Drop down list in Table Control - Value disappeared after pressing ENTER

Dear Gurus,
I have a problem in one of my development where I used a table control in which one field is a drop down list.
I used VRM_SET_VALUES and VRM_GET_VALUES for populating the values from the programand not use any domain level value table for that field.
My problem is when I select one value from this list , and pressing enter , the value get disappeared. But if I use a domain for this field with value table then everything working properly.
My doubt is am I doing some miss coding or using the VRM_ function modules improperly ?
I am sharing some code with you
in PAI :
      id            = 'ITAB-FIELD3'    "This is drop down list element on screen
      values        = values[]    " even it is not the expor parameter...it will work..
     id_not_found   = 1
     OTHERS         = 2.
  IF sy-subrc NE 0.
  No sy-subrc check required.
            id     = 'IVBAP-ERNAM'
            values = values[].
Can you please help me.
Thanks .

The link contains the list box creation, just check if this might help.
Re: Getting values back from a listbox.
Regards and Best wishes.

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    in my ssrs report i have two parameters, accounts and Manager ,there is a cascading between the accounts parameter and manager parameter, as per the cascading we will get managers names based on the account we selected in the accounts parameter,
    my requirement is the first name in the mangers drop down list  has to get selected as default value.
    please help me with this, it is an urgent requirement.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi NaveenMSBI,
    According to your description, you want to use cascading parameters in the report, if the accounts are selected when you preview the report, the first manager name will be selected from drop down list as the default value. If so, there can be two scenarios:
    • If manager is single-valued parameter, we can get Available Values and Default Values from the same query as below. Then when the accounts are selected, the first manager name will be selected as default value.
    SELECT managerName FROM table_name WHERE accounts IN (@accounts)
    • If manager is multi-valued parameter, we need to use different query for Available Values and Default Values. In this case, please refer to Patrick’s solution.
    For more information about Adding Cascading Parameters, please refer to the following document:
    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Wendy Fu

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    Wrong forum... this is to discuss the operation of the forums, not products
    You need a forum for Fireworks or Flash or maybe Dreamweaver
    Go to the index at http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa to find the correct forum for your question

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    I need to attach the transaction J1B3N to keep the connection objects.
    Perform the steps as the help of SAP:
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    Already remade several times but can not find the point I'm failing.
    Thank you,

    Hi Michely,
    could you please check if the necessary object is correctly mainatined in structure MCDOKOB too. Here the following coding part could be useful to analyse why the value disappears after hitting enter:
    Main Program     SAPLCVOB
    Source code of   LCVOBU02
    IF NAME CP '*# '. ENDIF.
    IF NAME CP '*# '. ENDIF.
      KEY1 = NAME.
      KEY1 = ' '.
      LEN1 = 0.
    Here the keyfield is read from table TCLO and then the length is read from structure MCDOKOB for example. So it is necessary that the same data is maintained in table TCLO and structure MCDOKOB to grant the correct working for new individual objects.
    Best regards,

  • Populate drop-down list in table row or repeating subform

    I am currently working on an Adobe Interactive Form integrated with web dynpro ABAP.  I would like to create a table or repeating subform with a number of drop-down lists populated from SAP.
    I am using the Enumerated Drop-down list from the WebDynproNative menu.  In my WDDOINIT method, I am populating the attributes using the set_attribute_value_set method.  This is working fine when my dropdown is not in a table or repeating subform.  The dropdown is populated and the selected value is returned to SAP when submitting the form.  However, when I place the dropdown in a table row or a repeating subform, the dropdown is not populated.
    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Hi There,
    I am facing problem in Dropdown lists in Subforms.
    I want the region dropdown list values according to country (only for DE) dropdown list value. Both Dropdown lists are in a Subform.
    For that, I have used this in EXIT event of Country Dropdown list:
    if (this.rawValue == "DE Deutschland")
    It does only change first region dropdownlist value, not others because both dropdown lists are in a Subform.
    Other problem is that it works only when All Country Dropdown lists are "DE". Means, first region dropdown list depends upon not only first country dropdown but also other dropdown.
    My requirement is, If first country Dropdown is "DE", only first Region Dropdown list should be fill, not others. And so on.
    Please provide solution that How can I change all dropdown lists of a Subform dynamically?
    Waiting for reply.
    Thank you
    Chandler Bing

