Hi guys, well after checking the forum and several blogs i can't get rid of my problem!
I have a problem concerning INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and CACHE REFRESH.
i wanted to get a file from a FTP-Server via CC and i got error:
  <SAP:AdditionalText>Error when reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI.</SAP:AdditionalText>
  <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
  <SAP:Stack>Error while refreshing the XI runtime cache</SAP:Stack>
Because of this i tried to update my cache (SXI_CACHE). When i do a Delta Cache Refresh i get:
Prefix Number: entry missing for system SSID client 100.
When i do a complete Cache Refresh nothing happens at all. I also checked the cache notification in IB - Integration Directory where i fin dout that only the Integration Server (ABAP Cache) won't refresh. Well status is started but nothing else is happening.
Then i checked the RFC INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI, did a connection test where i get an Internal Server error.
Let me tell u that the systems runs very well in the last days but now i have no clue what might be wrong.
Can somebody please advice me? I already read all blogs concerning this and also did a complete system-restart....
br Jens

when you check INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI with SM59 it is normal to get
HTTP Response 500 - Internal Server Error. In this case it meens everything OK
see the rediness check, that is attached to SAP note 817920
when you start the complete cache refresh, you can see
the function module SAI_CACHE3_REFRESH_BACKGROUND in SM58. As long as you can see this entry, the cache
refresh is ongoing. If the refresh takes too long and runs on an error, try to specify another timeout in INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI or in the ICM
Best Regards
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  • Problems in SLD and Cache refresh (SXI_CACHE).

    Dear Experts,
    I am facing SLD and Cache refresh problems in PI 7.0 on HP-UX.
    1) SXI_CACHE : Last Error During Cache refresh is showing LCR_GET_OWN_BUSINESS_SYSTEM - NO_BUSINESS_SYSTEM error. And also Start Delta Cache Refresh / Start Complete Cache refresh are in deactive mode (Frozen).
    2) SLDCHECK : Log says No Business System for ABC Client 100 ".
    where ABC=SID. Business System INTEGRATION_SERVER_ABC is declared in SLD and client 100 is assigned.
    My question is : Is this a BASIS or DEVELOPER issue? Also please let me know if you have any solutions for the above mentioned issue. Thanks in Advance.
    SLDCHECK Log Snippet:
    SLD server access settings:
    host name: ABCXIDEV
    port number: 50000
    user : PIAPPLUSER
    Use transaction SLDAPICUST if you wish to maintain the SLD server access data
    Launching the SLD GUI in a separate browser window...
    => Verify in the browser GUI that the SLD is in a healthy running state!
    Calling function LCR_LIST_BUSINESS_SYSTEMS
    Retrieving data from the SLD server...
    Function call terminated sucessfully
    List of business systems maintained in the SLD:
    Calling function LCR_GET_OWN_BUSINESS_SYSTEM
    Retrieving data from the SLD server...
    No corresponding business system found for system ABC client 100
    => Check and maintain the SLD content for the current client

    Since this is an PI system, your XI consultant must have created/will need to create business systems in SLD for the scenario to work properly. This error is because it cannot find the business system.
    You cannot point out the fingers on Basis or XI and say that it is THEIR issue. Please consult with the consultant who is doing the XI interface and check if the business systems he require are properly created in SLD. If not, create them or ask them to create it (if they are allowed to..).
    From the error, what i can see is that you have defined an integration server INTEGRATION_SERVER_ABC in SLD . the XI interface is checking the required business system in the integration server INTEGRATION_SERVER_ABC in SLD but cannot find it over there. Please check the integration server INTEGRATION_SERVER_ABC in SLD and talk to the XI consultant and you will be able to fix this with their help.
    Hope this helps you..

