Excel export problem using craxddrt

I'm using craxddrt v.11.5 in our intranet application to export rpt.reports to different formats. My code works well with PDF and text exports, but when it comes to Excel after the .Export(false) method executes the browser window just goes into idle then the session finally expires. I never catch any error. I have tried several export options with no prevail.
I suspect the Excel export is missing some info to complete and it is trying to prompt me, but no visible prompt gets displayed/answered so it just expires.
Could anyone help me out. I've spent several days researching and fixing the code and ran out of ideas.
Steve Komaromi

Hi Steve, Is there some reason you are posting this question over and over again?
Try looking at your same post: Excel export problem using craxddrt
Also, RDC is legacy product. Look for you answer where you posted the exact same question in the legacy forum.

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  • How to Avoid Empty Space in Excel Export , while using SubReport.

    We have a sceneraio where we have parent child relationship and we are using the SubReport Concept to map the child data by taking input parameter from Parent Report.
    The RPL/HTMl viewer , PDF works fine, but  when we export data into excel empty rows are comming.
    Could  you please suggest how can we avoid empty space in Excel Export.
    we have kept the cell (width and height ) same as SubReport Width and height.

    Hi SubhadipRoy,
    According to your description, did you use separate subreport to display the data rather than insert subreport in tablix?
    Based on my test, if we are use separate subreport to display the data in the report, when we export to Excel we will get an additional row. We can adjust the minimum gap between tablix and subreport to work around the issue. In SSRS 2012, if we paste tablix
    and subreport without empty space in report design, it will not display the additional row. You can try to put the tablix and subreport in a rectangle to resolve the issue. 
    There is a screenshot for your reference:
    If the issue is persist, please elaborate the issue for further investigation.
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Excel Retrieve problem using Default Aliases

    Using version 5.0.2 patch 14 on Windows 2000 client.When option "use aliases" is selected in Excel, we have started experiencing inconsistant and unreliable retrieves.Example:After first retrieve and zoom on Parent, display is:Parent__Child A__Child B__Child CRetrieve again, results:Parent__Child A__Child C__Child CLost the retrieve for Child B.Missing rows and zeros are NOT selected.Has anyone experienced this issue?

    Thanks for the reply, Sergey. I have solved my problem using different approach.
    First suggestion is ok and helpful which after I forgot to add in when I post this thread.  Second suggestion would result on this:
        <Style ss:ID="" ss:Name="Normal"> --- Attribute ID would be empty
          <Alignment ss:Vertical="Bottom" />
          <Font />
          <Interior />
          <NumberFormat />
          <Protection />
    I modified previous approach and here is my code:
    xmlTextWriter.WriteStartElement(string.Empty, "Style", sheet);
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("ID", sheet, "Default");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("Name", sheet, "Normal");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("Vertical", sheet, "Bottom");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Alignment
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Font
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Interior
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End NumberFormat
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Protection
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Style
    xmlTextWriter.WriteEndElement();//End Styles
    xmlTextWriter.WriteStartElement(string.Empty,"WorkSheet", sheet);
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString(string.Empty,"Name", sheet, "Sheet1");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteStartElement(string.Empty, "Table", sheet);
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("ExpandedColumnCount", sheet, "2");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("ExpandedRowcount", sheet, "2");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("FullColumns", excel, "3");
    xmlTextWriter.WriteAttributeString("FullRows", excel, "1");//To be modified

  • Excel export problem (Fatal Error)

