Enable to open Sales Order

      We are using R/3 back end, After replication of sales order from CRM to R/3,the system is not allowing to make changes in R/3. while click on  change mode button it showing error.
Can anyone plz give me the inputs.....

Hi Sourabh,
   Thanks for your response
           After replication of sales order CRM to r/3, I try to make changes particular sales order in r/3, the error is showing that "CHANGES ARE NOT ALLOWED". It is in display mode not allowing to change mode. 

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  • Getting data in GATP Planning area on open Sales Orders yet to be PGI'ed

    This is in context of allocation planning.
    I understand there are two internal GATP relevant key figures AEMENGE (allocation) and KCQTY (incoming sales order quantity) which come over from R3. These two key figures are part of any allocation planning design to track consumption of allocation from sales orders.
    We have a requirement to also get information on open sales orders not PGI'ed into GATP planning area. Is there a way to do this without configuring SNP and only core interface ? (Releasing data from SNP to GATP does not work since the levels are different)

    Just to correct you. The tcode is LBWQ and not LBQW.
    Well as per your lines that it is not possible for 400 users to manually feed the data after changes .I totally agree.
    To help get the same functionality we have v3 jobs or direct delta which serves the same job for you.
    This is a job that runs at a regular interval as per you set it in the tcode LBWE.
    If the Datasource is Delta Enabled then only these jobs would be available to run for those data sources and if incase the DS is Full then you dont need these jobs at all.
    Thus once you set your DS as Delta. Go to LBWE select the DS you are working upon for delta
    After finding the DS you see two options update mode and update.
    Update mode -you can choose the type of update mode for example direct, queued and so on.. Generally we use Queued Detla
    Update - you have to set here how do you want it to run and from wat date etc.clickin on job control gives you a window where in u can set all the fields as per ur requirement.
    Once after these are done your job would automatically run and collect the changed records to the delta queue and from there you can pull the same using info pack.
    Hope that clarifies your doubt to some extent.
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  • Billing plan (Downpayment) for saved and open sales orders at header level?

    Hi gurus,
    I have configured billing plan in my SD environment at Item Level.
    I want to change it to header level.
    1- When I make the changes to update the system to have billing plan at header level for future sales orders, is that possible for me to change all my saved orders and open orders with the new settings so that I can also have those saved and open orders with a billing plan at item level?
    2- If that scenario is not possible, could we for example copy the data of a previously saved or open sales order into a new sales order with the new customizing (Billing plan at Header level?)
    Thanks for your input
    Kind regards

    I am afraid you cannot do that converstion for the existing orders. BP at header level are enabled at teh document type level, while BP at item level is done at item category. So both are independent. Mostly it is advisabel to use BP at item level only.
    If you are already using item level BP, and want to mvoe to header BP, then only future transactions can be executed with BP at header level. Existing item level BPlans will remain so in the system.

  • This field cannot be updated as there are open sales order lines

    When trying to enable Item Attributes then I am getting a message "This field cannot be updated as there are open sales order lines". I cancelled the Sales Order ( which was having only 1 sales order line and that is also cancelled) but still I am getting the same message.
    How to overcome this problem.

    Thanks Karthik & Sandeep........
    Issue got fixed. There was an open Sales order Line because of that line the issue was coming. After cancelling that SO Line, Users were able to update the Item field.

  • Open Sales Orders Backlog Report

    Hi All: I have been asked to create Backlog reports for Open Sales Orders and the revenue amounts for the next 15days, one month, 2 months, 3 months 6 months etc etc. Does anyone know of a standard report that covers that and the business content and cues that go with it?
    Thanks in advance

    I haven't seen any standard content for it, with my client, we actually developed the open order report from Item extractor and status extractor. And compare the created on date to the system data to see how long it has been opened for and put it in different buckets.
    Hopes that help.

  • Logic for Open Sales order qty

    What should be the logic given to determine "open sales order qty" during designing a report.
    Note the criterias are as under:
    1) Open sales order qty is the confirmed qty less the delivery qty.
    2) The delivery qty should be delivery order qty (The delivery should not necessarily be pick, packed & PGI)

    sorry it doesn't work for services, since they do not create requirements.
    in this case you can use VBFA table, subracting all the delivered quantities VBFA-RFMNG with VBFA-VBTYP_N = J and VBFA-VBELV/VBFA-POSNV = to your order/item from the ordered quantities
    hope  this help you.

  • Report for open sales order

    Dear all,
    I need to create a open sales order report. Could you please tell me from which table i can get open sales order. Its standard report is VA05 and also I checked in table VBBE. but all record which i get from VA05 are not visible in VBBE table. It means VBBE doesnt carry all pending open records.
    Please guide me from which table i can get it or what is the sriteria to get it?
    Thankyou very much in advance
    Punnet Sharma

    my logic goes like this:
    Note: Open cursor is used since we are dealing with huge amnt of data:
    * Select orders based on their Delivery status
      SELECT  vbeln
      FROM vbuk INTO TABLE git_vbuk
          WHERE lfstk = 'A' OR lfstk = 'B' .
    * Filter selected orders
    * Selection using open cursor
      DATA: lwa_op_sal_ord1 TYPE gt_comtab.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        OPEN CURSOR c1 FOR
          SELECT vbap~matnr
          FROM vbap INNER JOIN vbak
          ON vbap~vbeln EQ vbak~vbeln
          FOR ALL entries IN git_vbuk
          WHERE vbap~vbeln = git_vbuk-vbeln AND
                vbak~vbtyp = 'C'.
          CLEAR lwa_op_sal_ord1.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            APPEND lwa_op_sal_ord1 TO li_op_sal_ord1.
            CLOSE CURSOR c1.
    here filter orders based on 'A' and 'B' from VBUK...
    then frm header table VBAK get order for vbtyp ='C'.
    now li_op_sal_ord1 will have open sales orders..
    Moreover as per ur query y do u need the item data frm VBAP as u are only concerned abt VBELN.
    If u need item u hv 2 run another select.

