Error:Activation of data records from ODS object terminated

Hi All
i got error while loading the data "Activation of data records from ODS object terminated '
could you please tell me procedure how can i solve this issue?

- First check the Error Messages from the context menu of the activation step. Also check ST22 & SM21. This will tell you where the error is. Sometimes you might get duplicate records.
- Next use the "Manage" context menu for the ODS in RSA1. Check if any of the previous records are red. If its red, it would mean that either load/activation has failed for previous request which needs to be corrected first b4 you correct the current one.
- If al the above are OK, simply repeat the Activation step.
Hope this helps.
Anujit Ghosh

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  • ODS activation error"Activation of data records from ODS object terminated"

    Hi All,
    While activating ODS request I am getting following error
    "Activation of data records from ODS object KFI02O50 terminated ".
    data load is suceesful for ODS but during activation of the request it is giving error.
    I tried to change the status to green manually & then activated the request but still same problem.
    Also I tried to delete request & loaded again from PSA & then activated the request but still same problem
    If anybody has some solution please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sonal,
              Sometimes when there is erroeneous records that time while activating the Request request get fails.To check this go to manage tab of the ODS there under log u can see the log icon click on that and check y activation got failed..
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  • Error on activation of data records from ODS object

    Kindly help with my BW Problem, the error occured on the
    activation of ODS. The error says "<i>Request
    REQU_43MNOPW29W4F5M037J7OAFP52 in ODS ZPUR_O01 must have QM
    status green before it is activated</i>" and "<i>Activation of data
    records from ODS object ZPUR_O01 terminated</i>"
    I tried to check the data in the ODS Object by choosing
    <LS>Administrator Workbench > data targets > context menu on ODS
    Object ZPUR_O01 but the status are green and when i tried to
    activate it the logs says "<i>ODS object ZPUR_O01 was built
    incorrectly. Cannot update request
    ODS object ZPUR_O01 was built incorrectly. Cannot update request
    ODS object ZPUR_O01 was built incorrectly. Cannot update request
    Data to be activated successfully checked against archiving
    Activation of data records from ODS object ZPUR_O01 terminated</i>"
    Please help me with this problem.

    Hi Jay
    U need to update these requests to ODS
    1) delete the current request
    2)Reconstruct the requests above three request
    3)and then Load the current reqest (REQU_43MNOPW29W4F5M037J7OAFP52)
    Then only u will be able to activate the ODS....
    This is an serialization issue...
    hope it helps
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  • Update data targets from ODS object automatically

    Hello experts,
    I have an ods (that has two delta loading every night) with the setting: "Update data targets from ODS object automatically". This ODS is source of only one other ODS.
    But we have a chain when there are the seguent steps: delta 1 --> ODS1,
    delta 2 --> ODS1; Activate ODS1; delta --> ODS2; Activate ODS2.
    The setting "Update data targets...automatically" could create some problems?
    I think this because it is happened that in delta loading of ODS2, some records have only the key filled, and all the data fields blank; then, if I make a full repair of these records, all data are correctly filled.
    Could be this the cause?
    Help is urgent..

    Hi Vito,
    To have better control of processes when ods gets data from multiple sources and supply it forward to ODS and cube ...we generally deactivate the flag "update data automatically".
    And Process chains looks like ..
    From source 1,2,3 update data into ODS 1.
    Activate Data ODS1
    Initiate delta from ODS1 to ODS2.
    Activate data ODS2.
    We did face some problem of blank records with only key filled and later deactivated the checbox "Update data into data targets automatically" and it resovled lots of issues.
    Hope that helps.
    Mr Kapadia
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  • Activation of M records from DataStore Object ABCD was terminated

    Hi Experts
    I am unable to understand why i am getting this error in activation of DSO.
    The error occurs in any of the ods of a particular process chain. Once i repeat the ods activation it runs successfully
    What could be the reason behind the behaviour?
    Akshay Chonkar

    It may be because of the default time out set for your ODS,,,,,Goto Monitor->ODS OBJECT Customising->Data Source Specific----> Give your DSO name...Hit change:
    See the Max time out of Process wait time: default is 600.
    Increase this time out to a greater no for activation, sid creation
    Also change the no of processes from default to 2 or 1 from default 3.(Parallel Processing)
    Chk whether you are having enough BGD processes available(SM50) while ODS activation is going on ,,,, If the ODS didnt get enough processes with in the time specified Activation fails with the same error.

