Error  - Material cost estimate with quantity structure

Hello Gurus!
Can anyone please help with the following problem:
I’m trying to do the material cost estimate with quantity structure, but the system is throwing back the message  " There is no exchange rate for exchange rate type P on 1.01.2008: CHF -> EUR". 
This happens because I have a subcontratation in my routing in CHF, and in transaction OB08, and I don’t had defined that rate (type P CHF –EUR).
I need to know if there is any solution to the system assumes other Type of Exchange Rate (the last real exchange rate that I have introduced in my system, not the planned!)
Points will be assigned to the suitable answer.
Thanks in advance.
Mary Jane

Hi Sridhar
Thanks for your reply.
In OKEQ for the version 0, I have the rate type M.
I don't understand why the system throwing back the message  " There is no exchange rate for exchange rate type P on 1.01.2008: CHF -> EUR".!
Do you know why?
Thanks and regards
Mary Jane

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  • Material cost estimate with quantity structure (tcode: CK11N)

    Hey dear friends.
    I donu2019t know in which forum I should put my question above.
    In fact, Iu2019m new to SAP PM module.
    Iu2019m trying to create material cost estimate with quantity structure (tcode: CK11N) for a material u201CXu201D.
    This material is manufactured.
    While running the transaction CK11N, I got an error message.
    After analyzing this error message, Iu2019ve realised that somebody had assigned wrong activity types to cost centers which are linked to this material in tcode: CR03, tab: costing.
    So Iu2019ve changed and assigned the right activity types.
    Then, Iu2019ve tried to run the tcode CK11N again. But the system still brings the wrong activity types and seems to ignore the ones that Iu2019ve assignedu2026
    It seems like the old activity types still linked to the cost centers somewhere else than in tcode CR03u2026
    Any idea about what am I mising ?
    Thank's in advance.

    Dear Bahia,
    If its rate routing means,i guess you must be working in REM scenario.
    So goto CA22,delete the existing operation and then assign the same work center in a new
    operation,check what activity types is it proposing in the rate routing,if its reflecting correctly means
    save the datas.
    Also goto KKF6N--->click the change mode icon and then calculator button to create a preliminary cost
    estimate and then save the datas.
    One of our forum friend has asked you to check the production order read PP master data once
    again,but understand there is no production order concept in REM scenario,only planned orders.
    Then come back with your queries.
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  • Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure (How to download)

    Is there a standard report or feature available in SAP to download the material cost estimate with quantity structure?
    Currently we have to print screen and it is very tedious and can't do analysis with those screenshots.
    Please advice.

    There is a standard report you can use - S_P99_41000111 - Analyze/Compare Material Cost Estimates .
    With this report, you can report the standard cost estimates for a range of materials.
    Good Luck!!!  Assign points if this was a useful input to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Material cost estimate with quantity structure and without quantity structu

    What is the difference between material cost estiame with quantity strucutre and without quantiry structure?

    For the quantity structure pl read the following link
    For without quantity stucture

  • Material cost estimate and mateiral cost estimate with quantity structure

    Hi sap guys,
    What is the difference between material cost estimate and material cost estimate with quantity structure

    Both are in one way the same.
    Material cost estimate can be calculated as
    1. Material with quantity structure
    2. Material without quantity structure
    You can get more insight into it at the following link

  • Material cost estimate with Quantiy structure

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please help in the following problem. When we do material cost estimate with quantiy structure, system is throwing message as "source of supply cannot be determined".
    Maximum points will be assigned to the suitable answer.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, Srini,
    Please check in material master data whether this material is in-house produced or externally procured, which can be found in MRP view.
    Please also check your costing variant and valuation variant for material cost estination, I think possibly you chose stratey L FROM Purchasing Info Record. If not, ignor it.
    If it's externally procured, SAP logic is that firstly it will check the source list, then determine the quota arrangement and find proper vendor for the selected material. The error message is possibly caused by missing vendor or wrong quota reason. So please follow the SAP logic to check data one by one.
    Please check the following link on vendor determination in online help document.
    Please specify if you also used mixed costing for material.
    Good luck!

  • Material cost estimate with quantity struchture : problem

    while running the costing transaction CK11N , the word u201Croutingu201D is not appearing under the explanation facilities.
    rate routing is already available
    what will be the reason and solution.

