Exchange mail not updating?

The company I work for recently changed over to Outlook. I can check my email on a PC via outlook or I can go on through the web exchange. I use a mac for work but unfortunately IT does not support mac. The lady did tell me however I could still probably set up my email account through mac mail and then she left me to my own devices.
I clicked on the mail icon to set up a new exchange account, typed in the information, and it seemed to work just fine. That was on 10/10. Then I didn't get any emails on 10/11- 10/16. Today (10/16) a wonderful thing happened. I got the emails I missed up til 10/14.
I know I am getting emails because they are forwarding to my outlook account on my pc, the exchange account via the web, and my iPhone. Does anyone know why the mac mail updates at random? Also I am running a mac pro with a 3.2 ghz quad core intel 8gb of ram and Mountain Lion (ROOOAAAR... or growl I guess... whatever mountain lions do. I hope they don't hisss.)
Also I ran the Mail Connection Doctor and it told me my connection is just fine. I show a little green bubble and everything.
Thank you,

My guess then is that it's an issue with Exchange Web Services on the mail server, and if your IT group won't support Macs you may not be able to get much help. You could try removing the account and re-setting it and see if that makes any difference. Any idea what version of Exchange they're running?

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  • Error: Can't Add a New Sales Order: -10  Exchange rate not updated,

    I'm trying to add several Sales Orders contained in a XML document, whose root element corresponds to the Sales Person created that XML. Anyway, after I fill a Sales Order Document Object with the info in the XML and try to add it the following error appears: "Exchange rate not updated  [RDR1.U_Desc4][line: 2] , 'USD'" Which is strange because this company handles most of its transactions in MXP Currency. I will post the piece of Code that fills the object hoping it helps:
    For Each xndSalesOrder In xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").ChildNodes
                    oSalesOrder = Me.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                    oSalesOrder.DocType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocumentTypes.dDocument_Items
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("HEADER")
                        oSalesOrder.CardCode = .Item("Deudor").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaCont").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.DocDueDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaEnt").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.Comments = .Item("Observaciones").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocRate = 11
                        oSalesOrder.DocCurrency = "MXP"
                        'oSalesOrder.ContactPersonCode = .Item("Contacto").InnerText
                        'User Fields
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_RefOV").Value = _
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Referencia2").Value = .Item("Referencia").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_FechaReferencia").Value = _
                            DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaReferencia").InnerText, Nothing)
                    End With
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("LINEAS")
                        For Each xndLinea In .ChildNodes
                            If intContLineas >= 1 Then                             oSalesOrder.Lines.Add()
                            End If
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.ItemCode = xndLinea.Item("Articulo").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Quantity = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Cantidad").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Price = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Precio").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.TaxCode = xndLinea.Item("Impuesto").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("DescuentoTotal").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.SalesPersonCode = xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").Attributes.Item(0).InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Currency = "MXP"
                            'User Fields
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Promocion").Value = _
                                xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText 'Valores posibles: Si, No
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc1").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc2").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc3").Value = _
                            'If xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText = "Si" Then
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc4").Value = _
                                CInt(xndLinea.Item("Descuento4").InnerText) 'This is the UDF that's giving me problems!!!
                            'End If
                            intContLineas += 1
                       If oSalesOrder.Add() <> 0 Then
                            Me.Company.GetLastError(intErrorAdd, sErrMsgAdd)
                            If (0 <> intErrorAdd) Then
                                FillLog("Sales Order Error: " & CStr(intErrorAdd) & "," & sErrMsgAdd)
                            End If
                        End If
                    End With
    If you look at the code I've even tried the solution of hardcoding the DocRate and the Currency as seen in a similar post about the DTW.
    Sorry if code is in Spanglish, its quite late around here. I hope you can help me because it's kind of an urgent matter and I can't seem to find a solution for it.
    Other useful data: SAP BO 2005 Patch 4.
    Thanks in advance...
    Alfredo Gargari