  • Close Open sale order items

    We have a business scenario of one sales order --> one delivery document. Any items which have not been confirmed for delivery need to be closed out so that they do not show up as open requirements.
    One way is to reject the open line items. However, rejection reduces the original customer sales order value.
    Is there any other way that the open sales order line items can be changed in status so that the pricing is intact, but the item is closed out ?
    Would appreciate inputs from the forum

    In standard itself this can be achieved
    In t code OVAG itself for your reason of rejection if you maintain BLANK in the statistical column
    Then those rejected values will not be reflected in sales order
    Suppose  a sales order contains three materials say
    Material A  qty 3 units
    Material B  qty 3 units
    Material C  qty 2 units
    Each and everything is priced as 10 US dollars
    then the nett value of this order will be 80 US dollars
    Suppose if you reject Material C  qty 2 units with a reason of rejection by maintaining the settings that i mentioned above the sales order value still Will  be  80 US dollars and will not become  60 US dollars
    This is what you are looking for (i hope so)
    Please try this

  • Reg : open sale order

    hai to all
    i my senario i should download the open sale order existing in the present production server into a flat fle
    can anyone tell me where this ship- to party is getting stored while creating the sale order. please let me know the table name.

    Hi Vijay,
    To find out Open Sales Order. You shoud get them from VBUK-GBSTK <> 'C'. Store them in internal table.
    To get Ship-to-party, you can get it from VBPA (partner table).
    VBPA-VBELN = sales order number
    VBPA-POSNR = '000000'
    VBPA-PARVW = 'WE' or 'SH'
    You will get details for Ship to Party.

  • Open sale order quantity in VA05

    hi all,
    can anyone please tell me the function module or bapi or Table to find out open sales order quantity coming in VA05.

    First of all define what is open , is it created but notdelivered , or delivered but not invoiced.
    The table VBUP has flags for statuses eg
    A     Not yet processed
    B     Partially processed
    C     Completely processed
    A for open , B for partial C for complete , so by checking this table you will find which are actually delivered or invoiced completely.
    Tcode V.02 gives u this option.

  • Open Sale Order Value (FD33) not getting diminished even after closing SO?

    Upon Executing FD33 and clicking the status view for a Customer say XYZ , and then choosing EXTRAS-Open Sale Order . Say the value of open sale orders being shown is 75000. Even after closing the open sale orders (By Selecting VA05 and Putting reason for Rejection), and then also the Open Sales Order value is not getting diminished.
    What could be the reason ?
    Pls help.

    Hi Binayak,
    As mentioned by you, running of Credit re-org program 'RVKRED77' is the only solution for this problem and it is known problem in SAP.
    Some precautions
    1. Always run the program in background by scheduling a job.
    2. The idle time is around midnight when no user is working on SAP.
    3. Some time the job fails as some other program may be updating same tables as this program. In such cases re-schedule the job at different time.
    4. You may run the program 'RVKRED88' which will simulate without actual updation of credit values.
    Hope this clarifies..

  • Open sale order

    In a report i am in need of obtaining open sale order for a material. open sale order means sale orders for which the PGI is not yet done.
    can anybody tell me how to achieve this..

    Go to VA05 and enter the date range/material or customer code as required.
    Check the option "open sales order"
    Enter the sales organisation and hit enter.
    Now system will display the open SO's.
    Joseph Charles Vaikathussery

  • Open Sales Order Deposits Report

    Is there a way to report on all deposits taken for open sales orders?
    So for every open sales order, I want a total of the payments taken on those orders.
    thank you,

    That did it. I just added one more WHERE criteria to only select orders that have deposits.
    Thank you!
    SELECT Distinct t0.Cardcode as "Customer#", t0.Cardname as "Customer Name",  t0.Docnum as "SO #", t0.DocDate, t0.DocDueDate, t0.DocTotal as 'Sales Order Total', t3.DocTotal as 'Deposit Total'
    FROM dbo.ORDR t0
    inner join dbo.rdr1 t1 on t1.docentry = t0.docentry left join dbo.dpi1 t2 on t2.BaseEntry = t1.DocEntry and t2.BaseType = 17 left join dbo.odpi t3 on t3.DocEntry = t2.DocEntry WHERE  t0.DocStatus = 'O' and t3.docentry is not null
    Order by t0.Cardcode
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  • Open sales orders

    Hi All,
    I need to sum up the open sales order quantities to obtain past due and future open orders.can any one help how to get it.

    try with VA05. more over Use VBAP VBAK tables with using status field.
    [Thank you so much for understanding us|Re: Help]
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  • Open sales orders using SD_SELECT_SALES_DOCUMENTS - no POSNR

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to use SD_SELECT_SALES_DOCUMENTS to select open sales documents but have noticed that it does not seem to contain line item details, seems like it only shows open sales orders at header level. I was wondering if there was something similar for line item details?

    Marcin, thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately in import parameters didn't give me the function I needed.
    Instead i've found BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS  to be quite suitable.

Maybe you are looking for

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