Error idocs

How can  we  you navigate to see the error idocs ?

Transact RFC error
tRFC Error - status running Yellow for long time (Transact RFC will be enabled in Status tab in RSMO).
Step 1: Goto Details, Status get the IDoc number,and go to BD87 in R/3,place the cursor in the RED IDoc entroes in tRFC
queue thats under outbound processing and click on display the IDOC which is on the menu bar.
Step 2: In the next screen click on Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call)
place the cursor on the particular Transaction ID and go to EDIT in the menu bar --> press 'Execute LUW'
(Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call) ---> select the TrasnID ---> EDIT ---> Execute LUW)
Rather than going to SM58 and executing LUW directly it is safer to go through BD87 giving the IDOC name as it will take you
to the particular TRFC request for that Idoc.
Go into the JOB Overview of the Load there you should be able to find the Data Package ID.
(For this in RSMO Screen> Environment> there is a option for Job overview.)
This Data Package TID is Transaction ID in SM58.
SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute.It will show you all the pending TRFC with
Transaction ID.
In the Status Text column you can see two status
Transation Recorded and Transaction Executing
Don't disturb, if the status is second one Transaction Executing. If the status is first one (Transation Recorded) manually
execute the "Execute LUWs"
Directly go to SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute. It will show TRFCs to be executed
for that user. Find the particular TRFC (SM37 > Req name > TID from data packet with sysfail).select the TrasnID (SM58) --->
EDIT ---> Execute LUW
You can use report RBDAGAIN to send IDocs that are set to status "02".
Refer note : 784381
error relates to IDocs processing in source system, initially check the connection with the BI system and source system.
If it is fine check the IDOCs in source system go to BD87->give Ur user ID and date->execute->you can find Red status Idocs select the erroneous Idoc-> and select Manual process.
I hope it solves the issue...

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  • How can we send Error Idocs via mail

    I have read read through forums and  understood that it can be achieved either through workflow or through report using table edidd & edids.
    If workflow option is used , does the mail trigger for every error idoc ? How can we send daily error report to user say by EOD containing all error idocs using all possible options.

    I dont think so any direct Report will be available just to get Error IDOCs details. Although you can create a simple report to read the tables. An example is in below link.
    Also, you can create a Query of EDIDC and EDIDS tables to obatin relevant information.

  • Error: IDoc XML data record

    Hi all,
       We have file->XI->idoc scenario and the problem we are facing is like, when the idoc structure is prepared using XSLT mapping, when the idoc is ready to get in thru the idoc adapter we are getting the following error.
    <i><b>Error: IDoc XML data record: In segment
    Z1UKGAS_HEADR attribute  occurred instead of SEGMENT                                </b></i>
    Anyone faced the same issue....if so pls do throw some light into this issue....
      We r in XI 3.0 SP13...
    Thanks & regards,

    In an IDOC structure segment attribute is requried. From the error you posted, it looks like seqment attribute is missing.
       <IDOC BEGIN="">
          <ED SEGMENT="">

  • Some of the error idocs are not falling into Workflow Inbox

    The extract of IDOC list with status 51 from WE02 transaction is not matching with Workflow inbox column "object", some of the idocs which are errored are not showing in the workflow inbox. Here we are in need to get all the errored idocs into the inbox. Please suggest me to proceed further.

    Hi Smita,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have maintained the suggested role SAP_GRC_SPC_SCHEDULER in backend for an user id and i can able to see a job is getting completed in SM37.
    However, the task in the inbox hasnt come yet.Any idea you may have as to how much time it will take for task to come into inbox.Or is that i need to do any more extra task.
    Please advice.
    Ashok S

  • Error : IDoc XML data record: In segment attribute occurred instead of SEGM

    hi friends
    i am doing the file to idoc scenario. in message mapping i had done the static test. but what ever the fields i mapped in the idoc it was not populated in the idoc. and i am getting the error as
    error :IDoc XML data record: In segment attribute occurred instead of SEGMENT
    can any one solve the problem please
    thanks in advance

    Hi Vasudeva,
    Pls do check the nodes which you have mapped to. Also make sure that your SEGMENT field in the target structure is mapped properly.

