Error in BAPI for salary account posting

Dear Experts,
    I am developing and report for salary account posting whrere i am using a bapi called BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POSTING. Which require RFC destinetion of the target system where the document should post in its import parameters.But m not passing anything thr and its automatically taking an rfc destinatin.But while i try to run this report document is not posted and in its return table 2 error msgs comes
1. Error in document: BKPFF $ CLNTD11320
2. FI/COinterface: Line item entered several times
   Pls provive me input if any one has come across this error.

Line item passed to the vendor and gl tables of the bapi cannot be if vendor table contains 3 entry with line item 1,2,3 gl should contain line item starting from 4.Line item field cannbe field manually using a count variable.

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    Check the BAPI's


    please any body tell me how to insert BAPI for transaction code F-43/FB01.
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    Kindly reply me as soon as possible.....
    Waiting for a reply....

    Make sure that you call BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT after your BAPI call.

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    Go to T code VF05n and check open Billing documents and execute. System gives you the list which are pending for posting to FI.

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    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_CHECK    Accounting: Check Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting
    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_POST     Accounting: Post Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting

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    Hi Christopher,
    Have a glance at the link below, here you can find list of BAPI's

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    OBZT just controls the display of the various tax codes in the drop down list if MIRO/ FB60 etc.
    You need to maintain the atx coe correctly in FBZP. Go to FBZP and in this tax code and check whether the tax rates etc. have been defined correctly for it.

  • BAPI for GL Account doc parking

    Hi All,
    Is there any BAPI for the GL Account Doc parking in SAP R/3.
    Pls let me know at the earliest.
    Thanks in advance.

    I've tried several FMs and non seem to work but try the following:
    All credit for Rteve Sowan
    se24 create class ZCL_FI_UTILS
    Create Class, Static method ACC_DOCUMENT_POST
    with the following import params:
    IP_BKPF     Importing     Type     FM_BKPF_TAB
    IP_BSEG     Importing     Type     FM_BSEG_TAB
    IP_BSEC     Importing     Type     FM_BSEC_TAB
    IP_BSET     Importing     Type     FM_BSET
    IP_BSEZ     Importing     Type     ZFM_BSEZ_TAB (your table type of BSEZ)
    Method Code (you could call the function direct, but at least this informs other developer that the method is intended for parking GL Account docs):
        t_bkpf                 = ip_bkpf
        t_bseg                 = ip_bseg
        t_bsec                 = ip_bsec
        t_bset                 = ip_bset
        t_bsez                 = ip_bsez
    Within your program populate Header BKPF
    Accounting Document Header
    gs_bkpf-bukrs                         = '1000'.
    gs_bkpf-gjahr                         = '2007'.
    gs_bkpf-blart                         = 'SA'.
    gs_bkpf-bldat                         = sy-datum.
    gs_bkpf-budat                         = sy-datum.
    gs_bkpf-monat                         = '12'.
    gs_bkpf-wwert                         = sy-datum.
    gs_bkpf-usnam                         = sy-uname.
    gs_bkpf-tcode                         = sy-tcode.
    gs_bkpf-waers                         = 'GBP'.
    gs_bkpf-glvor                         = 'RFBU'.
    gs_bkpf-hwaer                         = 'GBP'.
    APPEND gs_bkpf TO gt_bkpf.
    Populate the Item
    Accounting Document Segment
    gs_bseg-bukrs                         = '1000'.
    gs_bseg-gjahr                         = '2007'.
    gs_bseg-buzei                         = '001'.
    gs_bseg-bschl                         = '40'.
    gs_bseg-koart                         = 'S'.
    gs_bseg-shkzg                         = 'S'.
    gs_bseg-wrbtr                         = '1'.
    gs_bseg-pswsl                         = 'GBP'.
    gs_bseg-vorgn                         = 'RFBU'.
    gs_bseg-kokrs                         = 'N999'.
    gs_bseg-kostl                         = '1000E021'.
    gs_bseg-xkres                         = 'X'.
    gs_bseg-hkont                         = '221001101'.
    Format the Account Doc
        input  = gs_bseg-hkont
        output = gs_bseg-hkont.
    APPEND gs_bseg TO gt_bseg.
    Call the Class Method previously created
    CALL METHOD zcl_fi_utils=>acc_document_park
        ip_bkpf = gt_bkpf
        ip_bseg = gt_bseg
        ip_bsec = gt_bsec
        ip_bset = gt_bset
        ip_bsez = gt_bsez
    So long as GT_BKPF and GT_BSEG are populated (minimum) the document will park.
    The other tables need to be passed as empty tables.
    Have a play

  • Error while using BAPI for F-47 posting.