    Hi Alfredo,
    Have you tried to add the same salesorder by hand, I think you wil first get a form with exchange rates.
    I think you should add a check to your program to check for an update currency rate (the sbobob function GetCurrencyRate does this for you).
    GetCurrencyRate MethodDescription
    Returns a Recordset object that contains the currency rate for a specified date and currency code.
    See Currency Bobs sample.
    Public Function GetCurrencyRate( _
       ByVal Currency As String, _
       ByVal Date As Date _
    ) As Recordset
    Specifies the currency code.
    Specifies the date for the currency exchange rate.
    Return Type
    A Recordset object that contains one field named CurrencyRate that holds the rate value.
    SAP Business One returns 0 if the system cannot find the exchange rate.

  • -10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'

    Hi Experts,
    Am with a problem in Sdk Code(A\R Sales Invoice object)..My problem defines  as follows:
    I am having a table with 10 records in UDT..While Adding the UDT Records to Sap Sales Invoice(A\R) Getting the A\R invoice Object(13) ..Adding the 10 fields of UDT Table to OINV and's throwing an error -10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'..How to handle this in Code..Help would  be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    This means, that the exhange rate is missing your local currency vs USD in the system. Your Business Partner or any of items you are adding to the invoice is using USD (price list or customer is in USD).
    My tip is some of the items has USD price set or USD Purchase price used.
    DO the following:
    Check the POsting date of your invoice
    Go to Administration -> Exhnage rate, and locate the posting date and USD from the matrix, and enter the rate.
    Post your invoice.
    it will work

  • My adobe exchange is not update!!!

    I use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC,adobe exchange is not update!!!

    To resolve this issue, please open the Creative Cloud Desktop client and choose the settings icon in the top right hand corner and exit the application.
    Then restart the Creative Cloud Desktop client. I would expect there to be a Photoshop update available to install. Install the update and then restart Photoshop and open Adobe Exchange.
    Please let me know if you experience any further issues.
    Kind regards,

  • DTW Error -- "Exchange Rate Not Updated"

    After resolving my other document loading errors identified by the DTW, I now receive the same error for every record that I try to load for Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.  It is…
    <b>Exchange rate not updated, ‘USD’  Notice: all records are rollbacked.</b>
    Any idea how to fix this?  I'm confused since I built the company with both Local and System Currencies as “US Dollar”, the Default Account Currency is the “Local Currency”, and the document load includes the DocCurrency field (set to "USD").
    I need to get this data loaded soon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind Regards,

    My issues have been resolved...
    (1) The GL account must be an "expense" account.  The data migration that I am performing is pulling from another system that stores these transaction in a different way.  Therefore, even though the accounts from the source ERP system to B1 have been mapped correctly, I had to use a different "expense" account as the GL account associated with transactions in B1.
    (2) The DocType was, indeed, necessary to handle Service-type Purchase Invoices.  However, the DTW requires that the DocType value be set to '0' (for Items) or '1' (for Services).  This differs from the 1-character designation stored in the database table OPCH, a 'I' (for Items) and 'S' (for Services).  I would make a humble suggestion to SAP to setup the DTW accepted field values the same as are found in the database (or, at least, have a single and comprehensive resource for knowing what these accepted values should be).
    and, as noted above...
    (3) The DocCurrency and DocRate fields were required to load my data.  I suspicion that DocCurrency is required for all loads.  However, DocRate may not be since it could be set in the Exchange Rate form within B1.  Since my setup used the LC as the default currency AND I am using USD for both LC and SC, I believe it was necessary for me to use the DocRate field for this load.  This is another eccentricity that I would suggest SAP enclose within some sort of documentation about the DTW tool.
    The use of the DTW can be significantly simplified for customers with documentation and examples on its use.  The existing documentation is deficient.  Otherwise, I find it a nice tool to ease the data migration process for setting up Companies.
    Should anyone have further questions on my experience with this issue or other DTW-related topics, I would be pleased to reply with my experiences.  My contact information is available through my profile on this site.
    Kind Regards,

