Downloading photos from email...3.0?

Does 3.0 update the issue with downloading the full photo from email instead of a reduced copy?

Hi Linda,
The best quality that you can get fro photos received via mail depends on the quality at which they have been sent. It might be that you have been sent the low resolution copies.

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  • How can I change the default setting for downloading photos from email?

    How can I change the default setting for downloading photos from emails I receive?  It shows the default as Photoshop Elements 4.0 and is not supported by this system.  That was my last computer!!

    That has nothing to do with styles nor Pages, it is a System/Printer Driver setting.
    You can experiment to see if the Printer Settings stick with your document, but in the past this has not worked.

  • Downloading photos from email to iphoto

    I have downloaded photos from an email in gmail (all .jpg) and they are in finder (actually in the iphoto file) and will open in preview, but I cannot transfer to iphoto library. I am using iphoto 6.06, OS 10.4.1. I get the message: unreadable files, the files could not be imported.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    iPhoto is a database, and like any db, data must be imported into it. So putting it in the iPhoto Library Folder is not the way to do it. You should never do anything in there - there are no user serviceable parts there.
    iPhoto will not import pics in the active iPhoto Library Folder as a sensible precaution against duplication.
    So, move the file to the desktop and import from there.

  • Can't download photo from email

    I have the original iPad and I tried to save a photo from email, but nothing happens when photo is tapped; the "download icon" mentioned in the manual does not appear and I cannot find it in the settings.  Using iOS 5.1.1.  I am sure this is simple, but not working for me.  Thanks for any answers.

    umm....the picture was sent as an attachment file. I can view and download the exact same picture from my ipod touch, but not on the new ipad. Also, I tried sending myself the same picture through gmail, one with the original size (about 2MB) and one with the smaller size (340KB), both are JPEG, and still, I can view and download the 2MB one, but not the 340KB one.

  • Downloaded photos from email. Where are they?

    I have an iPad 2 with ios5.0.1. I downloaded some photos from yahoo email but can't find them. Thay are not in photos. Help! ( I am new to ipads)

    You're welcome.  Try opening the Camera app and take a photo, then go back to the Photos app and see if the Camera Roll album appears now with the photo you just took inside of it.  Assuming it does, open the email containing the photo, tap and hold the photo, then select Save Image.  The photo should be saved to the Camer Roll album.  Does this work now?
    You can also try taking a screenshot by pressing and the power and home buttons at the same time and quickly releasing, as well as saving a photo from a web page by tapping an hold the picture and choosing Save Image.  These should all be saved in the Camera Roll album.  The same is true for saving photos received it a text message.


    i have been told it is possible to download photos from email to memory stick
    but no idea how to do it

    Open itunes
    connect ipad.
    Selct ALL of the photo albums/folders that you want to be on your ipad
    Anything not selected in itunes will be removed from ipad.
    Ipad simply mirrors the selected content of your computer.

  • I am having difficulty downloading attachments (i.e. pdfs, photos) from email. Is there a way to improve this process?

    I am having difficulty downloading attachments (i.e. pdfs, photos) from email. Is there any way to make this process faster? Thanks!

    In Firefox Options / Privacy be sure "Remember download history" is checked. To see all of the options on that panel, "Firefox will" must be set to "Use custom settings for history".
    To find your OS information, on your Windows desktop, right-click the My Computer icon, choose Properties, under System on that small window is info about your OS.
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''

  • How can I download photos from my android to my (2011) mac

    I have an iMac 12,1 running OS X 10.6.8, 4GB memory, processor 2.5 GHz and want to download photos from my G4 Android phone.  I can't find a slot that the mini memory card fits into, and have read that I can connect my phone to a USB port and download photos that way.  But the iMac doesn't seem to know that the phone is hooked up to the port.  Can you help me?  I am new to this older computer, which I purchased from a friend.  THANKS!!

    This is just the way I transfer photos on my phone to my computer.
    I created an email account exclusively for this and sent the photos from my phone to the email account.
    Then it was just a matter of logging into the email account from my computer and downloading the images.

  • How do I save photos from email to the photo library?

    How do I save photos from email to the photo library? I've seen an online demo of users that hold their finger or thumb over the image for a few seconds and a "save photo" window option appears. That doesn't work on my 6-month old iphone. It's version 1.1.4 (4a102) ???? Help! Anybody with an answer?

    Never mind. I figured out the 2.0 update. My system wasn't updating I-tunes...and the I-phone update option window was hidden behind some other system information. I figured it out. The download, install and re-synch took about an hour. Lots of horror stories out there about people trying to activate their new I-phones. Glad this worked for me!

