Error while creating the HTTP client with destination GB_DPSRetrieve

Hi All,
It is an interface R/3 -->XI --> HTTP ( proxy to HTTP ).
Please find the error log below and throw some light why the HTTP adapter is getting error -
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
- <!--  Call Adapter
- <SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="" xmlns:SAP="">
- <SOAP:Header>
- <SAP:Main xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" xmlns:wsu="" versionMajor="003" versionMinor="000" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1" wsu:Id="wsuid-main-92ABE13F5C59AB7FE10000000A1551F7">
- <SAP:Sender>
  <SAP:Party agency="" scheme="XIParty">GovernmentGateway</SAP:Party>
  <SAP:Interface namespace="">DPSretrieve</SAP:Interface>
- <SAP:Receiver>
  <SAP:Party agency="" scheme="" />
  <SAP:Interface namespace="">HR_GB_EFI_DPSretrieve</SAP:Interface>
  <SAP:Interface namespace="">DPSretrieve</SAP:Interface>
- <SAP:ReliableMessaging xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
- <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
  <SAP:P2 />
  <SAP:P3 />
  <SAP:P4 />
  <SAP:AdditionalText />
  <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
  <SAP:Stack>Error while creating the HTTP client with destination GB_DPSRetrieve</SAP:Stack>
- <SAP:HopList xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
- <SAP:Hop timeStamp="2007-11-21T15:51:30Z" wasRead="false">
  <SAP:Engine type="BS">SAP_DEV_ERP2005</SAP:Engine>
  <SAP:Adapter namespace="">XI</SAP:Adapter>
- <SAP:Hop timeStamp="2007-11-21T15:51:30Z" wasRead="false">
  <SAP:Engine type="IS">is.00.lbsth-tb1ci</SAP:Engine>
  <SAP:Adapter namespace="">XI</SAP:Adapter>
- <SAP:Hop timeStamp="2007-11-21T15:51:30Z" wasRead="false">
  <SAP:Engine type="IS" />
  <SAP:Adapter namespace="">HTTP</SAP:Adapter>
  <SAP:Info />
- <SAP:RunTime xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="">
  <SAP:OS>Windows NT</SAP:OS>
  <SAP:Language />
  <SAP:QIdInternal />
  <SAP:TypeOfEngine client="200">CENTRAL</SAP:TypeOfEngine>
  <SAP:PlsrvExceptionCode />
  <SAP:EOReferenceRuntime type="TID" />
  <SAP:EOReferenceInbound type="TID" />
  <SAP:EOReferenceOutbound type="TID" />
  <SAP:SkipReceiverDetermination />
- <SAP:PerformanceHeader xmlns:SAP="">
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.5</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.515</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.531</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.531</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.531</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.531</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:RunTimeItem>
  <SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="lbsth-tb1ci">20071121155130.656</SAP:Timestamp>
- <SAP:Diagnostic xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
- <SAP:Trace xmlns:SAP="">
  <Trace level="1" type="T">SystemError message generated. Guid: DC98499F7E4274F1A41F0017A4107EE6</Trace>
  <Trace level="1" type="T">Error during execution of message : DC98499CA1EABEF1B4DD00110A63BF06</Trace>
  <Trace level="1" type="T">ApplicationMessage was (=RefToMsgId): DC98499CA1EABEF1B4DD00110A63BF06</Trace>
  <Trace level="1" type="B" name="CL_XMS_MAIN-WRITE_MESSAGE_TO_PERSIST" />
- <!--  ************************************
- <SOAP:Body>
  <SAP:Manifest xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:wsu="" wsu:Id="wsuid-manifest-5CABE13F5C59AB7FE10000000A1551F7" />

In the HTTP Receiver what is the Addressing Type used ? (URL Address or HTTP Destination).
If its URL Addressing Type, check if right Authentication Type is used with valid values and for HTTP Addressing Type check this HTTP Client Create Error, it could be helpful.
Also check if the Target system can be reached from the XI server to validate the configuration parameters.
S.Santhosh Kumar

