Drop Down button multi function

Hi all,
i need to implement a usual button with a drop down button , like back button on Internet explorer and a drop down button.
i did it in the following way:
1) i create normal button
2) add it to my toolbar
3) create a popupmenu
4) add a few menuitem to the previous popupmenu
5) create a button for a drop down
6) create event "mouse prsessed" for a drop down button,
whenever i pressed this button a pop up menu show up.
it all works fine.
i have only one problem.
how can i group the two buttons to one.
i mean for example:
when i point on a back button on my Internet explorer both buttons are

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  • How can i link two drop down buttons added dynamically

    guys got a wired problem but plz help.
    i m using jbuilder to create m y website.
    in this i got 2 drop down buttons.
    when the 1st(p1) 1 is clicked then second 1(a1) shows value respective of the value clicked in 1st 1.
    i dynamically add similar drop dowm on click of a button.
    but when value in the new drop down is selected (p2) it shows changes in 1st drop down (a1) not in newly created drop down(a2)
    could u guys plz help me out.
    its really urgent

    this is the code i m using to create the drop down
    var i=0;
    var option=new Array();
    function insRow(){
    var d=document.getElementById("div");
    d.innerHTML+="<select id='D"+i+"' class='input' onChange='getSh(this.selectedIndex)'><option>Select Here</option>"+
    rs=st.executeQuery("select * from productTab");
    d.innerHTML+="<select name='DD"+i+"' id='DD"+i+"' class='input'><option>Select Here</option></select>"
    d.innerHTML+="<select name='DDD+i' id='DDD+i' class='input'><option>Select Here</option></select>"
    d.innerHTML+="<input type=text name='T+i' id='T+i' class='input-time'><br>"
    option +=["DD"+i];
    option +=["D"+i];
    function getSh(selectedcitygroup)
    for(i=0;i<cities[selectedcitygroup].length; i++)
    document.getElementById("DD+i").options[document.getElementById("DD+i").options.length]=new Option(cities[selectedcitygroup].split("|")[0], cities[selectedcitygroup][i].split("|")[1])

  • Animated drop down buttons not working in movie clip

    I am working on this site: (AS2)
    I have two types of drop down menu. One under Commercial and one under Technical
    The buttons are movie clips. The drop downs are also movie clips that start in frame 2 and are triggered on rollover.
    The child buttons are buttons living on the drop down movie clips. They are set to getURL
    As you see they are not willing to neither link to any url or will they run their move clip animation. One is a button and one is a movie clip.
    The left movie clip has a mask, but it makes no difference if I remove the mask . It also has a emboss filter and no difference is I take that away either.
    All of it is in one flash movie right now, but I will be splitting it up in a master navigation movie and individual swf's soon.
    Right now I have the main movie, then the button MC then the dropdown MC and in the drop down MC I have placed either a animated (button) MC or a button. So it nested in nested in.......
    In both cases I scripting the child buttons like this:
    on (rollOver) {
    on (rollOut) {
    on (release) {
    I have also tried to use
    _parent.getURL and _root.getURL in stead of just get URL, but it does not work.
    The drop down buttons seem to be buried. In the left side the whole drop down panel seems to act like a link?
    What am I doing wrong?
    Can you help?

    Hi Ned
    Thank you for your reply again.
    I figured it out.
    Your reply prompted me to have my main button on rollover to go to a frame number on the main time line and then move the content of the drop down movie clip to that frame.
    The drop down panel now work and the child buttons animation now work as well. I just had to find a way to make the drop down panel disappear on rollout. Since I could not script the actual drop down panel I created three skinny invisible buttons and placed them on the right, left and button of the drop down panel. I scripted them to go back to frame 1 on both rollover and rollout. Done.
    See the result there:
    (Left side only)
    Thank you for your help.