  • HTTP request failed. Error code: "503". Service Unavailable in RWB and Cache Refresh

    Dear Experts,,
    We have MDM and PI in our landscape. We are using MDM Adapter for the integration between the two.
    When we try to run the T Code SXMB_IFR, we are getting HTTP request failed error. i.e., “Error Code: 503 -- Service Unavailable”. And also the RWB communication channel is not working because of this error and we are unable to refresh the cache too because of this error.
    We have checked from MDM side, and messages are flowing from ready folder but not coming into PI. We had monitored the messages using
    We have restarted the Java Server but it’s taking too much time to restart around 12 to 15 hours & we checked after that but still facing the same issue.
    Could you please help me to figure out this issue.
    Thank you for your support in advance.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Priti,
    You can check the suggestion of Jyothi Anagani
    Because of J2EE application not active
             The problem is that not all J2EE services can be started by the J2EE. i.e Start the Visual Administrator and select Server->Services->Deploy in the tree on the left. On the right-hand side, choose the Runtime tab page. You see a tree in the right window with all applications if you select the APPLICATION radio button. Check if they are running, otherwise choose Start. Usually the J2EE engine starts all services automatically.
    Runtime Workbench "503 Service Unavailable" Error After JSPM SP Update

  • IB and cache refresh

    If you lose a connedtion between the adapter engine and IB how do you refresh the cache?

    There is an excellent "How-To" guide on the whole XI caching ( with all possible issues and solutions ) ...
    You can find it on sap net ...

  • (-2004) Critical cache refresh failure

    Dear All,
    We are useing SAP Business One 2007 B PL 10, DB is Sql Server 2005 SP1.
    While logging in to SAP we are getting error msg "(-2004) Critical cache refresh failure" and SAP application closes.
    The DB is accesible from Sql Management Studio and Data is visible.
    But, while restoring the backup of this DB, following error msg is showing.. Could not continue scan with Nolock due to data movement.
    Please help.
    Brijesh Kumar Rai

    Dear Brijesh Kumar Rai,
    Welcome you post on the forum.
    You may check: (-2004) Critical cache refresh failure

  • Needed clarification on RWRKBENCH and CACHE

            I'm new to SAP-XI, Ihave some doubts regarding runtime work bench and cache refreshing
                   1.what is difference between complete cache refresh and delta cache refresh in SXI_CACHE transaction.If delta cache refresh is choosen then which components cache will be refreshed?
    2.In which case we have to go for complete cache or delta cache refresh ?
    3.what is difference between monitoring on RUNTIME WORK BENCH  & SXMB_MONI?
                   Plz if any body knows anwers to this questions kindly provide explanations.
    Good answers will be rewarded.

    Hi Monica,
    <b>1.what is difference between complete cache refresh and delta cache refresh in SXI_CACHE transaction.If delta cache refresh is choosen then which components cache will be refreshed?</b>
    1.Delta Cache Refresh: Any new objects that have been created/modified during the design/configuration activities are inserted into the temporary database tables when we use delta cache refresh option.
    2.Full Cache Refresh: All entries in temporary cache tables are deleted and a background program for inserting the complete information about all the design/configuration objects.
    <b>2.In which case we have to go for complete cache or delta cache refresh ?</b>
    check this
    How to handle cache
    <b>3.what is difference between monitoring on RUNTIME WORK BENCH & SXMB_MONI?</b>
    In RWB we monitor messages whic goes via Adapter Engine.. i.e we monitor messages which r in JAVA stack
    In SXMB_MONI we monitor messages of Integartion Engine i.e messages of ABAP stack!!
    Hope u r now clear!!!
    Use a Good Subject Line, One Question Per Posting - Award Points
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  • Cache Refresh Error and Adaptors Missing in RWB Monitoring

    We are in NW04s (SP13) of PI.
    3 problems:
    1. SXI_CACHE
    Partial Cache Refresh gives OK (Green)
    Full Cache Refresh gives error:
    "Error During last attempt to refresh cache"
    Double click on the red message indicates:
    Error Id: UPDATE
    HTTP status code401 Unauthorized
    2. In Runtime Workbench : Adaptor Monitoring:
    Only JPR shows with red.
    All other adapters are missing.
    3. <host>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full
    Gives error:
    Global Error
    Couldn't parse Configuration Data cache update XML string from Directory
    Help is urgently needed.
    Thank you,

    This problems are resolved now.
    1. Adapter Monitoring not showing other types:
    Reset the user/password: PIRWBUSER
    In R/3:
    User type: service
    Bring the password to Exchange Profile: PIRWBUSER
    Do a cache refresh:
    2. Check <host>:<port>/CPACache/history.jsp
    Status should be green on the latest Status.
    (No Error: " Global Error Couldn't parse Configuration Data cache update XML string from Directory" )
    Thank you, all.
    The checklists you have posted were helpful to verify the configurations.
    Also useful: <host>:<port>/nwa
    and check "Trace and Log " to find exact cause where it fails.

