Error message when connecting iTouch (after Windows 7 update)

Please help!
I first had a Windows 7 (998 error) and uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes a couple times until I got it up and running along with QuickTime working as well.
When I go to try and sync my iTouch it is saying "This iPod cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install the 64-bit version of iTunes." I have actually done this twice and it is still not working.
Please help!! I would really like to use my iPod again.
Thank you,

This solution allowed the itouch to communicate with itunes and then instantly recognised that it needed to be updated to software version 4.1. All's good so thanks for this

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    I couldn't get itunes 10 to recognise my itouch. I've now reformatted the itouch so it's blank, I've uninstalled all itunes components as suggested in support and reinstalled. It now recognise the itouch but i get the following error message "we could not complete your itunes request. An unkown error (-9812) occurred. There was an error in the itunes store. Please try again later.
    My video ipod still operates and syncs correctly so it's specific to my itouch. Any help would be appreciated

    This solution allowed the itouch to communicate with itunes and then instantly recognised that it needed to be updated to software version 4.1. All's good so thanks for this

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    Error message when connecting to iTunes says my new iPad 4 can't be connected as it requires version 10.7 or later. Surely a new iPad already has the latest version, and if it doesn't how do I get it?

    Not the iPad - your computer must be running iTunes 10.7 in order to sync. It has nothing to do with iTunes on the iPad.
    You can download iTunes for your computer here.

  • Error message when connecting to Itunes

    Keep getting this error message when connecting.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now.
    Its an Ipod Touch 8GB with front and back camera.

    If pic doesnt work it says
    "This Ipod cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the Itunes installer to remove Itunes, then install Itunes again."

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    I am trying to sync my ipod and appears this error
    iTunes displays -50 error message when syncing iPod

    Hey ermides,
    Thanks for the question. The following resource provides information if you are receiving a -50 error message when syncing:
    iTunes displays -50 error message when syncing iPod on Windows XP - Apple Support
    Matt M.

  • I get an error message when installing itunes with windows 8, error message is error occured while attempting to create the directory C:\program file(x86)\common files\apple\mobile device support\sync services\schemas\outlook.syncschema

    I keep getting an error message when installing iTunes with windows 8

    See the second box in Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

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    What error message?
    Are you sure that the network is really public?

  • Error message when connecting 80GB Video iPod

    I'm getting this error message when trying to connect my 80GB Video iPod:
    "The iPod (name) cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-48)."
    Never seen this one before.
    I haven't synced this iPod for a few weeks but it always behaved fine before, taking a few seconds to appear in iTunes (v7.5) then syncing perfectly when I hit the Sync button (I have it set to manually sync only because sometimes I want to change the contents or only sync music).
    Before syncing on this occasion, I did an iPod software update via iTunes - iTunes said there was a newer version (1.2.3). After the update, I disconnected the iPod for a few minutes (somehting I wanted to check content before syncing), then reconnected it. At first iPod took about a minute to show up in iTunes - way too long. I Reset the iPod and tried again but still LONG delay to appear in iTunes (again about 1 minute). I did another Reset - same result. Then I did a complete Restore, after which syncing to restore the contents gave problems - it refused to finish the sync. I had to disconnect and start again, syncing the data one section per sync session - Contacts, music, videos, iCal - which seemed to work fine. Then I disconnected, waited a few minutes then reconnected the iPod to check. It wouldn't connect at all. Did a Reset, tried o connect again and it did connect but then proceeded to resync all my contacts taking almost 30 minutes (way too long) to do so (I had made NO changes in Address Book since that data was put in there). I tried to reconnect again but then got the error message (above). Did another total Restore and the same shenannigans happened. Now, I have an iPod with data on it and works fine, but iTunes won't recognise it - just gives this error message every time.
    By the way, my 8GB Nano (software 1.1.3) seems to sync fine on the same system, same computer.
    Could this be the 1.2.3 iPod software giving issues? I appreciate any help because I also use this iPod for recording for my work, which getting a little urgent now.
    Many thanks.

    Thanks Zevoneer, but no real success. I did all that but when I tried to sync after it, it got partially through the sync (about 10% I'd guess) and presented an error message saying that the disk couldn't be read form or written to (sorry but I forgot the error number). I disconnected the iPod, waited a few minutes then reconnected and again got the message but then the ipod continued to finish the sync, even though almost all of the music and 2 of my 4 videos didn't go over to the iPod. I'm now thinking that this just isn't satisfactory reliability from the device since I use it a lot in my work and rely on it. But this new iPod is only a few months old, had very little use and only made about 12 recordings - In comparison, I've used the Nano heaps but now want to move over to the bigger one, basically for more capacity and bigger screen for video. I wonder if it's a hard drive failure in this iPod?