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    I have this same problem this morning, and I was going crazy, until I found this webpage on the internet:
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    Siebel Enterprise Applications ODBC DDL Import Utility, Version 7.7 [18030] ENU
    Copyright (c) 2001 Siebel Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    This software is the property of Siebel Systems, Inc., 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway,
    San Mateo, CA 94404.
    User agrees that any use of this software is governed by: (1) the applicable
    user limitations and other terms and conditions of the license agreement which
    has been entered into with Siebel Systems or its authorized distributors; and
    (2) the proprietary and restricted rights notices included in this software.
    If you have received this software in error, please notify Siebel Systems
    immediately at (650) 295-5000.
    F:\DAC\bifoundation\dac\UTILITIES\BIN\DDLIMP /I N /s N /u infdomain /p ***** /c DB_DAC /G SSE_ROLE /f F:\DAC\bifoundation\dac/conf/sqlgen/ctl-file/oracle_bi_dw.ctl /b /K /X /W N
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    28000: [DataDirect][ODBC Oracle driver][Oracle]ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
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    The fact that you are getting an "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" message indicates that you are at least talking to the database.
    The log shows that username "infdomain" is being used. Can you double check the username and password you have in DAC in a SQL*Plus/SQL Developer session?
    Please mark if useful/helpful,

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    hi guru,
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    data element
    thanks anji.
    Moderator message: please do not use SMS speak, what does that "k" mean, short for "OK"? please get your act together, these are professional forums.
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  • XML Parser Error while creating Web service Client using JAX RPC

    hello evryone,
    Im facing XML Parser Error while creating web service client using JAX RPC. Im using Net Beans IDE for development purpose. I have wrote configuration file for client. Now i want to create Client stub. However i dont know how to do this in Net Beans. So i tried to do it from Command promt using command :
    wscompile -gen:client -d build -classpath build config-wsdl.xml
    here im getting Error:
    error parsing configuration file: XML parsing error: com.sun.xml.rpc.sp.ParseException:10: XML declaration may only begin entities
    Please help me out.
    Many thanks in advance,

    Can i use the client generated using jdeveloper 11g to import into the oracle forms 10g, i.e., form builder 10g. Currently this is the version we have in our office.

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    Hello Friends,
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    Though i know the alternative method to create product group by MMO1 and selecting the material type PROD, then also i want to know why system is throwing the error while creating the product group by MC84.
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    This message says that you have not entered a mandatory field.Enter proper values for all mandatory fields and then you will not get this error.
    Try to create the product group as material of material type"PROD"
    Then you go on adding the memebers in SOP Transaction.
    In some of the versions of SAP it is the problem.
    I have also faced this problem in some versions.

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    I have tried using the new serial number profile also, but it is giving same error.
    Kindly guide.
    Narendra Bora

    Dear Narendra
    Select the serial number profile and go to serialization procedure and set the ser. usage status 02 - Optional as below.
    Procd Procedure description Ser.Usage
    PPRL PP order release 02
    since the serail number creation is optional for order relase this will allow you to relase with out error and with serail number assigned in partial.

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    Dear Experts,
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    Thanks  & Regards,
    Sachin Sable

    Hi ,
    Check the possible causes of error
    and check the logs related to that exceptionid.
    Koti Reddy

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    One of my Customer is facing the below error while creatting the parameter of type 'LOV' in Parameter applet in Siebel
    Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an usual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information
    Could some please let me know what would be the reason for this issue?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Please close this appears that the error occurs when the report involves a big set of records. I tried trying to filter only one record and was able to produce the pdf

  • Getting error while creating the Shopping cart.

    Hi ,
    I am getting error while creating the Shopping cart.
    a.Error in account assignment for item 1  (Item  Testing SC ) 
    b.Duplicates of Cost Centre T10063 are defined in SRM  (Item  Testing SC ) 
    Kindly provide the solutions.

    Try the following in the ERP backend system:
    Standard Hierarchy Inconsistencies
    Issue: one Cost Center is repeating in more than one node in Cost Center Standard Hierarchy.
    Update from SAP Global support, the following was the email received:
    in transaction KSH3 please run both the ambiguity and completeness check(Menu -> Extras -> Check and Help functions).
    If you think that your standard hierarchy is inconsistent you can check that as following:
    Run transaction Extras -> Hierarchy - Master data -> Test. The result shows you if there are in consistencies. If that is the case run also Extras -> Hierarchy - Master data -> Comparison.
    Alternatively, you can run the report 'RKCORRH1' (TN SE38).
    Run both the Hierarchy->Master data->test and the
    Hierarchy->Master data->comparison.
    As stated above inconsistency message showed after Test. Run the comparison and you get a similar message.
    Once the above two are run, again when you go to test, the inconsistency disappears.

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    Hi Suresh,
    This error trace is not sufficient to understand the issue and at what step you got this error.
    First tell me, did you got the User Admin Tab in your portal access. if yes.. did you got the next step...which is Identity Management. Please elaborate when did you got this error (i mean at what step) after that only we can give it a try.

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