Dreamweaver and Javascript error only on one site

I receive the following error when trying to select recently modified files from the files panel.
While executing onClick in SelectRecentlyModified.html, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred:
At line 370 of file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver  CS5\Configuration\Menus\MM\SelectRecentlyModified.js":  DWfile.getAttributes(listItem) has no properties
I have 4 sites built in DW and only one site is giving this error.  After many days of searching the web and trying the few steps I can find on the web related to this error I still have not resolved it.
I am using CS5 Suite, Win XP, have IE7 and Firefox but my default brower is Firefox.

I've now tried that command on multiple sites, including brand new ones I created solely for testing purposes. I also tested it on the same site files on my testing server and in my Subversion repository. I got the same error message every time. This leads me to believe the problem is with the script itself.  I would really like to be able to use this feeature.
In addition, the Dreamweaver Help for this feature (copied below) suggests I should be seeing options in this feature's dialog box that I'm not seeing:
Find recently modified files in your site
In the collapsed Files panel (Window > Files), click the Options menu in the upper-right corner of the Files panel, and then select Edit > Select Recently Modified.
Do one of the following to indicate search dates for the report:
To report on all files modified in the last several days, select Files Created or Modified in the Last and enter a number in the box.
To report on all files modified within a specific time frame, click the Files Created or Modified in the Between radio button, then specify a date range.
(Optional) Enter a user name in the Modified By box to limit your search to files modified by a specific user between the dates you indicated.Note: This option is only available for reports on Contribute sites.
Select a radio button to indicate where you want to view files listed in the report, if necessary:
Local Machine
if the site contains static pages.
Testing Server
if the site contains dynamic pages.Note: This option assumes you defined a Testing Server in the Site Definition dialog box (XREF). If you have not defined a Testing Server and entered a URL prefix for that server, or if you are running the report for more than one site, this option is not available.
Other Location
if you want to enter a path in the text box.
Click OK to save your settings.Dreamweaver highlights the files that were modified within the selected time frame in the Files panel.
I have set up a testing server for the site (I'm running Apache on my local Mac), and it works. Yet I do not see any option in the dialog box to indicate that I can view the files in a different location. But it's a moot point since I can't view them in any location due to the javascript error.
Adobe, please advise.

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    > it leaves some javascript code in there...
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    Way better than the FW menus.
    Good luck.
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    "lucyo" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...
    Originally posted by:
    Newsgroup User
    > >> somewhere while i was searching for an answer,
    i read when a fireworks
    > >> html
    > >> file is removed, it leaves remnants of the
    original file, so that when
    > >> you
    > >> reinsert it, there are problems...
    > >Huh? You mean when you delete an image from a page?
    > it leaves some javascript code in there... when i went
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    > deleted all of that, and reinserted the edited fireworks
    html, it worked
    > fine.
    > >> i do wish you could just higlight the gif to
    remove it and it was all
    > >> gone,
    > >You certainly can do this.
    > i'm not sure if its not working because i'm using a
    > fireworks/dreamweaver or why it isn't working now but it
    did before.
    > >> and if i could find a better way to make my
    navigation bar, i'd do it.
    > >Check the uberlink and MacFly tutorials at PVII -
    > >
    > >and the Navbar tutorial/articles at Thierry's place
    > >
    > >Or this one (more recent article):
    > >
    > >Or to get it done fast, go here -
    > >
    > thanks i will check them out...
    > >> never had this problem for the past few years
    til now.
    > >You always had problems, you just didn't know about
    them. But your
    > >visitors
    > >and search engines did....
    > well at least i have this page w3c validated... even
    with the fireworks
    > html
    > navigation bar.
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    > to do
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    > code
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    > after the
    > image is removed... and when they remove that code and
    reinsert the
    > fireworks
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