending on the reporting needs and on how well you are able to combine the 2 cubes in the new MP I would say go for the latter option so you have more control on this one MP (for example if you need to add something that is already available in cubes).
    However, when (future!) reporting needs could mean that characteristics need to be added to the report(s) and filtered on that are not in both cubes you will have major problems getting the data properly from new MP and you would be better off using the individuals MP's and combine the data in a workbook or in a web template giving more flexibility.
    So you need to really analyze the requirements and decide on the way forward. Keep in mind possible future requirements because for now it could seem these few fields could be enough but new requirements could directly give a problem.
    Hope this helps

  • Credit Card number entered CRM sales order is not appearing in R3 Sales ord

    We are entering our Sales orders in CRM which are gtting replicated to SAP R3,In the credit card scenario ,In some sales orders entered in CRM,where the Credit card numer has been entered,In some cases,the card numer is not appearing in R3 Sales order either in the overview screen or Payment card tab,due to ehich most of the times these cards fail authorization .
    Kindly let me know as to what could be the reasons as to why the card numer seen in CRM is not appearing in SAP R3,sales order?
    Appreciate your help on this.
    Mohammed Roshan

    Hi All,
    Looking forward to your valuable inputs on this as to  how and why Credit Card number entered CRM sales order iwould not appear in R3 Sales order?
    Mohammed Roshan

  • How to add a table layout in CRM Sales order?

    dear all ,
    anyone know how to add a table layout in CRM sales order customer tab that using the EEWB added?
    can EEWB do this?   i didn't find the appropriate business object......

    Hi , Swapna
    is you mail address right? can not send out.
    first , you should have added one field using EEWB ,  then to EEWB , find the extension , double click on the task, there  you will find a  "object list"  on the right, the list will give you many many very important  information , you should look through .
    then double click on the "screen:  ..........EEW......." ,  layout , there you will find the field you have added in .  and you can draw anything you want there , then back to the screen flow , write you flow logic in PBO and PAI .
    about the global  data definition,  again to the "object list", you will find a "Report source code:  ......................TOP". in there ,you can define all you data .
    another thing  if you want to save your input field to database tables that you draw (not by EEWB added)
    two ways:
    1. write update table directly  in  PAI module .
    2.  you can use this BADI :  ORDER_SAVE , this is when you save the order to trigger the save action.

  • How to determine the delivery plant in a CRM Sales Order

    Hi experts:
    In CRM how to work the delivery plant determination? and I can change the Plan in a Sales Order before its download to ECC?
    I download the DNL_PLANT object but i don't understand what is the functionality of these are created like business partner in CRM.
    Thanks in advanced by your orientation about these questions that have me a little bit confuse.

    Hi Reddy
    Thanks for your reply, but the note says that only applies for India or Brazil legal purposes.
    In my case I still have confuse, in a normal Sales scenario CRM to R/3 how to works the determination of the delivery plant.
    I know that in R/3 is determined by:
    1. Customer-Material info record (Sales Area data)
    2. Customer Master data (Sales area data)
    3. Material Master data (Sales-area data)
    I can think that in CRM is determinate bye Material Master Data, but I still don't know if I can change
    it??  and where in the crm sales order before it is download to R/3??

  • PO Creation after CRM Sales Order Creation

    I am creating a CRM Sales Order and the moment I save the CRM Sales Order,
    it creates a PO in ECC. I need to find out how PO is getting triggered?
    When I open the CRM Sales Order it shows a PO already created for this Sales Order.
    Has anyone face this or same kind of scenerio ever? If yes please let me know how can fnd the triggering point of PO creation.
    Thanks in advance!!

    Hi Mathivana,
    I had faced these issue several time. As per SAP standard logic whenever you saved order in CRM it replicate immediatly in ERP till that time the order will be locked for any further change in CRM to save transaction data intigrity. The lock gets removed once the CSA queue(notification) from ERP update in CRM than unlocked.
    You check the in SMW01 transaction and perform search with order number you will find Bdocs are in Intermediate stage(I can't tell reason as it can be so many reason why Bdocs get stuck) -Select and activate the Bdocs once again if you are lucky and it activated your order till be unlocked.
    Or else user report most common for this issue "CRM_CHECK_DISTRIBUTION_STATUS" pass order number number and document type to unlock distribution than you will be able to change order.
    100 % sure shot answer. Appriciate if points alloted