    There is a standard report you can use - S_P99_41000111 - Analyze/Compare Material Cost Estimates .
    With this report, you can report the standard cost estimates for a range of materials.
    Good Luck!!!  Assign points if this was a useful input to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Digits Of Significance/Rounding Issue-Cost Estimate With Quantity Structure

    I have an Excel based BOM which includes Material (Yield) Qty, plus a scrap factor. This adjusted yield is then multiplied by the Unit Price to get the Extended Amount. An example from my file is:
    Material 10-0766 = yield of 1.824 sq ft less 4% scrap 0.07 sq ft = adjusted yield 1.897 sq ft * 1.836 USD/sq ft = Ext. Amt of 3.483 USD.
    In SAP, I created a BOM via CS01 with this material as a line item, 1.824 as the qty, UOM is FT2 (sq ft) and I added a Assembly Scrap of 4% with the Net ID indicator checked. When I create a cost estimate via CK11N (in our SAP AFS 6.0 sandbox), the itemization for this material reads: qty of 1.897, total cost of 3.48 USD.
    The math all works, but the resultant USD amount in SAP is short by .003 USD. I realize that USD currency is configured to only 2 decimal places, and that is fine. But, I thought that the calculations that costing was doing was retaining all the digits of significance past the 2 decimal places being shown, rather than rounding off to 2 decimal places. There are 24 materials in this BOM, and the total delta between my Excel sheet total (17.647 USD) and my SAP estimate (17.63 USD) is 0.017 USD. If I look at each item, the cumulative difference is due to each line rounding off to 2 decimal places.
    The units of measure (via tcode CUNI) are all configured to show display 3 decimal places (field DECAN) and round to 5 decimal places (field ANDEC).
    Does anyone have any information/suggestions around the precision in my SAP cost estimate? Am I stuck with these differences, or is there something I can do differently to prevent them? I know I can increase digits of significance in Activity Price Calculation, but I can't find anything similar in Product Cost Planning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    To achieve you have to run the costing run twice once normally.
    Secondly you create an alternate BOM 2 by having the same alternate BOM 1 and remove the 2 materials which you dont want.
    Execute the costing run, provide the details required in the Costing data screen, press enter, go to the Qty structure screen give the details of the Alternate BOM 2 in the BOM details and execute the costing run.
    Save the cost estimate, which would be have been costed without the values of two materials as you wanted by using the alternate BOM 2.
    Then use CK24, select the option "other prices" to release the cost estimate for the commercial price only by selecting the indicator of commercial price 3 only.

  • Material Cost Estimate with Qty Structure - Activity Cost

    Hi All
    While executing the Cost Roll up (CK11n) Im facing a peculiar problem . I have defined an activity for which the rates are also maintained in KP26 against the Basic UOM(eg for 1000 activity 10Rs is the variable price mentioned)  . When Im taking the min lot size say 1 for the costing run the quantity appearing against this activity is appearing in the lower UOM (taking actual gms but the value for this activity is appearing in rupees only calculating from activity price x this figure). This is making the whole activity cost on very higher side .whereas If I execute with the same factors but with big lotsize say 1000 the value for the activity is coming absolutely ok .
    Pls confirm me how to put a check on the value of activity or uom of activity to evaluate the standard costing with minimum lower size also
    Best Regards

    Im closing this thread

  • Reg:Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure

    Hi Guru's,
    For Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure we need to run the following T.Codes....
    1) KP06
    2) KP26
    3) KSPI
    4) CS01
    5) CA01
    6) CR01
    7) CK11N
    8) CK24
    I want what are the T.Codes for Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure

    while am doing T.Code:KKPAN the following issue is coming....
    *Material F29 in plant 1000 w/o cost comp split: price acc to val strategy
    Message no. CK193*
    When valuating material components,
    the system could not find a cost component split for F29 in plant 1000.
    Possible causes:
    The material has not been costed.
    The material has not been selected for the costing run.
    The BOM was changed after the selection or BOM explosion for the costing run was carried out, and the material now has a new low-level code.
    This is a configurable material and does not have a costing view in the material master.
    The default value for price control is not set in the material type.
    The material belongs to a recursive structure. With this material, the system begins the iterative costing of the cycle. You can check in the material overview of the cost estimate whether the material belongs to a cycle.
    System Response
    The material is valuated with the price determined through the valuation strategy.
    Check the log.
    Carry out selection and BOM explosion for the costing run again.
    If the material is a configured material, create a costing view in its master record.
    Note: I already checked cost component spilt assigned for Plant....