  • Error : idoc xml data record : in segment attribute instead of SEGMENT

    hi all
    i am doing the file to idoc scenario. in that i am getting the error
    error : IDOC XML Data record : In segment attribute instead of SEGMENT
    i am doing this scenario since 4 days.
    can anyone help me
    thanks a lot

    in ref. to my post in your earlier thread.
    in your mapping check, in your IDOC if Begin , segment etc are mapped to a constant say '1'.
    Also ref: In segment IDOC attribute I occurred instead of SEGMENT

  • Problem in reporocessing Error Idoc

    We have created a customized Tcode to reprocess the error idocs (idocs in 64,51 status).
    The report is developed using standard program RBDMANI2. The same program is used in BD87. After executing the idocs it create related sales orders.
    The problem is : When we reprocess one error idoc on two differant system at the same time (probabaly at the same time upto seconds),  two sales orders are getting created.  Ideally one sales order should be created.
    This is happening for only one kind of sales document type. There is no any hardcoading of document types in report.
    I want to know whether there is any configuration related issue or what.
    Please suggest.
    Thank you,
    madan shinde

    You can use WE19 to debug the Idoc FM.
    Check this link if it is helpful:
    Debugging Idocs

  • Outbound error IDoc reprocessing

    I have a scenario like whenever an outbound idoc is in error status, should be able to correct the idoc n reprocess it.
    Suppose outbound idoc is in status 02. System process code will notify the agent assigned in partner profile. When i execute the workitem and corrected the port and try to reprocess, this status is set to 30. My requirement is once i correct the port status should become 03. How do we acheive this ? (not through report rseout00 )
    1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
    2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
    Inputs will be appreciated regd outbound error reprocessing .

    Hi Indira,
    1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
    You can use transaction BD87 to monitor the IDoc statuses.
    and use the following programs to reprocess outbound and inbound error IDoc(s).
    RBDAGAI2 - Re-processing of IDocs after ALE Input Error
    RBDAGAIE - Reprocessing of Edited IDocs
    RBDAGAIN - Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again
    RBDAGAIP - New Posting of Partially Posted IDocs
    RBDMANI2 - Manual Processing of IDocs: Post IDocs Not Yet Posted
    2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
    The process code ise used in both ALE and EDI framework to identify the function module or API (Application Programming Interface) to be invoked for subsequent processing.  Inbound as well as outbound interfaces use process code but for different purposes. Outbound process codes are stored in table TEDE1, while inbound process codes are stored in TEDE2.
    Hoep this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

  • AES filing error - Idoc Outbound Processing: EDI number cannot be compiled

    Hi Gurus,
    We are configuring the AES filing.
    we've done the EDI  configI and initally we got the error that EDI partner is not maintained. As per the suggestions from this Forum we've added the cusoms office details in geography tab.
    Now when we are trying to process the same, we are getting the error "Idoc Outbound Processing: EDI number cannot be compiled"
    All suggestions are welcome.........
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Shiva,
    Here goes the solution: you need to maintain the Number of the Number Ranges starting with "10" and this applies only to GTS system as this is HARD-CODED in the Program, apart from 10 any number of the number range will result in an "EDI Number Range compilation" error.

  • Problem in workflow Inbound error Idocs (IDOCAPPL)

    Hi All,
      First of all I am new to workflow. I have created a custom business object ZIDOCAPPL by copying standard object IDOCAPPL. My requirement is to send emails to the users with the inbound Idoc error details.
    My workflow has below tasks.
    Task 1: Create a entry in Ztable with error idoc details. (Background step)
    Task 2: Send a email to the list of users with EDIDC data.
    Task 3: Idoc foreground correction (Foreground step - Using IDOCAPPL-INPUTFOREGROUND method).
    Task 4: Delete the entry form Ztable, which was created in task 1(Background step)
    For this, I have created a ZIDOCAPPL BO and in that created methods for step 1(Create entry in ztable) and Step 4(Delete entry in Ztable).
    Triggering event (SWE2) : IDOCAPPL - INPUTERROROCCURED.
    So my problem is , I need to create below Function modules. Please suggest the logic for below function modules, as I did not understood clearly.
    1-  A new Function module for send email step, that creates the list of users. The user list need to be leveraged from Rule FM and the email through USR01. (This need to be called in my custom ZIDOCAPPL BO method and for  send email step of task 2)
    2- A new FM needs to fetch the positions (table HRP1001) under the sub org units (partners) again under the main Org unit The returned positions needs to be linked back to the task and also for the emails. ( I think this need to be linked to the Role of the idoc foreground correction task (Task 3).
    Appreciated your inputs. Thanks in advance.

