Dreaded error -9672

have set up home network using Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) with eMac and MacBook (Intel), both running OSX 10.4.11 and 2 printers: HP Laserjet 1022 and Canon Pixma iP4500, both connected via the USB slot on the AE. Able to print from both printers via MacBook, and Airport Utility shows both printers are connected via AEBS. Problem printing from eMac: although both printers are found in the Printer List (when using Printer Browser) whenever try to add them get the dreaded -9672 error. What needs to be done to resolve this? (am aware there is a long-standing problem resulting in these -9672 errors)

See the following for possible solution:
HP DeskJet: 5150, 5650, 5850 -- Driver not installed or Error -9672 in Mac OS 10.3 when trying to add the printer under USB to the Printer Setup Utility.
Macintosh OS 10.3 was shipped with the DeskJet v2.3.1 driver. The installation CD's for the 5000 series DeskJet printers listed above unfortunately have an older driver release then the one HP has worked with Apple to include in OS 10.3.
These steps will delete the necessary files to be able to install the 2.3.1 or greater software package to you operating system.
Deleting the Current driver (drivers) and preferences:
1. Save all work and close all applications.
• Open the Macintosh Hard Drive.
• Open the Library folder on the Macintosh Hard Drive
• Open the Printers folder in the Library folder
• Open the HP folder in the Library folder.
• In the HP folder there should be a DeskJet folder. Drag this folder to the trashcan.
Note: There is no need to empty the trash after this step.
2. Close all windows that are open at this time and reopen the Macintosh Hard Drive.
• Open the Users folder on the Macintosh Hard Drive.
• Open your user file in the Users folder. The one with the little house beside it.
• In the Little House there should be another Library folder. Open this folder.
• Open the Preferences folder that is located in this Library folder.
• In the Preferences folder locate all the files that start with com.apple.print. and drag them into the trash.
WARNING: This will delete all your printing preferences for all printers.
3. Close down all the windows that you have open.
Download the current driver:
4. Connect to the internet and go to www.hp.com.
• Click on the Support and Drivers link in the bottom right corner of the page.
• Click the Download drivers and software button and enter in your product. Ex DeskJet 5150. Then hit return on the keyboard
• For the DeskJet 5100 and 5600 series you will need to select your product from the next page.
• Select the Mac OS X option on the next page
• Then you will need to select the driver under software. Select the version 2.3.1 or greater driver from below the software menu.
• Click the Download now button at the bottom of the page.
Install the downloaded Driver.
5. Once the driver is completely downloaded to your computer, double click on the file.
• It will mount the disk image and open a window with the installer in it. Double click on the installer in the new window
• Enter an Administrator name and password for the installer and click continue.
• Click continue on the opening page for the HP Inkjet Installer
• Read the license agreement and click Accept to continue.
• Click Continue to the Read Me file.
• Select Easy Install from the drop down menu in the top left corner and click the install button.
• When the installer is finished click Quit.
Adding the Printer to the Printer Setup Utility
6. Open the Printer Setup Utility if it was not automatically opened by the Inkjet installer
• Open the Macintosh Hard Drive. Open the Applications Folder. Open the Utilities folder. Double click on the Printer Setup Utility
• Delete any existing 5000 series DeskJet printers that may have been added automatically by the Operating System. Click on the name of the printer and click the Delete button in between the Add button and the Utility button at the top of the current window.
• Add the printer to the Printer Setup Utility by clicking the Add button at the top of the current window.
• Select USB from the drop down box at the top of window. NOTE: For the 5850 you will want to select rendezvous or hp IP printing if it is connected through one of it's network connections.
• Wait until the system prompts you to reload the browser, due to knew printer drivers being detected. Click OK to reload the browser.
• Click the 5000 Series DeskJet from the box below. Then click the Add button at the bottom of the page.

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  • Error - 9672 when installing printer to Airport Express

    Hey all, now i have done some research on this before asking for help. It seems that when installing my HP 1350 All in One printer to my Airport Express i get this error 9672.
    now i did find this link
    but its not for the same printer and i am not runing 10.3 as i have all the latest drivers from the HP site, all my software is updated including my os currently runing at 10.4.6
    When i go to the printer set up utility, i am able to see the 1350, just cannot add it without geting this error. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hi everyone, I have a canon colour laser printer (LBP5000) works fine when I pop the usb straight in to the mac, but when I try setting it up by plugging the usb into my airport express I get an Error:-9672 this happens when setting up the printer in print & fax system prefs.
    I have another printer set up on a different airport express, which works fine.... could this be a problem?
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    Hello Lee,
    When you select the LBP5000 in the Printer Borwser > Default Browser view, the Print Using menu should automatically set. If it isn't, and you are having to manually set the printer, then that will be a likely cause for the error (which usually occurs when the wrong driver is selected).
    Try turning off the Airport Express and the printer. After a few seconds turn the printer on first and after it finishes making it's warm up sounds, turn on the Express. Now try to add the printer via the Default Browser view.
    If that doesn't help, check your Airport Express firmware version. Some previous postees have found that their problems are resolved by updating their firmware on their Airport Extreme/Express.

