Erratic app behaviour ( apps open and close randomly)

I have a Xperia tablet Z SGP321with updated firmware to Android 4.2.2. I have been experiencing aps opening and closing automatically.
It seems as if the tablet is sensing false touches. I am using my tablet under normal working conditions, not under stress as some other posts record. Please help

Check this forum, there are similar threads. No solutions though.

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  • IPad mini acting strange. Apps open and close randomly. Any ideas?

    My iPad mini acts strange. Apps will randomly open and close and I have no control over it. I have reset it to factory and started all over but it is still doing it. Any ideas on what I should do?

    If the unit has NEVER been jailbroke, first try a system reset.  It cures many ills and it's quick, easy and harmless...  Hold down the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.  You will not lose any apps, data, music, movies, settings, etc.
    If the Reset doesn't work, try a Restore.  Note that it's nowhere near as quick as a Reset.  It could take well over an hour!  Connect via cable to the computer that you use for sync.  From iTunes, select the iPad/iPod and then select the Summary tab.  Follow the on-screen directions for Restore and be sure to say "yes" to the backup.  You will be warned that all data (apps, music, movies, etc.) will be erased but, as the Restore finishes, you will be asked if you wish the contents of the backup to be copied to the iPad/iPod.  Again, say "yes."
    At the end of the basic Restore, you will be asked if you wish to sync the iPad/iPod.  As before, say "yes."  Note that that sync selection will disappear and the Restore will end if you do not respond within a reasonable time.  If that happens, only the apps that are part of the IOS will appear on your device.  Corrective action is simple -  choose manual "Sync" from the bottom right of iTunes.
    If you're unable to do the Restore, go into Recovery Mode per the instructions here.  You WILL lose all of your data (game scores, etc,) but, for the most part, you can redownload apps and music without being charged again.  Also, if you have IOS-7, read this.

  • Why would Siri open and close randomly?

    My iPhone 5 displays the oddest and most erratic behavior and I cannot figure out why!  Hopefully someone here can head me in the right direction!
    A few times a week, Siri will pop up with her "What can I help you with" window.  I'll close it and it will reopen again.  Sometimes it even causes other apps to open.  Open and close.  Over and over.  It happens randomly or at least I cannot see the common denominator anyway.   I use a bumper with my phone but it does not cover or even touch the screen button.  
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help!

    It is possible that you are pressing the home button while the phone is in your pocket. If this is not the case then plug your phone into your computer and use iTunes to restore your phone. Also restore as a new iPhone not from backup.

  • My blu ray drive opens and closes randomly

    just bought this computer the other day. When i close the drive by hitting the button it closes for a moment then opens back up. I can't get it to read anything, or stay closed without forcing it . drive: hp BD E DH12E3LH SCSI CdRom Device

    I really need some help with this

  • Playbook opens and closes apps randomly, constantly

    I have a 32gig playbook that all of a sudden has gone haywire. The screen goes nuts like someone is inside playing around, apps open and close randomly to the point I can't do anything. I've tried reseting, 3 button reset, managed to do a security wipe but nothing helps. It does it if its plugged in charging or not, I've looked through a few posts and this seems to happen for time to time but very few people have posted any solution. I will try to reinstall the OS when I get home but with the thing going haywire I'm not sure I can get it to connect to do that. Is there any solution to this? What caused it?

    Here is the procedure. Read it over first, then do it.
    You need to follow these instructions to "debrick" your PlayBook:
    1. Do a backup of your PlayBook using your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Software version 7 installed. It can be downloaded from
    2. After the backup is finished, unplug the PlayBook and on the PlayBook press and hold down the power button until the unit forces the device off.
    3. With the Desktop Software still open on your computer and the PlayBook powered off, connect the PlayBook to your computer once again.
    4. You should see an error screen from Desktop Software popup with the options to Retry, Update, or Cancel.
    Very quickly choose the Update option.
    5. All information will on your PlayBook will be erased and a reload of the Software will commence to install on the PlayBook.
    6. Once this is complete your PlayBook will go back through the initial (as if new) setup wizard (entering the BlackBerryID, etc., and then you can perform a restore using Desktop Software to return your personal data from the backup. Applications which you downloaded from AppWorld won't restore, but they can be easily reinstalled using AppWorld > MyWorld section of AppWorld.

