Outbound parameters for message type MATMAS MATMAS05 could not be created 
Please enter a valid value for the output mode                            
Outbound parameters for message type SYNCH SYNCHRON could not be created  
Please enter a valid value for the output mode

Hi Willard,
Checl the output mode and outbound parameters for those both of message types.
Hope this helps you..

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  • Error while generating Partner profiles

    I am not able to crate the Partner profile. When I try to Generate the Partner Profiles from the Distribution model (Masterial Master) it give me following error,
    "Outbound parameters for message type MATMAS MATMAS05 could not be created      
    Please enter a valid value for the output mode                                 
    Outbound parameters for message type SYNCH SYNCHRON could not be created       
    Please enter a valid value for the output mode"
    Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem??
    Thanks in stack.

    How did you try to generate the Partner profile?
    Can you pls try the following...
    execute report "RBDCUS15" and give the model view/partner for which the entries needs to be generated.
    Also, give the appropriate values for "Outbound Parameters" like version, packet size and output mode.

  • Generating partner profile in idoc

    hello experts,
    When i am generating partner profile, following error is generated.
    Port could not be created
    RFC destination 0000000810 not specified for system 00000000810.
    enter the rfc destination and restart the generation.
    what is solution for the error?
    Edited by: amar_war on Mar 6, 2011 8:28 AM

    Actually I have already created rfc connection......
    i have connected 2 clients 800 and 810.
    in 800 i have created rfc connection for 810
    in 810 rfc connection for 800.
    i have also created ports....... but its still giving me error...
    is my process is wrong to create rfc connection?

  • Generating partner profile for File to Idoc(CREMAS) scenario.

    Dear friend,
    Completed all the steps in SLD, IR and ID.
    I do not know how to create Partner profile and I skipped this step.
    While testing I got the error "Unable to convert sender service  to an ALE logical system".
    I think i got this error because I have not created partner profile.
    Could anybody tell step by step process of creating partner profile including logical system names( Sender and Receiver)?
    I have seen many blogs and i couldn't get clear picture on how to generate partner profile.
    My sender system is XI server and receiver is R/3.
    I have created RFC destination, Port also.
    Thanks in Advance

    generally u create partner profiles using transaction WE20.
    SAP Menu -> Tools -> IDoc Interface/ALE -> Administration -> Runtime Settings -> Partner Agreement (WE20).
    go through this link for step  by steps

  • Error when Generating the Program

    Recently there was an SP upgrade and my Planning Book started giving me this error message (SCM version =5.0 and SP = 7)
    "Error when generating the program" Message no. /SAPAPO/TSM141
    Diagnosis: Generated programs are programs that are generated based on individual data objects, such as planning object structure, planning areas and Infocubes. These programs are then executed in the transaction. An error occured during the generation of such a program
    Possible causes:
    1. The template has been corrupted
    2. The object that the template uses to generate the program contains inconsistencies; for instance an Infocube has not been activated
    This error occurs when I try to open the my planning book/creating the selection profile. I've re-activated the Infocube and later deactivate and active my POS and tried to do the same for the Planning Area....but the error still persists. I tried to create a new planning area and tried it again but the error still persists. I've tried to fix any inconsistencies in the planning area time series objects by running the consistency check....however the same error pops up during the consistency check....
    Anyone encountered this error message and any possible solutions to this issue.

    I did find an ABAP Dump when looking at ST22.  The short message is as follows:
    Date and Time          05/14/2007 19:33:54
    Short text
         Jump distance is too large and cannot be generated.
    What happened?
         A jump distance is too large and cannot be generated.
         A control structure or a routine with "CHECK" or "EXIT" contains
         too many ABAP statements.
         Error in the ABAP Application Program
         The current ABAP program "GP_MET_PSTRU_BASIC_FORMS" had to be terminate
          because it has
         come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    What can you do?
         Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
         To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
         Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
         at and manage termination messages, and you can also
         keep them for a long time.
    Error analysis
         During the generation of program "GP_MET_PSTRU_BASIC_FORMS", the system
          determined that
         within an ABAP event a control structure (for example, IF..ENDIF
         or LOOP..ENDLOOP) or a routine (for example, FORM routine) has
         become too large. The resulting jump distance is too large so that
        it could no longer be generated.
        With the internal load format, the jump distance must not be
        greater than 32768 (this is the size of approximately 10.000
        ABAP statements).
        The jump distance that is to be generated, however, is 50885.
    How to correct the error
       The ABAP application program must be changed.