  • Hp3420 + AirPort Bonjour = Error -9672, (on 10.4.8)

    Hi all.
    I have a hp deskjet 3420 printer connected to AirPort Express,
    which was working fine on my G4 Mac mini a few month ago
    (I think it had OSX 10.4.5 around that time)
    I bought a new intel iMac expecting it to work just like it did, but for some reason it now gives "Error: -9672" when I click "Add" button from printer utility.
    The printer itself is detected fine in the broweser, and
    driver is automatically detected as "HP inkjet 3.3."
    Annoyingly the same now happens on G4 mini too!
    I haven't used the printer in a while but it has to do with something in the OSX update?
    The printer still works from my wife's iBook G4 (10.4.6) and Windows XP, on real PC and on Parallels Virtual PC on my intel iMac! so I know it's not a hardware issue.
    Does anybody have similar experiences?
    It works fine if plugged to the iMac directly on USB,
    as it should since it's supported by Tiger out of the box
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    Do you have any software that might be causing this?
    I just realised that I have Adobe Creative Suite2 with the Adobe Acrobat 7.0 installed on both machines (iMac & Mac mini G4), but not on my wife's iBook (the one that's still working fine).
    My friend's new MacBook also failed last night. Not sure what software was installed on it.
    Why isn't Apple making list of error codes available?
    That "-9672" must mean something for troubleshooting, yet only info I could find was this article which is hardly helpful.
    PMG5Quad, Intel iMac CoreDuo 20", G4 Mac mini Mac OS X (10.4.8)
    PMG5Quad, Intel iMac CoreDuo 20", G4 Mac mini Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Epson 4880 Error:-9672

    I have downloaded the latest and greatest print driver from epson and get the error "An Error occurred while trying to add the selected printer. Error:-9672
    I added the printer using default if found the driver and I clicked Add.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I had been receiving a similar error on a client's Mac Pro running 10.5.2. Rather than using the latest driver, I tried the beta Leopard drivers. It works just fine. This is a Stylus Pro 4880. Connecting using Bonjour to a Mac Pro running 10.5.2.
    The beta drivers are here:
    http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/supAdvice.jsp?type=highlights&noteoid =101603

  • Error -9672 - HP PHotosmart 7150

    About 2 weeks ago, I reinstalled Tiger on my iMac (to get the X11 subsystem for Inkscape). After that, I can no longer print to my HP Photosmart 7150 printer. I reinstalled Tiger from the system disks, and then applied the Combo update to get me back to 10.4.11.
    When I try to add the printer, it defaults to HP Inkjet 3.3 for the driver. If I try and select the driver (which I have installed from HP's web site, twice and from the Tiger system disks), it doesn't show up in the HP list (just network printers do). The HP printer utility can "see" the printer, but Tiger can't?
    No matter what I do to add it, I get Error -9672.
    Did X11 break printing? Or am I missing something in the reinstall process?
    Message was edited by: breegenie

    Might try an earlier fix, amended to your printer though... seems hp has had this -9672 error plenty of times, generally an updated driver fixes it... if all the old parts get removed...
    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00777731&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en &product=1146331&rule=27629&lang=en

  • Error 9672 help required

    Epson rx620 installed 6 months ago, printing fine. Yesterday stopped printing. Reinstalled driver, no change. Deleted printer from printer list. Cannot re-add printer, keep getting error 9672. Epson says this is a Mac issue.
    I've scoured the web and this support site but cannot find any guidance....any suggestions please?

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    Trying to install a Canon Pixma iP6000D via wireless network - getting error message "Error:-9672" -says printer setup utility is not responding/working. Successful installed an HP (direct connection, though).
    Confusing to me, since this printer (the Canon) was connected to the wireless network before. Had problems getting it to print, so I deleted the printer and can't re-install it.
    Any help or leads are appreciate

    I was having the same problem with my HP 3180, MacBook and APE. I googled the error and found this link to some helpful advice that instructs you to uninstall the printer software and select a different built in print driver. It worked for me and took just minutes! hope this helps you too...
    http://homepage.mac.com/james.clay/iblog/B894479528/C85535593/E20061014203725/in dex.html

  • Getting Error -9672 when trying to add printer wirelessly

    I seem to be getting an error -9672 when trying to add my HP PSC 1410 wirelessly to my airport network. I've tried on my intel iMac and my mac book but I'm getting the same error. Any suggestions on how to solve this?
    ANY help is much appreciated.

