Equium L20 - Unable to start up Windows in any mode

I was wondering if you can help me. I have an Equium L20 -197, windows xp home edition. (Also technically challenged! :)) When I started my laptop first time today, I got this message -
"We are sorry for the inconvenience but windows did not start up successfully..."
and it gave me a few methods of starting it up:
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Last Know Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
Start Windows Normally
I was able to start press start windows normally and computer started fine. I shut down the computer OK, then restarted it later on without any problems. I then restored to an earlier setting as system was not running well. Restore seemed to go OK but then my computer froze, so had to shut down by pressing down the power button.
However, the laptop will now not reboot. Just as I think it is starting it goes to the error message and none of the options will work to start the computer and I am now stuck on an endless loop of the above message.
I do not want to use the product recovery disc, as it will wipe all of the hard drive and I have info that I need to access! I do have a product recovery CD for a Fujitsu that has windows xp home edition sp 1 on it. Is there any way that I can use this to start my computer or is there something else that I should do? I was thinking of pressing F12 and if it is possible to use the other disc Fujitsu to kick start my system but not sure if that is possible. I did not have an xp disc installation disc from toshiba, when I bought the computer. :(
I have been told by a computer guy over the phone that it sounds as if I need a new hard drive but would like to explore other methods before going down that route.
Many thanks in advance for any help that you can give me. Susi

Hi SusiB_1,
Unfortunately if you cant start Windows in any these modes you have only one option and this is reinstalling Windows. I mean what you should do?! You can do nothing in this case
As you wrote the Toshiba recovery disk wipes the whole HDD and thats right because its necessary to get factory settings back. But normally you should have a backup of your data or not???
If not you can access the data if you put the HDD in an external HDD case. From another computer you have access to these data now.
By the way: For Toshiba recovery disk you dont need a product key. Everything is already be done in recovery image and no activation is necessary. :)

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    11gR1 is not certified on any Windows 7 version.
    Also, Home/Basic versions of Windows are not certified for any Oracle software installs.
    One option you have is to install VM software on your Win 7 machine, create a Linux VM, install Linux in the VM, then install 11gR2 in the Linux VM, Pl see my blog (linked in my profile) for detailed steps on how to do so.

  • Unable to start after Windows 7 Pro upgrade, am I crazy?

    I'm now on my fourth try and I'm about to lose my patience.
    I purchased a T400 6475-B14 with Vista, 32 bit.  I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Professional upgrade.  I am installing the 64 bit disc.  Currently the machine has 2GB of ram, but I ordered 4GB (2X2GB) of RAM from Lenovo and it should be here in a few days.  Additionally, since the machine is still under warranty Lenovo is sending me the restore discs (I think that's what they are called) and they should be here in a few days as well.
    On my three previous attempts I upgrade the OS and everything seems to be fine.  However when I go to the Lenovo site it can't detect my system.  That seems a bit odd, but I can deal with it.  I put in all of the machine info and download the Toolbox.  Once I did that tells me to download the System Updater, but for some reason it forwards me to the link for Vista/XP.  I then manually find the System Updater, Win 7 64 bit, download and install it and it finds and installs the PowerManager, Connections, Recovery and Repair, etc.
    I don't seem to have any problems until I shut down the machine.  When I go to restart, the machine hangs at the 4 color Microsoft logo.  After a few minutes (5-10) it gives me the option to try and restore to a previous point and fix the machine.  However each time it tells me that the system is unable to repair itself.  I then reboot and hit the F11 button at the THINKPAD screen and restore to a previous version. 
    Last night, after the two previous restorations failed to give me a stable machine I completely reinstalled the OS.  Everything seemed to be working fine again.  However this time I rebooted after each update, to see where the problem might be.
    I had downloaded all of the System updater info except for the R & R and C++.  I installed C++, but it didn't require a restart.  I think installed the R & R, installed it and then machine rebooted.
    Then the same thing happened again!!!!!!!!
    I went into the diagnostics and it came the the following:
    Root Cause Found:
    A recent driver installation or upgrade may be preventing the system from starting.
    Repair Action: System Restore
    Result: Failed.  Error code = 0x1f
    Repair action: System filed integrity check and repair
    Result: Failed.  Error code = 0x490
    Time taken = 945178ms
    I'm going to re-install Windows 7 again, but this is starting to really drive me crazy (granted it's a short road, but still!).
    Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?  I'm not trying to do anything crazy and I'm following the instructions to the letter but I still can't seem to get my system to work!!!!!! 
    Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.
    Go to Solution.

