Error : Oracle 10g with windows 2008

Hello Experts,
We are installing Solution manager 4.0 on windows 2008 with oracle 10g(
It shows "checking operating system version must be 5.1 or 5.2 actual 6.0.
If orcle 10g for windows 2008 is available on the sap marketplace, please provide us the link for that.
Please recommend any other oracle version compatible to the windows 2008 fro solution manager 4.0.
We have exiting system landscape production server on windows 2003 with oracle 10g Is it compatible with the windows 2008 with oracle 10g?
Thanks & Regards,

> Please recommend any other oracle version compatible to the windows 2008 fro solution manager 4.0.
Note 1303262 - Oracle on Windows Server 2008
You have to also patch your sapinst.

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  • Error: SAP installation of ERP Sr3 with ORACLE 10g on Windows 2008 server

    Dear all,
    while installaing SAP ERP SR3 with ORACLE 10g on windows 2008 server...
    we are getting error as not support.
    please confirm wether this version of OS is uspported or not.
    thanking you in all,

    actualy we tried to change Oraparam.ini file in the installation folder...
    edited ...  windows= 5.0, 5.1, 6.0
    we had entered 6.0
    Yes - that is necessary.
    and started ... but after starting we are getting ERROR like unKNOWN and installation popup (OUI popup) exiting with .. error popup.
    Yes - because Oracle delivers its own Java version - which is too old to run on Windows 2008.
    if you suggest us to use 2003 64 bit for temporaray .... purpose.
    and is there any specified procedure to UPgrade OS.
    like... DB should be updated before OS upgradation.
    You can run on Windows 2003 x64 nicely and upgrade to Windows 2008. Since there is no "upgrade" (it is the highest version supported) there´s no need to do anything.
    The question you have to ask is:
    Why do you need Windows 2008? Is there any technical implication?

  • Install Oracle 10g on windows 2008 Server 64bit

    Is it possible to install Oracle 10g on Windows 2008 64bit . I read one post below it says , windows 2008 is not certified for oracle 10g ..
    windows server 2008 Oracle 10G 64 bit
    before I installed 32bit , it is throwing error message on alert log file on every 5 seconds.
    "OER 7451 in Load Indicator : Error Code = OSD-04500: illegal option specified
    O/S-Error: (OS 1) Incorrect function. ! "
    if it is possible which version I want to download is best ..
    and what is the recommendation whether it is 10g or 11g

    You mean to say Oracle 10g 64bit will not work in Windows 2008..?No, i meaned the post you linked was written in year 2008, in that year it's was a unsupported platform for that oracle version. Actually its supported and you can install it.
    Furthermore like Aman told you, It's more recommended install 11gR2 version
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  • Can't install oracle 10g on windows 2008 R2

    Please help me
    I want install oracle 10g on windows 2008 R2 but can't install because I don't have file install oracle_10.2.0.4 and i can't download file from
    and oracle 11g i not license
    Where can download file oracle install
    thank you

    user9357585 wrote:
    same issue here. I need with install software to bring a legacy sid over onto new server hardware that will not support Win 2003. I have Win 2008 32bit loaded and just need the software install ruitine to make the move. My legacy 10g server running on older hardware and Win 2003 works, but is now uncompliant with IA requirements now. We are sandboxing this application. My new server will need to have 2008 on it.
    Will Oracle supply me the software. I have paid maintenace on my account every year. Just paid it for this year in Ocober. Should not have an issue here.submit a Service Request & you'll get your question answered

  • Oracle 10g on Windows 2008 Server Std. edition

    Hi all
    We create two partitions C 80 Gb, D 300 GB on HP Server XEON Dual Processor with 6GB installed with Windows 2008 Std. Edition server 32 Bit
    We try to install Oracle 10g 32 Bit - We get the following problems
    a) By default it should take the highest partion i.e d:\oracle\product etc.
    but it takes c:\users\administrator\documnets\oracle\product which is wrong
    However we correct it by typing the correct path. Brows does not take to D partition
    b) On proceeding further - >Installation aborts and and we get messages
    unknowkn , unknown etc. for 3-4 aspects.
    Windows 2008 server has service pack 1 installed. We installed Service Pack 2 also but without any benefit. Further we also tried to install after removing all firewall , anitvirus etc. but again of no use.
    User connected was administrator while installation of Oracle 10g 32 Windows.
    We never get any problem with the same CD /Dump on Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server
    Kindly suggest some remedy
    Suresh Bansal