    Unfortunately, not all USB printers are compatible with AirPort base stations. A quick look at the iFelix Unofficial AirPort Printer Compatibility List doesn't show this particular model. This doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, but simply that it has not been verified. iFelix also provides the following workaround for printers not on the list that would certainly be worth a try.
    Also, you may find the following Apple article helpful.

  • Error -9672 when trying to connect Officejet 5510v USB printer

    I have an HP Officejet 5510v printer connected to my airport extreme. My G4 Mini can connect and print fine. I have an Intel Powerbook that can see the printer listed as available under Bonjour, but I get a "Error -9672" problem connecting to selected printer message. It's using the HP version 3.3 all in one printer driver.

    Forgot to mention this important difference between the working G4 Mini and the non-working Intel PB - The Mini is directly connected to the Airport by ethernet cable while the PB is wireless.

  • Error -9672 when trying to add HP F380 as bonjour printer

    Not sure if this is helpful or not, but it appears the HP F380 is not compatible with the newest Airport Extreme (with all the updates). After connecting it to the Airport the Printer Setup Utility can see the printer as a bonjour printer (good) but when I go to add it as a printer it fails with a -9672 error (bad). In the console the following error message is logged.
    Error -9672, badly formatted ticket XML - Bad XMLStart:
    Bad XMLEnd
    HP says 'their printers may work, but the configuration is unsupported'. So I'm posting here in the hopes Apple will try and work around the issue in an Airport update.

    I too had the same problem with my HP F380 Printer. There is a way to get it to print over AE, but it will no scan. Here are the steps, hope it helps.
    1. Install Footmatic-Rip-, espgs-7.07.1.ppc.dmg, hpijs-2.7.6.U.dmg (all found at http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting/MacOSX/hpijs)
    4. Go to Add printer.
    5. Under "Print Using:" Select HP, then select HP DeskJet F300 Footmatic/hpijs (recommended).
    6. Click Add
    That's it.
    Be sure to install the .dmg(s) in the order listed above, no big deal but hpijs-2.7.6.U.dmg won't install without the other two.

  • Error:-9672 when trying to add HP Photosmart C3180 printer.

    Printer: HP Photosmart C3180
    "An error occured while trying to add the selected printer. Error:-9672"
    Printer works fine if connected directly to my iMac. But, through "Airport Extreme Base Station", I get the error.
    Anyone with same printer having same problem? Anyone solutions?
    iMac Intel Core Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    I found the same thing out yesterday and did the same solution.
    One issue should be noted. The quality of the print is much worse since we are not using the correct print driver. Works fine for standard unimportant text printing, but really can't be used for printing photos.
    Connect the printer directly to the computer USB and print a photograph using the real print driver, then connect wirelessly using the above method and print the same photo. The difference is dramatic.
    It also seems to overuse black ink when hooked up through the Airport, and the printer light blinks for a while after printing is done.
    Anyway, I plan on leaving it hooked up wirelessly for convenience sake, but when good quality is needed I will attach it directly to the USB port.
    You can verify my findings and let others know if you find the same thing I found.
    Good luck, and lets hope there are more compatible printers available in the future.

  • Error 9672 when adding wireless HP printer

    I am trying to add a HP 1315 printer for wireless printing through a Airport Express. I am using a MacBook Pro. Each time I attempt to add the printer, I receive a "error -9672". I am using the most uptdate HP driver downloaded from the HP site. The computer prints without problem when connected with the USB cable. Thoughts?

    I could kiss you!!!
    After almost 24 hours struggling (including a 40 minute phone call to Apple support), your post got my HP psc 1110 working over my new Airport Express, many many thanks!!!

  • Error -9672 when adding my printer as a Bonjour printer after OS 10.5

    I can not add my HP Color LaserJet 2600n as a bonjour printer to my Airport extreme
    It gives me error -9672 when I try to make it my default printer
    It was working find on OS 10.4

    Oh, a belated welcome to Apple Discussions!!
    iFelix kindly provided me with these links:
    HP Deskjet 5000 Series and Photosmart 1000 Printers - 'Error - 9672' Message Displays in Mac OS X when trying to add printer in Printer Setup Utility
    HP Photosmart C3100 and C4100 Series All-in-Ones - Mac OS: 'Error:-9672' Displays on the Computer When Adding a Printer Using the Printer Setup Utility while Connected to an Apple Airport Base Station by USB.
    Hope you can resolve your problem with the aid of these.

  • Airport Express error 9672 on ip2200 printer

    Hi folks,
    Can't seem to get the ip2200 connected by USB to my Airport Express. I keep getting the error 9672 message, and I have tried following the manual, done an update on the Canon drivers, checked all the details on AE Admin, and they all seem hunky dory. When I go to connect the printer on Bonjour, this message keeps coming up. Can anyone assist me please.

    BTW - everything else is working fine, internet and iTunes are working.

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