    You are doing (trying to do) exactly what I did when I punted Vista (good riddance!) and updated to Win 7 Pro 64 on my T400.  I don't see anything obvious that you are doing wrong.  Here's what I did:
    Installed Win 7 upgrade as a clean install. Then ran Windows update.  Then installed ThinkVantage System Update for Win 7, and let it do its thing,  No problems.
    Is that the updater you installed?
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    where this question goes?
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    certmgr.msc -s -r localMachine root
    mmc.exe certmgr.msc -s -r localMachine root
    certmgr.msc -v -s -r localMachine my

    I'd try them over here.
    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows]
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.

  • Unable to start up in "Single User Mode."

    I am on an Intel Mac Pro. I can't seem to start up in the Single User Mode.
    I hold down the Command and S keys during startup, but always get to my regular screen, logged in to my account. I changed the login options from automatic to off, but the same thing still happens. Any help would be appreciated.

    Have you possibly set yourself a firmware password? Further instructions here:

  • Equium L20 won`t load Windows

    Got problems with my Daughters` Equium L20-198 - it starts off in the screen with safe mode/start windows normally then if i press enter the windows XP starting screen comes up for a few seconds then flashes quickly onto a light blue screen with text that I can`t read because it then turns off - starts up again on its own and continually goes through the same things.
    We`ve got a recovery disc but using that would erase all the files?

    > We`ve got a recovery disc but using that would erase all the files?
    Yes, it will earese the whole HDD because its necessary to restore factory settings from recovery disk properly so if you have important files on HDD you should do a backup before using the disk.
    In forum are a lot of threads how to backup data without starting Windows system. One example is buying an external HDD where you can put in the notebook HDD to back up the data on another computer.
    After this you can start with recovery installation. Its very easy, just follow the screen instructions. :)

  • Unable to start Presentation Services- Windows 7

    I'm unable to start the Presentation Services , when i do so i am getting a message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
    Windows 7 ultimate.
    All services started like BI server, BI Presentation and Java Host
    Installation were successful, able to open Repository.
    BI Publisher is also getting started.
    I need to look into the Answers, unable to start the Presentation Services, any help is very much appreciated !

    Can you past it sawlog0.log message also Make sure below points (just double check and test it)
    1) Check your instanceconfig.XML file (better if u have back up plz restore it then change it u r current catalog)
    2) In the RPD, go to Manage -> Variables. Look through your initialization blocks and see if any are being used to set the USER variable.
    3) make sure if have LDAP settup (external table via init blog)
    4) if you can back of your RPD,Catalog restore it then try to access it (for testing) if its works then u r current issue catalog may be corrupted webcat
    if your providing sawlog0.log ..it will be easy to find the issues

  • After Lion upgrade, unable to start any 3rd-party apps. Suspect it has something to do with the cache and permissions.

