EEM problem with "event timer absolute time"

I wanted to execute a EEM script at a certain time, 2015-05-04 03:00:00 GMT+2:00. So I used the "event timer absolute time" command.
But the switch executed the script immediately. Is there something wrong with the script? Is there another way to execute a few commands at a certain time like this?
event manager applet CHANGE_TO_RAPID-PVST_v2
event timer absolute time 1430701200
action 1.0 cli command "enable"
action 1.1 cli command "config t"
action 2.0 cli command "spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst"
action 2.1 cli command "end"
action 3.0 syslog msg "Changed to Rapid-PVST by EEM script CHANGE_TO_RAPID-PVST_v2"
Switch: WS-C3560X-24T-S
IOS: 15.0(2)SE4
EEM version 3.2
#show event manager history events
No. Job Id Proc Status Time of Event Event Type Name
2 2 Actv success Thu Apr30 09:25:02 2015 timer absolute applet: CHANGE_TO_RAPID-PVST_v2
I used this link to calcute the timer value.

I honestly have never seen anyone use this timer.   You'd be better off using cron and removing the applet when it's done.
That said, this does look like a bug.  Given the little use we've seen of this timer, it's likely a new one.  I recommend opening a TAC case so it can be tracked.

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    Have a read of the JavaDocs, someone went to great lengths to write these to save you headaches like this.
    Have a play around with this code un-commenting the cancel, runTimerInDifferentScope and garbage collection call to see how it behaves each time.
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                        //No need to cancel me, I will be garbage collected
              }, 1000);
    Forgot to mention that the call to System.gc() was necessary to clear the timer. This is not something you should depend on (the garbage collector) in your application. I used it in this example because it's likely it would never run with such a small program and plenty of heap space left. If in doubt then use timer.cancel() as with the first example.
    Edited by: michael- on Dec 15, 2009 12:42 PM

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    There was a problem in Windows XP and 2003 Server with using QueryPerformanceCouner() function. Sometimes it can cause problem with precision time measurements on CPUs which support powersaving modes by changing clock frequency. The simplest solution for that was /usepmtimer key in boot.ini file which forces the system to use another timer.
    I just want to know does this problem appear in Windoes 7? And how to solve it since there is no boot.ini file in Windows 7?
    Thanks a lot!
    P.S. This is a page with detailed description of the problem:

    Hi ,
    There is official documentation released on userpmtimer for windows 7 operating system.
    Also the KB article only refere to the OS which have performance problem.
    After reading the below article , i feel that this problem is taken care in windows 7 / windows 2008 ( though there is no formal written documentation )
    you can post in windows 7 dedicated forum, so that MVP / Microsoft Engineers and community members would suggest you with latest data if any.

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    To be more eloborate here is a basic definition of my classes
    class SystemPanel{
             SystemPanel(FTP ftp){ app = ftp};
             FTP app;
             private JButton b = new JButton("ChgDir");
    class FTP extends JFrame implements ActionListener{
               SystemPanel rem = new SystemPanel(this);
               SystemPanel loc = new SystemPanel(this);
           void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){
               BOTH HAVE SAME ID AND getSouce() ?
               In this if was from rem or loc ?
    }  It would be really helpful if anyone could help me in this regard..
    Hari Vigensh

    Hi levi,
    I solved the problem ..using same concept but in a different way..
    One thing i wanted to make clear is that the two buttons are in the SAME CLASS and i am forming 2 different objects of the SAME class and then putting them in a GUI.THERE IS NO b and C. there is just two instances of b which belong to the SAME CLASS..
    So the code
    private JButton b = new JButton("ChgDir");
    b.setActionCommand ("1");
    wont work as both the instances would have the label "ChgDir" and have setActionCommand set to 1!!!!
    Actually I have an array of buttons..So I solved the prob by writting a function caled setActionCmdRemote that would just set the action commands of one object of the class differently is the code
    public void setActionCommandsRemote()
         for(int i = 0 ; i <cmdButtons.length ; i++)
    This just adds "rem" to the existing Actioncommand and i check it as folows in my actionperformed method
         if(button.getActionCommand().equals("DeleteRem") )          
          else if(button.getActionCommand().equals("Delete") )
                     deleteFileLocal();Anyway thanx a milion for your help..this was my first posting and I was glad to get a prompt reply!!!

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    I had a similar problem (to name one) and couldn't resolve it... I packed it back up and am returning it tomorrow.
    All these people have all these solutions but none of them should have to do any of it! That is the biggest problem I have with the TC. They give you a small little guide to set everything up and it doesn't deal with any of this. With networks and computers as they are right now.... you should not have to do any of this at all. You should be able to plug it in, answer a few easy to answer questions like it does ask and then it should configure itself just as any other network device I have purchased in the last 2 years. Even my PS3 I bought last week did it by itself by only asking a few questions! (Same as my macbook... so you know they can do it)
    Now.. say you do get it all set up and it works great... hope you don't have kids that like to play their XBox 360 online because guess what.... it isn't compatible with the TC wireless!!! If you want to use your PS3.... you have to buy more stuff.
    No.... do yourself a favor... go buy the D-Link DIR-655 that has a USB storage link... hook it up and be in business in 10 minutes. You can also get a 1TB WD external hard drive for $209.00 and hook it up direct to your mac and use time machine and transfer files faster than a mule walking up hill.

  • EEM Applet Problem With: event syslog pattern ".*" priority 2

    I went to create a EEM applet that would be invoked whenever any syslog message of priority 0-2 was invoked. I figured  the following event statement would work
           event syslog pattern ".*" priority 2
    I never really used the priority optional argument before but thought I understood from the docs that messages at or numerically lower than the specified level are matched.
    Well it doesn't seem to work as documented.  Seems to me that only messages at the specified level are beng matched and not messages numerically lower than the specified level.
    Anyway I did what I wanted differently but wanted to post this in case this is a bug in the syslog ed.

    Actually, it's a problem with the documentation.  The priority option only matches the specified severity.  What you could do is adjust pattern to do this:
    event syslog pattern "*-[012]-"

Maybe you are looking for