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Hi All,
   Right now I have some file to file (FTP_XI_FTP)scenarios that are working fine. With SP14 we got a option to use FTPS(FTP over SSL). 
1.  Can any one tell me the exact steps we need to follow to use FTPS?
2. What is the config we need to do in RZ10.
3. What is the confing we need to do in the Visual admin?
4. What are all the steps we need to do with the ftp server.
4.  How to test the configuration.
   1. We are on sp14/XI3.0/kernal640/Solaris/oracle
   2. Installed SAP Cryptographic Software.
   3. Right now i could be able to connect to FTP server at a secure port 32, using PUTTY software.
Thank you
Raj Akula

There is a blog on SSL- have look at that-
I hope you have gone thru following link-
May be useful

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    Does anybody know the exact File adapter configuration parameters for reading a file with hexadecimal control characters as seperators. My file has
    3 types of seperators - i.e "2F", "05" & "0D2F"
    Eg: xml.fieldSeparator= "2F"
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    However, everytime I process the file(with hexadecimal contol characters), I have noticed that my file is getting split, even when I did not specify anything for field separator(i.e when i used fixed field length).

  • File name naming convention in File Adapter configuration in ID

    Hi All ,
    I have a query related to xml filename created in IDOC-XI-FILE scenario based on value of one of IDOC field .
    The scenario is like this :
    I have to send one xml file per store for material master . In this case how can I define my file name with store name in File adapter configuration in ID .
    Naming convention should be
    <b><storename>_date_masterdataname.xml</b>where store name is one of field of IDOC .
    Plz help me .
    Thanks in Advance
    Prabhat Ranjan

    Hi Prabhat,
    take a look at this weblog:
    you have to specify variable substitution
    (in the file adapter)
    and give the path to the store name (in the variable sustitution table)
    you <b>file name schema</b> (from the file communication channel can look like this)
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  • How to automate File Adapter Configuration

    I am configuring a File Adapter manually then it generates WSDL file and jca files which contains File Adapter configuration. I have XSd file through the XSD can I generate these files (WSDL & jca)?

    I have XSd file through the XSD can I generate these files (WSDL & jca)?No. Only adapter wizard should generate these files. Can you let us know more about your use case and tools you are working with?

  • Command Order in FTPS for file adapter

    I am trying to configure file adapter using FTPS.
    Can anyone please explain what the commands AUTH TSL, USER, PASS, PBSZ & PROT stand for?
    How can i choose the correct order?

    Hi Sekhar,
    See this help which will give you an idea about them and its usage:
    Also Retain the default setting. Please check this sap help for order:

  • JavaConnection Exception when using FTP in File adapter

    Hi I am getting the following error while using FTP as a TP in the File adapter
    Error occurred while connecting to the FTP server "<Terminal IP address> :21": java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect"
    I am using the guildFTP software for configuring FTR server on my machine.
    And i am giving my terminal as Server IP address in ID.

    try configuring your FTP as per this blog and recheck - /people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2006/08/01/along-came-a-file-adapter-mr-ftp-and-rest-of-the-gang
    in case it doesn't work let us know !!!

  • FTP Receiver File adapter  -- CRLF In output File in Windows environment.

    Hi All,
    Idoc to File : Receiver File adapter.
    I use the endseparator 'nl' and the output file is coming correctly with NFS and It is not working when we are doing with with FTP.
    Tested with NFS (Unix environment)
    I used the endseparator 'nl' and the output file is coming with CRLF.
    Tested with FTP (Windows environment)
    When I tested the same the output file is coming with LF.
    I tried by using the module "SAP XI Sample/ConvertCRLFfromToLF" which will convert from LFToCRLF.But it is serving my purpose.
    Can anyone please suggest how I can get the CRLF in the file while putting in the output directory which is in windows environment.

