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Hi all;
I am missing the Scroll Motion tab under the Effecrs button.
I have installed Muse CC, no upgrades available, so its not that.
Any ideas?

Actually, the problem is the inverse. The Muse you have installed is more up-to-date than whatever documentation you're referring to. With the November update of Muse Scroll Effects were significantly enhanced and as part of that they've been broken out into their own panel that can be accessed via the Windows menu. Select "Scroll Effects".

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  • I have the v. 7.3, but i don´t have the Scroll Motion icon. Why?

    I have the v.7.3 ok Adobe Muse, but I don´t have the Effect Scroll Motion.
    I tried to do why Pictures and Text, and I don´t see the Icon...
    I download 3 o 4 times Muse, but in all is the same mistake.
    What can I do?

    Ok, thanks, then you say the Icon that miss in the Efects Panel
    is the same that is in the Flyout Scroll Effects?

  • Scroll Motion Within Composition..??

    Hello All,
    I have just learned the cool trick with setting the scroll motion on the navigation bar to have it static at the top of the page.  Awesome.
    Now I've been trying to figure out the way to get the "triggers" within a "Featured News" composition widget to become static just below the navigation bar.  But not having any luck figuring that one out, and haven't had any luck finding any how-tos.
    Anyone got any thoughts or ideas how to achieve this effect..??
    Thanks for the help and advice.

    Hi Sanjit,
    Thanks for the reply.  I gave up trying to figure it out and just did exactly what you suggested.  I pinned the triggers and it pretty much suits the same purpose without the snazzy effect.  But still looks ok.
    Thanks for help..!!

  • Pas d'onglet scroll motion dans effets

    Bonjour, dans ma version (v4.1 Build 8) il n'y a pas d'onglet "scroll motion" dans "effets". Comment puis-je la trouver?Merci

    il y aura une mise à jour le 17 juin d'après ce que j'ai lu
    et le terme serait le suivant : Scroll Motion Effects (Parallax Scrolling)
    pour voir une vidéo sur le sujet :
    http://tv.adobe.com/watch/creative-cloud-for-design/discover-new-parallax-scrolling-with-a dobe-muse-cc/

  • Scroll Motion not able to initiate

    I need to make sticky menu on the top of the page but I am not able to initiate Scroll Motion dialog box. It is grayed on. I have basic menu with no bells and whistles. No 100% width. I am flabbergasted! Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot Daniela

    Hi Daniela,
    You are welcome, we cannot apply scroll effects to a fill that is only filled with a solid or gradient color.
    Adobe Muse Help | Scroll Effects | Browser Fill and Background Fill

  • Rollover for element with Scroll Motion?

    Hey There, I'm having a problem where I can't apply a rollover function to a jpeg that already has parallax scrolling applied to it. The scroll motion is working just fine. But when add an effect, like a shadow, to the jpeg under the rollover state, the next time I preview or upload the html to my server the jpeg is gone altogether. I've tried a number of options but am racking my brain for a way to have both a rollover function and parallax scrolling on the same element.
    Thanks for any advice.

    Hi Justin, I realized that I could use the tooltip widget to utilize the rollover function with that and then put scroll motion on the widget itself and it seems to work just fine.

  • Excuse me, i truly need help, I downloaded the Muse CC trial, & my scroll motion tab is missing

    excuse me, i truly need help, I downloaded the Muse CC trial, & my scroll motion tab is missing

    Please open Muse > Go to Window at the top > Check " Scroll effects". The scroll effect tab will appear in the right side panel.

  • I am new to After Effects and Motion 5 and I have a question

    Hello there,
    I am currently working on a personal side project for a family member. She would like me to make a video with recorded audio and pictures from the 1920’s for my grandmother. I would like to give the parallax and 2.5D effect a try but as I never used After Effects or Motion before I am a little overwhelmed.
    I have about 80 images to animate. Right now I am in the ‘Photoshop phase’. I am going through each image and separating the foreground, mid-ground, and background, into separate layers and saving the .psd files to eventually bring into Motion 5 (or After Effects) and animate.
    After seeing this video:
    I really wanted to animate the images I had in a similar fashion. I really loved how they seemed to move and know that I can accomplish this appearance with the pin tool in After Effects. After seeing this video however, I continued looking into the 2.5d effect and found this movie for Motion 5:
    I bought Motion 5 because I thought the interface seemed more user friendly to newcomers (like myself), the effects were similar, and because I couldn’t afford to pay for After Effects every month.
    But now I am kicking myself. Motion 5 is lovely and I do like the camera effects but I don’t think I can accomplish the ‘puppet’ effect with it like I can in After Effects. Does anyone know if it is possible? Is there a plugin for Motion 5? Can I send my .psd files into Motion 5, set up the timeline and cameras, save it, and then move it into After Effects and then use the pin tool to manipulate the images and layers?
    I have read that some say it is hard to move Motion files into After Effects? If this is the case, could I save the Motion file, open it in Adobe Premiere, and THEN open it in After Effects and play around with it?
    Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much in advanced.