  • Error during activation of DSO - Activation of M records from DataStore obj

    Hi All,
    Below is the error i am getting while activating the DSO, Even though similar post on this topic, solution not mentioned, any solution greatly appreciable.
    When -
    During Activation of DSO
    State of DSO -
    Request become "RED", It is available for reporting, some records in Active table, some in new table and some in new table.
    Job Log -
    Error when inserting the data record for data package
    Process 000105 returned with errors
    Error when inserting the data record for data package
    Process 000106 returned with errors
    Process 000107 returned with errors
    Data pkgs 000001; Added records 1-; Changed records 0; Deleted records 0
    Log for activation request ODSR_4GXKRYHMY97R9U62M6U52XXXY data package 000001...000001
    Errors occured when carrying out activation
    Analyze errors and activate again, if necessary
    Activation of M records from DataStore object Z_DSPO terminated
    Report RSODSACT1 ended with errors
    Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE
    Detail log -
    Error when inserting the data record for data package                                                  106
    Message no. RSODSO_PROCESSING002
    Failed to store data records persistently. Possible causes are:
    You tried to save a record that is already stored in the database.
    This error only occurs with DataStore objects with option "Unique Data Records".
    A unique index was created for the table of active data.
    You can check this in the Data Warehousing Workbench by choosing "Display" for the DataStore object and opening the "Indexes" folder.
    There is a technical problem on the database.

    HI PT,
    I am also getting the same error like i have loaded the data into DSO and tried to activate the init request but it has become red and checked in log found that there are some SID Generation errors so please give me the step by step solution.
    SID Generation
    Data Package 000056
    Data Package 000064.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Direct vs Indirect data load from ODS - InfoCube

    We know that there are two options to load data from ODS to InfoCube:
    1. Direct load:
    If the ODS setting is checked with the option of "Update data targets from ODS object automatically", then when loading data to ODS, then the data also can be loaded to the InfoCube, in this way, only one InfoPackage is needed to load data to the ODS, then the InfoCube can be filled with data automatically.
    2. Indirect load:
    If the ODS setting is NOT checked with the option of "Update data targets from ODS object automatically", then not only the InfoPackage to load the data to the ODS is needed, but also the InfoPackage to load data from the exported datasource of the ODS to the InfoCube is needed to be created in order to load the data from ODS to the InfoCube.
    I wonder what are the pro and con between the above two loading methods from ODS to InfoCube.
    Welcome to every BW expert inputs!

    HI Kevin,
    Direct Loads or rather Automated Loads are usually used where u need to load data automatically into the final data target. And it has no dependencies.This process has less of maintenance involved and u need to execute a single infopackage to send data to the final data target.
    But Indirect Loads are usually used when u have a number of dependencies and this ODs object is one of the object in a process chain. So if u require the this ODS data load wait till some other event has been executed , then indirect loads are used through process chains.

  • Error: IDoc XML data record

    Hi all,
       We have file->XI->idoc scenario and the problem we are facing is like, when the idoc structure is prepared using XSLT mapping, when the idoc is ready to get in thru the idoc adapter we are getting the following error.
    <i><b>Error: IDoc XML data record: In segment
    Z1UKGAS_HEADR attribute  occurred instead of SEGMENT                                </b></i>
    Anyone faced the same issue....if so pls do throw some light into this issue....
      We r in XI 3.0 SP13...
    Thanks & regards,

    In an IDOC structure segment attribute is requried. From the error you posted, it looks like seqment attribute is missing.
       <IDOC BEGIN="">
          <ED SEGMENT="">

  • Data extraction using ODS objects

    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to extract CRM data into SAP BW.
    Found a standard ODS Object 0CRMBPKPI, which i think is relavent as i need to extract Business partner data from CRM.
    Does anybody know the procedure how to extract data using this ODS object?
    or exists any standard Infocube to extract Business partner data?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi mohan!
    have you cheked the saphelp on this perticulat ods.
    hope this helps.
    with regards

  • Summing up key figure in Cube - data load from ODS

    Hello Gurus,
    I am doing a data load from ODS to cube.
    The records in ODS are at line-item level, and all needs to be summed up at header level. There is only one key-figure. ODS has header and line-item fields.
    I am loading only header field data ( and not the item-field data) from ODS to Cube.
    I am expecting only-one record in cube ( for all the item-level records) with all the key-figures summed up. But couldn't see that.
    Can anyone please explain how to achieve it.
    I promise to reward points.
    Example to elaborate my point.
    In ODS
    Header-field  item-field   quantity
    123                301          10
    123                302           20
    123                303           30
    Expected record in Cube
    Header-field       Quantity
       123                    60  