  • Error in SXI_CACHE and reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI

    I have been going over many posts etc trying to figure out why this quit working. Basically everything was working fine, and I did a Integration Process Scenario and uploaded that, once that was complete I started getting cache errors that where affecting everything else already configured in XI.
    I have tested in SM59 INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and when I put in path
    /dir/hmi_cache_refresh_service/ext I get back a 200 response on connection test
    and put in path /dir/cacheRefresh I get a 500 response which I assume both are fine,
    I have also tested by the ping test in sicf using PIISUSER along with the url test of http://<host name>:<port>/dir/hmidiag/ext?method=info all was successful
    So the error seems to come when I run sxi_cache
    If I do a delta cache it comes up with the following error Prefix number: entry missing for system PIT client 300
    If I do a full cache refresh it runs in the background (and while it runs all the other scenario's work) but after the full cache comes back it has Unable to refresh cache contents with the message of Error when reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI.
    Also once this error is checked all other scenerio's quite working again with the following message
    XIServer:UPDATE:Error when reading HTTP destination: INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    I def award points

    I don't know if this is the exactly case we have here... but in our PI DEV and PRD environments it does not happen. In our QAS environment this error occurs everytime we create/change some integration scenario object and activate it. Then, all outbound interfaces start with this error. To solve it we go for a full refresh, delete Adapter Engine cache and restart ICM.
    We are trying for a long time to search why this happens only on QAS environment without success... But thanks good it does not happen in PRD

  • XI cache refresh error 'HTTP status code503 Service Unavailable'

    We are running XI 3.0, SP 9
    XI cache refresh stopped working today (red traffic light). Tried a Delta refresh. Got a program dump with error 'Access with ‘ZERO’ object reference not possible'.
    Activated all objects in Change lists of Repository, directory. Tried Delta refresh again. Same error again.
    Re-started XI server.Now XI cache has error
    'Unable to refresh cache contents'.
    Detail says 'HTTP status code503 Service Unavailable'.
    Tested RFC connection of INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and other XI related destinations. Everything works fine.
    Please let me know if anyone faced this before and what is the solution..

    Ok, well this note i am note able to handle because of missing poissibity to use the Visual Admin.
    Another thing that came up: i still have probs with queues! Sometimes (today, and only today) a message runs through XI, so everything is fine.
    Because of this i tried to deregister and register the queues once again - but the scheduler status is still on "inactive"....
    what is the prob?!

  • Error coming in cache refresh

    Hi Frnds,
    I am trying to refresh the full cache, but during the process i am getting the following error for the adapter framework (af.vxp.vesssxip01) cache
    CPA cache refresh (mode=full) successfully executed in 100392 milliseconds.
    Negative confirmation:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          Couldn't parse Configuration Data cache update XML string from Directory.
          org.xml.sax.SAXException: JavaErrors Tag found in cache update XML.
         at javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.parse(
         at javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.parse(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at Method)
    Why it is coming like and what would be possible solution for it.
    Edited by: RajSrivastava on Jul 13, 2009 9:54 AM

    Please check below items,
    1. sm59->INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI rfc working?
    2. SLDCHECK working? if not check all relevant RFCs (i.e SLD_UC, SAPSLDAPI, LCRSAPRFC)
    3. if 1, 2 are fine then perform 'DELTA' CPACache refresh
    4. Check the "Cache Connectivity Test" in RWB->Component Monitoring
    I am sure, all these will help to conclude on the issue, because the error you post is not that informative at least for me.

  • Cache refresh error, while activating changelists

    Hi all,
    I got a problem, concerning XI Runtime Cache on XI 3.0, SP15 -> when I try to activate changelists from Integration Directory, (SOMETIMES!)XI_CACHE shows status: Error, while refreshing cache
    with Errortype: Communication,
    "if_http_client receive http_communication_failure"
    When I then do a delta or full cache refresh from transaction SXI_CACHE it allways works, even after an error occured before. Some ideas, what I could check?
    Thank you in advance..

    Just check with Tcode SICF and check for all the services are working fine.
    Go thru following links ->How-to Guides-> Exchange Infrastructure->How To handle Caches in SAP XI 3.0
    Also go thru following thread.
    problem with xi cache
    Hope this helps.