  • How do I download photos from laptop to ipad

    how do I download photos from laptop to ipad

    You can also email the photos to yourself, open the email on your iPad and save the photo to your Camera Roll. But for a large number of photos, the above referenced syncing is better. Just be aware that synced photos from iTunes can only be deleted the same way - using iTunes.

  • I downloaded photos from a camera and cannot delete the ones I want as it displays only move and slideshow options but no trashcan or delete options

    I downloaded photos from digital camera and now I want to delete some but when I hit the photos icon it only brings up pics with the only options being move or slideshow no trashcan or delete options available

    You should be able to delete photos taken with the iPad, copied onto it via the camera connection kit, or saved from emails/websites etc directly on the iPad - either via the trashcan icon in the top right corner if viewing the photo in full screen, or via the icon of the box with the arrow coming out of it in thumbnail view.
    Photos that were synced from your computer are deleted by moving/removing/de-selecting them from where they were synced from and then re-syncing

  • Can I download photos from I pad2 to computer

    Can I download photos from I-pad 2 to the computer?
    Also, how I can check or change assuring on my camera at I pad 2? How many megapixel and what size of photo i'm getting?

    For photos taken with the iPad, copied to it via the camera connection kit, or saved from email/websites then see this page :
    If you want to copy back photos that were originally synced from a computer then you will need a third-party app such as Simple Transfer (which has a free lite version called Simple Photo & Video Transfer) which can copy them off via your wifi network. But as photos are 'optimised' when they are synced to the iPad, any that you then copy back may not be exactly the same as they originally were on your computer.
    The rear camera is listed as 720p, which I believe is 1280 x 720

  • Downloading photos from e-mails

    When I try to download photos from e-mails, the e-mails in question seem to disappear when I hit the photo icon, although the photo(s) appear to be downloading. Does anyone know if this means that I am losing the respective mails altogether &amp;/or do the photos automatically get downloaded to another location on my iPad 3 or have I lost those too?

    No, photos (or any other email attachment) cannot be saved onto the iPhone. You will need to retrieve the email from a desktop/latop computer, save the attached photo to your computer hard drive, and sync it with iTunes to be able to use it as a wallpaper.

  • After downloading photos from my camera I am now unable to view previous photo albums

    Upon receiving my new iPad 3 I sne t photos from my previous PC via email to enable me to save them on the iPad. I created them into various albums and since then I have photo streamed photos from my iPhone.
    then I downloaded photos from my husbands phone using connector and ever since then I can only find his downloaded photos and those photo streamed ones. I cannot find my other 4 albums and am desperate to view them again as one album is of my daughters recent wedding.
    can anyone help me as I am rather a novice in using computers etc....but loving the iPad

    As a Test:
    Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'
    Import a few pics into this new, blank library. Is the Problem repeated there?

  • Can't download photos from my camera into Elements 9.0

    Have Elements 9.0 which I just installed in October.  I cannot download photos from my camera .  On the ORGANIZE workspace I see no FILE, Get Photos, Help, Edit or even how to download the patches to make it current 9.0.  I seem to be missing some critical menu's.  I used Elements 4.0 for a number of years and it worked just fine.  I've wasted a lot of time and it is not clear to me that the situation I have has ever been encountered by anyone else.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Good questions and thanks for trying to help me out.  I’ve evolved through part of my problem but I know more than I understand.  Here is what I’ve done and what I’ve observed:
    1.  The menus in the top row left side are missing.  That is FILE, EDIT, FIND, VIEW, WINDOW and HELP are nowhere to be found.  The right side of the top row is OK (Sign In, Create New Adobe ID), Undo, Redo, Display, Home and –?X)
    2.  I then installed Elements 9.0 on my wife’s new Window 7 computer.  It looks just fine.  Everything is as it should be.
    3.  I had an idea a shifted the my computer from medium (125%) fonts to small (100%) fonts.  Everything looks fine.  I went and rechecked my wife’s notebook and it has medium (125%) fonts.  So my Windows computer with 18” monitor will not display PSE correctly at 125% but my wife’s notebook will!  It is hard to read, I’m 75, but it works.
    4.  I have no idea what causes the problem but I can use PSE just fine if I don’t mind straining to read.  So it looks like I have a solution to my original problem.
    5.  I tried to email a photo from each computer and that doesn’t work.  Separate problem and I find that others have had the identical problem.  At least I can describe the problem well enough to find all sorts of responses on the Internet. 
    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

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