Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information in Self Service?

I was wondering if Self Service is setup out of the box for current employees to view and update their EEO information. The only area I have found it available is on external irecruitment when an applicant is registering with a new account.
Does anyone know if EEO information is available somewhere in Employee Self Service? I've looked, but could not find anything....
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I guess it could be part of personal information but if you didnt find it in people form then you wont see it in self service personal information page.
Although this information could be maintained in EIT?

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  • Add Previous Employement Information in Self-Service

    I have a requirement in which I need to Add previous employee information in Employee Self Service. The Employee could able to modify it. Can anyone help me with this. The version which I am using or R-12
    Nitin Singh

    Hi Nitin
    We are also migrating on R12.0.4
    I tested employment history page to add in employee self service and it worked. The exact function details are as follows.
    Name Irc Apl Qualification & Experience Page
    Description My Account Qualification & Experience Page
    Type JSP
    Maintenance Mode Support NONE
    Context Dependence RESP
    HTML Call OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/irc/candidateSelfService/webui/AplQualifyDetsPG&akRegionApplicationId=821&OASF=IRC_APL_QUALIFY_DETS_LINK
    Secured N
    Encrypt Parameters N
    Host Name
    Agent Name
    Object Name
    Region Code
    Region Application Name
    Try with this function and see if you are still getting the error. If it works then you can personalize this page for your responsibility to show only previous employers.

  • Purchase Order Information in Self Service Pages in HRMS

    Our system is on 12.1.3. We have a requirement such that a OAF page needs to be built and put after Location Changes (Self Service) which would give the Accounting segments and some other details as in Personal Info --> Assignemnts --> Purchase Order Info (D2K Forms of HRMS). User woudl select the values and then proceed to the review page.
    1. How the data which the users would enter will be saved in the Transaction_API tables?
    2. will that Automatically populate the review page with the old and new valuues.
    if any one has worked on this please share the approach.

    As far as my understanding and experience goes, page build is very complex using SSHR architecture as you will need to inherit SSHR AMs and Controller modules in your pages and also understand the code and supply of parameters etc to the pages. This will need a lot of research and though I want to help, It will be difficult to put it in a forum post in sufficient detail.
    I can assure you the work involved will be in weeks than in days. Also, there is no way to display the review page based on a new region without custom build to do it.
    However, a possible workaround which you could do is to use DFF or EIT to capture this information and then transfer it to the "Correct Home" of the data offline through a CP or via another node in the workflow.
    Sorry to be pessimistic. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.
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  • View Employe Element Entries  via Manager Self Service

    Hi all,
    Hope you can help me with this.
    I'm working on HRMS version 12.
    Try to show our users the manager self service module.
    I cant find there the employee's element entries.
    I can find almost all employees details & salaries in the different function, but the elements are gone...
    Can anyone try to help to find the elements entries in Manager Self Service ?

    Additionally, if you have an Advanced Benefits licence and are using the ICD (Independent Compensation Distribution) page to allocate awards (which create element entries) you can use the View History page of that to show elements linked to Standard Rates.

  • Family members through self service

    Can anyone please let me know, If there is a seperate screen to enter family members information through self service or is it same as contacts?
    Appreciate your time!

    Hi Duncan, Yes, i wanted to check if there is any screen other than the contacts one. I may have to personalise the contacts screen to make it more relevant to family details entry.
    Thanks for your comments.

  • Qualification Information updated in PUI not reflected in Self Service

    Hi there,
    I noticed that when I update my qualification information via sefl service, after HR approval, this information is reflected in the Qualification forms in the PUI.
    However, if I update my qualification via PUI, this information is not reflected in my self service page.
    Im currently lost as to tracking why is this happening. Im not even able to locate the tables these information are written into.
    Any clue would be great!
    Thanks & cheers,

    You also might want to try myDataProvider.refresh(), where myDataProvider is the data provider for the DataGrid. Make sure you are using a collection like ArrayCollection or XMLListCollection and you are using the [Bindable] metadata tag.
    If this post answers your question or helps, please mark it as such. Thanks!
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  • Self Service - Personal information - Personal information summary

    Team Kindly advice on my requirement...
    Application :- HRMS 9.1 and PT 8.52.09
    1) I want to reach reading topic in peoplebook for Self Service -> Personal information -> Personal information summary . I search a lot but don't know where to go ?.
    2) how would i find component name for the Personal information summary page, I want to make WSDL file for that component.