  • Adding new field to sale order BDOC and replicate to R3

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to map the new customize field in CRM to field VBKD-VSART in R3.
    The reason behind this  was because my customer would like to have field shipping type appear in CRM order, but since this field is not provided by SAP, I've to create it. 
    What I did was:
    1) Create new field VSART via EEWB in CRM. This is done and working fine, the field appeared in 'customer fields' tab.
    2) Put this new field to BDOC in CRM.  I believe this is done when I created via EEWB. I think it use BADI CRM_BTX_EXTENSIONS , implementation CRM_GEN_OBJECTS for this part.
    3) Put BDOC into BAPI in CRM.  This is the part that I'm having a problem with.
    I found that I need to use BADI CRM_DATAEXCHG_BADI for that and I've checked example from implementation CRM_BTX_EEW_DATAEXCH. However, it only contain example to input field in VBAK, VBAP and VBEP.  Can anyone guide me on this part?
    4) Map BAPI to R3. I think that I need to use userexit MV45AFZZ form USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD for that. But what is the incoming structure that I could use to map with VBKD.
    Any help would be appreciate, Thank you in advance.

    Hello Gilbert,
    Please find if this helps,
    BDOC's to update the custom fields in R/3 from the CRM sales order
    Replication of new customer fields in order to R/3
    Muralidhar Prasad Chatna.

  • Create complaint with reference to CRM sales order

    We have the requirement to create a complaint as a follow-up to a CRM sales order.
    We don't want to reference the invoice, but only the sales order. The sales order is available in CRM,
    so I would expect that we can reference the CRM sales order when creating a complaint.
    However, what I find is that we need to implement BAdI "CRM_COPY_BADI_EXTERN". Is that true? Do we need
    to implement this BAdI?
    Is there a sample coding available?
    Wim Olieman

    Perhaps I should create a new thread, appears the standard complaint return CRMR allows me to create the return mulitple times against the same sales order number in CRM 7.0.
    Our pricing flunctuates a bit, so we don't want the same order to be used over and over again in creating the return.
    Is this the same behaivor you see?

  • Replicate custom fields from CRM sales order to R/3 sales order

    Hi Michael,
    I have a requirement to replicate custom setype data created for CRM sales order to R/3 sales order.These fields have been created at item level.
    Do you know the set of steps to achieve the same.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    the CRM sales order cannot be extended using set types. Set types are a functionality that is limited to products.
    You can however enhance the orders by using the easy enhancement workbench (ransaction EEWB). It will allow you to add specific fields to all levels of the sales document and will take care of ALL the objects that are necessary to update and maintain he fields (functions, screens, bdocs, bapi's,...)
    Depending on you system, it will also generate the update modules for R/3 (don't bet on it). Otherwise you'll have to program the extraction and mapping of the new fields in R/3.

  • BDOC's to update the custom fields in R/3 from the CRM sales order

    Dear All,
    I need a small help.
    My requirement is as follows.
    When ever a sales order is created in CRM, an outbound delivery will be automatically created in the R/3 system.
    There are some fields in the CRM sales order which are not there in the R/3 system.So I have to create these fields in the LIKP and LIPS tables in R/3 which is not a problem.
    But I have to copy these fields from CRM to the LIKP and LIPS tables in R/3 when ever a sales order is created and saved in CRM. (This should happen automatically)
    So could anyone tell me whether there are any BDOC’s available to update the sales order info in the LIKP and LIPS tables and also any BADI which can be trigger for this purpose.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks a lot. You have given a good solution.
    But a small correction.
    Sales Order is not transferred from CRM to R/3. The system is creating (automatically) a delivery in the r/3 system for the sales order created in CRM (Here we will not have the sales order in R/3), so we don’t have an entry in VBAK and VBAP tables.
    When we create a sales order in CRM and save , the delivery in R/3 is created and the sales order is not transferred to R/3.
    So while saving the sales order itself in CRM, I need to trigger a badi to update the LIKP and LIPS tables by calling a RFC (which needs to be developed in R/3).
    So I need a badi which triggers when the sales order is saved and which tells whether the sales order is saved without errors or not (because delivery in R/3 is created for only those orders which are created and saved without errors in CRM)  and returns the sales order number.
    It will be helpful if you can send some info on this.
    Any how thanks a lot for your quick response.

  • Is it  IPC mandatory for CRM Sales Order standalone (no webchannel)

    Hi Consultants,
    Do we still require IPC for SAP CRM sales order (standalone) though we don't have in scope Web-channel and ECC integration ..?

    Hello David,
    Yes, you will still need IPC to execute pricing on your sales order. This is true for any sales scenario in CRM.
    The only scenario where you won't need IPC is working with ECC order in CRM via the LORD interface. However since you are running standalone this is not applicable probably.
    What you may not need is the IPC configuration UI (which is a Java web app), in case you are not working with configurable products.
    However, for pricing your orders you need the pricing engine = IPC.
    Best regards,

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