    Do not mention endSeparator in content conversion parameters...by default XI puts newline as endSeparator
    It should work for NFS and FTP on Windows

  • Need help in file adapter configuration

       i am working on sps13 . while i am configuring the file adapter for sender        communication channel  i got a compulsary field "Queue Name" in processing    
    parameters . what should i make entry in that field ? plz....do reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Lakhman ,
    The parameter QualityOfService specifies how the Integration Engine should process a message. The following values are permitted:
    1)BE(Best Effort: synchronous processing). If QualityOfService is BE, the client is sent the final status for the processing.
    2)EO(Exactly Once: asynchronous processing with guaranteed execution exactly once). If QualityOfService is EO,processing occurs asynchronously and the client only recieves a confirmation of reciept with HTTP status '200'.
    3)EOIO(Exactly Once in Order: asynchronous processing using queues, that is, guaranteed execution exactly once and maintaining the sequence of successive messages). If QualityOfService is EOIO,processing occurs asynchronously and the client only recieves a confirmation of reciept with HTTP status '200'.
    Since u had choosen EOIO ,You must also define a queue name for EOIO:
    This queue name is used in the Integration Engine to process messages in the same sequence that they arrived in.
    This QueueName can consist of a maximum of 16 characters. If the first 8 characters contain 'SAP_ALE_', these r removed since this value is reserved by SAP and used internally.
    If a value is not specified for QualityOfService , the default value 'BE' is used.
    These r following websites which u wil find helpful:
    Reward Points if u find it useful.
    [email protected]

  • SP9 on PCK - file adapter configuration or Messaging System Test

    I have upgraded my XI 3.0 PCK from SP1 to SP9. This is fine but now I do not have the Messaging System Test JSP
    (I could not install the old one).So I would like to
    configure the file adapter to send to my adapter some outbound messages.
    I have tried configuring the file adapter as
    I do on full XI server but the file adpater on PCK
    just doesn't want to recognize the binding. No error logs, nothing. Any ideas what could be wrong ?
    Maxim Naidenov

    The configuration of the PCK is different to the XI.
    You need:
    Communication Channel:
    -> for Sender (File)
    -> for Receiver (XI) (Here you enter the URL of the XI)
    sender agreement (matching sender channel and interface)
    receiver agreement (matching receiver channel and interface)
    As the XI needs the same configuration for partner and service as the PCK, you should create two partners for PCK and XI and assign the sender channel to the service belonging to the partner PCK and the receiver channel to the service belonging to the partner XI.
    I hope that helps

  • Issue while fetching the file through *.extension by FTP sender file adapte

    Hello Experts,
    I am facing a issue while fetching the data through sender File adapter with  ' *.file extension' .I am illustarting the scenario as below .
    It is a simple scenarion of File to File inboumd scenarion.Here file is getting picked up from a third party system
    through FTP sender chanel and stored in a temp folder of PI through NFS rceiver file adapter .
        The problem is however I am getting, while picking the file with file name as "*.exo"(where exo is the file extension).
    But while fetching the file with particular name like"abcd_10032011*.exo"(file naming has been done by combination of abcd(always same)_currentdate(change according to current date)),file picked successfully .
    So here ,in the prior case file not getting picked up,but in later case it dose .
    Can anyone please let me know what might be the issue?

    Hi Sunit,
    Connect from your PI System to 3rd Party System (where are placed the Source Files)
    FTP <PartySystemHostName>
    eg. FTP (then insert Username & Password to Login)
    Go to source directory
    cd \<SourceDirectory>
    eg. cd \donaldduck\directory\
    Execute a File List command
    ls -la *.<extension>
    eg. ls -la *.exo
    In this way you should be able to view all files with this extension (*.exo), the same action that Sap XI perform to pickup the file.
    Then, try to copy that file to your Local PI System (to check if there're some permissions issue):
    mget <filename>.exo
    eg. mpget File1_01012011.exo

  • Path in File Adapter Configuration [XI 3.0]

    when providing a relative path in the file adapter, which subdirectory will be used as parent directory?
    Furthermore, how can I address a network file system on a unix based host. Is it similar to
    hostname\dirfoo\dirbar\... like in a Windows environment?