    I don't think there is a peoplebook specifically for this page. but this peoplebook might give you more info. (under the chapter Updating Person and Job Information)
    second, if you navigate to a page, and press CTRL+J on that page. It will show detailed info about the page such as Menu name, component name, page name etc.

  • Employee Self Service Personal Information - Phone Numbers

    I am testing out HRSS Employee Self Service. As an employee I navigate to the Personal Information Page, and click Add in the Phone Number region. When I add a phone number, it defaults to the phone type of Home. I have no option to add different phone numbers of different phone types. I checked in the HRMS forms, and phone types are setup, and through the People: Enter and Maintain forms I am able to add multiple phone numbers with different phone types.
    Why do I not have the option to add phone numbers of different phone types through the HRSS Employee Self Service Personal Information page?
    Thank you for your help,

    Thank you for your response. How do I add these?

  • Viewing/modifying Extra information Types from self service

    Hi, Is it possible to mody extra information types from Self Service and does anyone know where I can find setup documents?

    check this - http://oracleappssol.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/creating-extra-information-types-as.html

  • Plz send me Employment Self Service Documentation and Navigation

    Hi Experts ,
               I am Searching for Employment self service in ENTERPRAISE PORTAL.

    Check things like
    PS. Reward useful answers and earn points yourself

  • Provide self-service user with information about his/her VM? IP address at a minimum?

    Just setup a private cloud using VMM 2012 Sp1 as well as app controller 2012 SP1 fresh installs on Server 2012.  Since it's a lab, app con is installed on VMM server.
    I have the cloud and templates and service templates and self service working as well as an IP pool handing out IPs.  I was wondering if there was a relatively simple way to provide at least the IP address of the self-service provisioned VM to the self-service
    user who requested it, preferably through the app con site somehow.  
    There's 2 reasons behind this:
    1.  I'd like to avoid having them console in, get the IP, and then log out and RDP in.  I'd prefer they just RDP directly to the IP the first time and go about their day.
    2.  Our DNS is not MS and does not allow auto registering, so connecting via RDP through the app controller site doesn't work because the FQDN is not reachable after VM is provisioned.  
    Any way to get that info easily to the user?  

    Hi C. Baum,
    App Controller doesn't have the ability to provide the IP address of virtual machines.
    My recommendation is to have the name of the virtual machine register in DNS -- its much easier for most people to deal with hostnames rather than IP addresses.
    Kind Regards,
    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

  • Portal Employee Self Services OverView Page

    Hi All,
              Iam having Four work items in my Employe Self Services OverView Page 1)personal information
    2)employee search  3)Benfits and payments  4)Working Time . Now I have added one more work item Travel Management i have done all necessary configuration settings in R/3
    spro>employee self services->home page for self services->areas->Difine ares to area grop pages->Assign Areas to Area Group Pages (Add and Change Entries)->here i have given 5 position
    but there is no change in Frontend portal employee services overview page
    Can anybody help me in solve out this.
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: kishore shikore on Nov 29, 2008 6:13 AM

    hi, hav u created webdynpro iView..
    Suppose you want a new area which has two servicex.. create WD iView which would point to your application.
    Define  Applicationparameter  in iView defining menuarea, menugroup, menuheader, which you will be defining in SPRO.
    Now create weddynpro proxy page and the add above iView to your page.
    Now create iView for service i.e your webdynpro appliaction.
    Now add above iView to new proxy page. Thus now we have to proxy page.
    Create workset and add this two page to workset.
    Add this workset to ESS role.
    note down PCD location of above two pages.Now all necessary configuation from portal side is completed
    Now u would need to do your SPRO setting.. Go to resource node and create resouce. and give  PCD location in URL of PCD Page. Similarly you would need to do this for other page also ...in resouce node.
    Now we have defined resouce...now we would define the area...give your area name..and give resouce name.
    Now define subarea.. and add subarea to areas..from assing sub-area to area node.
    Now create a service..from define service node..give resouce name in link resouce text box..
    Now assign service to subarea..
    Now to make it available on overview page....you need to add Group page to Group Area page, to make it visible on ESS Overview Page.
    IMG-> Cross Application Components -> Homepage Framework->Areas -> Assign Areas to Area Group
    Pages -> Assign Areas to Area Group Pages (Add and change Entries).
    Click on u2018New Entriesu2019.
    Now you can save..it..
    Jigar oza

