Error in committing data while using dynamic attributes

Module: Performance Management
Page: Give Final Ratings: Main Appraiser
Here, I have used dynamic attributes to show the competency name without segments.
I have added this attribute through controller and i passed value to this attribute in the same ProcessRequest method.
But, when the manager tries to complete the appraisal for his employee by pressing the continue button in the above mentioned page, the following exception is throwing.
"This competence already exists within the assessment."
Is this dynamic attribute will be the problem for this?
can any one please tell me?
Thanks in advance,

If you added the column from Extended Controller. It should be a transient attribute to the VO and I think it should not create any issues.
Error "This competence already exists within the assessment." looks like from an FND Message , You can try to debug this issue by finding the FND Message Name corresponding to the error and search the Message Name in the seeded code.

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    Hi Vasudeva,
    Pls do check the nodes which you have mapped to. Also make sure that your SEGMENT field in the target structure is mapped properly.

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    in ref. to my post in your earlier thread.
    in your mapping check, in your IDOC if Begin , segment etc are mapped to a constant say '1'.
    Also ref: In segment IDOC attribute I occurred instead of SEGMENT

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    Hi Team,
    I am Oracle DBA. I have limited knowledge on PL/SQL. I used below PL/SQL code to drop 50 partitons from one of the table.
    I used Dynamic SQL EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to drop partions. But error occured. If I commented EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, procedure executed successfully.
    Please suggest me, where i did the mistake. Also please suggest for better code than my code. please find below code and error details.
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    3 BEGIN
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    ERROR at line 6:
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    ( - + case mod new not null others <an identifier>
    <a double-quoted delimited-identifier> <a bind variable> avg
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    execute forall merge time timestamp interval date
    <a string literal with character set specification>
    <a number> <a single-quoted SQL string> pipe
    <an alternatively-quoted string literal with character set specification>
    <an alternative
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
    2 CURSOR DROP_PARTITON IS select partition_name from user_tab_subpartitions where PARTITION_NAME<='ABCD_2011_04';
    3 BEGIN
    4 for curr IN DROP_PARTITON LOOP
    5 DBMS_output.put_line(curr.partition_name);
    6 --execute immediate(Alter table TABLE_NAME drop partition curr.partition_name);
    7 end loop;
    8* END;
    SQL> /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    PL/SQL code runs on the server, inside an Oracle process - thus PL/SQL code cannot dynamically write and display messages to the client. That server process is not connected to any keyboard, mouse or display.
    DBMS_OUTPUT can be used. This is a PL/SQL buffer area in that server process that code can write lines of text too. When the server process informs the client that it has completed, the client can now request the contents of the DBMS_OUTPUT buffer and the client can display it on the client device.
    This is what set serveroutput on in SQL*Plus does - tell the sqlplus client to request the DBMS_OUTPUT buffer after each Oracle server call made and to display the contents locally.
    So to display the SQL command can be done using DBMS_OUTPUT. E.g.
      dropPart varchar2(32767);
      for c in (select...) loop
        dropPart := 'alter table my_tab drop partition '||c.partition_name';
        --// write the SQL command to DBMS_OUTPUT
        DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line( dropPart );
        --// execute the SQL using a begin..end block in order to catch error
          execute immediate dropPart;
          DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line( 'command completed successfully' );
        exception when OTHERS then
          DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line( 'command failed with: '||SQLERRM(SQLCODE) );
      end loop;
    end;So after this code block has been executed and partitions dropped, sqlplus will display the DBMS_OUTPUT generated by this code block.

  • Runtime Error while using Dynamic Selection

      We are getting a runtime error while using a dynamic selection. One of the fields has got an apostrophe in the middle of the text and so the condition is returning an error SAPSQL_WHERE_PARANTHESES.
      Let's say the value in the field is SCV's. So the WHERETAB is filled as 'SCV's' or `SCV's`. An exception is caught in this case as there is no closing apostrophe.
    Let us know if anyone has come across a similar issue and any help is appreciated.

    Hi Sarves,
    as Rob said.
    check also the [ORACLE FAQS|] or [SQL SERVER u2013 How to Escape Single Quotes|]
    Honestly: Before posting here and getting a whole lot of more or less useless comments just use your favorite search engine.