    Hello Oscar and Paolo.
    Thanks for the reply. I am using BW 7.0
    Paolo suggested:
    >>If you don't add item number to cube and put quantity as adition in update rules >>from ODS to cube it works.
    I did that still I get 3 records in cube.
    Oscar Suggested:
    >>What kind of aggregate do you have for your key figure in update rules (update >>or no change)?
    It is "summation". And it cannot be changed. (Or at least I do not know how to change it.)
    There are other dimensions in the cube - which corresponds to the field(s) in ODS.
    But, I just mentioned these two (i.e. header and item-level) for simplicity.
    Can you please help?
    Thank you.

  • How to get Date Format from Local Object.

    Hi All,
    I am new to Web Channel.
    I need to know Date format From date of locale.
    suppose there is a date "01/25/2010" date in date field I want to get string "mm/dd/yyyy". Actually I have to pass date format to backend when I call RFC. 
    Is there any way to get Date format from "Locale" object. I should get date format for local object
    I get local object from "UserSessionData" object but how to get Date format from it.
    I am not looking for Date value. I am looking for current local date format ("mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy or mon/dd/yyyy) whatever local date format.  I could not find example which show how to get date format from "Locale" object.
    Any help will be appreciated with rewards.
    Web Channel

    You can get it from "User" or "Shop" business object.
    Try to get User or Shop Business Object as shown below.
    BusinessObjectManager bom = (BusinessObjectManager) userSessionData.getBOM(BusinessObjectManager.ISACORE_BOM);
    User user = bom.getUser();
    char decimalNotation = user.getDecimalPointFormat().getGroupingSeparator();
    If you are seeing "1,234.00" then above code will return "."
    I hope this information help you to resolve your issue.
    eCommerce Developer.

  • How to restrict number of Data Records from Source system?

    How can I restrict the number of Data records from R3 source system that are being loaded into BI. For example I have 1000 source data records, but only wish to transfer the first 100. How can I achieve this? Is there some option in the DataSource definition or InfoPackage definition?
    Pls help,

    Hi SD,
    You can surely restrict the number of records, best and simplest way is, check which characteristics are present in selection screen of InfoPackage and check in R3, which characteristics if given a secection could fetch you the desired number of records. Use it as selection in InfoPackage.

  • Error in generating data source from planning area

    Hi experts! I have an error while making data source from planning area:
    after the screen when i fill in the data source name (Window name: Generate export data source) i have the SYNTAX_ERROR Message:
    Syntax error in program /sapapo/cl_im_extract_ex======cp
    the main reason: the type /BI0/9A0IVWKNDGD is unknown
    what you can suggest to solve this problem?

    Dear Andrey Kudriavzev,
    The reason is the program is trying to use the datatype '/BI0/9A0IVWKNDGD' which does not exist in the system.
    Go SE11 to cross check if it exists. Check dataelement radiobutton -> enter /BI0/9A0IVWKNDGD -> Choose display option. You would need to create this datatype in the system. I feel there must some OSS Note related to this.
    Search for an OSS Note. Raise one if you cannot find the relevant notes.

  • Short dump error when extracting delta records from R/3

    I am working on BW 3.5 and I am facing some short dump error when extracting delta records from the r/3 to BW.
    Below is the error message
    Kindly do the needful ASAP.
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program SBIE0001, variant &0000000024277, user ID BWREMOTE)
    Asynchronous transmission of info IDoc 2 in task 0001 (0 parallel tasks)
             Current Values for Selected Profile Parameters               *
    abap/heap_area_nondia......... 2000000000                              *
    abap/heap_area_total.......... 2000000000                              *
    abap/heaplimit................ 40000000                                *
    zcsa/installed_languages...... DE                                      *
    zcsa/system_language.......... E                                       *
    ztta/max_memreq_MB............ 2047                                    *
    ztta/roll_area................ 6500000                                 *
    ztta/roll_extension........... 2000000000                              *
    2,454 LUWs confirmed and 2,454 LUWs to be deleted with function module RSC2_QOUT_CONFIRM_DAT
    ABAP/4 processor: MESSAGE_TYPE_X
    Job cancelled

    I look at the transaction ST22 to see which type of error has given you. Take a look at the notes to correct the error.
    Another option is to look at OSS notes, because the error is giving you a standard extractor.

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