Employee Vendor and Third Party Vendor Posting Issue

Dear Experts,
I have an issue while Posting of Employee Vendor and Third Party Vendor.
In T706K table, maintained symbolic account offset entry MJ90 Wage Type but its asking for Symbolic Exp account too. Otherwise, while posting its says Trip has no postable entries.
I should get entry in FB03 as mentioned below
Employee Vendor   (Dr)
Service Tax            (Dr)
Third Party Vendor  (Cr)
Awaiting for quick response.

Hi Sieg,
Thanks for your reply.
Company has given Forex advance to employee via third party vendor
So, We need to debit the amount into Employee Vendor and Credit into Third Party Vendor
For Ex: Third Party Vendor is Thomas Cook (Forex Provider)
Please guide me how to post the above entry in Standard.

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    Hello Sarika,
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    Thanks and Regards,

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       If you are going for option 3, you may create the release strategy with the field CEKKO - RESWK (EKKO - RESWK) (Supplying plant). This field will be filled with plant only in case of STO and you can trigger corresponding release strategy. If its third party vendors, the above field will be empty.

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    We have certain vendors who are set up in the system with wagetypes such as 2AFL,2DEN and 2MED, which are used for deducting money from EE's paycheque and then sending to third party vendor.
    However, when I compare the vendor report and the report of how much has been removed from the EE's paycheque, I see that a couple of hundred dollars is missing.
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    I know that wagetypes are linked to symbolic accounts which in turn are linked to the GL accounts.
    Any suggestions on why this error could be happening ?

    There are certain deductions like say for Ex.. Garnishments where the total amount deducted from the employee is not directly posted to vendor's account small part of the amount goes to employers as service charge...
    so in this case the total deduction amount will be reflected from the EE. But will not be reflected in the Vendor..
    Kindly make sure if 100% of the deduction is being credited to vendors account.. to aviod inconsistencies...

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    I then thought I could only create a posting run for the tax HR payee (vendors) post the document into FI via PCP0, then run it for the other HR payees and delete the batches for the FI posting in PCP0.  However, when I delete the FI postings, it puts the information back into the posting bucket (so later when I really want to pay the other HR payees, I will pick up those to pay).  So, that idea did not work.

    There are certain deductions like say for Ex.. Garnishments where the total amount deducted from the employee is not directly posted to vendor's account small part of the amount goes to employers as service charge...
    so in this case the total deduction amount will be reflected from the EE. But will not be reflected in the Vendor..
    Kindly make sure if 100% of the deduction is being credited to vendors account.. to aviod inconsistencies...

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    This text message does add: "For details or to block such charges: www.verizonwirel." (That's correct as written—I presume some of the message got truncated. That's how the message appeared both times.) However, I can't find any documentation about how to block these charges.
    After I got the first of these messages, I called Verizon's customer service number (800.922.0204). A very pleasant gentleman noted my concern and checked my account. He found no such third-party charges, and he advised me to look carefully at my next bill. I left it at that until I got the second message this evening.
    Speaking of customer service: This evening, I tried twice calling Verizon's customer service number. Both times, the call ended with a recorded voice telling me, "I'm sorry, but your call cannot be processed at this time. Please try your call later." Huh? Why not an offer to leave my number for a call-back? They as much as hung up on me. Not impressed. And, by the way, why doesn't Verizon post their customer service number on the Web site? I had to dig up the number by way of www.gethuman.com.

    Contact us on every page has the number.
    *611 from your device works as well.
    That third party stuff is probably "cramming" Verizon just got hit with this practice which is illegal.
    The law states you can call Verizon up and have them place a permenant block on third party services.
    They cannot refuse and you do not have to pay for them.
    Notify the FCC http://www.FCC.gov or the Federal Trade Commission http://www.FTC.gov
    Good Luck

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    For example for PO payment terms say 10% advance , 85% after delivery and 5%after inspection of all document by audit people . here audit people will check all purchaseing documet before going to pay .
    How we can manage this process in SAP ERP and auditor want to check all document after that he want to post payment in sap .
    max points for best solution
    thanks in advace

    Dear Ajit,
    you can sale RAW Material to vendor, vendor should make GR & avail excise benifit. after this vendor can use some other parts for production of final product. Vendor can sale us final product as per the costing (i.e. our rm cost + other products used by vendor + % of Margins)
    we can use standard SAP SD Sales flow & MM flow for GRN
    Santosh G.