    Dear Apple Support Community,
    I am using a MacBook 15" (mid-2010) with Intel i7 2.66GHz.
    Currently, I write to you via my sister's laptop as mine is unable to start-up Safari or any other web browser at the moment.
    After a relatively smooth OS installation of OS X Lion, I noticed that my usual apps, Evernote, Twitter, Skype, and others, were not able to start-up at all (i.e. kept bouncing in place on the dock for what seemed like forever). I have since disabled their 'Open at Login' command and now start my MacBook up with no apps running. After restarting my computer countless times, I've realised that only selected native applications are able to open. Finder, Safari, App Store, iTunes, FaceTIme and most of the Utilities. Even on Finder, right-clicking is apparent blasphemy as the window freezes and the windmill pops up, and I am forced to relaunch Finder. Safari is only able to load simple web pages such as Google.
    I have attached an excerpt of my Console for you guys (I could take a screenshot but dropbox could not even open to allow me to send it to my sister's laptop). As you can see, at every refresh, the same 5 messages appear, that a particular 'com.apple.launchd.peruser.501' keeps crashing. Correct me if I'm mistaken but this is probably the process handle for Launchpad. Although I am not sure whether this is the only reason for my computer's sluggishness post-Lion update, I would really like to eliminate this possibility.
    Things I have tried:
    Repairing Disk Permissions
    Unfortunately, this yielded no positive results as it did not seem to rectify the problem. Subsequent reparations have produced the same log, hence I don't think it's working.
    Waiting for Indexing to complete
    Some people have cited that the reason behind the sluggishness could be due to the fact that Spotlight was indexing my hard drive for optimal search results. I have since waited 7 hours for the indexing to complete, but am still stuck with a computer that cannot even open Twitter.
    Installing Onyx
    Other forum users have said that it is possible that the computer's cache has been clogged up or something. I am not entirely sure what this means but I went to attempt to download the free product that most people have recommended. Although installation was a cinch, I was not able to even start Onyx. After 10 minutes, Lion just told me that the program had been unresponsive for too long and asked me whether I wished to kill it.
    I am almost certain that the overarching problem could be erroneous sharing permissions. But then again, that is no reason for my computer to behave in such a snail-like manner. I would really appreciate if you guys could provide me with some sudo commands to use in the terminal or something that can fix the problems my computer is facing, after understanding the limitations that I currently face considering the state of my MacBook.
    The fact that I am writing here on this forum is that I wish to do anything other than a full reinstallation of the OS that has caused me so much anxiety (Snow Leopard was just magical compared to this pile of sh*t, pardon my language). I just want to do everything I can before having to resort to such a barbaric act (I have a lot of applications but I don't know whether I am able to restore those using Time Machine as well).
    In any case, thank you guys so much for reading all the way to the end. Help of any sort, be it sincere or condescending, will be fully appreciated. Please don't hesitate to ask for more information if I have not already provided it. As I am an average user, I may not be too familiar with jargon. So if getting the information requires complicated procedures, please provide a step-by-step.
    Also, tl;dr: Updated from Snow Leopard to Lion, computer became slow and buggy, tried many things, didn't work, need help.

    Thanks for the quick advice!
    Unfortunately, I am still unable to open my core productivity apps, namely Skype and Evernote. Twitter, as well, could not start. But interesting quick fix though, I never knew you could do that.
    Here's the error log after the restart:
    What else should I try?

  • Lightroom no longer starts on Windows 8.1 PC

    Creative cloud user on Win8.1 PC.
    Photoshop, AE, PP and Audition all work great on the same PC.
    Lightroom pre 5.4 ran just fine. Since 5.4, it hangs when it starts. The user interface loads, but the splash screen never goes away, and Windows eventually reports it as not responding.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, this week with 5.7, but still no go.
    The only thing I know of that is different from the default is that I have installed the ProLost Lightroom Presets previously. I didn't suspect them to be the problem, but I have removed them, and that did not change the result - I am still unable to start Lightroom, unfortunately.
    Any ideas how to get past this? Is there a way to produce a log file that tells us why Lightroom does not start up? Anything else I can do?
    I would like to get moving on this to process some holiday photos before a new holiday season arrives, so any help would be highly appreciated!
    Thanks and best regards,
    Rune Jacobsen

    Refer to the first box on on this page: Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates That should resolve this issue.

  • Unable to start CS5.1 extended subscription after expiration of 2 week trial

    I recieved Photoshop CS5 as a gift two years ago for Christmas, and have only recently tried to install it on my laptop.  I had previously gone for the 2 week trial, which expired a long time ago.  When trying to enter my serial number to continue with the prolonged subscription, and entering my Adobe information, it gives me an error saying that it is unable to start my subscription without any reason as to why.  Any advice on where to go from here?   I am running Windows 7 on an HP dv7-6135dx Laptop.

    uninstall, run the cleaner and then reinstall.  here is detailed info  - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html

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    i am getting below error after i have created dwh tables using 64 bit data base client . table screated successfully.
    but when i try to login to informatica and trying to start the repository services i am getting below error
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    but i am able to connect to database using sql developer . but when i try it from sql plus it is giving eror saying tns error uanble to connect to connection identifier specified some thing.
    before it use to work soon after i have installed 32 and 64 bit clients to create dwh tables from dac it is not working.