  • Filling Drop Down Via a Function

    Hello Everyone,
    I am looking to create a function that will help fill up the values in a drop down from a database. I am not able to pass the values to the drop down from the function. Although, I can pick the values from the database.
    A response would be highly apppreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    A clarification to my earlier posted message:
    The statement of the problem is as follows.. I have a JSP wherein to fill the values in the drop downs I have to write the code to pick the values from the database repeatedly. I want to avoid that. I thought since the code is repeatable except for 2 parameters (one to indicate what type of values to pick and the second to indicate which is the default selected value), I could write a function. I wrote the function and tried to populate the drop down but no success. I need help to write that function in which I could populate the drop down of my choice just by specifying those parameters. If it requires java code please let me know and any help in that regard would be appreciated.
    I am new to Java and JSP, maybe there are ways to do it but I am not aware and it could possibly be a very simple solution. Apolgies if the problem sounded more complex than it actually is.

  • Drop down buttons from a JToolBar

    I've been looking at various postings on how to get drop down options from a JToolBar. What I have seen suggests using JPopupMenu.
    However for my requirements I simply want the drop down buttons to appear in a gridlayout rather than as a drop down menu. Just the icons with no labels.
    Is it possible to change the layout manager up JPopupMenu or should I be trying some other component?
    The code I am trying looks something like that below where I demonstrate a toolbar dropdown color picker. The change of the layout manager seems to have no effect.
    final JButton standardColorButton = _toolBar.add(_actionStandardColor);
    final JButton changeColorButton = new JButton(_actionChangeStandardColor);
    changeColorButton.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
        public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
            int height = standardColorButton.getPreferredSize().height;
            JPopupMenu popup = new JPopupMenu("test");
            popup.show(associationButton, 0, height);
            popup.setLayout(new GridLayout(0,2));

    Hi Vijay,
    Is this correct?
       var oInput = new sap.ui.commons.DropdownBox("ddlb_matnr");
           var oItemTemplate = new sap.ui.core.ListItem();
           oItemTemplate.bindProperty("key", "Matnr");
           oItemTemplate.bindProperty("text", "Description);     
           oInput.bindItems("/sap/opu/odata/sap/Z_MATNR_F4_SRV/materialSet", oItemTemplate, null, "'');
    This should work ?
    I tried this.. it is not fetching...         
    Let me know?

  • ComboBox drop down button - visibility

    Is there anyway that I can make the drop-down button on a combobox visible and not visible?
    Cheers for any help,

    try this, not sure it will work but hey..
    String[] items = {"A", "B", "C", "D"};
    JComboBox combo = new JComboBox(items);
    ComboBoxUI cui = combo.getUI();
    cui.setPopUpVisible(combo, false); // sets popup visible to false
    cui.setPopUpVisible(combo, true); // set popup visible to trueEnjoy!
    Although ready over your post you just want the button removed, hmm never mind, try it.

  • Extracting values from drop down buttons html forms

    I would like to know how to obtain the values which is selected through the drop down box. Iam using Java Script as a client side scripting lang..
    Here is my code so far..do let me know what to do further. Iam not getting the alert mesg which is sitting in the put() so let me know how the put method should work
    Thanks a lot
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    <!-- hide
    function put()
    choice = document.forms.Pri.list.optionsdocument.forms.Pri.list.selectedIndex]
    if (choice ="0")
    alert("enter state"+choice);
    function goto()
    Pri.list.options.value=" "
    //end -->
    <form name="Pri" method = "get" action="">
    State<SELECT NAME="list" onChange="put()">
    <input type="submit" Value="Submit">
    <input type=button name="Reset" value=Reset onClick=goto()>

    I'm not sure what you're talking about... if you don't select an option from the list, the onchange function isn't going to be called, so of course the the alert isn't working.
    You sound like you are complaining that when the form submits, the value for the select list is the first option (""). I fail to see why this is a problem. If the value is "", then you handle it like nothing was selected. In a single select list like that, an option is always selected. The whole point of having a blank option is to allow the user to pick it. Otherwise don't put a blank option.
    In general, you don't need to use a button to do reset, you use a reset button: input type="reset". And it'll reset on it's own.