    Hi friends,
    I am trying export my ALV grid contents (my internal table content) to excel with standard alv toolbar excel button (&XXL) But i give an error.
    "Spreadsheet cannot be called (return code FATAL error)" What is my wrong?
    My code parts :
    Data : Begin Of IRapor Occurs 0,
              Malzeme_Kodu     Like Mkal-Matnr,   "Malzeme Numaras&#305;
              Versiyon_No      Like Mkal-Verid,   "Versiyon no
              Bilesen_Kodu     Like Makt-Matnr,   "Bile&#351;en Numaras&#305;
              Tanim            Like Makt-Maktx,   "Malzeme K&#305;sa Metni
              Batch            Like Mseg-Charg,   "Parti Numaras&#305; - Batch
              Birim            Like Mseg-Meins,   "Temel ölçü birimi
              Malzeme_Fire(12) Type P Decimals 2, "Teorik Malzeme Fire % si
              Batch_Fire(12)   Type P Decimals 2, "Teorik Batch Fire % si
              OMiktar          Like Mseg-Menge,   "Önceki Dönem Miktar
              OYuzde(12)       Type P Decimals 2, "Önceki Dönem Yuzde
              OTeorik          Like Mseg-Menge,   "Önceki Dönem Teorik
              OSapma_Deger     Like Mseg-Menge,   "Önceki Dönem Sapma De&#287;eri
              OSapma_Oran(12)  Type P Decimals 2, "Önceki Dönem Sapma Oran&#305;
              SMiktar          Like Mseg-Menge,   "Seçim Dönemi Miktar
              SYuzde(16)       Type P Decimals 2, "Seçim Dönemi Yüzde
              STeorik          Like Mseg-Menge,   "Seçim Dönemi Teorik
              SSapma_Deger     Like Mseg-Menge,   "Seçim Dönemi Sapma De&#287;eri
              SSapma_Oran(12)  Type P Decimals 2, "Seçim Dönemi Sapma Oran&#305;
              Hareket          Like Mseg-Bwart,
              Isyeri           Like Crhd-Arbpl,
            End Of IRapor.
    Data : Begin Of SRapor Occurs 0,
             Renk(4) Type C.
             Include Structure IRapor.
    Data : End Of SRapor.
    FORM BuildCatalog .
          I_Program_Name         = Sy-Repid
          I_Internal_Tabname     = 'SRAPOR'
          I_Inclname             = Sy-Repid
          Ct_Fieldcat            = Gt_Fieldcat
          Inconsistent_Interface = 1
          Program_Error          = 2
          Others                 = 3.
      If Sy-Subrc <> 0.
        Message Id Sy-Msgid Type Sy-Msgty Number Sy-Msgno
                With Sy-Msgv1 Sy-Msgv2 Sy-Msgv3 Sy-Msgv4.
          Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'BILESEN_KODU'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Bile&#351;en Kodu'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
         Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'TANIM'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Tan&#305;m'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'BATCH'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Batchi'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_cat-Do_Sum    = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Birimi'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'MALZEME_FIRE'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Teorik Firesi-Malzeme'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_cat-Do_Sum    = ''.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'BATCH_FIRE'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Teorik Firesi-Batch'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
    *      Wa_cat-No_out    = p_toplam.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'OMIKTAR'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Miktar'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C600'.
          Wa_cat-Do_Sum    = ''.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'OYUZDE'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_l = '% (Bile&#351;en Koduna Göre)'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '25'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C600'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'OTEORIK'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Teorik Kullan&#305;m'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C600'.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'OSAPMA_DEGER'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Sapma De&#287;eri'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C600'.
    *      Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'OSAPMA_ORAN'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Sapma Oran&#305;'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C600'.
    *      Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'SMIKTAR'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Miktar'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C500'.
          Wa_Cat-Do_Sum    = ''.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Wa_cat-No_out    = izleme.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'SYUZDE'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_l = '% (Bile&#351;en Koduna Göre)'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C500'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Wa_cat-No_out    = izleme.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'STEORIK'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Teorik Kullan&#305;m'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C500'.
          Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Wa_cat-No_out    = izleme.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
        Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'SSAPMA_DEGER'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Sapma De&#287;eri'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
    *      Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Wa_cat-No_out    = izleme.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C500'.
          Wa_Cat-Ref_Fieldname = 'BIRIM'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
          Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'SSAPMA_ORAN'.
          Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Sapma Oran&#305;'.
          Wa_cat-Outputlen = '20'.
    *      Wa_Cat-No_Zero   = 'X'.
          Wa_cat-No_out    = izleme.
          Wa_Cat-Emphasize = 'C500'.
          Append Wa_Cat To Gt_Fieldcat.
          Clear Wa_Cat.
      Loop At Gt_Fieldcat Into Wa_Cat.
        if Wa_cat-Fieldname = 'RENK'.
          Wa_cat-No_out = 'X'. " Bu alan&#305; gösterme
          modify Gt_Fieldcat from Wa_cat index sy-tabix.
      Wa_srt-fieldname = 'BILESEN_KODU'.
      Wa_srt-expa      = p_toplam.
      Wa_srt-Up        = 'X'.
      Wa_srt-spos      = 1.
    *  Wa_srt-subtot    = P_BilTop.
      Wa_srt-GROUP     = P_BilTop.
      Append Wa_srt TO Wa_Alvsrt.
    ENDFORM.                    " BuildCatalog
    FORM ShowData .
      Call Function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
          Is_Layout                = L_Layout
          I_Callback_Program       = Sy-Repid
          I_Callback_Pf_Status_Set = 'STATUS'
          I_Callback_User_Command  = 'USER_COMMAND'
          It_Fieldcat              = Gt_Fieldcat[]
          It_Sort                  = Wa_Alvsrt
          I_Save                   = 'X'
          I_Callback_Top_Of_Page   = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'
          T_Outtab                 = SRAPOR.
    ENDFORM.                    " ShowData
    Message was edited by: Mehmet Avsar