    Hi Chris,
    The path provided to the File adapter should be the path on the sender/receiver system. For example, if your file is written to d:/usr/sap/trans/tmp this is the detail you should be providing to the file adapter.
    Note the use of '/' instead of backslash '\' used in the windows environment.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards

  • File adapter configuration

    Hi ,
    In file adapter, when we use quality of service:EOIO ,it asks for Queue name,what do we have to give there?

    Hi Guys
    When I use EOIO it gives me the below error,it works fine with EO for quality of service.What is causing the error.I am using in file sender adapter.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!-- Call Adapter -->
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="http://sap.com/xi/XI/Message/30" xmlns:SOAP="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
      <SAP:Code area="MESSAGE">GENERAL</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText>com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.DeliveryException: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML</SAP:AdditionalText>
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack />

  • Reciever file adapter configuration for Deep structure

    Hi Experts,
                     I have a idoc to file scenario in which i used a data type for file in below format:
    >filed 3
    >filed 4
    >filed 5
    >filed 6
    Here DT_test is datatype name,Recordset is a structure name which contain E21DPU1, E21DPU5,E21DPO3 stucture inside it.Now,E21DPU5 and E21DPO3 structures are under E21DPU1.
    I am confused in creating content conversion parameters i.e what we have to mention in Recordset Stucture .
    I used E21DPU1,,E21DPU5,,E21DP03,* .should it work for deep structure.

    file adapter does not handle 2 level deep structures
    the easiest way to do it now is to go for abap or java mapping
    and create a line for each of the output lines and handle this in the file adapter
    so like <line> </line>
    <line>E21DPU1(0.unbounded) with fields </line>
    <line>E21DPU5(0.unbounded) with fields </line>
    <line> etc. </line>
    Michal Krawczyk

  • Response File adapter configuration

    Hi Experts,
    My scenatio is syncronous scenario ( File to sync SOAP to File). It picks up a file , calls syncronous web service using SOAP adapter , get the response and we need to create a file of teh response.
    My problem is to the service response into file.
    In IR i have done following things:
    1. Oubound synchronous input Message interface
    2. Inbound synchronous service Message Interface
    3. Message mapping for both request nad response
    4. Interfce mapping for the one Message Mapping
    In ID
    1. file sender Comm channel
    2. SOAP reciver comm channel
    3. one recvr determination for file to service inbound message
    4. One interfcae detmination for service inbound message and interface mapping
    5. one sender agreement and one recvr agreement.
    Now i am not sure how use the second file adapter for writing file.
    kindly help.

    thanks for your replies, the link was really helpful but I am getting error in my File sender channel:
    Error: com.sap.aii.af.service.cpa.CPAException: Couldn't retrieve inbound binding for the given P/S/A values: FP=;TP=;FS=SHDCLNT100;TS=SICCEB_DocService;AN=;ANS=;
    becuase of this error,  file receiver channel is not getting triggered.
    I have checked all the agrrements and and interface detmination. Kindly suggest what can be the reason .
    Thanks a ton for your replies.

  • Add counter in FTP receiver file adapter

    I have sen that in a File System (NFS) you can add a counter to the filename, but I don't found this possibility when I put File Transfer Protocol (FTP), I only see to add timestamp or message id.
    There is some possibility to add the counter in the FTP like in NFS?

    Unfortunately, the functionality to add a counter is available only with NFS and not with FTP. If you want to achieve this, you will probably have to use variable substitution to dynamically get the counter from a field in the payload. The counter can be incremented in the mappings.
    For info on variable substitution: <a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/bc/bb79d6061007419a081e58cbeaaf28/frameset.htm">Configuring the Receiver File/FTP Adapter</a>

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