EP: Does it support diff content for same user (Intranet vs internet)....

Can a user say "abc" can have different content displayed while he logins from Internet or intranet.
I am trying to find an answer to above question:
We want to have one single production portal and this portal will be behind the outer firewall, DMZ and
If one user "abc" when trying to login from internet, he can access only the vendor information of the company and when the same user "abc" login from intranet, he can access both vendor information and HR information.
My research so far:
help.sap.com &
The SDN topic:
Landscape with two Production Portals., was intresting and informative.
In the link below, the slide 17, describes for the two different users can have two diff content.
The multitenant EP was intresting, got an impression, it supports for different ABAP clients. question, Can Multi tenant portal implemented for same ABAP client and have the user abc have different content coming from the internet vs intranet?
Based on Note 863837, multi tenant portal capabilities will removed from nw04s SP08, any idea what this note talking about
Second question: Planning to install Apache in DMZ. Does Apache installation is supported on the Virtual machine.
Any leads or answers are well appreciated and will be rewarded.

Thanks for the reply, that was useful.
I posted this message in service markeplace, and got a reply from SAP, and they do not have out of box solution. Since the project is on aggressive schedule, may be this issue, which involves lot of devlopment needs to tackle in next proect cycle.
Qustion regarding the Apache was also resolved. Reply from SAP is posted below.
HI Mr Durga,
Can a user say "abc" can have different content displayed while he
logins from Internet or intranet.
This feature is not provided with the standard Delivered NWO4 suite.
I would ask you to take this query in the sdn forum,as these type of
questions are answered by SAP consulting guys.
As far as multitenant EP is concerned,
Based on ramp-up experience and customer feedback, SAP has decided to
not release the IT scenario variant "Implementing a Multitenant Portal"
for general availability after SAP NetWeaver 2004s ramp-up.
Refer to the documentation link
Second question:
Does Apache installation is supported on the Virtual machine.
Installation of Apache as DMZ is not Recommended by SAP.
SAP Recommends SAP Web Dispacher.
But SAP supports to a certain extend,if the client is using Apache.
Please refer to the attached Note
Note 480520 Integration of SAP J2EE Engine 6.20 / 6.40 with Apache

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    Denis Cooper
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    return false;
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    throw new Exception(string.Format("Error in SubscribeToProduct: return status {0}. Content: {1}", response.StatusCode.ToString(), errorf));
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    We have recently started a project in which we are using Web Page Composer(WPC) for web content development. We have configured the WPC content for anonymous users. After the configurations, anonymous users could access this content without entering any user id and password. But after the restart of the portal, it started prompting login screens even for the anonymous users.We have checked all the required configurations and these seem fine to me. Can you please help me on how to resolve this issue?
    Best Regards

    Hi Pavan,
    Please refer to this thread.
    Hope this helps.
    Sandeep Tudumu
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    Is that camera on this list?
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    I also found these instructions:
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    Hi u_os,
    This forum is to discuss problems of Windows Forms. Your question is not related to the topic of this forum.
    I suggest you posting it in the OneDrive Forum http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/forum?auth=1  for supports, where you can contact OneDrive experts.
    Best regards,
    Youjun Tang
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    HERE to participate the survey.

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