    After using
    do not append anything to gt_fieldcat without using tabname.
    if u want to change seltext_m or anything else,
      Loop At Gt_Fieldcat Into Wa_Cat
                  where fieldname = 'BILESEN_KODU'.      
            Wa_cat-Seltext_m = 'Bile&#351;en Kodu'.
          modify Gt_Fieldcat from Wa_cat index sy-tabix.
    Kolay Gelsin,

  • Oracle 10 g Datbase export problem using Data Pump

    I am using Oralce 10 g on SOlaris 10 OS.I installed Oracle 10 G on Soalris suucessfully (without ASM).But when I tried to take the export using OEM faclity i.e:
    OEM>Maintennace>High Avaiablity >Data Movement >Export to Export File
    At last screen we got following error:-
    ORA-39006: internal error Exception : ORA-39006: internal error ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SYS_ERROR", line 79 ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_DATAPUMP", line 2926 ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_DATAPUMP", line 3162 ORA-06512: at line 2 .
    Please help me to sort it out.
    R N sharma

    It refers to some issues with datapump utility.
    Check Note:402053.1 - Internal error during EXPDP ORA-39006

  • Export to Excel - Macro problems

    I have moved this to the Discoverer forum. Exporting to Excel - Macro Problems
    Message was edited by:

    Hello Denes.
    Excuse me for send you a message in this way , but I dont find other way to contact with you.
    Im using the export_excel_pkg, and really it work good.
    I have only one problem, I tell you.
    When, in one item, data is very long and numeric, by example a EAN code, without any class of format, by default it give me the value ###, Im studing the package and trying to resolve this, but if you can send me any idea it can help me a lot.
    Thanks in advanced.
    You are doing a great work for us.


    hi all,
    I have requriment acco to which i need to download or export the content of the table UI element to excel 2003. I used the a excel export application, but facing problem like. in the below mentioned method name, how are the parameters
    1) com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.api.IWDNode
    has been taken, i am not able to get this in my application where i need to use this method.
    or is there any other method by which i can export my table data to excel2003. please this really urgent requirment.
    public void exportToExcel2003( com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.api.IWDNode
    dataNode, java.util.Map columnInfos )
    Edited by: saisharan kalla on Dec 20, 2007 6:01 AM

    Hi Sharan,
                    What exactly is the problem u r facing with those parameters??
    U can use this method also for excel export
    U can check with this also

  • Problem using Export in Oracle 8.1.6.

    I have a problem using export utility in oracle 8i.
    I got a message:
    EXP-00056: ORACLE error 942 encountered
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully
    I tried running CATPROC.sql and CATEXP.sql but it did not correct the problem.
    Please help me.

    You may want to try using the error lookup tool available here, http://otn.oracle.com/pls/tahiti/tahiti.homepage?remark=tahiti You may be able to find the answer even though the error lookup tools is for 8.1.7 version. Otherwise, you can search the db discussion forums to see if this issue has been discussed already.

