Error message 81447   Excise Transaction Type during Purchase return

Dear Freinds,
I am running an purchase return cycle on non returnable basis (i will not receive the material back from the vendor )through transaction code mmbrl, I create a document and then use J1IS to make an excise invoice , but while making excise invoicing its showing an error message no 81447 "GL account has not been assigned for PLA AT1 in customisation.
So  I maintain GL accounts for PLA AT1 in Tax Goods Movement  -> Acct Determination-->Specify GL Accounts per Excise Transaction , for Excise Grp /ETT-CEIV/Company code/Sub transaction type (22)
Still it was giving the same error as mentioned above .
So I again maintain PLAAT1 for Excise Grp /ETT-OTHERS /Company code/Sub transaction type (22)
still its giving me the same error .
Now kindly tell me where I  am going wrong, am i selecting wrong ETT or sub transaction type.
In my scenario what should be the ETT & Sub transaction type .
Kindly guide .

What reference document type you are using in J1IS??
It should be MATD. MATD ultimately goes to OTHR. So in your configuration check whether G/Ls are assigned properly to OTHR. Subtransaction type depends upon your business requirement. If you want accounting entry in some seperate account say CENVAT CLrg purchase returns, then you have to use subtransaction type & also needs to assign the same with OTHR by maintaining desired G/L in CENVAT sspe column.

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    Raja Durai

    Dear Friend,
    As per the SAP new package ETT RLFC has been introduced for Excise sales return. New tab   "Return sales Excise" available in J1IH for post Return excise invoice automatically. .
    We added ETT RLFC in table J_1ITRAN and did configuration for account determination for excise, this is helped us to post excise invoice for Sales return.
    Please refer SAP Note: 1907900 - Error 8I-402 for return sales transaction(RLFC)- J1IH

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  • CIN Excise Transaction Types / Sub Transaction Type

    Dear Sir,
    In CIN , what is the purpose of using Excise Transaction Type , Excise Transaction Sub Types .
    During the posting of Excise Invoice (Tcode J1IEX) , how SAP determine that Excise Transaction Type is "GRPO" . Does the determination of Excise Transaction Type is based upon the Purchase Order or any thing else .
    Request you to kindly help on the above please .
    Award of full point is assured please .
    With Regards
    B Mital

    Excise Transaction type  is the main type in excise  like document in Purchase order.
    Whenever any excise related transaction are performed  taxes will be sitting in the G/L account.
    In SPRO->Logistics General->-Tax on Goods movement-> India> Account determination--> Specify G/L accounts per excise.
    In this only the excise group and the Excise transaction type are mentioned and the relevant G/L accounts are mentioned.
    If additional duty is involved in the Excise( say in Mumbai(OCTROI) it will be classfied under sub Excise transaction type.
    GRPO is the excise transaction type for Good Receipt with P.O
    You can go thro the drop down in the ETT for other related excise transaction types.
    For capitals goods it will be different.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

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    Hi Mahendra,
    There are several reasons for the release not happeneing.
    1. The issue could be in the selection of release type
    2. Scope of selection
    3. Strategy profile
    Please check whether the selection parameters are considered are right for release to happen.

  • Excise transaction type 57RC

    Can anyone tell me how to incorporate 57RC excise transaction type
    When i try to create entries of credit and debit for this transaction type in "specify excise accounts per excise transaction", system is giving an error that "57RC transaction type is not maintained in the J_1ITRAN table"
    How can i create this entry??
    Please inform me, as this is urgent

    Go in SE11 and give table name J_1ITRAN and press display.
    Then go in Utilitiestable contentscreate entries--new entry.
    Make a new entry of 57RC.

  • Excise Transaction Types

    Dear Gurus,
    What is the importance of the step " Specify Excise accounts per excise transaction" ?
    As there are many excise transaction type defined , i wanted to know when do all these transaction types comes in picture?
    How system select them automatically and what is the importance of them from the perspective of MM and FI?
    What are the factors on which the appropriate selection of these transaction type is depend upon?
    Best Regards,

    Hope the following will be hepfull
    Subtransaction types
    CIN uses transaction type as a way of differentiating between the various excise related processes. They are:
    GRPO – Goods receipt for purchase order in Plant. Also used in Depot for a PO and material document
    EWPO – Excise invoice without purchase order
    57FC      -  Subcontracting Challan
    57NR – Reversal  and Recredit for Subcontracting Challan
    CAPE-  Capital Goods credit accounts
    OTHR- Excise Invoice for Other Movements
    DLFC- Factory Sale and Stock Transfer via SD
    CEIV- Cancellation of Generated Excise Invoice
    DIEX- Differential Excise Invoice Credit
    MRDY- Excise Duty reversal without reference
    MRRD- Excise Duty reversal if material used for non-production
    MRWO- Excise Duty Reversal for Write off Cases
    TR6C - PLA account adjustment through TR6 Challan
    UTLZ- is used for determining the accounts when a JV is posted with an option of fortnightly payment
    The Transaction type that are not used : 57CM, 57GR, CAGI, CAGR, GRTR.
    Gopal SP

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    Hi Friends,
      I created a new document type for GL postings in ECC 6.0. I tried to post a document for this document in FB60.. It displays the error message "no accounting transaction variant assigned for FB60//GL". Can anyone help me solve this problem.

    You need to do the settings as follows:
    Go to extended document splitting- define business transaction variant
    Here u need to do series of settings.
    Pl check your settings here

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    b. Other
    Please review and consider and then we can decide what next based on your further details and results..
    Thank you.

  • Error Message (Enter spread  / MAD type B ...) while saving sale order

    when i try to create sale order (VA01) , and when i enter the custmer number (befor entring other informations ..) I get this Error Message :
    "Enter spread  / MAD type B for 05.08.2008 in the system settings"
    the message number is : SG117
    plz help me to solve this problem.

    The exchange rate buying & selling rate has not been secified for the conversion of amount to another curency
    you need to maintain this
    please work with your FI consultant on this as exchnage rate spread needs to eb maintained - verify the currency maintained for the cuustomer in the master for this
    the settings will be done in the IMG under currencies - type B = Actual period end rate

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