    Hi Sai,
    Yes I have installed oracle client in the same box.
    Edited by: MKC on Apr 12, 2012 8:19 AM

  • I am unable to start adobe photoshop lighthouse 5 after installing it.  (0xc000007b)

    After installing Adobe Photoshop Lighthouse 5 from a disk, I was unable to open it.  "This application was unable to start correctly, (0xc000007b)".  Any help with this?

    Could not open a scratch file because the file is locked or you do not have the necessary access privileges. (…) | Mylen…

  • Help. Windows 7: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002).

    I just got a new computer. Windows 7. Toshiba. Intel 13-3110M Processor. 6GB DDR3 Memory. 1TB 5400rpm Hard Drive. Intel HD Graphics 4000. 2.40 GHz. 64-bit operating system.
    I installed CS5 Creative Suite on it (which worked perfectly fine on my two previous computers--Windows 7 and Windows 8). Since then Photoshop and Illustrator have been giving me the same error message. "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002). Click OK to close the application." The programs still open and remain open after pressing okay, but the message comes back every minute or so.
    Then, with InDesign, the program won't open at all. It gives me the error message of "Cannot load the PDF.RPLN plug-in. It is dependent on the EPS PAGE ITEM.RPLN plug-in, which failed to load. Please check documentation for the EPS PAGE ITEM.RPLN plug-in." Then InDesign stops responding and closes itself.
    I have to live with this computer for two more weeks (and then I go home and can use my old one again/return this current laptop), and I have schoolwork that counts on me being able to use these programs. If anybody could help me, I would be super grateful!
    Oh, and I've already tried installing and uninstalling it.

    Without system information nobody can say anything. also check the logs in the Event Viewer.

  • Captivate 6 Errors: Missing file libwinpthread-1.dll  and The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) on Windows 2008 R2

    I have a problem with Captivate 6 installation on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have 2 different scenarios where I tested but the result is same.
    1- I used AMEE (Application Manager Enterprise 3.1) to create the installation Package to deploy through SCCM 2012.
    Notice that the current package works fine on Windows7 (x86 & x64) but not on 2008 R2 due to an error after I try to launch Captivate.exe application.
    The error states that there's a Missing file: libwinpthread-1.dll and if I copy and made a registration of this .DLL file then it sends another error saying: The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) so it never let me launch the application.
    2- Now if I install the package directly from the Original sources(CD) without creating any AMEE package after completing the installation I still have the same error about the DLL missing file.
    Is there any fix or workaround to install Captivate 6 on Win2008 R2 ?
    Thanks in advance & kind regards.

    Wow, No replies so far !! 
    Any one ?? 

  • Trying to reinstall firefox on a windows 7 machine and I get "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)"

    In troubleshooting a different issue I uninstalled Firefox. After fixing the other issue I'm tying to re-install Firefox and am getting an error message that says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application." The title bar of the window says "setup-stub.exe - Application Error." My PC is a Dell Studio 19 All-in-one running Windows 7 Home Premium.

    When I look up that error on Microsoft's forums, I find suggestions ranging from an incompatible update/hotfix to malware...
    * [http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/the-application-is-unable-to-start-correctly/bbb9c037-77b3-4fae-93b9-ded70f7f9a17 the application is unable to start correctly 0xc0000005 after windows - Microsoft Community]
    * [http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/the-application-was-unable-to-start-correctly/84abc6b7-d189-4bdf-a93e-a90f06479d9f The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). - Microsoft Community]
    * [http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/the-application-was-unable-to-start-correctly/515b2320-9ad2-4afc-b817-e63bbfe8e134 The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). - Microsoft Community]
    (There are many more along these lines)

Maybe you are looking for

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