  • CSV output (export to excel) don't use right code table

    CSV output (export to excel) don't use right code table. We use code table
    8859-2 (reports and forms are OK). Why export to excel don't use this code table.
    Thanks for answers

    You could also take the example from my blob that Denes mentioned and instrument it to output in either CSV or HTML. This way, you could have a single procedure that worked for both formats.
    All you would need to do is handle each field differently - pad a TD and /TD (with proper brackets, of course) if its HTML or just append a comma if it's CSV.
    &#150; Scott &#150;

  • Problem in scheduling data refresh of excel file that uses PowerPivot

    I think I have successfully created and enabled the gateway and data sources for refresh - they are both seeming to connect.  However, when I try to schedule a data refresh to occur in the PowerBI site for the Excel file I receive an error message
    that the connection could not be established and receive error message "Correlation ID: d118ab93-436d-44a9-8c09-564f64fe0c58".  Appreciate any assistance in figuring out how to resolve.  Thanks a lotl

    Let's track it here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/42c806dc-2d82-4bcf-ab6e-c279e2692a68/problem-in-scheduling-data-refresh-of-excel-file-that-uses-powerquery-and-powerquery?forum=powerbiforoffice365 
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  • How to freeze the columns in excel exported from SSRS report??

    We have created a report for our client. The client wants the report in excel format. As there are nearly about 30,000 rows in the excel. Client wants us to freeze the column header names in the excel so that even after scrolling down they
    will be able to see the column names.
    can anybody have idea how to achieve this in SSRS?

    Hi Shard,
    Thanks for your post, You can achive your requiremets by using the below logic. hope this will help you.
    Steps to achieve it
    1. Select the tabix and click on Tablix properties.
    2. In the General tab under Column Headers section you can see "Keep header visible while scrolling" checkbox, check it.
    3. Now the header row will be remain fixed in the report.
    1.    In the grouping pane, make sure to turn on advanced mode (click on the small black down arrow on the far right of the grouping pane) 
    2.  Select the corresponding (Static) item in the row group hierarchy
    3.  In the properties grid, set RepeatOnNewPage to true
    4. KeepwithGroup to After
    1)Freeze the header of all columns[ Freezing table header ] : To do select static member of table header row from  row groups [ Advanced Mode ] and set  FixedData to true
    2) Freeze the initial 2 columns : To do select static member of columns in column group and set fixedData to true .
    How do you freeze the tablix header row in an Excel export file in SSRS 2008
    Suhas Kudekar
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  • Add columns to EXCEL exported from ALV

    I'm using the function module REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY, to display an ALV report. This report shows a standard text when users click on one column.
    I wanna know if its possible to add the standard text as a column into the EXCEL exported from this ALV? and if so, how can I do it?

    Thanks again Raymond,
    With internal tables that have a type from ABAP dictionary works fine. My problem is that my internal table is declared into my program's global variables. My code bellow:
    DATA: BEGIN OF it_excel OCCURS 0,
             department  TYPE adcp-department,
             bname       TYPE usr02-bname,
             name_text   TYPE adrp-name_text,
             agr_name    TYPE agr_users-agr_name,
             text        TYPE agr_texts-text,
             from_dat    TYPE agr_users-from_dat,
             to_dat      TYPE agr_users-to_dat,
             tcode       TYPE agr_tcodes-tcode,
             ttext       TYPE tstct-ttext,
             tdesc       TYPE string,
          END OF it_excel.
    * fills the it_excel table
    perform fill_excel_data.
      CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_save_dialog
          window_title         = 'File location'
          file_filter          = cl_gui_frontend_services=>filetype_excel
          prompt_on_overwrite  = 'X'
          filename             = v_file
          path                 = v_path
          fullpath             = v_fpath
          user_action          = v_useraction
          cntl_error           = 1
          error_no_gui         = 2
          not_supported_by_gui = 3
          OTHERS               = 4.
      CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0 AND v_useraction EQ 0.
      SET PROPERTY OF v_excel 'VISIBLE' = 0.
      CALL METHOD OF v_excel 'WORKBOOKS' = v_workbooks.
      CALL METHOD OF v_workbooks 'ADD'.
      CALL METHOD OF v_excel 'Worksheets' = v_sheet
        EXPORTING #1 = 1.
      CALL METHOD OF v_sheet 'Activate'.
      CLEAR v_subrc.
      CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>clipboard_export
          data                 = it_excel[]
          rc                   = v_subrc
          cntl_error           = 1
          error_no_gui         = 2
          not_supported_by_gui = 3
          OTHERS               = 4.
      CHECK v_subrc EQ 0.
      GET PROPERTY OF v_excel 'ACTIVESHEET' = v_sheet.
      CALL METHOD OF v_sheet 'SAVEAS'
        EXPORTING #1 = v_fpath #2 = 1.
    When calling cl_gui_frontend_services=>clipboard_export method the variable v_subrc is equal to 0 and sy-subrc is equal to 1 and the EXCEL file is not saved.
    Can you please tell me, what am I doing wrong?
    Edited by: Gregory Mayorga on Sep 7, 2010 10:56 AM