  • Drop Down list in table with data from database table

    I have created an interactive form in WD ABAP.
    In Context tab I have created the nodes as follows:
    ZSOHEADER node with cardinality 1..1
    |-> MATERIAL node with cardinality 0..n. Under MATERIAL node there are 2 attrib. MAKTX and MATNR.
    I am fetching data from MARA table into an internal table IT_MARA.
    The node MATERIAL is bound to internal table IT_MARA.
    I have created a table with property ' Body rows vary depending on data ' .
    I have only one row in table. The first cell of the row is a drop down field.
    I have bind the field to the node MATERIAL->DATA->MAKTX.
    Now the issue is even though I have created only one row in my table, in preview it is creating as many rows in the table as the no.of records in the internal table.
    I want only one row with the drop down list containing all values of the internal table.
    Kindly suggest what to do.

    In the WebDynpro Context, in the main node create another node like A1 with cardinality 0..n and in this node create attributes TEXT and VALUE.
    Now goto method and in that method using code wizard read the node A1.
    And use the below code snippet sample in your program, i.e. code this under respective method of the webdynpro.
    *Declare the TYPES
    *Define Internal Table and work area.
    lr_node_info->bind_table( IT_TABLE ).
    And in the Adobe Form Layout
    Go to Menu of the Adobe LiveCycle Designer:
    In that window you just check the Show Dynamic properties Check Box.
    Now for the Drop Down go the binding tab in object palette and click on the list items and there specify the Internal Table and specify the text as the internal table text field and value as internal table value field.
    From the WebDynpro Native Library Palette use the Value Help Drop Down and in object pallette goto binding tab and provide the form interface binding. Before this in the WebDynpro goto Context and for the particular field under the properties provide the search help as dictionary search help and specify the name of the dictionary search help.
    We have another method of setting the Text and Value to the DDL directly in the WebDynpro by coding in the methods, I dont have much knowledge on this.
    Pradeep Goli

  • Drop down list in table

    Hi ,
    I have a table, which has two columns both are drop down list. So when the user inserts a new row and when he selects dropdown1 then dropdown2 has to be populated on the value of dropdown1.
    Please let me know how can this be acheived in Java Webdynpro.

    Let "Rows" be the data source node of the table. Add two non-singleton child nodes "Items1" and "Items2" for storing the dropdown list items.
    Define an action "List1Selected" and add a parameter "row" of type IRowsElement.
    Define a parameter mapping that maps the predefined event parameter "nodeElement" to the action parameter "row".
    Assign action "List1Selected" to the "onSelect" event of list1.
    In the action handler you have then the row where the entry from list1 has been selected:
    void onActionList1Selected(IRowsElement row, ...)
      IItems1Element selection = row.nodeItems1().currentItems1Element();
      /* Now populate row.nodeItems2() depending on the selection... */

  • Reg: Drop-Down list Box not  displaying values

    Hi Experts,
                     i am publishing a module pool program in the internet using SICF Transaction . In the internet my drop down list box is not displaying the default value  but in my sap it works fine .
    What may be the problem?

    Hello Thorsten Domsalla ,
                      My Problem is in my sap module pool program there is a drop down list box which disaplays  default values its working fine in sap gui but when i access through internet (SICF) Transaction the Drop down list box not listing out default values .
    i am using Integrated ITS Version 7.0 and Support package 08.

  • How can I use two drop down lists for one time value?

    I want to enter the length of time that someone does an activity in hours and minutes using two drop down lists, then enter them as a single time value (H:i:s) in Mysql.
    I've used the basic drop down lists, and a few different variations of the following with no success (seconds is a hidden field with a value of "00"):
                           GetSQLValueString(strftime('%H:%i:%s', strtotime($_POST["sleeptimemin"]." ".$_POST["sleeptimehr"]." ".$_POST["seconds"])), "date"),
    This returns 00:00:16, no matter what is selected on the drop down list.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    MySQL stores times in human-understandable format, using the 24-hour clock.
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['sleeptimehr'] . ':' . $_POST['sleeptimemin'] . ':00', "date"),

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    I need to see 3 different remembered usernames in drop-down list for username input.

    Works fine here. I can see at least four user names in the drop down list of a login form.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window or otherwise make changes.