  • Error 56 "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available"

    I am tring to post IDOC using we19.
    Bu t, I am getting the error 56 "EDI: Partner profile inbound not available"
    Could any one please suggest me to solve the problem.

    Hi Sam,
    When you process the inbound IDoc using standard inbound button, the system will perform validation for a given IDoc control record against the partner profile and file port setup. In your case, there is no inbound partner profile setup (WE2) for the corresponding message type. Therefore, you got an error message 'Partner profile not maintained'.
    When you process the inbound IDoc using inbound function module button, the system will <b>NOT</b> perform validation against the partner profile and file port setup. The system will call directly the inbound FM to process the inbound IDoc. You may get an error based on validation of IDoc data record within the inbound FM.
    In production environment (real case), the system will always validate againts the partner profile and file port setup for incoming IDoc.
    Therefore, it is important to have ALE and IDoc corretly setup for inbound and outbound message types.
    Again, hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

  • CUA: Cannot generate partner profile

    I´am implementing CUA in ower landscape. I have the RFC´s and users with their specific roles in Central and child systems, but also I´ve registered the logical systems in BD54 both parts. I had no problems with this SAP process .
    Recently I began to add a new child system(CRM 7.0) when I save this in tx:SCUA all the steps are ok but  the message: "Cannot generate partner profile" appears in the last step. I have reviwed users, roles, RFC´s and logical systems, all is OK.
    I was looking FOR some information about partner profiles:
    and I found that partner profiles type LS are managed by tx:we20.
    I found in child system that partner profile CRDCLNT100 alredy exist, this is what the SCUA wants to go to create.
    I found also in child system that in transaction BD64 there is not any CUA entry.
    Do you know how to solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Enrique.,
    you have not generated partener profile.
    Go to BD64 in your parent system then click on change ->Add BAPI then enter the required details.
    there is one field enter details for both object one by one.
    first for user and click on ok  and then for usercompany then click on save.
    Go to environment menu then click on generate partener profile then click on execute and all must be in green.
    After that go to EDIT menu->Model view->distribute select the child system which you want to add and then click ok.
    If you have multiple client then do same steps for all client.
    After that add system to SCUA.

  • Error when generating the update program RSAU484

    I am getting the following error while loading data into customer master  from CRM system
    Error when generating the update program
    Message no. RSAU484
    An error occurred during program generation for InfoSource MR_CDB_CUST_HFR and InfoProvider 0BPARTNER$T. This may be extrapolated to incorrect update rules.
    Check and correct your update rules and then generate the update program again. You can find help on the error in the error log.

    Yes,there is just a single line of code in the start routine
    and update rules  for Business partner and customer market which are object mapped 1:1. No routines or formulaes.
    Could this be a technical issue on the flexible update or a data quality ?

  • Generating partner profile

    Hi all,
    I am trying to generate partner profile but it is showing error as
    what could be problum?
    Thanks in advance,

    Totally agree with Sanjay, have you checked the logical system name for your client (Txn. SCC4, Double click on your client number and Note the logical system name). Check your distribution model if there is any message going out or coming into this logical system. If yes then check the parameters/select-options used for generating partner profile.

  • Error when generating the report in Production Server

    I have created one infoset query in Development server of my client. It is working fine there. I had transported the request containg this query to Production server. But whenever I am trying to generate report using this query in Production server it is giving an error message
    "Error when generating the report".
    I am not getting what 's problem.

    Genarally its not suggested to transport Queries. Should be able to create Queries directly Production. There might be diferences between your Development and Production versions.

  • Error When generating  dataprovider

    HI ,
    i get an error message while executing a query in rsrt.
    "Error When generating  dataprovider
    Notification Number BRAIN 282 "
    require help in this regard,

    By best approach in that case is trial and error.
    Copy that query to a new one and change it step by step (creating it simpler, by removing key figures and characteristics) executing it in each step until you don't find the error. There you can see what is causing that error.