  • SAP SD integration when Scraping materials at third party vendor place

    Could you please guide how do I map the below scenarios:
    1. The Pharma materials are all batch managed. Now the co' has got pharma returns and the credit memo to be issued for all those valid returns. How do I trace the batch while taking return as I have to create return with ref to a billing document only?? Advice on how to map this!
    2. Also, the expired materials are destroyed and scraped at the third party vendor place. Now how , in what way do I account through SAP SD process?
    Please advice and your inputs are highly appreciated.Thanks in advance!

    Hi Shrihari
    well, it is a bit tricky to refer the billing document because the last one could have the latest batch and which high likely will be a different batch.
    For case one, we actually do refer the billing document if  for example the wrong ship to party was entered in sales order, the wrong products have been shipped or when goods have been damaged in transit.
    When we have a case like the one I 've l mentionned above, the customes tells us by email about the return, we then acknowledge the return by return of email usually and then when goods arrive at warehouse, they are booked as return (normal retun w/o reference to billing document).
    What we also face it that sometimes the customers buys the product in , say january, but was not able to sell whole purchased quantity and then wants (in may)  to return the remaining product to us. Well we have a policy that we do not accept such returns. sold is sold.
    For case two, the customer may return damaged goods to us, we create a sales order return to our warehouse, at 0 price, so we actually do not issue a credit note, but rather book the quantities back into inventory stock blocked and subsequently issue then as scrapped (mvt type 555)
    What the customers destroys at their permises w/o informing us, then we do not take any action.

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    Is there any way to mass update third party vendor at PO line item level?
    Relevant pointers will be rewarded.

       You may check the following options:
    1. If the freight vendor was pulled through condition record, then change the vendor in the condition record and update the pricing in MEI1. Refer the KBA: 1819416 - Condition records not getting updated automatically when using MEI1/MEI4
    2. If the condition is manual condition, there is no option to mass change the vendor in standard, as of my knowledge. You may create a custom program to change the vendor in the PO. Refer the similar thread: Mass update of freight vendor in PO condition

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    who will do benefit enrollment? third party or In sap itself? who is the third party vendor?

    Hi Rakesh,
    Who should handle benefit enrollement depends on client requirement.
    In SAP Benefit Administration module we do have enrollment function.
    Here is the document
    Client may chose to only store benefit related information and take help of other third party vendor and use interfaces to communicate it to SAP for payroll and master data maintenance.
    Aon Hewitt is one of the well known vendors. Might be more not sure of all names.
    Hope it answers your question.

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    Third party vendor sends messages to a webservice. The SOA application takes the message and puts it into a JMS topic through a mediator with asynchronous interface. All good so far, the system now needs to send a response back to the third party's webservice saying the message processing failed or was successful. For mediator, there are two concepts callback and response. What is the difference between callback and reponse. Which one should I use to send response message back to third party. Do I need OSB for this?
    Please suggest the approach for getting this implemented. I am fairly fresh to the SOA components and appreciate help in this regard. I hope I am making sense, if not feel free for more clarification. I am struck on this for atleast a week now.

    I am using the mediator component which does callback and response as per the SOA user guide. I am not sure, while sending response back to third party, should I be using callback or response. There are no use cases for asychronous interaction using jms topics in Oracle samples examples also.
    Looking forward for some help or suggestions

  • I received a text from verizon saying i made a charge with a third party  vendor that would show up on by bill

    I got a text from Verizon saying I made a charge with a third party vendor that will be on my verizon bill.  What the heck?????

    Don't be surprised. I received this same notice but verizon has almost no way for a person to find the answer easily. Plus there are several charges on my bill that are on the web page that link to the contract. The links go no where! !
    If they are going to charge something they need to find a way for people to know what is being charged.
    An Iphone6 was upgraded on October 6 under the Edge program. The charge was added almost immediately and appeared on the October 12 billing cycle. The older phone was returned to them under the Verizon Edge plan and it was received by verizon on the 13th of October. That credit has still not been applied to our account. It took them a matter of minutes to charge us for the new IPhone 6 but so far they have not been able to apply the credit for the edge return after eight days. All the links to this transaction are dead and there are no records on the verizon billing site to back up the charges. The message today is the first 'hint' that there may be a charge coming but no mention of the credit.

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    Racoon under Mac OS X is the same as any other OS, so any info you find online should be valid. The man page for racoon.conf is a good start.

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