  • My ipad 4 dropped and now apps open and close on their own

    My ipad 4 dropped off my lap.  The glass is intact but now all the apps open and close randomly on their own.  I tried to reboot it and it didnt workd.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    THANKS for your prompt reply  Bluetooth is off in my laptop and IPhone.. and in fact the reset is the only thing that can make it back to normal. But for a lil while. I wonder if it is the touch, or the home botton... both things are very expensive to replace, so I wouldn't like to spend $$ and continue having the prob.....

  • Apps in iPad 1 open and close quickly

    My mother has an iPad 1 (she has her own itunes account) but had never synced and updated her iPad with a computer (pc or mac).
    Today I had to use it and connected to my iTunes on the pc but only to update her iOS on the iPad wich was 3.x. After the whole update process (wich went normal and smooth) almost every app that I woud open, closed imeadtly. I say ALMOST because, a few from the default apps (like Mail, Photos, Safari, System, etc) opens normaly. Though iBooks doesnt and all 3rd party apps also doesnt open normaly.
    I've tryed to reboot it one more time thinking it was some kind of strange bug or something but didn't work. The apps continue to open and close almost instantly.
    I'd like to know if anyone had a similar problem and how they solved it or if my only resource is to roll back to the iPad backup made in my pc.
    Thanks in advance.
    Luis Felipe

    Try double-tapping the home button, then holding the app icon until the minus sign appears. Touch the minus sign to kill all the apps. Then restart the iPad with the home/power buttons (hold for ten seconds) until the apple appears.

  • IPod touch aps open and close on their own and iTunes player starts up

    I have done four complete wipes and re-installs and aps are continuing to open and close at random even if iPod touch isn't being used. Random tracks begin playing while screen is locked and aps open and close randomly throughout. I've completely wiped and reloaded numerous times to no avail. Apple insists its a software issue, but it occurs with most updated versions and even if I have loaded nothing but the preinstalled aps to the iPod. The song tracks playing at random are never the same, and there's no consistency as to what ap is open when this happens.

    Send it to Apple or a third-party place.
    Apple - Support - iPod - Service FAQ
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens

  • IPad mini randomly opens and closes apps, changes pages on book readers

    My iPad mini has gone crazy, it randomly opens and closes apps, plays games itself, changes pages whilst reading a book, starts flashing. Tried everything, rebooted the device, updated it always with the latest software update and have reset the iPad as a new IPad with no success. The problem still occurs which is really enjoying. I checked on the Internet and I'm not the only one with an iPad mini with this problem. The iPad is older than one year, what are my chances of resolving this and how?

    I have this problem with my PDFs too. I'm using a lot of PDFs from the German RPG "The Dark Eye" (Das schwarze Auge) from their the PDF shop "ulisses ebooks".
    However, i recognized that I don't get this random black boxes after a restart of the iPad Air for a long time. But when it starts it's become very frequently.
    To remove the black boxes for a single page i can close the book and reopen it or just mark text from the corrupted page. Zoom in removes the black boxes too, but if you zoom out there are visible again.
    I also recognzied that this must be a problem if the iPads PDF engine and not from iBooks. I got the same random black boxes in a PDF which I viewd in Safari.
    I think that changing the reader will only help if it has its own PDF Engine. Don't know if this possible in iOS.
    Perhaps it's some kind of memory leak of the iOS PDF Engine, after this bug apperas only after some time of ussage.

  • My apps dance open and close on their own in my IPad 2 what can be the prob? I have already restored

    I got the charger flex or pin changed and now the apps dance on the screen, photos open and zoom in, then out, the other apps open and close. I have already restored the device with Itunes and prob is still there. What can be the problem? Any suggestion will be welcome. Thank you

    THANKS for your prompt reply  Bluetooth is off in my laptop and IPhone.. and in fact the reset is the only thing that can make it back to normal. But for a lil while. I wonder if it is the touch, or the home botton... both things are very expensive to replace, so I wouldn't like to spend $$ and continue having the prob.....