  • Adf drop down list in adf  table

    hi all
    i m trying to create a data table that have a column on it as drop down list ,the list get the value good as bind variable passed to it and work good when create a new record but when i try to update the record
    always get this error
    <Utils><buildFacesMessage> ADF: Adding the following JSF error message: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    oracle.jbo.JboException: JBO-29000: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    and when i try to print the value of the list it print the index not the value
    when i change it(the drop down list) to lis of value LOV it didnt git any record in the LOV
    my code is :
    <af:column headerText="#{bindings.DeptLabView3.hints.CntPc.label}"
    <af:selectOneChoice value="#{row.bindings.CntPc.inputValue}"
    <f:selectItems value="#{row.bindings.CntPc.items}"
    please any one help
    Edited by: user554540 on 20/02/2010 08:50 ص

    I would like to use selectOneChoice in af:table, but i've got error: "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, msg=0"
    Can u send me an example for using selectOneChoice in af:table?
    <af:column headerText="#{bindings.viewTsheets1.hints.ProjectId.label}"
    <af:selectOneChoice value="#{row.bindings.ProjectId.inputValue}"
    <f:selectItems value="#{row.bindings.ProjectId.items}"

  • The drop down list values want to vary based on the contents of another drop down field

    hi in search page i have two drop down list. i have two tables and one mapping tables. service line and subservice line are tables and i have one mapping table. using rapid application i create one component using mapping table. now in search page i have two drop list. one is servline and another is sub serviceline. in service line i have values like 1,2 k  for subservice 3,4.5,6 for one service line ex. for 1 i have two subservice 3,4 and for 2 i have 5,6. now my requirment in if i choose service line 1 in first drop down list, automatically in second drop down list want to contain values 3, 4. before both the drop down list have values.if i chose one value the correponding mapping value want to come in drop down list in same context node.

    This requirement involves defining p-getter for the service type, and the v-getter of you sub type.
    Since this involves to populate the values of subtype attribute depending on value of service type, u need a round trip.
    This is done in the p-getter of the 1st attribute(service type in your case).
    In the v-getter of the 2nd attribute, 1st fetch the current value of attribute 1, then filter the value in the dropdown table according to ur logic.
    Ref :Drop down values in table view

  • How to Populate a drop down list using the values of a text field?

    I wanted to Populate the items of my drop down list according to the value entered in the textfield above it?
    also the value of list remains consistent in other rows also where i am using the drop down list field.
    Please Try to help me in this query.
    Thanks in Advance!!!
    I am using Javascript in adobe version ES 8.2.

    Part II:
    If you have other items for your droplist(s) that are to appear in addition to the "variable language" entered by a user you can add that to the script.  For example in addition to the Party1 and Party2 name appearing in my droplist I also want the list to have an option for a user to select: The parties jointly.  I add this to the script:
    this.addItem ("The parties jointly");
    If you have trouble making it work, post a bit of your actual form requirements.

  • Want to hide the drop down based on text field value

    I want to hide some of the values in drop down based on one text field value.
    I have the field called name which has the value A, B, C, D and also one drop down list which has the values 1,2,3,4,5,6. I want to hide the some of the values in drop down based on A or B or C. Let say, If it is A, drop down value should be 1,3,5. If it is B, Drop down value should be 1,2,3,4. Like this for every record.
    Can you please help me out.

    Hi Robert,
    I am trying it in two different way. Please suggest which is the right one and feasible.
    1) I have the drop down list which has all the status. I am trying to hide the drop down values based on one text field value for all records.
    2) I have collected all the drop down values into table in webdynpro method. Rightnow I have two tables.
      one has line items details and another one have drop down values. both tables having common fields.
      I have to show second table values for that particular key, move all of them to drop down.
    Which is the best and feasible option.

  • How to change the  attribute of screen field to drop down list dynamically

    Hi All,
      Col X                   Col Y
      A                        input field
      B                       drop down list
    This is a tabular disply where the Screen field attribute for Col y  is NO DROP DOWN BOX.
    My requirement is to change the attribute of COl Y to DROP DOWN list depending on the value of
      COL X  dynamically.

    Dear Ajay,
    Actually this requirement is to enhance the standard screen for Tcode :EHSVU21.
    So depending on the 1st Column(Test no)  value ,i have to change the 3rd Column(Low.norm.result)
    property either to DROP Down or not.
    So in the PBO only the changes to be made and there is no field in SCREEN internal table for changing the attribute to DROP down. I checked SCREEN internal table where the field VALUE_HELP and REQUEST is useful but not  suitable for my case.
    Any solution available?

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