  • Error when generating the report (see long text), Message no. AQ_AD_HOC221

    Hi All,
    I am facing a peculiar problem while executing an infoset query.I have created 2 customized fields Compa-ratio and PIR in infotype 0008 in an infoset.I have coded in these additional fields.
    When I execute a query using 1 of these customized fields the report is generated correctly.But when I put both the fields in the output the report shows an error "Error when generating the report (see long text)". The message# associated with this errAQ_AD_HOC221.
    I have also checked the data types and the references. Nothing seems to be wrong here.
    Does anybody has any clue about this ?

    Hi Bernd,
    I had a look at those notes. But the information provided did'nt prove to be helpful. I found out the problem. I was using the same local variable for both the fields in their code. This generated the error. This error is a very generic one and does'nt help in finding out what exactly is the problem.
    I changed the other local variable and it started working. When I was using the same variable that time I did'nt forget to clear the values but the query still generated the error.
    Anyways thanks a lot for the reply.

  • Error 500 Internal Server Error" When Generating Hyperion Financial Reports in PDF Format

    We are unable to open pdf reports in Workspace with the following error. It was all working fine and doesn't work now for unknown reasons.
    Error 500 Internal Server Error" When Generating Hyperion Financial Reports in PDF Format
    We are on environment. Ghost Script 8.54 and Java heap settings xms256m and xmx512m.
    Please advice.

    just to clarify
    a) the parameter is named DESFORMAT not :DESFORMAT, there is
    no : in front of the name, if you submit it via URL !
    b) there are some issues with acrobat5 and IE but those are not
    only caused by PDFs generated with oracle reports.
    the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Error when generating catalog SRM_EXTRACTED_CTLG

    Dear All,
    We are trying to transfer product and contract catalogs from SRM server to Catalog authoring tool. The RFC connections were created and scenarios in XI have been imported as per the cookbook. The XI part seems to be working fine and a correct response was received by XI (as per SXMB_MONI), but we find the following error in the SRM application log (tcode: SLG1)
    The following exception was raised:
    Error when generating catalog SRM_EXTRACTED_CTLG
    The exception occurred at the following point: 
    Program  /CCM/CL_CATALOG_MANAGER=======CP 
    The earlier threads seemed to mention applying service packs so we did a check and found everything fairly up to date, as follows:
    SRM Server 5.5 (Service Pack 4)
    ABAP Rel 7 (Service Pack 7)
    CCM Server 2 (Service Pack 4)
    As I'm basically an XI person, I'm not sure how to debug this error. Can anyone please help me out on his?
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi All,
    Just bumping up my question again. Any pointer on this... please?
    Best regards,

  • Error when reading Exchange Profile

    Hello everyone,
    I have a simple file=>XI=>file scenario.
    The sender file adapter picks up the file fine.
    File is put-to and retreived-by the queue just fine.
    I then get the error "Error when reading Exchange Profile for system .. and client ..."
    SLDCHECK gives error "Connection to SLD does not work"
    LCRSAPRFC and SAPSLDAPI have been test and work fine.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    Try this:
    <a href="">SLDCHECK</a>
    and this note:
    764176 (which gives a quick solution foor all SLD problems)....

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    Dear All, I am getting No data found error while executing the following UPDATE statement. UPDATE DEAL SET CLIENT_CD = 'HDMJARVN' WHERE CA_REF_NO = 70728 AND CLIENT_CD = 'HDMJARVI'; Wheareas SELECT * FROM DEAL WHERE CA_REF_NO = 70728 AND CLIENT_CD =

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    I picked up my AppleTV a couple of weeks ago, brought it home and synced it successfully to a G4 iMac. Put some content on it, and it ran quite well. Last night I get home, and iTunes cannot see the device any more. The only variable? Installed the Q

  • Error in Loading Process

    While loading some Datasources in BW DEV  I am getting the following error. Overall Status: Errors Occurred: or Missing Message Requests.(messages): everything OK Extraction(message): Missing Messages Transfer(idocs and TRFC):Errors Occurred Request

  • Caching in OBIEE

    Hi everyone, This should be an easy question. I know there are two levels of caching in OBIEE: the Presentation Server level and the BI Server level. I made a report that shows the last time the warehouse is refreshed, and I want to ensure that it's

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