  • Software issue iphone 4s:Apps open and close by themselves almost as if someone is pressing the buttons, anyone have this issue?

    Recieved my 3rd iphone  4s due to battery issues and got another dud. While in use, the apps  will open and close on there own, email will get deleted while I'm reading them or archived. while looking through my contacts directory, the phone will select a contact creating an outbound call. This is frustrating. Any one else have this issue?

    Hi Ralph9430,
    I've tried this numerous times and have the same issue. I've even restored the phone to factory settings and removed everything and problem persists.

  • Is there a remote app that will let me open and close programs on my iMac

    Hi There,
    I know that I can use the Apple Inc "Remote App" to control my iTunes on my iMac - and I really like it for when I am not right at my computer, but I have to have iTunes open on my iMac before I can use it which is a bit of a pain to have to think "Am I going to use iTunes today?" or to run off to my office at the other end of my house when I decide I want music through my speakers and so my question is thus.
    Is there a remote app that I can download for iPhone or even iPad lets you open and close programs on your iMac when you are not actually sitting at it. So say I want to open iTunes on my iMac i would do the following
    1: Open the remote app on my device (either iPhone or iPad)
    2: See a representation of iMac screen on that device (cut down for iPhone)
    3: Chose the program I want (iTunes in this case) and it will open on my iMac allowing me to begin using the program remotely on my remote device.
    I am not talking about remote desktop or anything here (I don't want to do complicated things on it) just be able to open programs like iTunes so I can have the music play through my home speaker system without having to have all of my programs already running on my mac incase I decide to use them
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  • Apps open and close all of the sudden

    Ok, my iphone was working fine until 10 minutes ago. I had no issues with it and all of the sudden, I tried opening up an app and all it will do is just open and close all of the sudden. And it's with ALL apps! I tried doing everything there is to do to solve the issue and nothing. I even followed someone's post about downloading a free app and nothing. I have tried restoring it, doing the sleep/wake and home button till apple logo comes up, and turning it off normally, and even re-syncing to computer and NOTHING! What should I do?

    Download another free App - doesn't matter which one.
    Sync and then hold down the Home and top button until the phone switches of completely.
    Restart the phone and you should be fine - you did nothing wrong but its a sign of a bad sync.
    You're not the first so enjoy !

  • Apps open and close

    i have a iphone 4. My apps open and close immediatly. I can't use them.
    What can I do ?
    thanks for your help

    Hey Chris,
    It just happened to me. If all the brought apps are closing immediately (and excluding the built in ones) then try either:
    1. Restart your phone.
    2. Hold the home button for the task bar and hold the app for a few seconds until they jiggle and a red cicle with a line in it shows up. Touch each one (this is just deleting them and "refreshing them", you aren't really deleting the app).
    3. Go to the App store and buy a free app, any, and install it. Try opening one of your apps now. This worked for me. If it works, you can go ahead and delete the free app.
    4. If all fails...restore your phone.
    Good luck!

  • Apps open and close alone...

    I have the Ipad 3 with IOS 6 and yesterday, suddenly, the apps and everything started working without touching the screen. Everything opens and closes immediately without stopping. I barely could turn it off. I finally reset it but still the same. I restore it completly with iTunes but still the same. Has enyone experienced this?? Can't use it!

    Any Accessibility features activated in iTunes?
    page 107, iPad_user_guide
    You can turn individual accessibility features on or off in Accessibility settings on iPad. You can also turn some features on or off in iTunes when you connect iPad to your computer.
    Turn on accessibility features using iPad: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
    Turn on accessibility features using iTunes: Connect iPad to your computer and select iPad in the iTunes device list. Click Summary, then click Configure Universal Access at the bottom of the Summary screen.

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