  • Error while using dynamic pointers in STD_LOGIC_VECTORs and for sentences

    Hi Forum,
    I am having a few problems in the Synthesis cause I am using dynamic pointers in STD_LOGIC_VECTORs and for sentences.
    Here I show two examples: 
    indx := array_of_indexes(repeat_deep);
    aux_data(repeat_deep)(BUF_SIZE - indx*NUM_BITS downto BUF_SIZE-3 - indx*NUM_BITS) <= data_in_p;
    Here, my problem is that indx is a dynamic pointer so it works in the simulation but no in the Synthesis.
    aux_data is an array of STD_LOGIC_VECTORs
    for i_for in 0 to repeat_deep -1 loop
        indx := array_of_indexes(i_for);
        aux_data(i_for)(BUF_SIZE - indx*NUM_BITS downto BUF_SIZE-3 - indx*NUM_BITS) <= lasts_power(i_for);
        array_of_indexes(i_for) <= array_of_indexes(i_for) + 1;
    end loop;
    Here I have both problems, the 'repeat_deep' in the 'for' is dynimic, and the 'indx' in the STD_LOGIC_VECTORs.
    What can I do to solve the problem?

    "I am having a few problems in the Synthesis cause I am using dynamic pointers"
    If you're using Vivado, dynamic indexing is a known issue with Vivado Synthesis:
       Vivado Synthesis - Does Vivado Synthesis support non-constant (dynamic) range expression?

  • Spec oversight? Using dynamic-attributes in XML tag files

    I have a couple of tagfiles that generate form elements with specific conventions for the 'name' and 'value' attribute. Basically, a data binding framework.
    Dynamic attributes are useful because you can delegate all the usual html attributes to the generated HTML form element: SELECT, INPUT, id, class etc.
    The usual way to do this is to concatenate all the "pass-through" attributes to a string, and append this string to the element generated:
    <input type="hidden" name="foo" ${dynattrs}/>I'm wondering how to do this in a tagfile in XML format (mytag.tagx), since the XML format forbids syntax like in the example above.
    jsp:attribute won't help much, if it's nested inside a c:forEach: it won't apply to the right element.

    Ran into the same problem with 'optional attributes'. (see post "JSP 2.0 Tag files outputting elements with conditional attributes"
    Found a solution that is not very elegant but does work and saves you the trouble of reverting to Java Tags. Consider the following tag-file that outputs an html input-tag with conditional attributes:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="1.2"
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="name" required="true" type="java.lang.String"/>
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="id" required="false" type="java.lang.String"/>
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="value" required="false" type="java.lang.String"/>
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="disabled" required="false" type="java.lang.Boolean"/>
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="hint" required="false" type="java.lang.String"/>
         <jsp:directive.attribute name="cssClass" required="false" type="java.lang.String"/>
         <jsp:text><![CDATA[<input type="text" name="]]><c:out value="${name}"/><![CDATA["]]></jsp:text>
         <c:if test="${!empty id}"><![CDATA[ id="]]><c:out value="${id}"/><![CDATA["]]></c:if>
         <c:if test="${!empty cssClass}"><![CDATA[ class="]]><c:out value="${disabled?(cssClass + '-disabled'):cssClass}"/><![CDATA["]]></c:if>
         <c:if test="${disabled}"><![CDATA[ disabled="disabled"]]></c:if>
              <c:when test="${!empty value}"><![CDATA[ value="]]><c:out value="${value}"/><![CDATA["]]></c:when>
              <c:when test="${!empty hint}"><![CDATA[ value="]]><c:out value="${hint}"/><![CDATA[" onfocus="if(this.value==']]><c:out value="${hint}"/><![CDATA[')this.value='';"]]></c:when>
    </jsp:root>In answer to your question: Yes, it looks like an oversight. Using the jsp:attribute tag in a c:forEach doesn't work because the attribute is then applied to the forEach tag. You would have to put the attribute-tag inside a jsp:body tag (inside the forEach). Then it would apply not to the forEach tag but to the tag enclosing the forEach. However, this doesn't work either, or at least it doesn't work in Tomcat 5.5. Could be a bug though, JSP 2.0 is still very buggy (for instance, using a tagfile inside another tagfile from the same taglib doesn't seem to work either...)
    Anyway, if you ever find a good solution please let me know by posting to this topic!