  • Combo Prompt Design (with Drop down and Multi-select prompts)

    Hi folks,
    I have the following prompt design requirement in OBIEE dashboard:
    PromptA: should be a drop-down prompt
    PromptB: should be a multi-select prompt
    PromptB should list the values contained in either of two dimensions (lets say: Product Names and Product Group Names ). Lets define Product Names to be the names of individual products, while the Product Group Names is the names of a predefined collection of certain products.
    The string values that should appear in the PromptA then are: Product Names and Product Group Names. Consequent to the selection made in PromptA, values from one of these two dimensions should be dynamically displayed in PromptB. That is, if Product Names is selected from PromptA, then all product names from the Product Names dimension should be listed in PromptB. And if Product Group Names is selected from PromptA, then all product group names from the Product Group Names dimension should be listed in PromptB.
    Can anyone tell me how do I relate the above two prompts and have my reports to work accordingly?
    Edited by: Mahendra Varman on Jan 7, 2009 12:11 PM
    Edited by: Mahendra Varman on Jan 7, 2009 12:21 PM

    For this you have to do two dashboard prompt
    In promptA:
    select one dummy column,
    In control dropdown list select dropdown
    In show dropdown list select SQL Results
    In sql results write the following query
    Select case when 1=0 then tabelname.column else 'Tablename.ProductNames' end from subjectarea name
    Union all
    Select case when 1=0 then tablename.column else 'Tablename.ProductGroupName' end from subject are name
    In set variable ->set presentation variable called var1
    Saved it as PromptA
    In PromptB:
    Select one dummy column in that column forumla write @{var1}
    but problem with this approach it shows two Go buttons for two prompts to avoide this create custom Go button
    for creating custom Go button see this link
    Try this its not work let me know
    i tried for another solution

  • Drop-down List not function in preview mode.

    Hi all,
    I have created a drop-down list and populated it with a text
    However when I preview the form, the drop-down is displayed without the dropdown arrow and the options (text) are not displayed.
    The drop-down list is the only object on the form.
    If I load a form or xpd of a form created prior today the drop-down list displays and functions as normal.
    Any ideas.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat and then patched to 9.4 and everything is back to normal.
    Go figure!!
    Thanks for responding.

  • Drop down button is no longer located in the upper right corner of browser

    Using Firefox 5.01
    For some reason, my bookmark button is longer behaving as a dropdown box in the upper right corner of the browser?
    The box is there, but when clicked, my bookmarks appear on the left side of the screen.
    I used to be able to click the bookmark box, the bookmarks appear and drop down, select a bookmark and the bookmark menu closes.

    That does explain the X. Thanks!
    The reason I'm exporting in the first place is that a friend of mine wants me to fiddle with the rough cut of his video project a bit, and burn the results back onto DVD. (I think he thinks I can do more than I actually know how to at this point, but I figure that playing around with it is a good way to familiarize myself with the application.)

