Every time I try to get on the ipod, it says I have to add more security questions, but none are listed, just two buttons that say submit.

Every time I try to get on the Ipod games, it says I have to add more security questions, but no questions are listed, just two buttons that say "Submit" and places to put the answers to the unstated questions.  It also asks for a second email address.  It then proceeds to lock up.  Is this a scam of some sort.  There is nothing on the apple website about having additional security questions other than the one, or having a second email to operate the ipod.

You need to contact Apple to get the questions reset. Click here, phone them, and ask for the Account Security team, or fill out and submit this form.
Whichever method you use, you probably won't get a response until the 26th. If you absolutely must make a purchase before then, create a new Apple ID; you won't be able to transfer previous purchases or iTunes Store credit to it.

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