EDI - Incoming Invoice Error and GR based Invoice Verification - 51 No GR

We are implementing EDI for incoming invoices and use Goods Receipts based Invoice Verification.  When processing an inbound IDOC Invoice (type INVOIC01) where the Goods Receipt has not yet been posted, then Inbound IDOC is siiting at Error Status, 51 - No GR documents found.
Is there any way we can process this as a Parked Invoice or for Verification in the background (MIRA)?  because the current situation is a problem, as 95% of our Inbound Invoices will be received electronically before the Goods are Received. 
The actual Vendor's delivery note is stored in the segment E1EDP02 (Qualifier 016), field BELNR.
Currently the IDOC as to sit in error until the Vendor's Delivery Note is Goods Receipted which can be several days later - SAP OSS Note 393883 fro 2001 suggests doing this, but surely this is a common situation.  The IDOC sitting in error in WE02 in the list of IDOCs is difficult to isolate from true errors.
If this is was mnaul Invoice it could be processed through MIRA for background Invoice Verification later with program RMBABG00.
We havd SAP version ECC 6.0
I have spotted OSS Note 501524 which implies that is possible automatically Park Incoming EDI IDOC Invoices, has anyone tried this?  and what would be the transaction/program that could be used to post several at once when the GR has been processed (similar to RMBABG00)

Hi ,
You can use the program   RBDMANI2   which will reprocess all the IDOCs (EDIinvoices )that have failed . You can schedule this program in the background and it will post all failed invoices which have the GR posted later .
We had the same scenario and we have scheduled this program as a daily job at night .

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    I don't think there is any alternative way beside selecting PLD everytime you print the layout .
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    Regards Kees

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    If excise is relevant then use JEX proforma invoice.So that excise values will flow from invoice to excise transaction "J1IIN"-factory excise invoice.
    Configuration to move excise values from proforma has been done for Billing type "JEX"
    in Excise configuration Logistics General>Tax on Goods Movement>India>Outgoing Excise invoice>Assign billing types to Delivery types. you will find the JEX been assigned.
    In the standard system, there are two document flows that you can use:
    Standard order (document type OR) -> Outbound delivery (LF) -> Proforma excise invoice (JEX) -> Invoice (F2)
    Standard order (OR) -> Excise invoice (JF) -> Invoice (F2).
    Assign Billing Types to Delivery Types
    You enter outgoing excise invoices by referring to either of the following documents:
    Customer invoices
    Pro forma excise invoices
    These options are represented in the system by different document types and document flows.
    In this IMG activity, you:
    Specify which billing document types you use as a reference for CENVAT utilization
    Assign them to the appropriate delivery document types
    You have set up the delivery types and copy control as follows:
    Create separate delivery types in Customizing for Logistics Execution (LE), by choosing Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Delivery Types.
    Set up copy control for the delivery types in Customizing for LE, by choosing Shipping -> Copying Control -> Specify Copy Control for Deliveries.
    Create billing types in Customizing for Sales and Distribution (SD), by choosing Billing -> Billing Documents -> Define Billing Types.
    Set up copy control for the billing types in Customizing for SD, by choosing Billing -> Billing Documents -> Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents

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    I have found the answer myself.  There is a view over this table.  VEDI_TEDE5.  This can be maintained in SM30 and the changes transported.  The inacktiv column can be selected to inactivate any of the event codes.

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    Thanks in advance.

    Create sales order
    Create production order
    Create Invoice
    Create delivery
    Hope this’ll give you idea!!
    <b>P.S award the points.</b>
    Good luck
    Saquib Khan
    "Some are wise and some are otherwise"

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    We currently use invoice "Post and Block" process for AP invoice processing.  GR Based Invoice Verification is not set in the vendor master for this purpose to allow us to enter an invoice where "No Goods Receipt" has been raised. However, when we raise a PO using material groups the flag "GR Based Invoice Verification" is activated in the PO.  We subsquently have to remove this indicator in the PO in order to register the invoice.  Why is this setting populated in the PO when it is not activated in the vendor master ?  Is there a setting in MM for material groups that ius populating this value in the PO where  a PO is raised using material groups ?

    Hello Eilish,
    With regards to Goods reciept indicator, firstly the system looks
    for any reference documents like purchase order or contract and takes
    the flag from there.
    If no reference documents or contracts are referenced, then
    the system looks for an info.record to take the flag from there.
    If there is not a info record then system will carry out the
    GR-BasedIV indicator from the vendor master.
    Hope this helps,

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    Hi, If we make any framework order than there is a tab comes in Invoice tab say Invoicing plan. But it doesn't appear in other type of PO's. Where we do this setting in SPRO?
    Edited by: SunilSisodia on Apr 23, 2010 2:15 PM

    Hi VS
    The best option for your requirement is ERS.
    You can receive the material as and when required and without doing the Invoice verification you can settele the vendor liabality through MRRL at given interval... for your case every month.
    for doing this. you need to do in
    Vendor master -- Purchasing data >>>> tick GR based Invoice verification and Auto end.Rg set
    In Info record set GR based Invoice verification and tax code.
    In PO verify that Tax code, payment terms and GR based invoice verification are ticked /enterd.
    Do MIGO
    Settle through MRRL ( no Invoice required from vendor ) it will generete the credit memo automaticaly..
    Hope this solve your issue.

  • EDI incoming invoice error M8 755 Enter a tax code in item...

    Can anyone tell me where I should look to resolve this issue?  I'm trying to post an EDI incoming invoice for a PO.   The PO has an tax code on the line item being invoiced.  