  • Excel export (webui crm -- excel) wrong format of house number

    in an excel export  (webui crm ---> Excel)  is displaying the wrong format.
    If the house number contains a special character such as "/" then the house number displayed in the date format in Excel.
    And if in the field house number is a number and a letter such as "9 a", then the house number is displayed in time format (9:00 am) instead the house number.
    Does anybody know, how can I solve this problem?
    Thank you in adance.
    Best regards, Jasmin

    There is no error from the CRM functionality. If you SAVE the excel,instead of opening it directly and then " open with "
    word pad or notepad, you can see the phone no.s and fax no.s are properly transported to excel.There is a default format setting of
    excel from the Microsoft, so you are getting the default format after opening the excel.
    1.Export to excel.
    2.Choose the BP,PHONE and FAX columns holding the 'CTRL'key.
    3.Right click on the chosen columns and choose "format cells".
    4.Under the tab "number" choose 'number' and and reduce the decimal
    place to '0' and click "OK".
    5.Now you will be able to see the expected format.
    If you are using IE then the excel file that is being generated should be an XML file which would help with the formating issue. But when there is a problem in the generation of the XML file a CSV file is created instead.
    The kind of problems that can cause this could be :
    - Wrong version of Excel (professional needed)
    - Error in encoding (note 1560243 corrects this)
    - Active X Settings on browser are not properly setup or disabled
    - Other problems (some fixed in note 1457261)
    I hope this helps.

  • Column with blank values in a excel export.

    I Export a Report to Excel.
    That's work fine but i have a problem.
    when in a detail section one value of one column is blank, the export discard the cell.
    in result , the values after the blank do not corresponding any more with there header....
    i find this source on this bug on the web
    but the solution inside that post do not work ...
    any idea ?

    i work with VS2008 in c# with the FW 3.5
    my bug is not in design mode
    the code where i format the excel export option :
    ExcelFormatOptions b_Format = new ExcelFormatOptions();
    b_Format.ShowGridLines = true;
                            b_Format.ExcelTabHasColumnHeadings = true;
                            b_Format.ExcelUseConstantColumnWidth = true;              
                            b_Format.FirstPageNumber = p_intPageDepart;
                            b_Format.LastPageNumber = p_intPageArrivee;
                            if (p_intPageDepart != 0 && p_intPageArrivee != 0)
                                b_Format.UsePageRange = true;                                                                               
    l_ExportOptions.ExportFormatOptions = b_Format;
    the program is a .net DLL use by a VB6 program....
    The Dll is used for all Crytal works.
    i show the Rpt successfuly. but when i export the rpt to excel the bug is present in the exported file.

  • Excel export options now showing in report viewer

            I'm workin on a project and I'm having some problems when exporting to excel using crytal reports server XI. When i try to export to excel, first the excel export options is not showing. Second, when I export to excel, the columns are correctly align. it's like exported all over the place. Please help

    Excel export options are not shown when exporting from the viewer in .NET.  You will need to set up the excel export options like you want them to be in the designer first under File|Export|Report Export Options.

Maybe you are looking for

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