  • Cost estimate without quantity structure

    Hi Gurus,
    can you explain me on below queries
    -->in which situation cost estimate without quantity structure is used
    ---> what is the impotance of credit key in costing sheet.
    Thanks in advance

    There are several situations where you may want to use a cost estimate without quantity structure.  You can use it as an additive cost in conjunction with a cost estimate with quantity structure.  For example to include freight or other expenses in your cost estimate that are not readily available with quantity structure.  You can also use it to develope a cost estimate for a new product where the quantity structure has not yet been fully developed.  You can also use it in a complex manufacturing environment that does not use Boms and routings.
    As far as the credit key in overhead sheets are concerned, as the name implies they are used to specify which object is credited during the overhead allocation and what secondary cost element is used in the allocation.  Overhead sheet are just another allocation technique in CO, where you allocate costs from one CO object to another.  The credit key determines the sender object in the allocation.

  • BAPI to create cost estimate without quantity structure.

    Hi All,
    I have to create a cost estimate without quantity structure using a BAPI.The transaction used for this is KKPAN.Does anyone kow any BAPI which can be used to perform the same functionality as this transaction?

    Execute FMs in background mode with update = Synchone

  • CK11N (Cost estimate with qty structure) Set Up time calcualtion

                      I have an following activity data for operation 10  with base qty 40.33 kg
    Op.10   Set Up Time    10 min
    Op. 10  Machine Time  20 min.
    Now for this material when i create Cost Estimate with qty structure (CK11N) for this material, i m getting the result of costing itemization for costing based on COSTING LOT SIZE as 1 kg
    Set Up time coming 10 min along with its cost.
    Op. Time coming 0.496 min along with its cost.
    But when i change costing based on USER ENTRY with entry equal to base qty of routing as 40.33 kg
    Set Up time coming 403.33 min along with its cost.
    Op. Time comming 20 min along with its cost.
    Why set up time is multiplied by USER ENTRY qty.
    It should give the set up time  as 10 Min for USER ENTRY  40.33 kg.
    Formula for Setup requirement is SET UP TIME (SAP005 = SAP_01)
    Edited by: SAP PP on Sep 15, 2009 2:22 PM
    Edited by: SAP PP on Sep 15, 2009 2:23 PM

    Request you to check the Setup fromula in the work center Costing Tab screen. Also chech whether you are using any formula in the routing details in the User defined fields (which will be picked from the WORK center data.
    Hope this will help you.
    radhak mk

  • Re: create material cost estimate with ck11n without

    hi gurus,
    i need to do create material cost estimate with ck11n without cost result but before i need to check the BOM with material component 11111, and also instruct me how to correct maintain BOM list to get the standard cost
    if anybody do the same scenoria giveme your golden inputs
    thanks in advance,

    As note 351835 explains, calculation needs an inforecord to calculate prices from purchasing. Prices from outline agreements are generally not taken into account. According to note 499699, the system may consider entries in the source but it will ignore entered agreements (before this correction, any source list entries with agreement were ignored).
    Prices from agreements could only be considered either via a modification or by using the user exit for material valuation (COPCP005).
    This unfortuntely is a restriction resulting as a side-effect from note 499699. As soon as an agreement is entered in the source list, the fixed indicator will not be considered anymore.
    You therefore have two options to overcome this.
    1) You create a second source list entry without an agreement; then the fix indicator will be reflected; report Z_CREATE_EORD from note  409960 could be used to do this automatically
    2) You are using user-exit EXIT_SAPLMEQR_001 in order to 'overrule'   the standard search for source of supply (enhancement LMEQR001)

  • Material Cost Estimate with different lot size.

    What happens if the material cost estimate is run twice using different lot sizes each time  (all other parameters unchanged) for the same period?
    Will the cost estimate run later overwrites the results from cost estimate run earlier (though the lot size is different)? What is the role of lot size in a material cost estimate?

    The costing lot size impacts your cost estimate if you have lot size independent costs (i.e. setup cost).  Those fixed costs are spread over the costing lot sizee to give you a cost per unit..  Larger costing lot sizes can also help you minimize rounding issues.
    You can only have one marked cost estimate in a given period.  However, you can create and save a cost estimate as many times as you want as long as you have not marked it for release.  When you save the estimate it will overwrite an existing estimate.  You also have the option of creating multiple estimates under different versions or with different costing variants.

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