  • Error during last attempt to refresh cache in tranaction sxi_cache

    Dear Team,
    We are geting below error , while executing sxi_cache transaction . please suggest .
    Status of Runtime Cache.
    Cache content is up-to-date
    Error during last attempt to refresh cache , wile double clicking this , we found below log .
    Thrown: Attempt to access application REPOSITORY using HTTP Method Invocation (HMI) failed. Detailed information: Invoking ROA method "ReadObjects" via HMI ... FAILED due to following exception: Message: Connection to system REPOSITORY using application REPOSITORY lost. Detailed information: Error accessing "http://gsapnppid.galsap.local:50000/rep/remoteobjectaccess/int?container=ejb" with user "PIDIRUSER". Response code is 401, response message is "Unauthorized"
    Stacktrace: Connection to system REPOSITORY using application REPOSITORY lost. Detailed information: Error accessing "http://gsapnppid.galsap.local:50000/rep/remoteobjectaccess/int?container=ejb" with user "PIDIRUSER". Response code is 401, response message is "Unauthorized"
    Kindly Advise

    Please Check if the user PIDIRUSER is locked.
    If user is not locked, check if the credential for user PIDIRUSER and respective password is correctly maintained in Exchange Profile.
    Murali Narayanan

  • Error during cache refresh

    Hi guys,
    In my scenario XI to R3 via ABAP Proxy. In cache R/3 side shows me two red triangles: unable to refresh content and an error during last update. The error id BUSINESS_SYSTEM and the message is: NO INTEGRATION SERVER.
    Yesterday admin team changes the physical machine! I already create a new technical system and a new business system and import the BS to ID with a same name! I need create all the objects again: receiver interface, determination, etc?
    I also check the transactions SLDAPICUST, SICF, sm59, smicm, slscheck and sxmb_adm > Integration configuration.
    The icf services are running, the RFC connections shows a http code 500 (it means that is ok) and in integration configuration I have defined my Business sys type "LOC" and in IS_URL, the URL of XI integration server.
    I think everything is ok!
    Guys any suggestions to check other points?
    Thanks in advance,

    In the SLD your XI business system should contain the pipeline URL http://<host>:<abap_port>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry and this business system role should be <b>Integration Server</b>.

  • Error during Cache Refresh in 2004s after installation

    Hi All,
    we are getting the following error when we did the Cache Refresh after completing the installation and configuration of 2004s PI usgae type.
    Error data from ID:</b>Unable to determine the name of the central Adapter Engine from the System Landscape Directory at this time.
    Notifications to the central Adapter Engine are therefore listed using the technical name of the Adapter Engine.
    This is usually structured as follows:
    af.<SAP System ID>.<Name of application server>
    <b>Error info in SXI_CACHE:</b>
    HTTP Status code 401 unauthorized.
    <b>Error data from RWB:</b>
    Cache notification from Integration Directory failedError when accessing the System Landscape Directory
    ---Detailed Error Message
    Unable to find an associated SLD element (source element: SAP_XIIntegrationServer, [CreationClassName, SAP_XIIntegrationServer, string, Name, is.01.ltiib00812, string
    would be great if somebody could help us.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check this Blog by Krishna Moorthy for all HTTP erros
    Also check the blog by Michal

  • SXI_CACHE Cache Refresh Error

    I am getting Runtime Cache Error when running transaction SXI_CACHE in PI 7.1:
    Unable to refresh cache contents
    Error 'HTTP status code 401  Unauthorized' while executing HTTP request (calling method 'get_status')
    Error during last attempt to refresh cache
    Error 'HTTP status code 401  Unauthorized' while executing HTTP request (calling method 'get_status')
    Can anyone help to resolve this issue?

    Hi RMS,
    As you see in the error messages its purely credentials and authorization issue.
    Please ensure below items are intact in your system.
    1.  Under 'echnical Setting' ensure, you are using the correct port number (It will be your system HTTP port)
    2. ensure Path Prefix has value /dir/CacheRefresh
    3. Under Logon & Security - Select 'Basic Authentication' confirm the popups and ignore if any warnings
    4. For logon data,  enter the client of your Integration Server and the user PIISUSER with the valid password.
    5. Under  Special Options, set Timeout:30000,  HTTP Settings: HTTP Version: HTTP 1.0, Compression: inactive, Compressed Response: No; TTP Cookies: Accept Cookies: Yes (All).
    6. Save these settings, perform Test Connection
    report back if you find any further issues.

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