  • AOL mail not updating. Spinning wheel just keep spinning. It hasn't updated in 5 days. I can use the AOL web site and access it on my android phone, but not on my MacBook Pro. OS 10.6.8

    AOL mail not updating. Spinning wheel just keeps spinning. It hasn't updated in 5 days. G-mail updates normally. I can use the AOL web site and access it on my android phone too, but not on my MacBook Pro. OS 10.6.8

    Hello robe427,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    To troubleshoot this issue where you are unable to receive email from one of your accounts, please follow the steps in the article linked to below.
    Mac Basics: Use Mail on your Mac
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • Yahoo mail not updating

    YAhoo mail not updating for some days. I had to downliad yahoo app to check my mails

    A lot of people have been unable to access Yahoo e-mail on their iPhones or iPads. My wife’s iPad was not downloading Yahoo mail, although her iPhone was. Both used IOS 8.2. We tried deleting the account several times and troubleshooting all of the other settings. The problem appears to have been that allowing the IOS to automatically create the account on the iPad resulted in the wrong settings for the incoming server. The following procedure, pieced together from two websites, fixed the problem for us. So far, so good.
    On the iPhone, tap Settings.
    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    Tap your Yahoo account, then delete it.
    Tap Add Account.
    Tap Other.
    Tap Add Mail Account.
    Complete the Name, Address (email address), Password and Description fields.
    Click Next.
    Ensure IMAP is selected.
    Enter the following incoming mail server information:
    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - Requires SSL
    Port: 993
    Requires SSL: Yes
    Hostname is
    Username is your full email address
    Password is the same password used to access webmail.
    Enter the following outgoing mail server information:
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Requires SSL
    Port: 465 or 587
    Requires SSL: Yes
    Requires authentication: Yes
    Username is your full email address
    Password is the same password used to access webmail. It may have been entered for you.
    Tap Next.
    The iPhone will establish an SSL connection to your IMAP and SMTP servers.
    That’s all!

  • TS3276 Yahoo! sent mail not updated in the server.

    I have an issue with Yahoo! Mail. When I'd sent email from my Mail from my mac book air, it can be sent but a copy is not updated in the server, thus when I view from the web or other device I can't see it as it is not updated. I've checked the "store sent msg in server" in the mail preference.
    I don't this issue with exchange and gmail.

    Right that is how the  POP email protocol works. If you want all mail sent and received to always be on the Mail Server then you have to use a mail provider that allows, uses, either IMAP or MS Exchange.

  • Exchange - "Mail Store Updated"

    I'm working with the version of the exchange connector on OIM 11g.
    Now I realized that there is no "Mail Store Updated" task on the Exchange Process Definition.
    1 - Have been a problem in the installation or the connector does not have this functionality?
    2 - How do I implement this feature?

    You would need to write a new power shell script to actually change the user's mail store, then you could call the script in the same way the Create and Delete scripts are called.

  • Mail not updating.  Possibly since January update.

    This problem is fairly new and I am 99% sure it started when I updated my iPhone with the January update but I do not know if it is related...
    My phone used to tell me I had new email immediately (as indicated by the Mail icon in the dock) in both of my accounts (one GMAIL and one other account). However, now it does not automatically tell me even when I wake up in the morning and see that I have 5 or 6 new messages. If I go to my mail and click refresh, it will load the messages but I want it back to the way it was!
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you.

    It sounds like I'm having exactly the same problem, but it might have started before the January update. Constantly I have to manually check for mail even though it is set to check every 15 minutes.
    I will wake up in the morning and mail says it was last updated last night. Sometimes I will check in the middle of the afternoon and it has not updated since the morning. I am using 2 IMAP accounts. 1 GMail and 1 Exchange server. I've restored the phone back to normal a couple times and it seems like it keeps happening.

  • Mail not updating after recent update

    After the recent update my mail does not update unless I press the mail icon. In the past I would hear a sound and a number would appear next to the icon letting me know how many mails received. Any ideas?

    did you double check the mail settings that it is set to push?