    I recommend that you do NOT copy the object, but rather create a sub-type.

  • How to find error Idocs at once

    Hi experts,
    Can some one help how to find all the error Idocs at once.

    Hi ,
    thnks a lot for your quick reply Is that possible to search for error IDocs based on the error.
    for example there are 100 Idocs failed due to Wrong plant and we need to find those Idocs which failed with worng plant is there any way to find so ??

  • Runtime error (idoc-file)

    Hi  experts
    iam working on IDOC-file scenarion. after mapping design i have tesed my message mapping (without any data) iam getting error "RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformation: Unparseable date: ""
    then i tetsed the scenario end to end , an outbound IDOC is genarted but in sxmb_moni the status is RED and the error is "RuntimeException in Message-Mapping "
    i copied the payload XML message and retested in IR this time the error is :
    "Cannot produce target element /ns0:MT_porder. Check xml instance is valid for source xsd and target-field mapping fulfills requirements of target xsd"
    please suggest me what could be the error

    hi suddha,
    tahnks for your reply.
    i checked in RWB>adapterengine->FTP-->
    Receiver Adapter v2123 for Party '', Service 'Sys_DMattec':
    Configured at 2008-07-28 17:01:23 EDT
    - 2008-08-06 10:36:02 EDT: Processing finished successfully
    - 2008-08-06 10:36:01 EDT: Processing started
    - 2008-08-06 10:29:36 EDT: Processing finished successfully
    - 2008-08-06 10:29:35 EDT: Processing started
    - 2008-08-05 16:38:04 EDT: Processing finished successfully
    but as u said i didnt find anywhere
    >>>if successful you get a Status Msg DLVD (Delivered)
    please tell me how can i check auditlog?
    Iam not sure what kind of ack message you are looking at for FTP protocol. Can be a bit more clear on that?
    in sxmb_moni --XML message
    status                                ack.status
    processed sucessfully      ? (still waiting )

  • Error : idoc xml record in segment attribute instead of SEGMENT

    hi friends
    can any one solve my problem. In message mapping I mapped with a IDOC. In message mapping I Mapped all the fields. Still I am getting the error as "IDOC XML RECORD IN SEGMENT ATRIBUTE INSTEAD OF SEGMENT" I dont know about this error.
    can any one solve this problem please . I am doing this scenario since 5 days. help me..
    thanks in advance

    Hi Vasudeva,
    Can you pls provide little more details on the scenario ?
    Also at which place are you getting this error ?
    Assuming that you have created a message mapping for some source message to target IDoc message, here are some suggestions.
    1) Test the message mapping. (are you getting the error in testing itself ?)
    2) Apart from mandatory fields' mapping, are there any constants to be assigned to some IDoc fields ? Or any node to be disabled ? Or any such additional things...

  • Error: Idoc name IDoc cannot find request IDoc in Integration Server

    I am getting an error while working on a scenario.
    scenario is Idoc to file. when the Idoc is posted, i am getting the error "ALEAUDIT IDoc cannot find request IDoc in Integration Server"  when i see the status in SXMB_MONI
    I have tested the message mapping and configuration induvidually. They are working fine.
    Kindly help me out in solving this issue.
    please reply

    The AleAduit sent in the case of Idoc to File if the file is posted successfuly is not actually a App Ack, and that is why we get the info Ack not possible.
    But, as the R3 might expect this Idoc, XI still sends it back to the Source R3 system.

  • Receiver Determination error -  IDOC TO FILE

    Hi ,
        Scenario :  IDOC TO File
         Error generated while iam doing this scenario. Please help me.
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Receiver Identification
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>No receiver could be determined</SAP:Stack>

    Check for  sender details . Sender interface must be the IDOC.
    Open SXMB_MONI and check your msg fro the sender system details. They match exactly the details in Receiver Determination.
    Check the Receiver Determination is configured correctly. i.e R/3
    Verify all the configurations like SM59, Partner Profile/Logical systems. etc. Also check in SM58 of R/3 system.Make sure that All the objects are activated in the Directory.Refresh the cache.Verify is the business system is pointing to correct R/3 system . Go to Business system/Service->Menu->Adapter specific identifiers in the directory
    You can test your configuration with sample
    In ID goto to TOOLS -
    > Test Configuration for testing.
    Hope in this way you can still find at which point the interface goes wrong

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