  • Error in XSLT mapping while using string functions

    Hi All,
    While using tokenize() and substring-before() functions in XSLT mapping,we are getting an error.The error message is Unexpected symbol "" So while using string functions in XSLT mapping do we have to use any header functions.
    Please through light on syntax etc.,of string functions in XSLT.
    Thanx in advance,
    Lokesh Dhulipudi
    Edited by: LOKESH DHULIPUDI on Dec 27, 2007 7:32 AM

    Hope you have gone thru this help:
    Rgds, Moorthy

  • Error  in mapping data fields using BODS Designer

    HI All
    I am trying to map the data from excel sheet to SAP ECC 5.0 using Business Objects data services Designer .
    However after mapping the data Fields when i try to do the Validation It is giving me the error message :
    u201D(Data Flow:New_data Flow) (Query:Query) FROM: The input schemas are not specified for <Query.Queryname >u201D
    If anybody has experienced the same error in the past Please let me know how to resolve this error.
    Thanks in Anticipation

    Please check your "From" tab whether it is having the input table name is there or not. also check the mapping tab it should gives you "Schema.field"  format.
    Kindly revert with your findings.

  • Problem on date  while using gui_upload

    I'm not getting date  properly while using GUI_UPLOAD.
    I see the parameter DAT_MODE in the exporting parameters.
    But I'm unable to give the exact value for that parameter.
    Can anyone let me know how to upload the date exactly?
    Thanks in advance.

    Do you really need to use this parameter? You can just coment this line and it will work properly.

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    Playback error while using YouTube and I can t watch any videos.why is this happening? i have iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.2

    Before going down the root to update modem firmware. Do this...
    The answer to my problem was to change the DNS server number (should have done this first when the "playback error"  persisted.:/).  Take a screenshot of your original DNS number for future necessity, then change it to OpenDNS..or google DNS...I used google DNS...for complete & thorough instructions..follow this site:-->
    it solved the problem completely.

  • SOM Error while using Dynamic Tables

    Hi Gurus,
        I have created a Adobe form with Dynamic tables and integrated in Webdynpro ABAP.
    When I test the form, while opening the form the following error occurs ..
    " The SOM Expression '$record.BP_DETAILS' for the dataRef specified on field 'BP_DETAILS' ,resolved to an incompatible node of type 'dataValue'..
    After I press ok in the popup error message the Interactive form is displayed and I am able to add rows dynamically .. but the data .. but on submit the data is not passed to the context..
    when i change the cardinality of the context from " 0..n" to "1..n" .. this error does not appear.. but while submit only the first row is saved to the context..
    Has some one come across this error.. Please let me know how to get the dynamic table data to be passed to webdynpro ..
    Thanks and Regards

    To show dynamic data in tables using adobe,follow these steps:
    1. Create a value node say DataSource of cardinality 1.n and an other value node  of cardinality 0.n which actually contains data.
    2. create an array or use value node to collect data which is to be transferred to adobe.
    3. data can be collected using for loop and create node element inside the loop and set corresponding values of each element.
    4. add this element to value node.(step 3,4 are to be performed under loop)
    5.You can use reverse loop to read and send data from adobe to data base which can be performed under submit button to sap.
    Sample code to send data from dynpro view to adobe
    Collection myRecords = new ArrayList();
    Collection records = new Vector();
    IPrivateTestAdobeFormView.INotificationRecordsElement notifRecord = null;
    int NUM_RECORDS = 5;
    for (int i = 0; i < NUM_RECORDS; i++)
              notifRecordElement =
    notifRecordElement.setNotificationNumber("" + i);
    notifRecordElement.setNotificationDesc("Description for " + i);
    To save data from adobe to sap
    IPublic<your view>.I<your>Node node = wdContext.<your>node();
            int size = wdContext.nodeRFQ_Questions().size();
            Zqq_Qid_Ans_Txt newnode;
            for (int i = size-1; i >= 0; i--) {
                 newnode = new Zqq_Qid_Ans_Txt();
                 String answertext = wdContext.nodeRFQ_Questions().getRFQ_QuestionsElementAt(i).getAnswer_Text();
                 String questionid = wdContext.nodeRFQ_Questions().getRFQ_QuestionsElementAt(i).getQuestion_Id();
    Mandeep Virk