  • Exchange rate not updated with posting date, translation date updated

    I have the follwoing problem in F110. Currency documents are posted with exchange date of the docuemnt entry date. Translation date is updated with Posting date, just exchange rate is not updated. the systems calculates according entry date. Why entry date is one day before the date of posting, I cannot understand. The system takes the exchage date from entry date, which is one day before (docuemnt, posting and translation date)
    Thank you,

    This means, that the exhange rate is missing your local currency vs USD in the system. Your Business Partner or any of items you are adding to the invoice is using USD (price list or customer is in USD).
    My tip is some of the items has USD price set or USD Purchase price used.
    DO the following:
    Check the POsting date of your invoice
    Go to Administration -> Exhnage rate, and locate the posting date and USD from the matrix, and enter the rate.
    Post your invoice.
    it will work

  • Iphone 5s mails not updated since monday. Checks and then says updated Monday. All settings checked and deleted and reinstated change

    My iPhone 5s mail has not updated since Monday; I can see mails on iMac.  Checks for mail but nothing new appears.    I have checked all settings and deleted and reinstated mail box but no luck. Can anyone help please.

    If the mail provider is a pop mail account, that could be why, because the iMac may have downloaded them already.
    If you go to mail > preferences > accounts, it'll tell you there if it is pop or imap.
    Let me know and i'll assist you further

  • Exchange mail not recognized

    I put in the server, user name, password in setup but still no mail.
    I also went back, deleted the account, and from the "info" menu of the iPhone screen, went to the bottom of the page and selected "advanced" "replace information on this iPhone' hoping it would create the account for me and sync. No help either. Went back added account and tried to use the "advanced" selection again. No help.
    Thanks in advance.

    The Exchange sync is now working for me against our corporate Exchange 2003 server, but it took a bit of trying to get it to go. Here's what I found I needed to do:
    1. I had to call my corporate helpdesk to have them enable my account for remote access (aka, to let it use ActiveSync). Apparently ActiveSync isn't allowed by default in our system. Of course, I have no idea how paranoid your Exchange admins are compared to mine, but it might be worth a phone call.
    2. The "Exchange server" you need to enter isn't necessarily your mail server--it's the server where ActiveSync is running. In my case, my Mac's Entourage setup hits my real Exchange mail server and when I tried to put that same server name into the iPhone, it didn't work; however, as it turns out, that's not the server where we run ActiveSync. I found out that my company runs ActiveSync on our publicly facing Outlook Web Access server ( The good news for me is that now my corporate email is available from anywhere since it's based on the publicaly-facing OWA server, versus the "real" Exchange server that's behind a few layers of firewall and requires a VPN to get to from outside of work. Again, I have no idea where your company runs ActiveSync, but try your externally facing OWA server instead of your mail server.
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  • Outlook 2010 clients connected to Exchange but not updating

    Hi, I am running a single Exchange 2013 server at CU6, with clients running Outlook 2010 with SP2.
    Clients are connected to Exchange without a problem, but Outlook is not updating, even though clients are set to do a full send/receive every 2 minutes. Users are getting new email on their phones but it doesnt arrive in Outlook even after a full 2 minutes. 
    By disabling Cached mode, Outlook then updates correctly. Checking the Connection Status, I find only 1 connection to Exchange. Ran the Auto-configuration test, and it's clean.  Ran tests at and all was fine. I
    would appreciate any assistance.
    Regards, Mike

    From your description it sounds like there may be some corruption in the OST file (or maybe for some reason something else has the OST file locked).  Some things to try:
    Shutdown Outlook and make sure there are no Outlook.exe's running in task maanger.  Once that's done try to rename the user's OST file.  If you get an error saying the file is locked that's your issue.  You should be able to figure out what
    process has a lock on the OST file wiht either something like handles.exe or my personal favorite procmon.
    If you can rename the OST file without issue then that would point me to an issue with the OST file.  At that point I would try to create a new Outlook Profile in cached mode and recreate the OST file. 
    It also might be worth while installing the latest updates for Outlook 2010 if you haven't done so already (

Maybe you are looking for

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