  • Need help understanding error message when syncing iTouch

    I get an error message when I sync my iTouch with my MacBook. The error message reads as follows:
    "iTunes could not sync mail accounts to the iPod...because an error occurred remapping record identifiers."
    First, can anyone tell me what this message actually means? And second, any suggestions on how to resolve the problem?

    it means a USB adapter. one that is connected to your computer in order to give you more USB ports than are built into your machine.

  • Error message when installing iTunes on Windows 7, "Apple Application Support was not found, Error 2"

    I can successfully download iTunes on my PC, but receive an error message when I try to install the file: "Apple Application Support was not found... Error 2" I've tried deleting the file and reinstalling it to no avail. Any ideas?

    See Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

  • Error message when connecting Nano to computer - please help!

    I just started getting an error message when I try to disconnect my Ipod Nano from my computer after it's done charging/updating. The message tells me the device can't be stopped because other programs are utilizing files on my nano.
    I tried restarting my computer, but it froze. It's happened twice now and I have had to disconnect it when it says not to. Please help!

    I have been ejecting it. This problem only began recently. I read through about 30 pages of this forum and found someone postoing about the same problem. They said it may be McAfee Viruscan in the background.I'll check that out.

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    Im receiving the following error message when trying to connect a Clickfree portable hdd.
    I am also recieving the message when connecting a WD portable hdd that was previously working
    before installing the Clickfree hdd.....
    Could not mount /dev/disk2s1 at volumes/CF storage because
    the following problems occurred.
    /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/support/fusefs.kext failed to load (libkern/kext) link error
    Check the sys kernal logs for errors or try kextutil (8).  The MacFuse file sys is not available (71)"
    I am trying to install it on a mac OS X 10.6.8
    Can anyone help please?

    Regarding uninstalling, this is from the FAQ on the MacFuse site (
    Q 2.3. How can I uninstall MacFUSE?
    A: Launch the Mac OS X System Preferences application and go to the MacFUSE preference pane. Click on the "Remove MacFUSE" button. This will uninstall all MacFUSE components except the preference pane itself.
    You can keep the MacFUSE preference pane around should you decide to install MacFUSE again in the future. If you do wish to remove it, you do it just like how you would remove any other non-Apple preference pane: In System Preferences, control-click (right-click) on the MacFUSE icon and you will see "Remove ..." as an action.
    Only if you had the "Show Beta Versions" button checked in the MacFUSE prefpane, you'll have a property list (plist) file remaining at this point:/Library/Preferences/ To remove it, you should uncheck the button before you remove the prefpane as described above.
    Note that an official (correct) MacFUSE installation will have a preference pane if you have MacFUSE 2.0 or later installed. If you have an older version of MacFUSE, you can uninstall as follows.
    The other thing you can do if you're having problems is go into System Preferences and there should be an icon for MacFuse.  By going into that there may be an option to disable it.  If so, do that first before attempting to uninstall and try mounting your drives again.

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    I am getting an error message when I connect to ITUNES that says I do not have anymore capacity for more songs. I have a mini and only have 300 songs on it. Any ideas? It still says I have 2.9GB avialable on MINI. Any help would be appreciated...


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    (Journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp
    Assistant again."
    bought an external hd and used time machine to back up everything. do not understand how to reformat the hd with disk utilities. any help is appreciated

    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    have a look at the answers in this thread for an easier way to do this.
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  • Error message when connecting to Windows

    I have a newer Ipod, 4g, that Im trying to connect to Windows. I d/l the latest version of Itunes and installed but when I connect the Ipod, it says it has detected an Ipod in recovery mode and I will need to restore etc. I first did the restore and update as it said. It gave a message that it was successful but then the error message came back up. I looked online and it suggested I reset the Ipod itself, which I did but the message still comes up. Is there any fix to this or does it need to be sent in? The unit is just about new, no songs on it yet. It belongs to a friend of my daughter who asked me to put some songs on it for her.

    I have the same problems. Also I sent my ipod to repair but nobody find anything. The only possibility to snyc is: Switching off pc, connect ipod with pc, starting pc and itunes and now I can sync. But after a while itunes comes up with the same error massage (recovery mode). I think some service from itunes or ipod does not start correct, but I do not know which one.
    Has anybody an idea?

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