  • Receiver File Error while using Dynamic Configuration

    Hi All,
    My Scenario is from SAP IDOC --> PI --> FIle...
    In the mapping i have used the dynamic variable substitution for the receiver file....
    The Dyanamic file will be alwasy generated irrespective of the condition for the Mapping...
    Now Whenever SAP sends IDOC then file to be created . If the condition is met then there is no problem the file is being created...
    But if condition is not met then the error is being thrown in the Communication Channel...
    Error occurred while connecting to the FTP server "10.1.999.222:21": java.lang.Exception: Exception in XML Parser (format problem?):'java.lang.Exception: Message processing failed in XML parser: 'Conversion configuration error: Unknown structure '' found in document', probably configuration error in file adapter (XML parser error)'
    Note the payload has the dyanmic file generated....
    And when i tested the mapping by coping the payload then
    I am getting the target with empty ...but with MT_ProductMaster node...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:MT_ProductMaster xmlns:ns0="http://xyz/Ix_ProductMaster/WMS"></ns0:MT_ProductMaster>
    and the error i think bcz of this payload ... but i dont have any option to remove this .... because if condition not met then the root node always will be created...
    In CC File  Content conversion i have given like this
    Record setStructure  FileHeader,FileDetail,FileTrailer
    FileHeader.fieldSeparator |
    FileHeader.endSeparator |'nl'
    FileDetail.fieldSeparator |
    FileDetail.endSeparator |'nl'
    FileTrailer.fieldSeparator |
    FileTrailer.endSeparator |
    and my MT structure is
    MT_ProductMaster 1.1
    FileHeader  0...1
    FileDetail 0....unbounded
    FileTrailer 0...1
    Please help me on how to ignore the empty root node... do i need to handle something else???
    Sridhar Reddy

    Record setStructure FileHeader,FileDetail,FileTrailer
    FileHeader.fieldSeparator |
    FileHeader.endSeparator |'nl'
    FileDetail.fieldSeparator |
    FileDetail.endSeparator |'nl'
    FileTrailer.fieldSeparator |
    FileTrailer.endSeparator |
    and my MT structure is
    MT_ProductMaster 1.1
    FileHeader 0...1
    FileDetail 0....unbounded
    FileTrailer 0...1
    of course you will get error in content conversion if file is missing any of the parameters expected by FCC.
    Right now the Content conversion is expecting several values in your payload(even if blank values) but you don't have any of them hence you get this error.
    If you want to deliver empty file,you need to map all the receiver side nodes to some default,so that it is populated to that default (could be blank) if no values are present,then when this comes to content conversion,it will assume the blank value as node and do correct conversion.
    If you dont have values in payload but have specified parameters for it on content conversion,then you will get errors as you mentioned in your first post.

  • Problem while using dynamic geo characteristic on a map

    Dear all,
    I'm not able to display dynamic geo characteristics on a map though I am able to display static geo chars on a map. I have done the following:
    - Define the characteristic as dynamic geo characteristic.
    - Download the Geo data from the char on my local system.
    - Edit the data and enter the value in the fields X & Y (For latitude and longitue).
    - Save the file as csv and load the master data attr file back to the system along with the value of latitude and longitue.
    - Create a query and add keep only this char in a rows.
    - Use this query as a data provider for a map web item in WAD.
    After doing this I get 'Map can not be displayed' error when I execute this web template. Is there some step I have missed here? There's no problem with the IGS because I'm able to display the queries with static geo characteristics on a map using WAD.
    Another query I have is which shape file will be used and displayed as a map in the web template in case of dynamic geo chars (I'm confused because dynamic geo chars do not allow shape files to be loaded unlike the static geo chars). I'll be grateful for any suggestions on this. Thanks in advance.

    Just follow instructions for query design for class 2 renderers (symbol, bar chart, pie chart for dynamic geo-characteristics).
    "For these renderers, the dynamic geo characteristic must appear in the related data provider in the rows. You must have also selected the Longitude and Latitude display attributes to be displayed. No other characteristics or key figures must appear in the rows. Only the first column is considered by the symbol renderers. The renderers bar chart, pie chart, and pie chart (split) consider all columns."
    In my case it helped

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