  • Employment Opportunity

    I am the Interactive Multimedia Instruction Section Manager
    for a DOD contractor in Huntsville Alabama, looking for an
    experienced multimedia developer. We develop computer and web-based
    training applications for the US military, and DOD. The company,
    Dynetics, is one of the best places to work in America. 1,000
    employees, competitive salaries, great benefits, employee-owned and
    a long history of loyalty to employees. You must be a US citizen to
    apply for this position, and be willing to relocate. The position
    requires experience as a graphic designer, flash developer and
    actionscript programmer. This is a fantastic opportunity for the
    right candidate. If you are interested, please contact me at
    [email protected]

    I guess it could be part of personal information but if you didnt find it in people form then you wont see it in self service personal information page.
    Although this information could be maintained in EIT?

  • Default Value in a DFF is not getting populated in Self Service Page

    I had an issue in Self Service Page.
    In the SS page there is hidden mandatory field in DFF segment,which should get populated with a default select statement.
    But this field is not getting populated with the default values.
    But this is working fine in Forms , i.e the default value is populated in forms.
    Why the default value is not populated in Self Service Pages?
    For Eg: If there is a DFF "SAMPLE_DFF" which has some context with segment
    Context Code : GB_CODE
    Segment : "Enter the Group"
    and this segment is made required and defaulted with a select stmt (select stmt returns 'XXXXX')
    In forms if am not entering any value, then its defaulted to 'XXXXX'.
    But in Self Service this is not happening.
    Can anybody help me out...

    Actually, I have narrowed down the problem. It is not quite the same.
    DFF is Receivables, Address Information (Release 12). We have 2 attributes defined and we want the default value of the 2nd to be dependent on what the user selects in the 1st.
    So the default value of the 2nd is defined as a SQL Statement, select :$FLEX$.INDUSTRY_CODE from dual (where INDUSTRY_CODE is the value set name from the 1st).
    We know the syntax is correct because if we actually hardcode a default value in the 1st attribute (select 'BLAH' from dual), then we do see that the default value for the 2nd attribute fills in with BLAH as well. However, we do not want that. We want the user to choose a value for the 1st attribute from the LOV, and then have the 2nd attribute default to that same value. This is the part that does not seem to work in OAF, but definitely used to work in Forms.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks much!

  • Error in self service for my employee - Related Activities in MSS

    NW2004s SP9  EP7.0 ECC 6.0
    we are trying to implement the self service for my employee in related activites functinality from the general information of team workset ( Team --> General informatio --> Related activities --> Self service for my employee ) in MSS which is a replicaiton of ESS in MSS functionality from the previous versions.
    I click on any of the options like Personal data or Addresses it gives me a blank page with no information on it. (It does give a DONE message with error/warning message on the status bar of Internet explorer. The error message says getactivetrackingEntryValue() is null)
    Do I need to do anything to get this page working. I do not see any config related to this.
    Appreciate any inputs.

    I think the note refers to note been able to display the general infromation iView itself. I have implemented the note and am able to see the genral information iView. My issue is I am not able to perform "Self service for my employees" in "related activities" iView.
    Thank for you reply and correct me if I am wrong.
    Sanjay, I have raised the issue with SAP, in the mean while if you can please let me know the patches or a list of them that are requried thyat would be awesome. Sorry for asking you this, but the basis team here asks to tell them what is requried even though I do not have sufficient authorizations to check them.
    Appreciate you help on the same.

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