    With due respect i wish to request you to please see below thread:
    Re: Oracle 10g
    Which is making me confused.
    Girish Sharma
    There's a specific version for Windows 2008 (, ready to download: Reply by Werner

  • Performance problems on a Oracle 11G with Windows 2008 64bits.

    Hi everyone,
    I have noticed that our db is going low and low every week. My server has 16GB RAM and 10GB are dedicated to the Oracle database, this is a with Windows 2008 R2 SP1 64bits. I like to know acording to the nexts values what you guys recommend to adjust in the init.ora:
    Acording to the memory target on how values can be increased the processes, pga_agregate_target, etc.
    Also we have problems related to the bug Bug 9593134 that “Connections to Oracle 11g are slow and can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.” there is a fix on linux by removing the dns names on it but anyone have experience on windows platforms?
    Thanks for all and sorry for my english.

    Regarding the long connection times, have you tried using network packet capture software (such as Wireshark) to determine what the client computer is doing when a connection attempt is initiated?
    The Oracle Database time model statistics, along with the system wide wait events may help you diagnose the non-connection related performance issues (you should not just look at the statistics, but instead capture the current values, wait a period of time, capture the statistics again, and compare the changes in the statistic values). A statspack report might also help you - but a 10046 trace at level 8 or 12 is more appropriate if you are able to identify a couple of sessions that experience performance problems.
    I do not suggest just blindly modifying parameters, although I am curious to know:
    * Why the session level parameter OPEN_CURSORS is set to 5000 - do you expect a single session to hold open 5,000 cursors?
    * Why are you using the deprecated RULE based optimizer?
    * Why is the MEMORY_TARGET parameter used when the SGA_TARGET and PGA_AGGREGATE target are specified?
    Charles Hooper
    IT Manager/Oracle DBA
    K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.

  • Oracle 10g and Windows 2008

    I'm trying to install Oracle 10g x86 on Windows 2008 x64. Installation crashes in the beginning with the next error message:
    Abnormal program termination. An internal error has occurred. Please provide the following files to Oracle Support:
    Any objections?

    What do you mean when you say "I'm trying to install Oracle 10g x86 on Windows 2008 x64" You are trying to install an x86 Oracle edition on a 64 bit OS. This is not certified yet. In fact if you take a look at the certify matrix you will find that the 64 bit platform is not certified yet, but it is planned for this year.
    The only available edition so far for Win2008 is x86. Patience is advisable.
    ~ Madrid

  • Installing Oracle 10g on Windows 2008 SP2 64bits

    I downloaded this version: 10204_vista_w2k8_x64_production_db. The setup starts fine, I set the location for the Oracle Home directory to (C: \oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1), click next, the setup continue and then stop with the following message: "the name Oracle home directory is invalid. Oracle home directory can not exceed 128 characters ....>> (translate from french)
    Other info:
    - I set the local administrator account on the machine
    - I downloaded twice the archive (I thought it was corrupt)
    - This install was within a VMWare VM, I tried on a physical W2K8 server and same message popup
    - The latest Windows update are installed on the server
    - I searched on Google but people who have encountered this problem had indeed spaces or invalid characters in the path.
    I really don't what I did wrong.
    Thank you for your help.

    The setup starts fine, I set the location for the Oracle Home directory to (C: \oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1), Create this directory manually, and try using the browse button on the installer in order to select this directly.
    Try this and see

  • Oracle 10g on windows 2008 Itanium

    I am going to install oracle 10gr2 RAC on windows Itanium 2008x64.
    is it supported that oracle 10gr2 can be installed on windows 2008x64 itanium if yes whats the link to download software for that.

    if you read this:
    Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)
    you will find that 11.2 is not planned on Windows Itanium, due to this:
    Oracle Database Support on the Itanium Processor Architecture (Doc ID 1307745.1)
    So you have to install
    If this is supported, check certify on

  • Installing Oracle 10g on Windows Server 2008

    I want to install Oracle 10g on Windows Server 2008. As per Oracle, I should install and then apply patchset
    For that, one has to sign in to metalink which is possible only for customers. I am
    using Oracle only for educational purposes for now. Is there any other way of using Oracle 10g on Windows 2008?

