Error message when finalizing...file already open with write protection

I just created my first movie in i Movie. It's about 9 minutes long. When I tried to finalize it it worked for a couple of hours and then came up with a message "unable to prepare project for publishing because an error occurred (file already open with write protection)". What does this mean? I thought I had closed all the files I was using. There was no error number. I tried it 3 times and got the same message. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

AppleMan, I just checked that and it looks like Time Machine isn't open. I checked it by going to finder>applications>R click on time machine. It gave me the option to "open" which makes me think it's already closed. Is there somewhere else I need to be looking?
I made another movie that was just a couple of clips and it finalized fine. On that movie, I had some MTS clips and I converted them to mp4's so iMovie could read them.
In the one that didn't work I did clip one of the movies before I imported it into iMovie. It saved as a .mov instead of a .mp4. Would that make a difference? I checked all of the files and none of them are listed as locked, so I really don't get the "write protected" aspect of this error.

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