    2.5D is fairly easy to do in Motion... that's the good news. The bad news is: if you don't know what you need to do to accomplish it, it's practically impossible to do easily or well.
    The first problem to overcome is perspective, and the other problem is parallax.
    These two tutorials (by Mark Spencer) will give you all the information you need dealing with moving Photoshop Layers in Z-space. Even though the point of the tutorials is a "fly through", the same information applies to creating 2.5D. Just animate the camera laterally (sweep) instead of dolly.
    http://vimeo.com/1695145  (updated tips)

  • Cool effect..how can i create this effect on Motion 3?

    that's great.
    Someone please tell me how can i create this effect on motion 3?

    Use the bezier tool to create your shapes, give the shapes an Airbrush outline. Then apply a Write On behavior to each shape. Position the shapes in the timeline so they appear sequentially. To achieve the zooming out effect, you can either scale the whole group, or convert the group to 3D and use the camera to zoom out.

  • Reflection White effect in Motion 2?

    Very new to Motion 2, I still have a greatt deal to learn. But I was wonder if there's a way to create the refection effects seen in iMovie HD, version iLife 6? I really like that effecta nd would like to be able to create similar effects in Motion. Can this be done? If so, can someone give be a step-by-step or point me in the general direction? Thank you!

    Thank you Patrick, but specifically, I'm trying to figure out how I can create the 3D motion as created by the iMovie 6 "Reflection White (or black) theme. I can see, somewhat, how to create a reflection and have that reflection be 3D and move, What I can't figure out is how to create the perspective of the image, or movie, changing with the movement—e.g., appearing as if to slide along a path and shrink or grow as it moves along the X, Y and Z planes. As with the "Reflection" themes, pictures and movies and move and swing in 3D space. I'm trying to simulate that type of motion.
    Thank you so much.

  • Pin object using scroll motion (for mobile website)

    I want to pin an object in a specific position. But since the pin option is not available for phone website I was wondering how can I  do this using scroll motions.

    Apply scroll to the object with no field value for movement which would fix that no page.

  • The scroll motion where I set the fill is only scrolling down

    The scroll motion where I set the fill is only scrolling down, even when I set it to go up. Has anyone else expereinced this? Can you help me correct this?

    Hi Crystal,
    Could you please explain in details what you have done so that I can test it out at my end? Is there a live page where I can check the issue? Can you create a trial site on BC and then show it to me so that I can investigate the issue further? Thanks.
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • Scroll motion on image fill resets itself...

    When I set the scroll motion for a rectangle with an image fill, it resets the vertical final motion to 1 after I set it to 0.

    Hi penserv,
    Please check if it is with one file or with all the files.
    If the issue is occurring on all the files, then please contact support as we are not able to recreate this issue on our end :

  • Scroll Motion Rotation

    I love the scroll motion feature! Could you add rotation with the ability to choose the axis of rotation to this feature?

    I presume one reason for this is that scrolling provides faster movement and faster lateral movement is more desireable than fast rotation. It still seems counter-intuative to me though

  • Scroll Motion Elements Shake When Using Anchors

    When the browser window is narrower than the site, elements with scroll motion "shake", often severely, and sometimes change position when using links to jump to different anchors on the page. What causes this and is there a way to fix it?
    Here is the site I'm working with. If you scroll using the scroll bars, there is no issue, it only happens when using the links in the bar at the top. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Hi @Kydos 
    Thank you for your reply.
    I grasp that if you disable the graphic driver in device manager the issue is gone.
    Here is a link to  Resolving Video and Graphics Issues that will assist with this.
    Have you tried running the  HP Support Assistant  to look for any HP updates?
    Here is a link to the  HP Envy 17t-1000 CTO Notebook Software & Drivers  to verify you have all the recommended updates.
    You could also try reseating the card if that does not help.
    Next would be to test the card. Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 7, Vista)
    Good Luck!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

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