    Of course if you don't have support and for educational purpose only , you should compromise a little by either install other OS or get virtual machine like VMware.
    Or stay with, that should work in most cases.

  • Is Oracle 10g compatible with windows 2008?

    Hi All,
    Is Oracle 10g compatible with windows 2008?
    What are the OS's oracle 10g compatible with? Is it compatible with VMware environment too?

    user12273523 wrote:
    Hi All,
    Is Oracle 10g compatible with windows 2008? Yes
    What are the OS's oracle 10g compatible with? Is it compatible with VMware environment too?please check

  • Install Oracle 11gr2 on Windows 2008 R2 with ASM step by step Guide needed

    I am looking for a step by step guide on installing Oracle 11gr2 on Windows 2008 R2 with ASM etc. This is not a RAC environment since ASM architecture is a bit different in 11gR2, I would appreciate if anyone can point me to a guide to follow or provide a one.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sujith;
    I am looking for a step by step guide on installing Oracle 11gr2 on Windows 2008 R2 with ASM etc. This is not a RAC environment since ASM architecture is a bit different in 11gR2, I would appreciate if anyone can point me to a guide to follow or provide a one.You need to install grid first(Software only) its neccessary for ASM, Than you need to use asmca to create asm disks than you need to install 11gr2
    All doc avaliable at:

  • TNS 12549 error on installing Oracle 10g on Windows XP Home?

    I installed Oracle 10g on Windows XP Home by clicking on Disk1\install\setup (NOT Disk1\setup as instructed since that did not work). Everything seemed to go fine except towards the end of the install I got a whole bunch of errors saying that "operating system resource quota exceeded". There were options to Ignore or Abort at most of these stages. I chose Ignore and the whole install seemed to complete but I am not able to connect to the database using sqlPlus. I looked at the log files created where I saw a whole bunch of errors in several files. For example in sqlnet log, I saw this error (among others) appeneded below. It seems obvious that some resource quotas were exceeded but I am not able to figure out exactly what quotas should be increased. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
    Fatal NI connect error 12549, connecting to:
         TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
         Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    Time: 13-MAR-2005 18:03:25
    Tracing not turned on.
    Tns error struct:
    ns main err code: 12549
    TNS-12549: TNS:operating system resource quota exceeded
    ns secondary err code: 12560
    nt main err code: 519
    TNS-00519: Operating system resource quota exceeded
    nt secondary err code: 8
    nt OS err code: 0

    XP Home is not supported, despite of this some people get oracle to work.
    But in your case, possibly your machine has simply not enough resources, 12549 is a very generic error. Check the hardware requirements in the installation guide.

  • Oracle 10g for Windows installation - Error 1067

    Hello Folks
    I am trying to install Oracle 10g for Windows on my WIndows 7 Ultimate OS. Everything went fine until I rebooted and tried to run the *SQL Plus. ALthough the Listener as well as the Oracle Servide shoudl automatically start, but for some reason..they didn't. As a result, I went into the Services and tried to manually run them but to my disappointment getting the folowing error:
    Windows could not start the OracleServiceORADB1 service on local computer.
    Error 1067: The process terminated unexpetedly.
    Any idea what went wrong..and how should I get this right?

    Pl identify the exact version of "10g" that was installed.
    The only version that is supported is - see

  • Does Oracle EBS 11.5.x/12.0/12.1 have certificate with Windows 2008?

    Is anyone know whether Oracle EBS 11.5.x/12.0/12.1 are certificated with windows 2008?

    Is anyone know whether Oracle EBS 11.5.x/12.0/12.1 are certificated with windows 2008?If you mean IE8 answer yes for r12,but for ebs11 answe is no
    please follow:
    Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Note 389422.1)

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