    I am using the BAPI - 'BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST' to do a Down Payment Request Posting (F-47).
    Since this is a single line posting, BTE RWBAPI01 was implemented as given in the below link.
    [Re: BAPI or Function Module for F-47 (Down payment request)]
    Inside the BAPI i have passed details in tables :account payable , currency amount & extension1.
    However i get the error " Balance in transaction currency".
    Please let me know if i need to pass any other details. Also what is the exact data that needs to be passed to extension table?

    hi ,
    check this threads
    Check these threads
    Balance in transaction currency 
    Balance in Transaction Currency
    error in Balance in transaction currency
    error in Balance in transaction currency
    Balance in Transaction Currency
    Balance in transaction currency
    if this could help .
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  • Error in BAPI for MIRO

    While using BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE to post an invoice with a purchase order (MIRO), we are getting the error message
    "Balance not zero: 165.60 debits: 0.00 credits: 165.60".
    Please help us to detect where the error is.
    We are entering values in 'ITEMDATA', 'GLACCOUNTDATA' and 'HEADERDATA' segments.
    In 'ITEMDATA', we are giving the debit_creditor indicator as 'S' and in 'GLACCOUNTDATA' we are giving the debit_creditor indicator as 'H'.
    In both 'ITEMDATA' and 'GLACCOUNTDATA' we are providing the item amount as 165.60.
    In header data we have not provided a value for 'GROSS_AMOUNT'. (Even if we provide value of '165.60' in header, we get a similiar error)
    The PO has got onlly one line item.
    This is a high priority issue. Please help.

    I think we need to post debit and credit entries in the  'GLACCOUNTDATA' for the same amount.
    Kiran Bobbala

  • F-29 Customer down payment, error, system ask for vendor account

    When I enter customer down payment through F-29 I receive message F5243 'Account type K is not defined for document type DZ'.
    If I use other document type, I receive the same message. I DO NOT NEED ACCOUNT TYPE 'VENDOR' HERE. (When I choose with F4 I receive search for CUSTOMER, and special GL also for CUSTOMER.)
    If I change that (and allow acct type 'K'), system issue message F5104 'Vendor not created in CoCode'.
    If, for example I have the same number for vendor and customer (SAME NUMBER, NOT THE SAME COMPANY), system allows me to go further, but takes information for 'Vendor down payment' (made in Customizing).
    I would like to point that there is no link in master date between customer and vendor account.
    My only clue is that something is wrong with this transaction (there is no SAP note for this exact problem, and all other posts on the same subject here on SDN are not resolved)
    Maybe someone has idea about connection of this tcode with logistic...

    Hi Amina,
    For that u check weather u assign vendor special gl account to customer reconcile account in OBXR.
    Select special gl type  D in OBXR and give the reconcilation account of customer and special gl account

  • Error in BAPI for ME21N

    I have developed a Z program for ME21N by using BAPI( BAPI_PO_CREATE1). When I executive it always shows
    "Please enter items first. No instance of object type PurchaseOrder has been created. External reference: Document contains no items".
    Would you suggest how can I solve this problem
    Best Regards

    Hi mahaboob,
    Before creating Z program  , first  execute Function module itself in se37 by passing required parameters with help of functional consultant and if any errors occurs , functional consultant can easily idetifies and resolves it. After successfully execution, develop the Zprogram.
    Place the parameters what you are passing , so that i can help you if you need.

  • BAPI for F.04 (Posting with Clearing)

    Hi Experts,
    I got 2  Function Modules for F.04. T.code,
    please tell me which one is more suitable and if possible  then please provide code
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vimarsh B.

    Please find the code below:
    LOOP AT it_upload_rec.
        header-bus_act = 'RFBU'.
        header-doc_date = it_upload_rec-bldat.
        header-pstng_date = it_upload_rec-budat.               header-header_txt = 'F-02 Posting'.
        header-comp_code = 'PL10'.
        header-doc_type = 'SA'.
        header-username = sy-uname.
        APPEND header.
        CLEAR header.
        account_gl-itemno_acc = '1'.
        account_gl-gl_account = it_upload_rec-account1.
        APPEND account_gl.
        CLEAR account_gl.
        account_payable-itemno_acc = '2'.
        account_payable-vendor_no = it_upload_rec-account2.
        APPEND account_payable.
        CLEAR account_payable.
        currency_amount-itemno_acc = '1'.
        currency_amount-currency = 'INR'.
        currency_amount-amt_doccur = it_upload_rec-amount.
        APPEND currency_amount.
        CLEAR currency_amount.
          documentheader          = header
    *   CUSTOMERCPD             =
    *   CONTRACTHEADER          =
      obj_type = gv_obj_type
      obj_key = gv_obj_key
      obj_sys = gv_obj_sys
         accountgl               = account_gl
         accountpayable          = account_payable
    *   ACCOUNTTAX              =
          currencyamount          = currency_amount
    *   CRITERIA                =
    *   VALUEFIELD              =
    *   EXTENSION1              =
        return                  = it_return
    *   PAYMENTCARD             =
    *   CONTRACTITEM            =
    *   EXTENSION2              =
    *   REALESTATE              =
    KR Jaideep,

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