  • Drop Down Menu not functioning

    I'm very VERY new to dreamweaver/fireworks but have been making small changes to multipul websites for a company. They have asked me to come up with a totally new design for their primary webpage and I'm having an issue with the drop-down menu.
    I'm created the menu in fireworks using the hotspot tool and it "previews" just fine in both fireworks and dreamweaver. I went through the export process in fireworks and exported the hotspots/images and html code into my primary folder for the website. I pasted the html-code in the location that I wanted on the webpage.
    When I upload the page and go to view it the drop-down-menu does not function properly. I have to add an <div> after my .jpg banner for the images of the dropdown to appear. Even then the pull-down-menu does not show up properly.
    *Side note* the page also loads VERY SLOWLY now, not sure why. In an attempt to start over I access the "remote view" of the webpage through dreamweaver and deleted all but the "Admin" folder which it did not allow me to delete? Did I majorly mess something up here?
    I'm also attachin and image that is a screenshot of what the menu/root folder looks like in dreamweaver
    www.greatermichiganpmc.org <--page
    Code for drop-down:
    <div id="container">
      <div id="header">
        <div align="center">
          <p align="center">
            <!-- end #header -->
            <img src="index-banner.jpg" width="700" height="223" /></p>
          <div id="FWTableContainer1508856550"> <img name="indexpulldown" src="indexpulldown.gif" width="699" height="32" border="0" id="indexpulldown" usemap="#m_indexpulldown" alt="" />
              <map name="m_indexpulldown" id="m_indexpulldown">
                <area shape="rect" coords="601,6,691,26" href="javascript:;" alt="" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);"  onmouseover="MM_menuShowMenu('MMMenuContainer0914133643_0', 'MMMenu0914133643_0',601,26,'indexpulldown');"  />
                <area shape="rect" coords="503,6,593,26" href="javascript:;" alt="" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);"  onmouseover="MM_menuShowMenu('MMMenuContainer0914133421_1', 'MMMenu0914133421_1',503,26,'indexpulldown');"  />
                <area shape="rect" coords="404,6,493,28" href="javascript:;" alt="" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);"  onmouseover="MM_menuShowMenu('MMMenuContainer0914133324_2', 'MMMenu0914133324_2',404,28,'indexpulldown');"  />
                <area shape="rect" coords="304,6,394,26" href="javascript:;" alt="" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);"  onmouseover="MM_menuShowMenu('MMMenuContainer0914133237_3', 'MMMenu0914133237_3',304,26,'indexpulldown');"  />
                <area shape="rect" coords="206,6,295,28" href="javascript:;" alt="" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);"  onmouseover="MM_menuShowMenu('MMMenuContainer0914133022_0', 'MMMenu0914133022_0',206,28,'indexpulldown');"  />
                <area shape="rect" coords="106,6,196,26" href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/news.html" alt="" />
                <area shape="rect" coords="6,6,97,28" href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org" alt="" />
              <div id="MMMenuContainer0914133643_0">
                <div id="MMMenu0914133643_0" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/uastar.html" id="MMMenu0914133643_0_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0914133643_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133643_0');"> UA Star </a> <a href="http://greatermichiganpmc.org/uatraining.html" id="MMMenu0914133643_0_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133643_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133643_0');"> UA Training </a> </div>
            <div id="MMMenuContainer0914133421_1">
                <div id="MMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/links.html" id="MMMenu0914133421_1_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133421_1');"> Links </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/buyersguide.html" id="MMMenu0914133421_1_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133421_1');"> Buyer's Guide </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/career.html" id="MMMenu0914133421_1_Item_2" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133421_1');"> A Career </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/training.html" id="MMMenu0914133421_1_Item_3" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133421_1');"> Training </a> <a href="http://www.mitripartite.com/survey.htm" id="MMMenu0914133421_1_Item_4" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133421_1" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133421_1');"> MTC Survey </a> </div>
            <div id="MMMenuContainer0914133324_2">
                <div id="MMMenu0914133324_2" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/officers.html" id="MMMenu0914133324_2_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0914133324_2" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133324_2');"> Officers </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/members.html" id="MMMenu0914133324_2_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133324_2" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133324_2');"> Members </a> </div>
            <div id="MMMenuContainer0914133237_3">
                <div id="MMMenu0914133237_3" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/meetings.html" id="MMMenu0914133237_3_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0914133237_3" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133237_3');"> Meetings </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/community.html" id="MMMenu0914133237_3_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133237_3" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133237_3');"> Community </a> </div>
            <div id="MMMenuContainer0914133022_0">
                <div id="MMMenu0914133022_0" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(100);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/tsr.html" id="MMMenu0914133022_0_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0914133022_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133022_0');"> TSR </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/histroy.html" id="MMMenu0914133022_0_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133022_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133022_0');"> History </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/staff.html" id="MMMenu0914133022_0_Item_2" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133022_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133022_0');"> Staff </a> <a href="http://www.greatermichiganpmc.org/awards.html" id="MMMenu0914133022_0_Item_3" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0914133022_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0914133022_0');"> Awards </a> </div>
      <div id="sidebar1">
        <h3><img src="index-side.jpg" width="200" height="581" /></h3>
      <!-- end #sidebar1 --></div>
    Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance

    Firstly, the link to the imported stylesheet is wrong - it appears to be pointing to your hard drive:  that needs to be fixed and if it relates to the menu, likely the reason why the menu isn't visible.
    @import url("../../../../../../../../S|/All Users Documents/Graphics/Chris/Greater Michigan PMC/indexpulldown.css");
    Are you working in a defined DW site?  It's very important that you are - it's the way that DW keeps track of all the links and paths.
    Define a site:
    Next:  Those FWs exported dropdowns are atrocious, there was a reason the functionality was removed from the latest FWs and DW.   Even though a CSS version is available, it may be ok to use for protyping for certainly not for live production sites.
    POP UP MENUS - why not to use them:
    There are much better ways to build a dropdown menu, one of them is the Spry Menu available in CS3 and CS4.  They too, can cause issues, but at least the links throughout your site are inside the html code, not in the javascript.
    Spry  Menus: - already included with CS4
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/10.0_Using/WS8B985763-4DFA-4415-B242-B2C 2D7DED657a.html
    Better Ways to create CSS dropdown menus  (user friendly and search engine friendly):
    CSS Dropdown menus by Suckerfish:
    As for this:
    *Side note* the page also loads VERY SLOWLY
    now, not sure why. In an attempt to start over I access the "remote
    view" of the webpage through dreamweaver and deleted all but the
    "Admin" folder which it did not allow me to delete? Did I majorly mess
    something up here?
    I'm not really sure what you mean and which folders you deleted from where  ;-)

  • Configuring Dynamic drop down in ABAP Function Module based VC application

    Dear Expert,
    Can someone help me in configuring Dynamic Drop down list in ABAP function module based
    VC application, so that all the backend data like material description list should display in drop down list followed by * search.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Anja,
    As you suggested i design a combo box with dynamic entry list. But it not displaying any item for selection. Combo box is showing empty. Can you please help me in this so all the backend list should display in combo box dynamically?

  • 30EA3 - 2.1.* : Drop-down button missing in Data tab filter

    1.5 introduced the very useful drop-down list with remembered filters in the Data tab.
    2.1 fixed some bugs in the area and made it easier to write new ones.
    However, the actual button to open the list (on the far right of the field) is missing, so you're forced to write something before the list opens. Can this be bugged please?

    Hi K,
    I have logged an enhancement

  • When using fFire Fox with eBay a number of tabs are missing EG. respond tab for email Drop down buttons for active listings etc.. Parts of dropdowns are missing eg. rigt side of messages.

    I guess I should have used the word buttons. The buttons for drop down boxes are missing. The respond button is missing in email. The button for active listings options is missing. The accept offer buttons is missing for offers I receive. Some drop down boxes are only half shown (right side missing) I have cleared my cache, removed cookies, done something with online storage. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fire Fox. This all seems to have started around the time I upgraded to 4.0. How can I correct this problem. I love Fire Fox. Right now I have gone to Internet Explorer and everything works fine there. HELP PLEASE

    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Website_colors_are_wrong
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Websites_look_wrong
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Safe+Mode
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]

  • Where has the drop down button for page history gone from next to the Forward/Back page buttons?

    in previous versions of Firefox(and most other Browsers) there is a drop down next to the back/forward page buttons, that shows the last 10 of so pages browsed in the current tab......
    has this feature been removed from Firefox 4 and why, or is there a way to enable it?
    Currently using Firefox 4 on a Macbook running OSX 10.5.8

    You can get the drop down list by either control-clicking on the back/forward buttons, or holding down the left button until the list appears.
    If you want the drop-down arrow you can add it with the Back/forward dropmarker add-on - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/backforward-dropmarker

Maybe you are looking for