    Let me get into a little more detail.  We have EDI incoming invoices working properly in our production environment.  It is unlikely our mapping or our customization is incorrect.   It is possible that something has been changed with customization but I have already looked there and did not see anything of concern.    
    I'm doing testing in our test environment using WE19, and I'm getting this error message although the idoc I create is similar to examples in production and the PO is also similar to what is in production. 
    I was hoping that someone had experienced a similar issue and would be able to point me in a direction that I have not already looked.


    My client requires, while doing the Incoming and outgoing excise invocies based on material type  traded goods and rawmaterial goods, they want to hit different GL accounts based on the materials(traded and rawmaterial separately).  Since
    excise transaction type is one, how can we achieve this,  Is it possible to do the above requirement. How can we configure different gl's for th same excise transaction type based on the different materials.
    Please advice.

    The incoming and outgoing exise invoices are not exposed in DI as there are a part of the Indian Localization. So I guess its not possible to create that document with DI API.
    Check the following note for a similar thing https://websmp130.sap-ag.de/sap(bD1lbiZjPTAwMQ==)/bc/bsp/spn/smb_searchnotes/display.htm?note_langu=E&note_numm=1078102
    Hope it helps,
    Vasu Natari.

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    Could any one give some inputs on Partner Profiles also for this senario.
    Please kindly reply as early as possible.
    Anil Kumar K

      I Got your name from this site.I would be very thankful if you can help me here.I am designing a EDI based invoice LIV.Is it possible to post some charges which are without PO reference but are coming in Vendor Invoices.Is it possible to post these kind of charges with EDI message INOIC01 or we have to post through FI posting.If possible through EDI in which segment of IDOC we will enter these charges with amt.Also is it possible to post credit memo also with EDI

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    We have implemented EDI incoming invoice using INVOIC02. The process code is INVL.The invoice is to be posted against a Purchase Order line item. It is noticed that the EDI invoice is not getting the Tax Jurisdiction code from the Purchase Order line . Instead the Tax Juridiction code is copied from the company code. However when we post the invoice manually using MIRO , then the Tax Juridiction code is copied from the Purchase Order. We understand that the system should take the Tax Jurisdiction code from the Purchase Order even for EDI invoices. Is it compulsory that we have to use the user exit EXIT_SAPLMRMH_014 in order to populate the Tax Jurisdiction code field TXJCD from the Purchase Order line? or is there any config required to enable the transfer of Tax Juridication code from the Purchase Order? In transaction OBCE there is a config to transfer the tax jurisdiction code supplied by the external vendor. If we do not check that box , then system is supposed to get the tax jurisdiction code from the Purchase Order.

    The issue is resolved through OSS Note 506343. In the standard R/3 system, the tax jurisdiction code can't be written to invoice via EDI and only the Ship To Plant's Tax Jurisdiction Code is written to the invoice.

  • How do we raise Incoming Excise invoice on Vendor1 and A/P Invoice on Vendo

    Hi All,
    How do we raise Incoming Excise invoice on Vendor1 and A/P Invoice on Vendor2 for a single purchase order?
    The Scenario:  PO is raised on Vendor2 for certain goods excisable and Vendor2 is not registered under Excise hence i cannot get Incoming excise invoice from Vendor2 or I cannot raise Excise invoice in B1 on the name of Vendor2.
    the same goods (which are excisable) were already supplied by Vendor1 to Vendor2.  So here the excise invoice is coming from Vendor1 and A/P Invoice from Vendor2 how this is actually handled in Business One?  How do we show the A/P Invoice amount due on Vendor2 and the Excise Passed from Vendor1?
    SV Reddy

    Hi Thanga Raj,
    what you said is works only for payment consolidation.  where in a particular purchase two vendors are involved, the tax updates should go into relevant vendor master data.  in the above case excise is updated in the vendor1 account and RG23 also should be generated on the name of Vendor1.
    Since you already raising incoming excise invoice on the name of Vendor1 you also need to raise A/P Invoice on Vendor1 (this is mandatory, from the goods receipt PO when you click copy to Incoming Excise Invoice and A/P Invoice the system automatically inserts "Vendor1")
    but how do you update the Vendor2 account only for the A/P Invoice VAT portion.  Because in reality the VAT you are paying to Vendor2 since you need to raise the a/P Invoice on the name of Vendor2.  it is not actually happening in business one.  If you try to raise A/P Invoice on Vendor2 from this Goods Receipt PO, initially the system copies Vendor1 from GRPO and if you change and try to add the invoice on Vendor2 name, the system will ask you to create a serial number again if the item is excisable.  here the work is duplicated for the same item you already created a serial number while you creating the Goods Rectipt PO from Vendor1. 
    Any body knows any other scenario please help me.
    SV Reddy

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    Hi everyone,
    I combined two ODS into one ODS from 2LIS_11_VAITM & 2LIS_13_VDITM. I want to generate reports that contain net value, cost of incoming order, invoiced sales, and credit memo'(SD module).
    I tried to create some calculated key figures in BW that contain the net value and cost of incoming order, invoiced sales and credit memo. However, i couldn't find relative fields to define them.
    Can anyone provide help regarding how to create those key figures in BW? Thank you.

    Hello John,
    I think the best way to check it out is by looking at the business content. There might be mapping already defined for the fields you are looking for. The one standing out is perhaps the net value 'ONET_VALUE'.
    Please try to use as much of content KF as possible. A good approach to finding the right info-objects is by searching the business content by info-sources and marking the grouping as 'Collect before and afterwords', it should list down all the dependent info-objects.
    Hope that helps.
    Cheers, Ashu

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